Kehte he opposites attract (Part 4)


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Recap:Ishitha and raman practicing dance

Raman: I think I have to bring a choreographer for you
Ishitha: oh ya you will bring for me and then he will Ishitha dance good I need to teach to raman
Raman: I can dance good, that’s why all girls wants to dance with me. Tell me which boy wants to dance with u
Ishitha to everyone: hello handsome guys who wants to do dance with me
Everyone: i
Everyone leaves except ishra
Ishitha: so raman u better not challenge me
Raman pov: she is really an atom bomb
Raman: achha atom bomb….(listen atom bomb)
She interrupts
Ishitha:kya kaha(what did u say)
Raman: dance kare

They dance and ready to perform on stage and suddenly light goes off
Ishitha: omg what happened
Raman: u don’t know light went
Ishitha: lets search for door
They both search for exit and locked up bathroom and light comes and they realize it
Vicky: hi Priya do u know what I did
Priya: come to the point
Vicky: u said to lock Ishitha in hall so I thought if I lock Ishitha then what about raman so I locked both of them that too in bathroom
Priya: who said u to think, my foot
Priya pov: they are in bathroom…
Raman: omg what people will think of me that I locked up in bathroom that too with….
Ishitha: shut up lets think how to reach out
Raman: give me u r slide
She removes and gives it and he opens the door she hugs him and he feels happy
Anker: now Vicky and Priya are going to perform
They dance Priya lost in thoughts of raman and instead of doing romantic dance she does break dance.

Everyone throws tomatoes on them and then ishra dance, all claps
Anker: and the winner is raman Ishitha
They get prize
Vidya: hi raja don’t worry we will also one day gets the same prize
Raja is the one who don’t like Vidya and Vidya loves him they are friends
Raman to Ishitha: u are not that bad
Ishitha: same here
Raman: friends
Ishitha: best friends
Principal: raman u belong to same batch of our college so now I will shift u from there to here
In canteen
Raja: wow raman u danced too well
Vidya: yes and now I and raja will dance
.Raja runs Vidya runs behind her
Raman: I liked u r college
Ishitha pov: now the time came when I have to run from my house
Father pov: now the time came when I will kidnap Ishitha and blackmail and get sign on papers and then a big blast….
Raman: lets have a party
Ishitha: I hate parties
Raman: here again we are opposites
Priya: hello handsome
Raman: who
Priya: you
Raman: thanks
Priya: would u like to dance with me
Ishitha: why? He will not dance anyways we got tired we are going home. Anyways your Vicky is there no to dance with you
Priya fumes in anger and leaves

Precap: Ishitha runs from house with the help of raman, raja and Vidya, father (baldev) catches her and kidnaps and he ties her to chair.

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