Kehte he opposites attract (Part 3)

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Ishitha goes to her room and laughs
Ishitha: He is stupid, he don’t know I won’t take project everywhere and roam, that was last year’s
Project, which I took for my juniors
She laughs continuously
Maid: But ma’am your father
She interrupts and says
Ishitha: Father my foot, he is not my father, you are new right. It is ok
Fathers room
Mother:I know you are not the father of Ishitha but please don’t be rude to her
She cries
Father: I know but I want her property , u know my plan that I will torture Ishitha and one fine day I will tell her that her father is alive and u know that how she loves her father, then I will tell her to sign on property papers and the torture will make her understand that the person who can torture her also can torture father or can do anything, anyways the main reason I don’t like that family, and u staying with me just to protect your husband
Ishitha’s room
Ishitha: my project is safe and one fine day I will run away from this home

Next day
Ishitha goes to her college
Vidya: Hey, Ishitha do you know the current affair of our school
Ishitha: I know the affairs of my friends but don’t know any current affair
Vidya: nice sense of humor, our school is celebrating annual day
Ishitha: wow!!! That’s great
Vidya: there is dancing competition
Ishitha: I will participate pakka
Vidya: once u participate u cant take u r name
Ishitha: why will i??
Vidya: lets go to ma’am
Ishitha: sure
They enter their names

Lecturer calls everyone to hall
Lecturer: On annual day, we are having a dance completion and the chief guest is gopichand the famous business man and his son raman is also participating who is present here and I am going to take chit
She takes a chit from female box and from male box
Priya to her friends: I should dance with raman, I will be lucky.
Lecturer: it is raman Ishitha on sun saathiya
Raman Ishitha shocked, Priya fumes in anger
Lecturer : Priya and Vicky on janeman aah
( Vicky is one of the stupid students who truly loves Priya)
Vicky to himself: do pyaar karne wale ko bhagwan hamesha milata hai(god always brings lovers together
Priya: Vicky my foot
Ishitha: I should dance with that raman??
Raman: I cannot dance with atom bomb, if she blast then….
Ishitha, raman goes to practice hall
Ishitha: see raman I am ready to dance as I don’t want to spoil my name
Raman: mujhe bhi koi shokh nahi hai aapna naam karab karne ka( iam also not interested to spoil my name)
Ishitha: ok catch my hip
Raman catches, Ishitha shivers
Raman: don’t shiver
Ishitha: who is shivering
Priya sees and comes
Priya: see I think u both are uncomfortable
She takes raman and they both dance, Ishitha gets angry and pulls raman
Ishitha: I can dance with him
They both dance brilliantly
Priya goes
Raman: jealous
Ishitha: Oh, hello I am not jealous ok I just want to prove that I can dance

Precap: on the programme day, Ishitha raman gets ready for dance and are in hall and suddenly power goes off, in search of exit they get locked up in bathroom when light comes they realize it.


  1. sanju

    Please update regularly dear. . I love yr ff… I have exams ..soo I can ‘t comment everyday ..but surely read this ff if I get time

  2. jyoti

    nice update so he is not ishitas father he wants ishitas property ishita wants to runaway that women in ishitas mother she staying to protect her husband ishra going to dance together precap is intersting psl continue soon

  3. Yashu

    nice epi dr,!
    lv it sooo much! Nice dear can u please give brief description from starting please please please

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