KHAMBAKTH ISHQ – Swasan Short Story (SS) – CHAPTER- 2

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Hi everybody! Thank u for all the love! ? Here is the second chapter. Hope you like this one too. It’s kind of a small chapter… Next one will be long for sure, I promise! 🙂

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She turned away from him and picked up her phone from the table and casually threw back at him, “Hmm… well if this is the case then I think I will just say yes to Rahul.” She wantedly paused so that she could check he was paying attention to what she was saying. When she saw him jerk his head to look at her, she averted her gaze back to the phone trying to scroll through her contacts to find Rahul’s number. In the meanwhile, she casually added, “After all it was him who was raving about the restaurant and pestering me to join him for dinner tonight. I had told him that I wanted to go out with you… But now that you have flatly refused and even insulted my proposal, I think I better accept his.” Saying so, she moved towards the balcony to continue with the phone call. And few moments later she came back from the balcony, chose a specific outfit and went to change, all the while leaving Sanskar to sit on the couch, seething in fury.



Sanskar wanted to break or burn something badly. He was almost about to fling his stupid laptop onto the nearby wall but the little sanity which still prevailed had stopped him from losing his important documents at the nick of the time. Instead he threw the empty cup which was next to it. The shattered pieces of porcelain and the accompanying noise were soothing balm to his ears. He wanted to break someone, some particular one’s bones in the same way and wanted to hear that sound of it cracking, when a concerned voice brought him back from his murderous thoughts.

But the vision in front of him didn’t help. Because there she was, a blinding vision in shining black and silver. She was wearing gorgeously delicate silver jewelry, black high heels and was dressed in a stunningly beautiful black net sari which if memory served him right was the same one he had gifted her on her birthday when he still had hopes on wooing her. The irony of the situation didn’t go waste on him and made his face twist into an angry grimace.

She was at first shocked to see the scene in front of her, where her husband was staring with murderous intent at the broken pieces of his favourite cup which were lying pitifully on the floor. She had come swiftly fearing something had happened to him or he had somehow injured himself, but seeing the cup she understood what was going through his mind and was gleeful for a moment to see that her plan was having its intended effect on him. But then he looked at her and grimaced, shattering any illusions she was having about her plan succeeding.

She was dejected. But since she was not one to leave anything half done, she decided to go on and complete what she planned. Because looking at the way he was grimacing at her, this might as well be her last chance to woo him back. Their initial 6 months deal too was going to be up within few weeks and she can’t be happily sitting thinking that just because he hadn’t asked her to move out from his life even after 2 months of re-uniting Laksh and Ragini that he wasn’t ever planning to leave her! What if he was waiting for the 6 months to finish, to ask her to move out of his life? She shuddered at that very thought.

She gave herself an internal pep talk and decided it was not the time for her to be weak but it was the time to be a tigress and win back her love! So she ignored his grimace and said, ” Hmm… looks like you just lost your favourite thing.” She smiled nonchalantly at his vicious look. She had deliberately kept the sentence vague and looked it hit the correct spot for once, thankfully.

She then carefully avoided stepping on the broken pieces and went to pick up her phone and purse from the table but just as she turned her luck ran out and her heels slipped on a piece. But before she could even register the fact that she had slipped, a strong pair of arms had ensconced her in its safety. He had crushed her to his chest and was still holding on to her like his dear life even after making her upright. She could feel his slight shivers arising from his bottled up emotions. And when she looked at him she could see that raw pain there for a moment. She felt like somebody was unceremoniously stripping the Band-Aid over a raw round. The pain was so physical that she jerked them both out of it. She wanted to end this torture and she was determined that the only way out of it was in.

She knew that at the end of her plan she will either get him back or lose him forever. Because if he truly didn’t care anymore, she wouldn’t bother him anymore. Like he had said earlier, he after all deserved his peace and if that meant she left him alone then so be it.

So she stoically thanked him, turned her heels and left the room.



AN: Next part will be Sanskar’s POV. 🙂


(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)




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