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AN: Hello everyone, this is the penultimate chapter of this SS. This would be followed by an epilogue which would clarify all the questions this chapter might leave unanswered. Also, the Rating of this Chapter has been upped! You are duly warned! 😉 Happy Reading! 🙂




How could he let her go so easily? How could he let her, the very reason for his existence go away from him without a protest? He prided himself as a go-getter and a successful ruthless businessman who always got what he wanted but looks like when it came to the most important thing in his life he was just uselessly standing with a piece of crushed paper when his life was silently slipping away from him… He wanted to sabotage her mission or what he thought was her mission of winning him back, but was he ready to pay the ultimate price of losing her in the process of guarding his petty pride? Can he bear to witness her happy smile when she back from her dinner with Rahul? Can he even breathe properly if she is wearing a ring of his name on her delicate fingers?

These thoughts couldn’t go further as even the thought of such horrific events happening was making breathing difficult for him. Just when he was coping with the barrage of questions volleyed against him by his ruthless conscience, he could hear the sound of car starting in the driveway below. His body went in to sudden panic mode and the fight or flight hormone set in. He made a mad dash down to stop them but all he could see was the tail light of the cars through the closing gates…


Tears fell unbridled from his eyes now and he didn’t have the capacity to dam them anymore. He had lost her finally and this time it was on him. He fell on the floor not able to bear it all anymore. He was shattered.

But after few minutes his conscience was back in full force and reminded him that it was still not too late! May be he could still catch them in the restaurant before she accepts his hand in marriage! He was after all still her husband and she could spare in few minutes before she went ahead and accepted some other person’s hand! So determined that he would win her back he turned towards the house to get his car keys and rush behind them.

But just as he was nearing the door, someone came out of the shadows and was hanging something in front of his eyes…

It was his Swara! And she was hanging his car keys in front of him! Swara asked, “Looking for this?” indicating to the dangling key. For a moment he thought he was hallucinating. That he wanted her to be with him so badly that he had conjured up a version of her to be with him. But then he could see tears rushing out of her eyes. His hands involuntarily went to her cheeks to rub them off. Hallucination or not, tears in her eyes were unbearable. But when two soft hands enclosed his and held it to her cheeks, he knew that yes, his Swara was there with him in actual flesh and blood.

He had so many questions, but those could wait… The foremost feeling was to crush her in a soul engulfing hug and not to let her go away from him ever and that was exactly what he did. They stood there for a solid 10 minutes in that tight hug before he felt that he was holding her a little too tightly. But he happily noticed that she hadn’t protested and even when he had loosened his grip, she hadn’t loosened hers.

He gently kissed the top of her head and swayed them both gently to the gentle breeze that was blowing now. The empty house was the only witness. The rest of the family members had gone to Kasi for some pooja. Sanskar had refused saying that he did not trust in God anymore. But looks like God was hell bent on changing his ill formed opinion, after all. And so Sanskar sent a silent prayer heavenwards, not be ungrateful for his greatest gift.

After sometime Swara could find herself literally being swept off her feet! She was surprised by the sudden moment and it took a moment to register what was actually happening! She then blushed furiously and glanced up towards her husband who was carrying her like she was the most precious thing to him. He sensed her gaze and looked down on her and smiled as if acknowledging her line of thought. She indeed was the most precious thing to him, there was no two ways about it. She was too bashful and hid her face in his chest and closed her eyes through the rest of their journey until she was delicately placed on their bed.

But when she opened her eyes and looked up, he wasn’t there! But then she felt a touch on her knee and saw that he was kneeling down on the floor beside her. She looked into his eyes questioningly and he just pulled her hand and placed a delicate kiss on the palm and placed the crumpled paper which he had in his hand into hers and looked apologetically at her. She smiled a teary smile at him.

Sanskar: I’m so sorry Swara. (He caught both her hands, turned it and placed a kiss on the outside) I was afraid. I… (His voice choked with all the unsaid emotions)

Swara pulled both his hands to her lips and kissed them in return and simply said, “I know. I was there once, in your exact position, afraid and running away from love, afraid of the hurt and heartache it might cause. I can’t believe I became the reason for you to hate love… You the very reason I believe in love. It is me who should be sorry. Not you Sanskar… Never you. ”

Sanskar replied with a voice that was hoarse with emotions, “I should have known that I was becoming the same person I was accusing you of becoming. I accused you of not giving a chance to my love and insulting my love when I was waiting for you with open arms and I actually ended up doing the same to you. I kept hurting you again and again… ”

Swara wanted to interfere here. She didn’t want to dwell in her long forgotten past. She wanted to talk about the future, their future together. But Sanskar sensed her protest and preempted her protest by placing his finger on her lips and shaking his head in negative to indicate her to let him speak about the past this one last time before they moved on to their future. She read his eyes which said that he needed to put the past to rest to move forward and for that certain things needed to be said. So she reluctantly acquiesced.

Sanskar then continued, “I had started this whole mess from the very beginning in the name of some misled revenge and ruined so many lives in its wake. And then, even though I repented for those mistakes, it was too late to stop the dominoes from falling. How much ever you absolve me of my crimes Swara, my conscience will always remember that I was the one who pushed the first domino and started the chain of events which changed your life. I am the one who should be blamed for your lack of trust in love. And I would never forget all those despicable deeds I did to you during those shaded days of our life. I drugged you, took your video, sent you to unknown hotels rooms and parties, sabotaged your engagement and what not… But despite of all my unforgivable misdeeds you forgave me and showed me the right path, for which I will be forever grateful and indebted to you. But in that process of recovery and self-discovery, I couldn’t help but fall in love with you. And for that I never was and never ever will be sorry, Swara.”

He held her hand tight and continued, “But not understanding your plight during that time… Not understanding that you were afraid of love and being loved… And then not accepting your love when you finally decided to overcome that fear for which I was instrumental? For that, I’m eternally sorry Swara… Please be your own kind self and forgive me once more, for I promise I would try my best to not to ever create a situation where I have to ask forgiveness again. Please Swara… please…”

By now Swara too had slipped down on the floor besides him and had placed her forehead on his and both were freely crying as if trying to cleanse their troubled past with their combined tears. They both had hurt each other to a great extent but they were the balm to each other’s pain too. That moment they both had made a silent pact to forget the past and finally move forward, together, hand in hand for the rest of their lives. And they signed the pact on the dotted lines on each other’s lips and sealed the deal.

They had a whole new life to explore, just like the hidden pleasures of the cavernous mouths which witnessed a delightful duel of two warring tongues which were very much in love. Then the war escalated and the clothes were the collateral damage. Finally the war was waged with two galloping heartbeats and few strategic take overs by the marching army, which eagerly went on to conquer all plains, hills and valleys and then finally laid siege to the castle and its hidden treasures were then ecstatically plundered thoroughly… In the end, every drought was quenched, every famished glutton, satisfied, all famine hit cellars, replenished and all the pretty fields, thoroughly ravished and ravaged… And then finally in the very end, the peace prevailed in this beautiful war as both souls emerged victorious… like they were always meant to be…together… forever.



AN: One more chapter to go! 😀 N yeah please don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this, so that based on those I can judge whether I have actually succeeded in capturing you interest or not… 🙂


(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)




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