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They had a whole new life to explore, just like the hidden pleasures of the cavernous mouths which witnessed a delightful duel of two warring tongues which were very much in love. Then the war escalated and the clothes were the collateral damage. Finally the war was waged with two galloping heartbeats and few strategic take overs by the marching army, which eagerly went on to conquer all plains, hills and valleys and then finally laid siege to the castle and its hidden treasures were then ecstatically plundered thoroughly… In the end, every drought was quenched, every famished glutton, satisfied, all famine hit cellars, replenished and all the pretty fields, thoroughly ravished and ravaged… And then finally in the very end, the peace prevailed in this beautiful war as both the souls emerged victorious… like they were always meant to be… forever.


Later when both were sitting, well Swara was sitting and Sanskar was actually lying with his head cradled on her lap, on the canopied white metal swing on their terrace. She was coursing her hands through his thick curls, rejoicing in the feel of soft yet sturdy strands on her soft fingers. The clear sky above was proudly displaying its twinkling stars like a glorious display of expensive diamonds on flawless fabric of soft, night blue velvet. A light breeze quietly blew, skipping on the happily swaying tall coconut trees of their yard and caressed them gently. Tranquil was the word she would use…

She then gently spoke not wanting to disturb their comfortable silence yet needing to say a few things out loud to clear out any remaining remnants fog of their pasts, for the need of full disclosure and final closure… So she said, “Rahul is like the brother I never had, you know… I had even tied rakhi to him during Raksha Bandan but you were hardly noticing me those days that you missed that delightful event completely.” She sighed. And he pulled her down and placed an apology peck on her lips and said light-heartedly, “I was always envious of him but I guess I can accept him as my muh bola’ brother in law. This new jeeju -sala dimension would be interesting to explore. And of course the jeejus are allowed to openly torture their salas for fun. So that is an added bonus!” He laughed playfully.

She too laughed and swatted his arms admonishingly and said, “By the way he was in on today’s plan… which was a PLAN by the way in case you still have any small lingering doubts regarding that. And the plan was raging success too for your information! See from now on you should never say that I’m so guileless and innocent and all those things, after all I played you expertly like my dear guitar today!” And she laughed her musical laugh again and this time he was proud that he was the reason behind it, even if it was because of his unwilling participation in her so called plan’.

The truth was, he was no longer bothered about any Rahul or Laksh or any other person she may be associated with… He now realized that he had behaved in such ways earlier because had been insecure before… But not in the ways most people think; he had not been insecure about how good the other person was than of him, no; he was actually insecure about his own place in her life… He didn’t know where he stood in her life… At times, when his mind had reeled in those depressed abyss of self-loathing, he had even doubted whether he even stood in her life… let alone be holding a position in her life, even if it was the last…

But now he was past all those insecurities. These past few months and especially the past few hours had been like being caught in a storm in the middle of the sea… The emotions had raged and had almost swallowed him with its giant stormy waves… He was trying to see ahead but the lashing thunderstorm had blurred his vision. But then suddenly somebody, some angel had thrown a lifeboat and rescued him from those stormy turbulent waters and had secured him to the safety of the shores…

Now he was safely on the shore with that someone who saved him, his Swara, his angel, his soul mate and he was going to enjoy the beautiful and vibrant rainbow with her after enduring the worst storm of their lives in blissful peace.

He now knew without any shadow of doubt that he was the King of her castle… He was the one who ruled her heart indubitably just like she ruled his implicitly. All others who would come into her life would be just that, mere court jesters… They can make her laugh and they can keep her good company and he would in the end genuinely and whole heartedly appreciate it; because he now knew that at the end of the day those happy smiles were his to collect and treasure… His to safe-keep… His to truly own and his and only his to cherish forever.

That thought had brought a peaceful smile on his face. But the one thing he didn’t actually still understand was that how she knew he would come down at the correct moment to see the car leave?

She smiled and answered, “I didn’t know but I hoped. And anyway the plan was actually to go to that restaurant and wait for you there in case you missed us downstairs. But even though we waited downstairs for few minutes for you to come down and stop us, you didn’t. Then somehow I couldn’t go ahead with the original plan and make you believe that I actually left you and gone with someone else. I couldn’t be so cruel. So I had asked Rahul to return home saying that whatever was going to be the consequence of my plan, I would face it right here, in our house.” She paused and sighed happily and continued, “And you didn’t disappoint me. The moment you came running down, I knew my trust in our love won. And there was also no use for that car key, which I had actually taken after I sent him off, thinking that in case you don’t come down I would go to baadi alone and have a good cry on dida’s lap.”

She smiled a little misty eyed yet triumphantly. She was proud of him and his unfailing love for her. And he beamed at her proudly in return as he too was proud of their love. He knew that this love they shared… this thirst for each other written in their souls, would never be quenched fully… there would be always a little more waiting to happen every moment… every day… for the rest of their lives and all other lives to come… Because their love was destined to grow with each unified breath they would take…forever…



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(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)




4)HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM – Swasan Two Shot

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