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Chapter 5
*** The so-called “Boyfriend” ***

“And… U know.. I already have a boyfriend”
Swara sounded so casual that Laksh had to rewind in his brain what she said once more to check what he heard was true.
” What?”
Laksh stared Swara to know whether she is lying or not. Swara sipped her coffee ignoring his look.
Sanskar’s phone rang (Sanskar is a busy business Man and he can’t stay out of his work..) and he went out to take the call.
“Swara… Are u serious?..U have a boyfriend? And u didn’t even mentioned to me?”
Laksh asked with a pout. (Awww??)
Swara chuckled seeing his face.
” Did u really believed that..? I just said to irritate your brother. Actually… I’ve never met a guy that makes me wanna fall…”
Laksh questioningly looked at her. And continued..
“Okay..okay.. then.. which kind of guy that’s gonna make u fall.. according to you..?”
Swara thought for a second. And answered.
” Well… I am still waiting for that guy…”
Swara had a little blush.
“Which guy?”
Swara looked at Laksh but it was not Laksh. ??
It was Sanskar. He came hearing Swara’s answer.. and he was unaware of what they were talking about.
“Oh…we were talking about Swara’s boyfriend…” Laksh answered trying to keep his face serious..and Swara looked at Lucky’s face and she was having hard time to keep her face straight.
“What’s so funny about her boyfriend?”
Sanskar asked again..suspiciously.
“Hey…my boyfriend is smart.. handsome and charming.. there is nothing funny about him..okay..!”
Swara answered with attitude.
Laksh reminisced that..last time Swara was tongue tied infront of Sanskar and now..she got her attitude back and she is feistly taunting Sanskar. Still she never looked straight to his face. She always answered him with concentrating her eyes somewhere else.
“Mmm… Why?” Laksh thought to himself.

The ride to home was rather plain without any fights and taunts..thank God.. Laksh sighed. They reached home back in 6.. and the house was already fully decorated and all the servants ran around the whole mansion like bees.
“What’s going on?”
Swara asked Laksh. Sanskar already went in and Swara and Laksh was left with all shopping bags and poor Laksh..he had to hold more than 7bags . Swara walked with another 5 bags.
“Oh…Mom decided to celebrate Uthara’s first successful fashion event and we are having a ball today for that…”
Laksh answered while trying to balance all those bags together.
“And you are telling me now..!!”
Swara put all the bags down in a thud..and stood crossing her arms with an angry pout.
“Hey… It’s not my myself got to know 5 minutes before when maa messaged me.”
Laksh kept walking and Swara picked up all the bags and ran behind Laksh..still with that pout face.
“You are too cute to handle…”
Laksh said with a smile when she reached near him..and it made Swara slightly blush.

****** The Ball ******

Uthara was in cloud 9 when she got home back. From the day she attended her first ball in her childhood she was rather fascinated by the ‘English Ball’. Now she is having one to celebrate her victory.. it was like all those dreams she saw in her dreams happening infront of her eyes. All those fancy dresses… The music.. dance and a Prince…????❤
Uthara felt like she just got wings and she can fly anywhere.
“Hello… Milady… The whole subjects are eagerly waiting for you..please grace the the ball room with your presence..”

Swara said bowing her head, when she saw Uthara was smiling alone looking at mirror and her voice broke Uthara from her dream world.

” You.. devil.. u r not gonna change.. ryt!?”

Uthara said turning back from mirror and she was awestruck seeing Swara.
Swara was wearing a blue gown {similar of Cinderella in the movie} and she was looking like a princess. Her hair was tied into a bun carefully and beautifully. She only wore a diamond stud in her ears and a simple chain of platinum of heart shaped pendant. Without any hard make ups..she looked very serene and elegant.

” Wow… Sonu.. u look different”
“Is different good?”
“More than good!”

Saying this both girls hugged and squealed.
Uthara looked stunning in her pink gown.
“Omg.. Uthara… I’m sure your brothers are gonna have a lot of trouble chasing away all your admirers”

Swara said whistling and Uthara blushed in reply.
Both the girls slowly ascended to downstairs where the party was held.
The hall was filled with many important looking people. Uthara was welcomed with applause from every guests.

“ is the person..whom dreams are now a reality and we are all here to celebrate her joyous victory… My lovely and sometimes naughty Sister…
Our beloved Uthara…”

Laksh said standing in the center of the hall. The whole mansion was adorned with lights.. white Lillies and orchids. He was looking breathtaking in the white suit and his expensive watch reflected the light.
Laksh took Uthara to the center and gave her the mike to speak.
She hesitated at first. Then she saw her elder brother and Mother smiling and cheering for her in the front. Laksh patted on her shoulder assuring comfort. She then looked at Swara and Swara gestured her to keep calm and gave thumps up. Uthara took a long breath. Then began…

“I really don’t know what to say now.. I was pretty overwhelmed when I came home to a ball organized in my name. Right now I’m just happy. And..Laksh bhaiyya just said that my dreams turned into reality. Well..that’s true. But.. my ultimate dream is this moment. I can see both my brothers and my mother is happy and proud for me.
I was 3 when my father left us..from that day onwards our mother took care of us and my brothers never let me miss my dad. They are my everything. If I achieved something in my life.. it’s all because of them.. I love u both.. and maa.. u r my everything…”
Uthara was down to tears and Laksh who was standing near consoled her. Swara was also near to tears. Everyone clapped and Sanskar unexpectedly came to the center and hugged Uthara.
Swara couldn’t help but notice that he looked charmingly hot in his black and grey suit. For the first time in her life..she saw him smile. Mr. Angry pants who always looked in the verge of becoming the green monster Hulk was actually.. literally smiling for his sister.
That was it. The Million dollar smile.
Two girls standing behind Swara kept blabbering about both the Maheshwary brothers..
‘Oh..he looks hot!’ ‘ I am gonna ask him for a dance!’
What the hell.. ??
Swara moved from there and stood in a corner where no one can notice her easily and fiddled with her smart phone.
Both Laksh and Uthara was busy with the guests.
Then suddenly people started to swarm in the entry.
“What’s happening?”
Swara asked to one of the catering boys.
” It’s the Gadodia’s.. ” He answered.
“What’s so special about them?”
” It’s Ragini Gadodia.. the..”
“Omg… Ragini… The actress…”
Swara’s eyes popped out seeing her favorite Bollywood actress entering the ball with grace… She was more beautiful than swara imagined. She wore a off white gown..almost looking like a bride. And her hair flowed down and almost every men fixed their eyes to where she stood.
But.. behind Ragini… A man entered looking devilishly handsome. Both Uthara and Swara saw him in same time. Uthara looked happy seeing him.. but Swara looked scared… And they said together. ( they both stand in different places)

” SAHIL!!!!!!!!!”

(To be continued…)

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