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AN:This chapter is all about Sanskar’s POV (Point Of View). He is little more complicated in this story than he is in the show. He is not so perfect here.So in case any aspect of his character which I have portrayed is unclear plz feel free to ask me, will try my best to clarify. 🙂

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PREVIOUSLY: She knew that at the end of her plan she will either get him back or lose him forever. Because if he truly didn’t care anymore, she wouldn’t bother him anymore. Like he had said earlier, he after all deserved his peace and if that meant she left him alone then so be it.

So she stoically thanked him, turned her heels and left the room.


Here Sanskar stood with wounded pride and broken heart. He looked at the broken pieces of his favourite cup again but this time it resembled his own heart… shattered to pieces and unwanted… ready to be swept off and thrown into the trash without any second thoughts. A tear escaped his eye and he furiously wiped it away thinking he had decided long ago he won’t waste it on this non sense called love. It was nothing but a deadly disease which affects the heart and leaves it useless. It was an incurable, wretched disease and nothing else!

He had somehow thought that just because she had not left him after 2 months of completion of their latest ‘mission’, she was indeed going to be staying with him forever. He scoffed at himself for having such silly thoughts. Because of course she was going to leave him; maybe she was waiting for their 6 months deal to be up. And it was not that he wanted her to be head over heels in love with him, he would have been just fine with her simple company for the rest of his life… But looks like she currently had other better options than him …

Then just for a moment he thought what if… What if she had really meant all those things she said to him? What if she really had fallen for him for real this time? He paused at that thought… He did not want to believe what she had tried to convince him was true. He did not want to believe that she had actually fallen for him this time over… He was not strong enough to risk it all again. This time he might not survive it if it was all a farce again.

He had once thought he would survive just with her memories if at all she left him because her happiness meant the world to him and seeing her happy even if she was not physically with him he would somehow survive. She was his sole reason for existence and that claim was indisputable even in the court of the Lord.

But he hadn’t even dreamt of possibility that she would move on with somebody else even in his worst nightmares! He had always thought that only Laksh was his potential enemy in that matter and when their mission of uniting him with Ragini was successful, he was all too happy that that threat was no more.

But looks like he needn’t have dreamt of it anyway, because that nightmare was the reality of his life now! She HAD finally decided to move on with somebody else! And to think that he was the one who was instrumental in their meeting, just confirmed to him that he was indeed cursed to die of a broken heart.

Rahul, Rahul Chatterjee, that wretched name of her would be suitor. Oh how he hated that name and the bearer of that name! He was one of his business colleagues or maybe rival would be a more apt word. Rahul and he, they had some sort of frenemy kind of relationship. They had worked on few joint ventures together and in few other projects as each other’s competition during those early days , when he was still into revenge and building his empire for its fulfillment.

They both had mutual respect for each other’s business skill but at the same time considered themselves superior to the other. They had common enemies in their business and thus were united in the stand against them. So in short, Rahul Chatterjee was an unavoidable presence in Sanskar Maheshwari’s business world.

But the trouble had come to this status quo when his business life clashed with his personal one. One day in the recent past when his bade papa had insisted that Sanskar and Swara attend an anniversary party of their clients on behalf of their family as he was off weather and that only he had any contact with that particular client and not Laksh and Adarsh Bhaiya as an answer when he suggested they go instead of him.

And it was just after the time she had confessed about her feelings for him and he had unceremoniously rejected it because he didn’t trust her love. But she had that determined gleam in her eyes as if her next mission was he, himself and she was all set to complete her mission! His wounded pride had decided to show her that he was no mission she could complete and move onto next one. He would show her that wooing him was her final ‘mission impossible’.

So when she eagerly accepted to come to the party with him even after warning her that it would be a boring business party, he thought to prove his stand of not becoming a victim of her mission mentality by royally ignoring her throughout the party! And the party was a fine one indeed as there were enough clients he knew to keep him occupied and be away from her which would have otherwise proved a hard task, for she really was looking really gorgeous in a beautiful night blue sari with little white crystals shining on it as if she had actually draped the gorgeous night sky along with all its twinkling stars onto her delicate body… And the halter blouse added the oomph, which by the way he thought was highly unnecessary and was just to aid her new mission to make him weak for her… He had scoffed at it but he would be lying if he said, it hadn’t actually worked…

After some furious discussion with the members of his fraternity regarding the upcoming new taxation bill that could affect everybody’s business, he decided to see whether his wife had had some food or not. He wanted her to think he was ignoring her but that didn’t mean he was actually ignoring her… He was very much bothered about her well-being and was aware of her tendency to skip meals just because she wasn’t in the mood. And today her mood would be upset because of him and even though that was the intended outcome, he couldn’t bear if she skipped her dinner because of him.

So he made two plates for them both from the nearby buffet and began to search for her. For a moment he was afraid that she had left the party and gone home alone, when he heard her unmistakable laughter from a far-away corner in the garden. It had been so long since he heard her laugh that he just stood mesmerized in his spot on hearing that. It was such a musical laughter and it always reminded him of tiny tinkling bells. Something so joyous and pure, that it could only belong to her. So he gently waded through the crowd and reached the spot where she was standing talking enthusiastically to someone who was hidden by a bush.

But the joy he received from hearing her laughter somehow vanished when he saw that the person she was talking with so much enthusiasm was none other than Rahul ! Sanskar would grudgingly accept that yes he would consider that few people would consider Rahul a handsome man. But what he knew for a fact was that he was a very sophisticated man what with his college education being from Oxbridge and all. He was born rich but he was also the kind who worked hard to be even richer. He was a go- getter just like himself and that was the sole reason they were an awesome team and had completed so many joint ventures successfully. But those joint ventures had also taught him that Rahul Chatterjee was a piped piper and girls were helpless little mice when he set out to unleash his charms in full force. After all he had seen him wooing many lady investors with those powerful conversations and blinding smiles. And here he was using that on his wife! His Swara! How dare he?

Just then Swara had turned her smiling face away from Rahul towards him, as if sensing his presence. She had given him a genuine smile and that somehow irked him more. He wanted her to miss him because he had ignored her. There he had suffered being away from her for so long and here she seemed as if she hadn’t even noticed he was ignoring her! But then he saw his rival’s face again and decided that of course it looked like she was enjoying her new found company too much to miss him or even notice that he wasn’t around… for she even had an almost empty plate in her hands. He then chided himself mentally for the petty thought because he was actually was happy that at least she was eating something.

But the feeling of envy didn’t subside as he heard them talk in fluent Bengali. He was reminded of the time his mother had so happily blessed and wished that Swara got a nice Bengali boy for herself. His blood had boiled then on hearing his own mother wishing him the worst kind of torture and it was boiling now thinking that may be her blessing was coming true after all! But he had bit his tongue from spitting venom and simply reminded her that they were late and should return home as soon as possible as Ma had called them back. If a small white lie could save him of a murder charge then he decided it was worth it.

But the story hadn’t ended there to his bane because Rahul and Swara had then become some sort of best friends after that. They called each other frequently and he had even visited their home here and also baadi as he wanted to meet dida, saying his own favourite dida had passed away a few years back and after hearing Swara talking so fondly about her dida, he was missing her more. And there too Sanskar was left to be a mute spectator when the rest of them were chattering away in beautifully fluent Bengali. It was not that Sanskar didn’t know to speak the language but somehow he felt an inferiority complex thinking that he might not be good at it, especially when he was around Swara. Because he never wanted her to think that he wasn’t good at anything. He wanted to be her hero. He wanted to be perfect for her and if that meant acting as if he doesn’t understand the language rather than acknowledging he knows the language and make mistakes, then so be it.

He had borne all that feigning casual indifference but what he never would have guessed was that, one day he would be standing here all alone and broken and watch his wife leave him to be with that blighted fellow for real! Already his mood was off in the evening because he had to see that guy in a meeting today. And just when he had not even finished cursing his fate for bringing that wretched Rahul in front of him again and again, here his wife was again in one of her moods and planning to win her mission.

He had almost melted seeing that sweetly written note admiring her small rounded script just like her, pretty and petite. He had badly wanted to say yes of course he would love to dine with her, especially something romantic like a nice candle light dinner in a fine dining, roof top restaurant. But then the reality that it was some sort of a plan to fulfill her mission of wooing him and then leave him high and dry when it’s over came down on him like a splash of ice cold water. He was angry at her tactics and the effect it had on him. So he had crushed and thrown that paper to make a point.

But now standing there seeing the broken pieces, he couldn’t resist going and retrieving that paper from the floor and caressing it. May be this time he had gone too far. Maybe this time he pushed her too far away from himself that she had fallen into somebody else’s arms. And that thought was unbearable. He moved his fingers along those beautiful words again and felt a blob of tear blurring it and all he could think was…

How could he let her go so easily? How could he let her, the very reason for his existence go away from him without a protest? He prided himself as a go-getter and a successful ruthless businessman who always got what he wanted but looks like when it came to the most important thing in his life he was just uselessly standing with a piece of crushed paper when his life was silently slipping away from him… He wanted to sabotage her mission or what he thought was her mission of winning him back, but was he ready to pay the ultimate price of losing her in the process of guarding his petty pride? Can he bear to witness her happy smile when she back from her dinner with Rahul? Can he even breathe properly if she is wearing a ring of his name on her delicate fingers?

These thoughts couldn’t go further as even the thought of such horrific events happening was making breathing difficult for him. Just when he was coping with the barrage of questions volleyed against him by his ruthless conscience, he could hear the sound of car starting in the driveway below. His body went in to sudden panic mode and the fight or flight hormone set in. He made a mad dash down to stop them but all he could see was the tail lights of the car through the closing gates…



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(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)




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