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Kehte he opposites attract (Part 6)


Sorry sorry sorry for not updating as my exams started so to refresh my mind I am writing…… anyways not happy by your comments
So where were we ya I got it
Recap:raghav was giving lecture
The four goes to canteen
Vidya: ek baat kahun ye uncle ne job hi kahan wo meri samajh ke bahar hai
Raja: Vidya pehli baar me tujse semath hu arre yaar anyone will do savings in college life
Ishitha: but I think dad was right
Raman: we have to do savings

Vidya: today I will give the bill lets party
Vidya: waiter bhaiyya and gets lots in her thoughts
She assumes her future
Vidya became old and her daughter came home
Vidya: what happened u came so early from college
Vidya’s daughter: what early they removed me from college because u didn’t pay the fees
Vidya: but I sold the utensils and gave u money
Vidya’s daughter: ya when I was going owner aunty took it
Vidya: I wish I had done the savings
Raja comes holding a the glucose bottle from hospital
Vidya: kya hua raja

Raja: hospital walo me mujhe bahar nikal diya
She comes from her thoughts
Vidya: nahi……..
Raja: what happened
Vidya: lets go to bank we will do savings
Raman: good
Ishitha: so lets go
Raja: u all are going then lets go
They go the bank and takes the form
Vidya: lets go to delhi
Ishitha: why Vidya
Vidya: they gave write in capital and the capit
al of india is delhi
Raja: see Vidya we cant go to delhi but we live in maharastra and the capital of it is Mumbai and we live here so we can fill it here
Vidya: raja u are too smart
Raman : ishitha just give me one kiss and I will be yours
Ishitha: thanks for the warning

Vidya: raja give me 1000/- they are asking for submitting the form as I forgot the purse
Raja: take 10/- and bring the purse
Ishitha: how cheap raja, Vidya take this
Vidya: I have the purse u carry on
Raja: dekha kaun cheap hai
Ishitha: ek se badkar ek ajoobe hai
Raman:I finished
Suddenly robbers enter and catch ishitha
Robber: age mat badna warna goli maar dunga
Robber2: handover the money

Raman fights with the robbers and they run
Ishitha hugs him tightly
Ishitha: thank u
Raman: u may not be the princess but I will treat u like the princess
Ishitha kisses him
Raman: I am yours
Ishitha: shut up mad
Vidya: so savings is done now the hospitals wont throw raja with glucose bottle
Raja: what????
Vidya: nothing, raja u are too smart
Raja: but u r not smart
Vidya: ask me any question
Raja: who is mahatma Gandhi
Vidya: he is the one who helped munna bhai to mpress her girl friend
Ishitha: wow Vidya your too smart
Vidya: I know anyways thank u

Ishitha goes home
Woman: aah gayi meri gudiya
Ishitha: nani aap!!!!!!
Yes she is ishithas nani
Raghav pov: ab ye sab meri band bahja yenge
Nani: who toh bajana hi padega I can study others mind

Precap: Ishitha gives raman a bracelet and someone loves you is written on that.

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  1. superb episode…funny and romantic one…

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  3. Nice one….

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  4. nice update it was funny vindya is damn funny pls continue soon

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