The Key To His Heart… Swasan fanfic (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

*** Ghostttttt?????. ***
It has been 2 weeks that Swara has been in the great Maheshwary mansion. She has met the Iron lady herself..”Annapoorna Maheshwary”. It was a real terror for Swara. For a girl who has been living abroad from the day she was born.. she didn’t even knew to how to greet properly. Swara went for a hand shake and Annapoorna just stared her she was an alien. Uthara kept her breath until Annapoorna gave her hands after a 20 second top to toe scan of Swara. Then luckily.. Lucky aka Laksh saved the day by his entry and gave his mother a proper introduction of Swara and Lucky could have counted the heartbeats of both Swara and his sister Uthara.
Lucky: “Maa….. This is Swara Roy. The girl Uthara was talking about..from Paris”
Ap: ” I see.. ”
That’s it. Swara did everything to avoid meeting with Ap thereafter.??
But..after that incident Lucky and Swara became quite close. They became a gang of three in a short span. All those shoppings … Playing tennis.. jogging together. Swara felt happy after a long time in her life.. She found two people that is close to her heart. And… After spiders AP topped in her terror list. ???
One morning..
Swara and Uthara was having their breakfast. In Swara’s bedroom of course. Ap has made a no-talk rule in the dining table.. and Swara can live without food but..not talking. So.. she stayed in her room until AP left for her work. Ap has handed over her all business to her both she’s funding an organization that is helping Widowed and dis owned women. But.. due to her eldest son.. Sanskar’s business trip to Australia, Ap is forced to go to their office.
Uthara: Sonu..(Swara’s pet name).. you are really making my mom look like the vamp..
Swara: hehe.. It’s not my fault that she looks like one.
‘Hey…. Who is bad-mouthing my mother?” Suddenly Laksh appeared in the door looking so hot in his shady blue suit and a grey tie. He had a smirk in his face that could give a girl a heart attack.
Swara bit her tongue seeing him. And made a innocent face with doe eyes..
Lucky suppressed his laughter seeing her flush at his remark. Then.. he looked at Uthara who looked ready to jump from the windows of the room.. that was enough . He laughed out loud. Making both the girls confuse and then.. they felt relieved.
Swara: you scared me.. fool
Lucky: ohh.. so.. I’m the fool.. not the one who can’t shut her mouth for a second.
Swara smiled sheepishly at Lucky .
Uthara: Thank god Seats.. that it was Lucky. If it was Sanskar.. you would be spitting blood..
Swara: That much terror… !! Cm’n Uths.. u have been saying Sanskar this.. Sanskar that.. from the day we met. Now..I’m feeling like he’s some super hero..and his super power is being invincible. ??
Lucky: well… Don’t know about… Being invincible.. but he sure can scare you.. ??
Swara: Ohh.. I’m scared{sarcastically} Come on.. Mr. Laksh Maheshwary.. I don’t get scared easily..
Laksh: Really.. { Laksh knew that Swara and Uthara is scared of almost anything.. and both of them behave like they aren’t afraid of anything.} Laksh brought back his trade mark smirk.. and thought to himself… “We will see that ”

That night…
Ap wasn’t home.. coz.. she had some work in her NGO.
It was raining. Both the girls and only the maids and guards were in the big palace like Mansion. The rain was getting heavier and lightning struck making both the girls clutch each other tightly. They both are sitting in the hall in first floor.. Suddenly the light went off.
Swara: don’t tell me that u don’t have an Inverter in this place..
Uthara: heyy.. we have Inverter in our house.. but.. I don’t why it isn’t working!!!
Uthara called for the maids.. and no one answered. This made both the scaredy cats started panicking.
Swara: are u sure that there’s no ghost in this house???
Uthara: please..yaar.. don’t scare me.. ok.. wait.. before you make these kind of scary stories.. I’m going to search for someone. (She turned on the flash light in her iPhone. And stood up to go)
Swara: heyy.. don’t leave me….
But before she could complete Uthara has reached the corridor. Swara sat there terrified.
“Duck” Swara heard a sound following someone screaming.. “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh”
She started thinking of all the horror movies she saw..and even worse.. robbers.!!
“This was the time to act brave Swara.. u r strong enough to face this.” Swara bravely walked to the downstairs. But.. she only saw pitch black even in the light of her mobile. She tip toed .
“Anyone here” .. ” Uths.. where are u?”…
Then suddenly she saw a shadow like some moving in the hall ways.. She gathered all her courage and took a long breath. Then slowly started to walk to the hallwaysss..

To be continued…

I know u are all waiting for Sanskar and Ragini to enter.. and see the love story and all
. But I’m really sorry that.. I couldn’t introduce them in this chap. And.. also I had exams last week.. I was pretty busy. Sorry all.. and thanks to everyone who read and commented. Love u all.. ?????????

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