Kehte he opposites attract (Part 17)


Sorry guys for not posting the episodes as I went to Hyderabad for tour actually my school principal is miser she took us to tour only for 2-3 days . How cheap …..
But I thank everyone for u r love and comments and I wish everyone good luck for the competition
So lets start

In college canteen
Ishitha: but why raja, why don’t u belive me Vidya really loves u so so so so much she really cares about u, I know she is little possessive about u
Raja: who told her to care about me, a pandit or a doctor. All ways raja this raja that…listen tell her I am not her personal property that I will be always in her hand bag, I like her but not more than that
Raman comes
Raman: hi guys
Ishitha: this is not fair raja raman explain him,see Vidya is my best friend you cant do like this to her
Raja: I will do, do one thing tell her I deleted her number from my mobile na rahegi Vidya na rahegi madness
He leaves raman sits on chair
Raman: Ishitha iss Hindustan aur Pakistan ke war me tume kine kudne ke liye kaha
Ishitha: very funny arrre they are friends why cant they live with love I saw love in raja eyes for Vidya
Raman: and I see love in your eyes for me
They share eye lock
Ishitha: do some thing raman
Raman: their fate their mind u cant change the whole world
Ishitha: byt nani always tell that love always win
Raman: oh really! Then ask u r nani iss war ka kya haal hai, good bye ms prem panchi helper
He gets up to leave

Ishitha: arre don’t go see I made milkshake for u
Raman: oh really thank u
She gives milkshake to him and he drinks
Raman: happy now I am leaving if I sit here then I have to listen raja Vidya love story, never , good bye
Ishitha: aree listen
Raman: don’t make me bore pls . bye
He leaves
Ishitha: whats happening why all are fighting, nani will surely have a solution
She leaves
Nani and raghav comes from clinic
Raghav: I am not munna bhai I am a complete doctor, M B B S
Nani: I know I know and I also know that u have some 2-3 patients
Raghav: exactly and they respect me more, then y u said mr Sharma to throw away my tablets
Nani: kyun na kahoon itni kadvi tablets koi deta hai I saved mr sharmas life
Raghav: if u want to save life then don’t come to my clinic
Nani: ya ya who will come this doctor
Raghav: then its final don’t comw to my clinic
They fight like cats and dogs while Ishitha watches all this
He leaves

Ishitha: whats this nani
Nani: I am giving u r father some brain
Ishitha: no u were fighting where ever I see all are fighting
Nani: I don’t care about the world but in raghav there is some manufacturing defect u know when god make a person in hurry he will leave some parts
Ishitha stares
Nani: anyways my war is still going on just cant leave him like that
She leaves
Ishitha: If I stay here I will go mad with this I have to go to college maybe there will some competitions which can bring raja and Vidya together
She goes to college

Precap:Vidya: swami tumari charno ki daasi tumari bahon me hai
Raja: Jab me tume aankh band kar ke dekh tha hu toh tum lagti ho chandramukhi
Vidya: swami!!!
Raja: Jab me tume aankh khol ke dekh tha hu toh tum lagti ho surajmukhi
Vidya: swami!!!
Raja: Jab me tume pass aakhe dekhtha hu toh lagti ho jwala mukhi
She catches his hand
Vidya: swami tume kasam he tumari mummy ki tum he hath kabhi nahi chodege agar daddy aa gaye toh unka sir phod doge
Raja: Kasam hai tumari ki me mummy ka hath nahi chodunga agar tumare daddy aa gaye toh unka sir phod dunga
Vidya: swami!!
Raja: priye!!
They hug

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    Superb Winnie and is the precap a play , and plz can you translate it English I can’t understand so much of Hindi.

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  5. awesome marvellous fantastic episode

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    Nice…I hope u like hyderabad. Me stays in hyderabad

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