Kehte he opposites attract (Part 7)

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Precap: everone opened their bank accounts and ishithas nani is arrived.
Ishitha: nani I am so happy to see you
Raghav: and I am happy to see you going
Nani: what did u say
Raghav: nothing
Ishitha goes to her room
Raghav: wahi joh apne suna
Nani: man karta hai tujhe rat bana du
Raghav: rat banker aapke sare kapde kutur jaunga(I will tear all your sarees after becoming rat)
Nani goes to ishithas room
Nani: Ishitha tell me do u have any lover
Ishitha: no nani
Nani: boy friend
Ishitha: never
Nani: tell me truth, we share everything right
Ishitha: nani I think I love raman but don’t know he loves me or not
Nani: of course he loves who don’t love my Ishitha
Ishitha: I think……..
Nani: u always think, if u love raman then why not give him some gift to tell your love indirectly
Ishitha: nice idea but what shall I gift him
They think
Ishitha: shall I give a bracelet
Nani: that’s too good
Ishitha sees a bracrlet and shows it to nani
Ishitha: nani how is it
nani: nice but see that bracelet on top top of it written someone loves you
Ishitha: awesome nani u are the best
Nani: I know
They buy it

Ishitha: raman I brought something for u
And gives him
Raman: someone loves u nice but who loves me
Ishitha: Priya!
Raman: Priya loves me??
Ishitha: stupid Priya is coming
Priya: hi raman what is this in your hand
Raman: Ishitha gave me this bracelet
Priya: kisi chorbazar se layi hogi
Ishitha: Priya tumara ishq chorbazar me tumara intezaar kar raha hai
Priya: who
Raja: tumara vicly the no common sense man
Priya: dekh lungi
Raman: who loves me
Ishitha: what I know
Priya pov : itne badi insult now I will separate ishra
Priya: Ishitha principal is calling u
sHe leaves with her

Priya: Ishitha I kidnapped u r nani if u want her back then misbehave with raman
Ishitha cries and goes
Raman: Ishitha come have this juice
Ishitha: juice my foot
She throws it on raman
Raman: are u mad u spoiled my shirt
Ishitha: don’t talk with me u liar
Raman: what did I lie
Ishitha: oh pls don’t talk with u r donkey voice
Raman ets angry and she leaves Priya leaves nani
Precap: Ishitha: nani I am happy to see u back
Nani: what about raman
Ishitha: he is my best friend he wont misunderstand me
Door bell rings
Ishitha: raman come my nani came
Raman throws the bracelet
Raman: I decided that I don’t want u in my life
He leaves, she cries
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  1. Ishan

    today you r like an express train…don’t go this much speed….I loved today episode…but I felt you should give some more time to the scenes…and yes am feeling bad for raman…that’s words anyone can get hurt….

  2. lisa

    Hey…I’m sorry I didn’t commented last two chapters actually I’m having fever so I was not feeling like to comment but today seeing u angry I thought to comment…. It was nice but really feeling bad raman ….nd ya plz move the story slowly its going too fast nd i really love ur ff so just suggesting i dont want it to end soon plz update next part nd a longer one too plz

  3. Ishan

    it’s nice episode…I also felt you r moving so fast….if you go like this this ff will end so soon…poor raman felt bad for him….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.