Kehte he opposites attract (Part 8,9,10)


Hello everyone thanks for the comments, I too felt that I moving fast and lisa u rest pls, now this is kehte he opposites attract part 8,9,10. Lets start
Recap-ishitha talks rudely to raman

Priya:raman throw the bracelet it is handcuff
Raamn: but I think someone forced her to do this
Priya: oh c’mon raman if she was doing acting then she would have not done perfectly think twice, end this friendship
Vidya: don’t try to brainwash raman
Raman: she is not brainwashing me, mind u r business
Raja: what happened raman don’t shout on Vidya
Raman: tell me whom u support me or Vidya
Raja: listen raman
Raman: me or Vidya
Raja: of course you
Raman: that’s good

Priya: let us enjoy without Ishitha
Vidya: raman, Ishitha is ur best friend
Raman: she was my best friend
Priya pov : mujhe kuch karna padega varna ye Vidya puri baaji palat degi
Priya:Vidya once with me
Vidya: now u don’t try to b rainwash me ok
Raja: once u go
Vidya: never
Raja: I said go
Priya: thanks raja
She goes

Priya: do u want raja or Ishitha
Vidya: what do u mean
Priya:after 2 days its ramans birthday so why not celebrate it without Ishitha and if u support me then I will bring raja close to u
Vidya: he is already mine and I will support Ishitha
In ishitha’s house
Ishitha: nani thank god u are free
Nani: I am free??
Ishitha: yes Priya kidnapped u so to save u I behaved rudely with raman
Nani: I am not kidnapped
Ishitha: but she showed that video
Nani: meri boli Ishitha u shouldn’t blindly believe anyone
Ishitha: I am sorry
Nani: what about raman wont he feel bad
Ishitha: never he is my best friend and I will use the magical word sorry and will explain the situation

Bell rings
Ishitha: oh raman it is u I want to tell one thing
He throws the bracelet
Raman: I will end this friendship, I don’t want u and u r things in my life
He goes she cries
Nani: see I told u
Ishitha: nani raman went off
Priya comes
Ishitha: u ??
priya: I brainwashed raman and raja
Vidya enters

Vidya: don’t worry I am there with ypu we will have them back.
Ishitha: thanks Vidya
Vidya: how this happened
Ishitha: Priya fooled me
She tells the whole story
Nani: don’t worry Everything will be fine
Vidya: after 2 days its ramans birthday
Nani: we will do decorations and call him and Ishitha will tell whole story and will say sorry
Ishitha: will he come
Vidya: of course he will come
Ishitha: so lets start

Ishitha: Vidya keep it there and nani keeps the flowers here
Nani: ok
Ishitha: nani not this flowers ramanb don’t like this colr
Nani: then what color raman likes
Ishitha: white
Nani: ok
They do the decorations
Priya sees it from window
Priya pov: they are doing preparations for todays birthday party
Priya calls raman to her house
Priya: raman, raja come in
Raja: what a decoration
Raman: ya its beautiful
Priya: I know u will like it and I am not rude like Ishitha
Raman: I know

Ishitha calls raman
Ishitha: raman we arranged a party pls come
Priya: what happened raman
Raman: Ishitha called me for party
Priya: ya again to insult u, she didn’t say sorry also and calling for party
Raman: I wont go

Vidya: do u think raman will come
Ishitha: of course he will come
Nani: then why he is not coming
Vidya: I think he is priya’s house I will call him
Vidya leaves

Vidya: raman u r enjoying here Ishitha called for party
Priya: see raman Ishitha kitna attitude dikha rahi bulane ke liye bhi Vidya ko bheja cant she come
Vidya: oh pls Priya
Raja: Vidya u can leave
Vidya: raman Ishitha didn’t do anything it is Priya
Priya: enough is enough u can go
She pushes her out
Priya: kaha kaha se aja jaate he
Vidya reches ishithas house
Vidya: Ishitha raman is enjoying there with Priya and raja
Ishitha: will he come
Vidya: he doesn’t want to see u r face also
Isitha: I will go and call him
She leaves

Ishitha: raman it was a misunderstanding between us
Raman: there is no misunderstanding between us
Priya: me bin bulaye mehmaan ko aapne ghar me kadam bhi nahi rakne deti
Raman: didn’t u hear leave
Raman pov: Ishitha cant u say sorry
Ishitha was about to say sorry
Priya: out
Ishitha pov: raman happy birthday
Raman pov: thanks Ishitha
She leaves
Nani: what happened what did he say
Isitha: these decorations are of no use
Vidya: Ishitha raman loves u and it is all bcz of Priya

Vidya: anyways yeh sab toh hote hi rahte he
Ishitha: kya matlab
Vidya: did u prepare for tomorrows exam
Ishitha: omg how can I forget such an imp thing
Vidya: there is still 12hrs left
Nani: go and read
They read and Ishitha is not able to concentrate and raman position is also same
Vidya: finished
Ishitha: same here
Vidya: ok tell me who was mastermind in the germany unification
Ishitha: it is Priya
Vidya: Ishitha concentrate it is ottoman Bismarck
Isitha: I am getting scared
Vidya: it happens Lets go to college
They leaves

Lecturer: so here are your question papers
Priya enters knee length dress and she tied a rope and hanged all chits on thighs to copy and Ishitha sees that
Exam starts Ishitha is not able to write
Priya takes chits one by one and writes, Ishitha sees that
Priya comes to take a additional drops a chit on Ishitha table and Ishitha opens the chit
Priya: ma’am she is copying
Ishitha is shocked to hear the news
Lecturer takes her to principal
Ishitha: I didn’t copy someone kept the chit
Prinpal: who kept tell me
Raman enters

Raman: I kept that
Ishitha: but raman
Principal: u can leave
Priya comes
Priya: he is telling lies Ishitha is trapping raman
Suddenly air blows and everyone sees the chits hanged on thread
Ishitha smiles
Principal: so it is u
Ishitha: can we leave
They leave
Ishitha: why did u save me
Raman: I cant be rude and this doesn’t mean that we are friends u are a cheater
Raman pov: someone loves just say sorry
Ishitha was about to say
Raman leaves

Ishitha pov: iam sorry
Precap: Ishitha and Vidya: nani they are not talking to us but making us jealous
Vidya: that’s the problem
Nani: I have a solution Follow my steps step1 is be free and act as if u know them
Authors note
Raman: Winnie what always reading the ff
Khushi: Ya lets go out
Arnav: we will have fun
Winnie: but this is shalu’s new ff
Pragya: whats the name
Winnie: adhe adhure
Abhi: too good like my pragya
Winnie: thet are 2 new characters
Ishitha: new partners
Winnie: yes
Raman: don’t
Ishitha: forget
Arnav: to
Khushi: read
Abhi: adhe
Pragya: adhure
Winnie: don’t forget to comment

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