The Key To His Heart… Swasan fanfic (Prologue)


Everyone has dreams.. some will get the chance to follow.. and make it their destiny. But some people buries their dream locked in their heart. Most keep them hidden. This is the story of such heart and a ray of HOPE….

*** Laksh’s POV***
‘These girls are getting on my nerves. They didn’t even kept their mouth shut for a second. My ears will bleed soon. How can someone change so much?.. I’m getting irritated and frustrated because of this non sense talk from the two girl’s chirpping. Both of them are seated in the back passenger seat of our Black Mercedes and I’m sitting in the front along with the driver. I took a glance at our driver..Ram Kakaa.. He is equally irritated as much as I am. I chuckled looking at his face and looked at the rear view mirror to only see my sister.. “Uthara Durham Prasad Maheshwary” who once used to take 5 minutes to speak a word, now talking non-stop with her friend.
My sister.. Uthara was just 3 years old when our father died in a car crash. It shook our world down. Especially our mom. She was left with 3 children and a big business empire to look after. It took a toll on 3 of us. Me.. Uthara.. and our elder brother. He was just8 and me..6. Mom didn’t shed a tear after it.. she created herself busy in the business.. but we knew that she was feeling lonely and depressed beneath that shell. It took a toll on us too. Maa gave us everything before we asked and asked nothing in return. But.. we wanted to make her say that we love her more than anything. Uthara was the only thing in the family who made us happy. Her smile made our world. She respected and loved both her brothers. Especially.. Sanskar.. our elder brother. She behaves like the most obedient and loyal sister infront of him and shows her naughty side when she’s with me. Sanskar was born like that.. He earned respect by the way he looks at. Everyone in the business world envied him. Well.. everyone can’t be the youngest top most successful business Man of the country.

And Me… Laksh a lawyer and legal advisor of our company.. Maheshwary Enterprises and Co. My only aim is to win.. if it’s by hook or crook. Then Uthara… She’s a fashion designer. She just graduated in Fashion Technology..and now she’s back in India after a 6month internship in Paris. It was her dream..and her dreams are me and Sanskar’s purpose. She is now wearing a pistah green colored knee length dress..which is irking me and I even scolded her..but she pouted her lips with puppy eyes..and she knows that I’ll melt in that. Wait till Sanskar sees you sis.. ha.. ha . She has someone with her. A Indian girl from Paris..

she looks beautiful though. She has a big..wide eyes and long eyelashes.. and that long wavy hair with curl ends.. is making her look even prettier. She’s wearing a denim shorts and a white shirt. Actually she looked so beautiful that most of the boys in the airport were ogling at her and she didn’t even knew. Both the girls were busy taking selfie with weird faces. Most of them was pretty silly. Her name is Swara Roy.. a Punjabi girl born and brought up in Paris. Uthara met her at some fashion event. Swara’s mother is some famous Fashion designer and Uthara’s idol. She looked pampered and spoilt..but even then there’s innocence in her wide lotus like eyes.
It looked like both of them aren’t gonna shut up for a whil and Uthara’s happy face makes me not to warn instead I turned on the radio and tuned out a F M station. The song “descapacito” filled the air and miracle!!!!! Both shut their mouths and started to listen to the music.. I should have turned on the radio from the start. The song ended..and the radio jockey took the show.

” That was the new song.. descapacito. I think all belieber out there is happy. We were talking about the Bollywood film awards and I am thrilled to know that my favorite actress… None other than.. ” Ragini Gadodia” won the best actress awards…”
Hearing her name made me shiver.. well.. she’s doing well..and I hope she’s happy….
{To be continued…..}

Well… I hope u like this ff.. (crossed fingers) Guys.. I’m kind of new here..plz help me in finding good swasan ffs.. I need your suggestions.. and love.❤❤❤???
With HOPE..Faith and love …

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  1. Simin

    Superb dear
    All the best

    1. LostStories

      Thanks.. Simin.. means a lot?

  2. Moon

    awesome dear
    you are fan of which couple?
    can we friends?

    1. LostStories

      Well.. I think we both like the same couple?? obviously its SWASAN… And u r already my friend..?

      1. Moon

        Tujh neon tab dikhta Hai is an awesome story by Stella which is completed. I recommend specially to read. I liked it very much

    2. LostStories

      ?? obviously its SWASAN… ?? And we are friends!!

      1. Moon

        Tujh mein rab dikhta Hai is an awesome story by Stella which is completed. I recommend specially to read. I liked it very much

  3. hey loststories welcome dear, the prologue looks interesting, are you a swasan fan?
    so we can be friends right?

  4. Phoniex

    Loved it dear so so good.

    1. LostStories

      Thanks… Yaar.. love ur name though.. ?

  5. Sria

    It is interesting. Do continue. If you want some SwaSan fanfictions I can suggest you! Post next one soon, also waiting for Swara’s entry<3

    1. LostStories

      Thanks… I’ll try my best not to disappoint u all.. And.. Swara is already in the car.? Please do suggest me good swasan ffs…??

      1. Sria

        Oh that’s great! I am sorry as I missed Swara! LOL! I am sure you wont disappoint me 😉
        Here are some suggestions for you-

        – Mitwaa Love will find a way [ongoing] By Stella
        – Swasan Only for you! [completed] By Neelima
        – SwaSan its not revenge its love :Season 1,2 and 3: By vaishnavimishra (Well, the writer has started the fourth season too.) [Completed]
        – Swaragini a modern tale of love (Along with RagLak) By Mandy
        -Falling for you [Completed] By Sha

        I can remember only these for now. Do check Swaragini page in telly updates for more awesome works! Bye!

  6. Soujanya


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  7. IQRA222

    it is awesome

    1. LostStories

      Thanks dear?

  8. Raina

    interesting prologue!! a good one, do continue!!
    coming to swasan ff’s, i really love Anjali didi’s “mr. maheshwari and i” and also, “she’s not for me”
    then mahira didi’s “if this is your love my prince.. then please hate me” and now recently she changed her story title by replacing the word hate by trust..
    and there are more beautiful swasan stories,
    i can also suggest mine.. lol..

    1. LostStories

      I will surely read yours…?? And I already read. Anjali’s MMAI . And I’m glad that u liked it.?

  9. Kakali

    Welcome to SwaSan family Hope you enjoy with us!
    About good SwaSan ff, you can chckw our Anjali’s post,there you will find some ffs who are worth reading.! There are many more awesome writers in TU; you enjoy them at 1st thn will suggest more..!!

    Coming to the part.!
    It’s very good start..! I would love to read more..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. LostStories

      Thanks dear… I appreciate that u are all giving me good suggestions.. and I’m glad that u like my ff.. lots of love.. and I’ll try my best to write good.???

  10. Kriti249

    First of all welcome dear. Glad to have such a good writer here. And it was interesting.
    Well if you want some goof Swasan FF I tell you some of my favorites:-
    Entangled love, Sanskar my kidnapper, entangled destinies, swaragini fixing broken relations is it pure or impure?
    And if you want more be free to msg me

    1. LostStories

      I’ll read all the ffs u suggested.. thanks. And I’m also happy that u found my ff interesting. It means a lot???

  11. Shreeyu

    Well very good start…I’ll be waiting for next part..! Welcome to TU?

    1. LostStories

      I’ll post the chapter this day … So u don’t have to wait longer?? and… Thanks dear…

  12. nice..continue soon..
    swasan ff-Entangled Love by bhumija
    Love Is Beautiful Emotion Season 1&2 by zaimal
    Yeh Dooriyan and Kuch Iss Tarah Season 1&2 by meher
    Humrahi and Ruhaniyaat by stoneheart
    A Dream Swasan ss Season 1&2 by kakali

    1. LostStories

      Thanks kumu for the suggestions… ????

  13. Mahisha

    its intersting and awesome dr
    continue soon
    love u

    1. LostStories

      Love you too… Mahisha?❤ …

  14. nyc starting dear

    1. dear if you wanns read swasan go on watspadd and write ‘the mirror team’ through this you can get alot of swasan ff. i can every best work to normal or just see ‘swaragini page fafter 10-15 page you can get alot of swasan ff.
      there are few fb sites also like
      the world of fanfictions
      ff/os page
      fanfiction gallery
      dreamworld of swasan ff
      indian forum, swaragini page. etc

      you will alot of ff

      1. LostStories

        Wow. . That is awesome… Thanks dear. And I’m glad that u liked my ff??

  15. Pramudi

    Wow.. Dear. It was lovely. Plz continue.
    And welcome to our family.
    There are so many talented swasan writers. Can’t name them. There is a very long list. Every swasan writer is very much talented. Do read their stories. They make & made our swasan alive in our hearts.

    1. LostStories

      True that…. And I like swasan more in ffs❤?? and… I’ll try my best to not to disappoint u all..??

  16. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

    1. LostStories

      I’ll update asap… ?❤

  17. awesome continue
    i suggest you every swasan ff i like read them dear in wattpad also check u get swasan ffs and fb pages also

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Hi friend. Ur username is different from others! I like it.

    Interesting start dear. Waiting for next part dear….

    Swasan ffs
    1) Stella’s all ffs, os
    2) Acceptance( I can’t remember author’s name)
    3) the way you are – Nive
    4) Swasan-only for u – neelima gupta
    5) dr. Swara n Mr. Sanskaar leads to Swasan- miss. Murty
    6) a path hate to love – saba

  19. Awesome dear……u r new means u missed this article maybe so read this… “”” SWASAN- THE ULTIMATE WINNERS (revised) Kakali””””……
    Must read dear that was awesome article abt swasan’s jurney of love

  20. Wao ek aur new swasan ff yepii ?????????☺☺☺☺☺☺??? it’s nice dear ????

  21. Arshaanya

    Welcome to swasan family…
    Loved it dear…
    D way u wrte it is amazing…
    Waiting for swasan meet ??
    N want to see swalak bond also n vry less raglak ??

  22. Seebu_s

    loved it dear…and coming to ffs suggestion…read ever green ff SwaSan “ANGEL” ff in india forums?trust me..u will love that ff…if u want link..i will give?

  23. nice dear…read swasan ffs of nita “forced to marry ur soulmate/stranger”, “behind the masks”,lucky’s ffs-fana-destroyed love,natalie’s- temptest of love,echos of summer…hope u will like those ffs

  24. nice dear…read neha’s “true love never dies” in ff/os pg of fb…and also natalie’s ff’s…

  25. LostStories

    Thanks everyone …. I’m really sorry that I can’t reply each n everyone who commented.. I’m really feeling overwhelmed…. ❤❤???

  26. IME

    Welcome to our family Dear!!
    I loved it
    it was awesome
    Continue soon
    m Ishita 15 yrs old and going to be 16 this June

  27. Manasvi

    Hey dii..
    Happy that you posted a story on our fav couple..??
    Loved it..
    It’s interesting..
    Waiting for Sanskar’s?? entry..

  28. Simi

    Its interesting.. Loved laksh’s p. o. v.. Waiting for sanskar’s entry

  29. LostStories

    Thanks… Again.. I’ve submitted the first chap ryt now.. hope u guys like it.. and.. love u all… ?????

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