Kehte he opposites attract (Part 5)


Hi everyone, thank you all for commenting and for your love and now lets start it. Hope u like it
Recap: Ishitha and raman won competition
Ishitha, raman ,raja and Vidya are there in canteen
Raja: till how much u will bear this
Vidya: I think today u have to make a decision
Raman: yes and u have to run from the home
Ishitha pov: now the timw has come that I have to get rid of baldev
Raman: kya soch rahi ho(what r u thinking)
Ishitha: your right, I will run today, but where will I stay
Vidya: our college friends are famous for mehamannavazi(to care for atithi)
Raja: and what will u do
Vidya: I will drop her to their house
Raman: u will stay with me
Ishitha: but….
Raman: no but u will stay with me and that’s final
Ishitha: ok
Ishitha goes to her house and packs her bag raman is outside looking through window and standing on stairs
Raman: how much she will pack
Ishitha: raman ready
Raman: lets go
They come down
Baldev: where is Ishitha
Servant: I got to know that she ran from the house

Baldev goes out and sees her and pulls and takes her in car to a factory where her father is being tied and ties her
Raja: raman I think baldev took her
Ishitha: leave me
Baldev: u r father is also being tied here if u want to release him then signs this papers
Ishitha: give me papers
He unties her and she takes pen from pocket and signs it.
Ishitha: now leave my daddy
Baldev again ties her
Baldev: I kept a bomb here and the remote is in my hand
He goes to press it but raman enters and fights with baldev and baldev runs from there
Raman unties both of them
Father: thank u my son
Vidya to raja: uncle ji kya keh rahe he raman unka beta nahi damaad he
Ishitha: but I signed on papers
Raman: with the pen which I gave u?
Ishitha: s
Raman: it is magic pen after 10 min your sign will vanish
Ishitha: thank u raman
Raman: mow shall we party
Isitha: we will go to shopping

Few days later they go and After going to shopping they return home and then the father will be shocked to see many bags
Father(raghav): kitni ki kardi ki
Ishitha: not much 65000
Raghav: these children do not know how to save don’t u think u have save money
and gives lecture
Raghav: see huch I have save 7000000
He shows his bank balance and everyone laughs
Ishitha: dad, your bank balance is 3
Raghav: how come 3 I will talk to the manager

IN bank
Man to officer: see I want loan
He goes leaving his sweet box consisting of 7 sweets
Officer eats 4
Raghav: what the hell how can u make 7, 3(telling his bank balance)
Officer: but 3 are sufficient(thinking of laddoo)
Raghav: I am going to complain police
Officer: fo this small thing u will tell to police
Rahav: this is not a small thing
Officer: ok I will buy the sweet box and give
Ragha:sweet box???? I am talking about my bank balance which was7000000 and now it is 3
Officer: printing mistake, we will change it

Precap: raman, Ishitha,raja and Vidya are in bank and a goon enters and keep it near ishithas head.

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