Khamosh Tashan….Khamosh Ishq

Scene 1: Hospital- Next day
K: twinkle, sote hue kitni achi lagti hai. Uss yuvi ne twinkle ki aisi haalat kar di hai….(he cries bitterly)
T:kunj,kya hua?? Tu thik hai na??
K:ssshhh….chup ekdum chup. Siyappa queen mai theek hun.
He takes her hand into his.He says tu aaj ke baad kuch bhi aia nahi karegi jisse teri jaan ko khatra ho.She replies that agar teri jaan ko khatra hoga to mai zaroor aungi. Both look at each other lovingly.
Kunj leaves to freshen up.Twinkle triestoget up but falls down.just then kunj holds her. Both share a romantic eyelock…..sajna ve plays in bg.
Scene 2: at beach
Both are strolling near sea. Just then twinkle notices a date setup. She reminicises the setup is similar arranged by yuvi. She is appalled.kunj says he will get a fresh bottle of coconut water for her and leaves. Twinkle hears the whistle and runs away from there. She runs as to elope from the sound and climbs a cliff.she then realises that she is climbing a cliff and her hand slips. She is about to slip when kunj holds her and brings her tothe top. She hugs him tightly .He hugs her back. Then he says that what happened. Why are u behaving like this since we hav come to goa. But she just hugs him.he gives her the water and calms her down. She cries bitterly. He Tkes her down. It is sunset by the time.
Scene 3: hotel room
Kunj enters and says he has brought 2 dance party tickets for them.hegoes to change. Twinkle gets someone’s call. She hears same whistle and is scared. Yuvi says hii baby. Yu…yuv..?? yes yuvi baby.uboth r gng for adance party. Apne pati ka dhyaan rakhna. Kahin ais ana ho ki vo kuch drink kar le aur ussse kuch ho jaaye…
Kunjcomes. Twinkle wants to say this to kunj. But he says we should leave now.
Scene4: masquerade dance party
Hamari aadhuri kahaani plays….
Kunj and twinkle are dancing. Kunj thinks i am feeling thirsty. He says i will come in one min.twinkle asks don’t go na.he says he will return in a min. He goes to bar and asks for a drink. A masked man gives him drink with some powder in it. He gives it to Kunj.twinkle comes there and aks himnot to drink this. He says its just a drink and drinks. They leave.
Scene 5: hotel room
They reach their room. Kunj begins to feel dizzy. He is not able to walk properly. Twinkle asks him if he is fine. He complies. He suddenly drops the masks he got in party. He is about to faint when twinkle holds him. Twinkle shouts Kunj. Kunj get up. See i am here.she callsfor a doctor.she checks his pulse rate and doesnot feels heart beating.she shouts Kunj and suddenly kunj says wat…water…water. she gives him water and rubs his feet and arms and covers him with blanket. Doctor comes and checks him. He says that he has been given sleeping pills due to which he has gone to deep sleep and also he has fever due to stress .she thanks doc. Doc leaves. She cries bitterly. She rubs his feet and hand. She gives him pills given by doc. She thinks all is happening because of me. Now I will not trouble him with my problems. She applies cold patti on his forehead. She keeps her forehead in his chest and puts her arms in his and cries. She wakes up at midnight and watches kunj. He is sleeping and touches forehead to see his fever. He is burning with fever. She does the patti and gives medicine. She caresses his hair and kisses him on forehead. She sleep.
Next day
Kunj wakes up and sees Twinkle sleeping on chair. He thinks not to disturb her and tries to take water when twinkle brings water for him
She says how r u feeling.
Maine kaha tha vo drink mat peeyo. Par meri baat sunta kaun hai. Pls kun jab tum meri baat suno. abse tum drink mat karna….ohk???tumhara fever kaisa hai….. let jao abhi soup lati hun tumhaare liye.
K: uski kya zaroorat hai, siyappa queen???m fine
T: tumhe fever hai .chupchap leto. She does the patti. She makes him drink soup and gives him the medicine.she turns to leaves. Siyappa Queen…pls idhar aa na. Plss chodke mat jaana mujhe.she sits with him, takes him on her lap and tells him to rest. She leaves.
Scene6: church
She lits candles and keep her hand over it. She says that u have to cure kunj and only then will i go from here. She stands there for 2 hours . meanwhile kunj wonder where she has gone and a lady tells that she went to the church. He goes there and sees twinkle keeping her hand over candle. He shouts twinkle and blows the candle away.she sees kunj lovingly….and smiles at god. He stands tensedly and asks her to show him her hand. She says nothing happened. He forcibly takes her hand and is apalled to see her state. They go home and he applies ointment. They share a lovely eyelock..(Sajna ve plays….)

PRECAP:they go for trekking near goa. Kunj is not able to climb. Twinkle holds his hand and helps him to climb..

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