The Key To His Heart… Swasan fanfic (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2
**** The Dark knight ???. ****
Recap~ Swara, Uthara and Laksh’s bonding…
Swara took every step counting. She was praying to almost every god she knew. The dark has been in her terror list from the day she remembers. There…… she saw the shadow moving again. Swara always wondered that why the actors in horror movies goes to the place where they sees the ghost. she was doing the same. “its all because of that stupid Uthara”… Swara muttered under her breath. Before she could blink an eye ..the shadow jumped at her face. It had blood dripping everywhere from its face. Swara screamed with all her might. something possessed she ran back as fast she can. Until she hit a soft wall.. { guess what…????}
And….she collapsed..

Suddenly the light appeared..revealing.. Swara in a young man’s arm. He was looking like a Greek God from every corner. His hair was wet from the rain. But..that looked even more s*xy. Swara clung on him like her life depended on his black shirt.. there was water dripping from his denims. He had confusion written all over his face.
Then he saw his brother coming from the corridor wearing a black robe with black hoodies. He had red paint all over his face.. and the young man… The great.. Mr.Sanskar Maheshwary guessed what was happening.
Sanskar: Lucky.. what the f**k is happening here? And who the hell is this girl?
Sanskar asked this while carrying Swara in his arms and placed her on the sofa. He looked at the unfamiliar face and crossed his arms questioningly at Lucky. Lucky sheepishly smiled at his brother. He opened his mouth to give his answer..but was stopped by Uthara’s voice.
Uthara: Bhayyaa…
She was looking amused to see her elder brother and she looked at Laksh angrily.
Uthara: you.. what have u done.. Lucky Bhai.. now she’s sick…
Lucky didn’t uttered a word. Sanskar glared at both of them.
Sanskar: Whatever happened here.. I don’t care. Just take care of this girl..

Sanskar tried to move away..but .. Swara was clutching on his hands like it was made for her. He tried to take his hands made her clutch more strong. Then Uthara sprayed drops of water in her face. Uthara moved away that Swara could have open air. Swara slowly opened her eyes… She saw someone towering over her. She blinked her eyes twice and the blurred vision got clarity. She was a person who lived in the world of books and movies..and her first crush was the dark knight… the man who saved the day without any superpowers… The masked hero of The Gotham city…The Bat man. She dreamt about finding her own dark knight. Swara had loved mysteries and the man stood infront of her looked insanely mysterious and equally breathtaking. She only saw a pair of black eyes looking at her…nothing more. Screw butterflies..she felt the damn zoo in her stomache.
“AHmm..ahemmm” Of course… Laksh had to fake cough and she broke off from the trance. If someone looked closer they could have seen the pink blushing face and it became redder when Sanskar jerked of his hands from her hands.

Sanskar left the scene without asking further questions.
Laksh:(with a smirk..) Oh…Swara.. I thought u weren’t afraid of anything. Now what happened?!!????
Swara pouted and looked at Uthara for support. But.. Uthara was looking at Swara’s hand and the stairs where Sanskar just left.
Swara: Uths.. Uths..
She waved her hands in Uthara’s face. Lucky walked behind Uthara and clapped his hands in her face. Uthara jumped like she got hit by current. Lucky and Swara laughed like mad.
Swara: Uths … Where were u…Lucky, I think u guys should start looking for a groom.nowadays your sister gets lost very often.???
Uthara: Actually… I think I should inform Shalini auntie..{ Shalini is Swara’s mother..& Uthara’s mentor}.. because someone else just got lost… And that too in someone’s eyes.. ??
Laksh:{acting cool and proud} That’s true.. sis.. I was thinking of same. But.. what to do.. we Maheshwary brothers are like this always.. girls melt in our eyes.. ?
Swara was blushing crimson red.
Swara: Come on… I’ll admit that your brother looks quite good..but that doesn’t mean that “I melted”.???
Both Laksh and Uthara smiled seeing Swara trying to hide her attraction and that blush. But..the smile didn’t last coz… AP entered from the door. The rain caused her to come home early. Before AP could even notice Swara ran to her room in a blink. Uthara too escaped leaving Lucky alone with the Lady tiger.. that’s what Swara calls AP..??
Next morning……
Swara wake up at 5 o clock and went to Uthara’s room. The truth was she couldn’t sleep all night. Every time she closed her eyes she saw th pair of black eyes full of mystery looking at her. She squealed in her bed. She tried listening to music in earphones. But that was the worst.
1. Still falling for you… Ellie Goulding
2. Wildest dreams.. Taylor Swift
3. One last night… Vaults

Every song had lyrics that made her relate to her sudden fresh feeling. She couldn’t stand it anymore. It reminded her of that black eyes.
Then… She took out her diary.
“When u can’t figure out your own feelings, write it down”
Her father’s words echoed in her ears. Swara loved writing as much she loved her life. She is graduated in Literature from the top University with pretty good scores. This trip to India is Swara’s search for inspiration. She wanted to complete her father’s dream.. her ultimate goal of living has been this dream after her father’s sudden death. It was the only thing he asked his daughter before he died.
Swara reached Uthara’s room to the most shocking scene. Uthara was fiddling with many cloths.
Swara: Uths… What are u doing?
Uthara: Oh.. come on.. Sonu.. How can u forget? Today is my show. We need to go early.
Swara: We? {Swara hates going to Fashion events. She hates it as much as she loves writing.} Uths.. you know naa.. that I hate going to shows…
Uthara: I know.. Sonu . But.. you don’t have any choice. Mom will be here in the mansion..because Sanskar brother has asked her to take rest for a day.
Swara: Oh.. no.. this is my worst nightmare.
Uthara: I have an idea.
Swara: What… Tell me..
Uthara: Lucky bhaiyya is going shopping today after noon..maybe you can go along with him?. But what if he didn’t agree?
Swara: I don’t care. I’ll beg him if he wants me too. I’ll go anywhere..
Uthara laughed her heart out seeing Swara in that condition.

{To be continued…….}

I hope u liked Swara’s Dark Knight.. aka Sanskar Maheshwary. ??? I have decided to not give Sanskar’s pov coz… I want him to remain a mystery until swasan unites. ??
Also… I know there would be lot of grammatical errors as well as conceptual. But..please let me know what u feel.. I really don’t mind if it’s negative or positive. I just need your support. Thank u all.. and sorry for the short update.. it’s just I’m too lazy and I tend to mess up when I think too much. ???
With… HOPE … Faith and Love..
Yours… LostStories.

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  1. Mahisha

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    1. LostStories

      Glad that u liked it..dear.. Swara is a happy go lucky girl here.. I like portraying good characters… And.. about Sanskar.. I want his character to be a mystery so that..our Swara can unveil him.. ?????

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