KHAMBAKTH ISHQ – Swasan Short Story (SS) CHAPTER-1


Hi everybody! A Huge thank you all for the wonderful comments and praises you dears have bestowed upon me for all my previous works… I’m truly humbled by all the love. *hugs* ??

So now I’m once again back with one of my old Swasan SS! This was originally written in October! And its original title is ‘Heart Wants what it wants’ but since there is already another Swasan FF with the same name here in this website, I’m publishing it here in the name- ‘Khambakth ishq’. Hope you guys like it:)

But before proceeding you guys must be aware of few ‘Original Assumptions’ (i.e: the assumptions were made in October) this SS is based on:

1) Swara goes on Mission Ragya after the successful completion of mission ‘maa-baba’.

2) Sanskar agrees to this albeit reluctantly because he had promised he would always help her.

3) Sanskar starts maintaining distance from her because initially he thinks she is still in love with Laksh and later because he thinks she will leave him once this mission is over.

4) They have told their family members that they will give their marriage 6 months time to see if it works or not since they couldn’t openly tell them that they are uniting for mission Ragya.

5)Swara in the meanwhile falls head over heels in love with Sanskar.


Genre: Romance / Drama


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PREMISE: Ragya are finally united by the joined efforts of swasan. It has been two months since ‘mission ragya’ was successfully completed and Swasan are still living together. They still have few weeks to go before their 6 months deal is up. Swara now loves Sanskar deeply but Sanskar on the other hand, is not ready to accept her love because he is afraid of losing his love again. Both are having trouble in communicating their real feelings with each other which has led to many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the meanwhile.



Saying Sanskar was ignoring Swara would be the understatement of the century. He was actually acting as if she didn’t exist for him at all. Swara thought helplessly that he was behaving like the cat, which drank hot milk and got scalded, afraid that every time the milk will scald him. She had finally fallen in love with him and now he wasn’t ready to accept that.

He had justified his behavior by saying that she was too late and he had moved on. And before she could ask with whom, he continued by saying that he had moved on from being in love with her to not being in love with her or anybody else for that matter, adding that he has finally found peace in loneliness. The last line in particular was like a fine knife scoring the surface of her heart causing a burn rather than well-defined pain.

She tried to point out to him that he was being unjust with her. She tried explaining to him that when he had declared his love to her, she was not in a state to trust anyone who claimed to be in love with her. That was the time when the mere word called ‘love’ especially of the romantic kind was nothing but a deadly disappointing mirage for her. The kind of mirage which makes you believe it’s something real and makes you walk miles for it, only to ditch you in some hell hole where no one hears your cries for help… Romantic love had been just another name for betrayal in her dictionary at that time. That it was something which she shuddered thinking about again.

But she wanted him to understand that it was he who had changed that despicable definition of love in her dictionary to something so pure and unconditional… something akin to what great poets sang about… something so epic… something so immortal and everlasting. Now love, love which she had for him and she trusted he still had for her, was not something ephemeral but truly ethereal and eternal.

She didn’t want to cry but that didn’t stop the tears from slipping out. But she had enough of his indifference. She had been trying to make him understand her love for the past 2 months and he was unbending in his stand. She had reasoned with him that not all people fall in love at the same time… Not all people are ready for love when it comes there way… Some take a bit more time to reach the level where the other has already reached. She said that she had hoped he would wait for her to reach that level and that now she was there, she wished they could walk hand in hand from there on…

But for some reason he wasn’t ready to accept her excuses even though it was clearly evident to her that he was still as much as in love with her as he was before or if not actually more! She didn’t know what she had to do to shake him out of his unflinching attitude towards her. She now knew the pain he must have felt before when the roles were reversed and she was genuinely sorry for that as she really couldn’t have fathomed it then like she could feel it now.

She decided that some sort of ultimatum to disrupt the status quo they were maintaining even after all the fathomable ‘missions’ were over and that it would finally jolt him out of bullish stance and see that she was in it, for real this time. So after much deliberation with herself, she had finally decided up on a plan.

It was 7 PM and Sanskar was sitting on his beloved couch and abusing the touch screen of his iPad and the keyboard buttons of his laptop alternatively in a furious manner, muttering in between about the horrid Wi-Fi signals which were never to be found and blo*dy annoying people who were omnipresent. She knew the reason behind his anger and smiled internally thinking that this might come in handy for her plan to succeed.

She casually walked towards him and stood next to him silently prodding him to look at her. He tried his best to ignore her but then anyone standing so close to you while you are sitting, casting a shadow on you was highly irritating and it was no less for Sanskar. So he looked up irritated at her. She smiled one of her best smiles which literally shocked her poor unassuming husband out of his wits. He looked dazed at her for a moment before catching his flying emotions and reining it into a suspicious look.

He asked her what she wanted and she simply extended him a bit of paper in which she had written in her beautiful script, “Can I have the pleasure of dining with you tonight?” He looked up questioningly at her as if he suspected some trick in that. She just smiled and replied, “There is a new restaurant which has opened nearby and somebody told me that they have read rave reviews about it. So I thought we could have a nice night out and dine there.”

He scoffed at her plan and crushed the paper which she had given him to show what exactly he thought of her plan and to top it off he threw it on the floor! Saying that Swara was furious now was like saying volcano is just slightly hot! She had expected him to reject her offer because of course that was one of the expected outcomes, but crushing and throwing the paper on the floor? Now that was uncalled for! Her original plan was to just tease him and jolt him out of his stupor in the most gentle way possible… But now? Now she was determined to shake the daylights out of him if he was going on with his current attitude!

She turned away from him and picked up her phone from the table and casually threw back at him, “Hmm… well if this is the case then I think I will just say yes to Rahul.” She wantedly paused so that she could check he was paying attention to what she was saying. When she saw him jerk his head to look at her, she averted her gaze back to the phone trying to scroll through her contacts to find Rahul’s number. In the meanwhile, she casually added, “After all he was the one who was raving about the restaurant and pestering me to join him for dinner tonight. I had told him that I wanted to go out with you… But now that you have flatly refused and even insulted my proposal, I think I better accept his.” Saying so, she moved towards the balcony to continue with the phone call. And few moments later she came back from the balcony, chose a specific outfit and went to change, all the while leaving Sanskar to sit on the couch, seething in fury!



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