Khaamoshi–A Musical Love Story…. TwiNj OS by Supriya

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Let move to OS…….

He was completely lost in the deep, sonorous voice of the young girl.

It was his first day in the Music Academy, and he had never heard such a lovely voice before.

Kunj had come to learn Music in the only academy in the small town in which he lived.

At 20, Kunj had won several laurates in school for singing and now this tall, lanky boy wanted to learn music , so that he could take up his hobby professionally,someday.

Kunj went ahead to see, whose voice it was which had the perfect blend of tone as well as notes.

Girl was totally lost in her singing unaware of Kunj’s presence.

When Kunj looked At Girl, he couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

Apart from her singing,he found her to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was wearing a white chudidar suit with embroidery and had a tie dye colourful dupatta around her neck.

She had big set eyes, and was wearing a small bindi over her forehead. The tiny earrings matching her suit ,were dangling from her ear.

Once She finished the song,everyone presenting the room applauded her,except for Kunj.

He stood in the corner so engrossed in looking at the Girl ,that he didn’t realise that she had completed the song.

Suddenly,he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder and he turned to see who it was.

“Are you new to this academy,son”,the man asked, Kunj looked towards the man.
The man was about 50 Years old and was clad in a pair of kurta pyjamas. His face was calm and eyes bright.

As soon as Kunj turned to see the man,he realized it was Guruji ,who taught music in the academy.

Kunj touched his feet and told him that he was a new student in the academy and wanted to learn music..
He also told him about his interest in music and all the laureates he had won in his school days.

Girl came towards them, Kunj couldn’t help looking at her, but turned away his eyes as she neared them.

Guruji introduced both of them and told Kunj that the girl is Twinkle his daughter.

“You are a wonderful singer Twinkle ”,Kunj remarked.

“Thanks .” Twinkle said with a smile.
Kunj started his classes in the academy.

Guruji had listened to him and told him that he needs to practice a lot.

And Kunj had promised him that he will put in all his efforts and do whatever practice was required.

At times,Twinkle also helped him in his practice,and used to correct him whenever he faltered in applying some notes here and there.

Slowly,Kunj and Twinkle fell in love with each other.

One day Kunj told Twinkle that he wanted to become a musical sensation and wanted to leave the city and goto Mumbai to make his career in singing.
Twinkle looked towards him and said nothing.

“What happened Twinkle?”Kunj ,asked.

“Nothing…I just feel that you should learn some more music and practice some more before thinking of a career.”
“I feel I should make a move now.”
“And, what about us ?” Twinkle gave a questioning look to him.

“You know I love you Twinkle and want to marry you.But,really want to make my career there and I promise I will come and get you.”

Twinkle didn’t argue further and thought of giving all the support he needed from her.

Few days later, Kunj left the small town where he lived, to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer.

Once,he reached the land of his dreams,he started visiting the various studios,in the city daily.

Soon he realized that it was not easy to fulfill his dreams.There was a lot of competition which he had to face.

He visited many music directors ,and didn’t even get a small chance to showcase his talent.
He called Twinkle every day and told her about the struggles he was going through.

Twinkle was praying for him daily, so that he could get all the success he wanted.

One year had already passed, and still he was running from one place to another.His search was seeming endless.

He even tried joining a Rock Band so that he could get some channel to perform on stage, somehow it didn’t work.
The band was looking for a different kind of voice.

There were few small music composers who listened to him on his request, only to disappoint him in the end.
On one occasion, Kunj met a music composer by the name of Rahul .

Rahul was a music composer,who was about Kunj’s age and just had one or two albums to his name.
He like Kunj , was also struggling to make his career in the field of music.

Rahul told him to contact him,and also said that he would like to listen to him.
The next day,Kunj went to meet Rahul .

Rahul heard him and told him that he had all the talent to reach the top.
This was the first time he gave a sigh of relief.“Kunj, I have a melody in mind and I want you to sing it for me.Will you?”“Sure.”
Kunj felt thrilled after a long time.
They independently worked on the song,which was released a few months later.
The song was a big hit and created a huge sensation.Suddenly, things changed for Kunj.

Music Composers wanted to sign him for their movies and there were huge lines of fans following him around for his autograph.
The composers who had rejected him earlier, now had a sense of Guilt.

Twinkle was really happy seeing his success and didn’t have words to express to him.She couldn’t thank god more. Her prayers were answered.

Kunj even called his Guruji and thanked him.
Kunj’s popularity and fan following was increasing day by day.
He started working for various movies and albums.
He did shows in various cities of the country.

Kunj wanted to perform in his own hometown and decided for the same. After all, that was where he had learnt music.
The show date was fixed and all the preparation for his show started.

Twinkle and all his friends were really excited for his performance and were counting the days,when he would be performing there.
And finally the day for his show arrived.

Kunj was happy as well as nervous.

He was going to his hometown after more than a year. He had many thoughts going on in his mind.
When he stepped on the stage, the crowd applauded, hooted and whistled.
He sang all his popular songs with the audience humming along .
Towards the end, he sang that song which was the key to his success.
At the end of the show,the audience came on stage to get their photograph clicked with him and take his autograph.

The female fans couldn’t help expressing their love for him and some even proposed to him.

Twinkle had tried to come in the front after the show,but it was really difficult for her to reach him.
She kept on moving forward and when she reached in the front,she called out his name.
He glanced at her once but didn’t acknowledge her.
Twinkle waited for a few moments, and then after not getting any response from him, left for home.

She had tears in her eyes.She didn’t know what to think.An hour later,the doorbell rang.
Kunj was standing right in front of her. She looked at him and didn’t say anything.
Suddenly,Kunj sang his most romantic song for her and proposed marriage to her.
Twinkle couldn’t help smiling and said yes to hisproposal.

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  1. Simiyy

    I just love the way you write
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    1. Supriya18d

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  3. Twinj

    Woahhh a marvellous piece of writing. Was completely lost in it…awww that was so cute….struggle n then the proposal….twinkle prayers worked…..god daamn cute…..keep writing♥♥♥

    1. Supriya18d

      tysm dear….❤I will write more lyk this…ty again for appreciating….Luv uh

  4. It was mind blowing even I love music and my first one side crush was also in music class
    and how do you write so well post your other os soon

    1. Supriya18d

      oh really…then I think ye story tmhari hi thi…..
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  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awesome Supriya! I just loved it to the core! so beautifully written! Amazing! Keep posting stories like this! I would love it!
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    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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  13. Mannat

    It was cute story …. when i read that kunj didn’t recognize twinkle after getting success i felt weird that how can he forget twinkle in just 1 year … but the end was cute…. and aaawwww .. great work dear

    1. Supriya18d

      thank u thank u …..tysm Mannat….luv u … thanks for appreciating

  14. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Superb …
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      hey Amaya …. thank you dear…. comment k shukriya….luv u

  15. Sohi

    Beautiful os girl
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  16. Sohi

    Beautiful os girl
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