Kehte he opposites attract (Part 16)


Thank you for u r love and sorry for not posting the update and I would busy for 3 days so I cant post for 3 days, sorry for that

Recap: shanti became the judge
Nani: shanti is too cheap
She goes to makeup room
Nani: Radha do u know shanti became the judge
Radha: what? Now Ishitha wont win
Ishitha: don’t worry everything will be fine u go now
They go
Vidya: how I am looking Ishitha
Ishitha: like fairy
Vidya: I am getting nervous
Ishitha : same here
Ishitha does the make up
Ishitha: this is not at all nice this pink color eye shadow
Vidya: wash it and come
Ishitha : fine

Announce is made tha t it is vidyas turn
Vidya: ok I am going
Ishitha: all the best
Vidya: thanks
She leaves
Ishitha: what I was dng oh I want to wash my face
She goes
Pam comes and mix shoe polish in ishithas cream and closes the cap
Ishitha comes
Ishitha: what are u dng here
Priya: I thought its my cream so just checking
Ishitha: something is fishy
Priya goes to wash her face

Ishitha takes the cream and suddenly some one pushes her and the cream falls on priyas desk
Ishitha: cant u see and walk
Girl: I am sorry
She takes priyas cream by mistake
Priya comes
Priya: Ishitha me chand ka thudka hu

Ishitha: dikta he
Ishitha applies the cream and its normal
Priya: how can my plan flop
She then applies the cream in which she mixed shoe polish
Priya(shouts) omg
Ishitha: what happened
She sees her face and starts laughing
Ishitha: arre ye chand ke tukde par amavasya aaya he kya
Priya: shut up
Announcement is made that it is priyas turn
Ishitha: go Priya
Priya goes to wash her face
Announcement is made that it is ishithas turn
Nani and Radha comes
Nani: all the best
Radha: go fast
Raman comes

Raman: Ishitha pls come
Ishitha: ya
Announcement is made that Vidya has highest marks and if Ishitha wont come then Vidya will be winner
Nani: fast Ishitha
Ishitha: going
Suddenly she stops and remembers Vidya saying that like every girl I want to become mis teen
Nani: why u stopped

Ishitha: becoming misteen was not my dream it was vidyas dream I am happy that my friend is a winner
Vidya hears and hugs Ishitha
Vidya: u are my best friend


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  1. Nice one…really u r awesome… I am a silent reader but after reading ur ff i really felt like praising u.. And yes will be eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. glad that my ff made u comment and thanks

  2. today episode was short one…but it was very nice….

    1. thnx ishan

  3. Lisa

    Nice one..hope to see ishra scene in next one…but why no precap

    1. thank u lisa actually i didnt get anything for precap sorry for that

  4. nice episode ishita is such a tru freind
    pl continue soon

    1. thank u jyoti

  5. Ankitha

    Wow wat a good friendship between ishu and Vidya. Awesome plz continue

    1. thank u very much ankitha

      1. Ankitha

        Plz read my new ff YHM love during marriage

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  7. Awesome yaar, u are the best

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