Kehte he opposites attract (Part 15)


Hello everyone thank you everyone for commenting and all my silent readers(if any) so lets start
Recap: misteen contest
Ishitha goes to her house
Ishitha:mom u know I am participating in misteen contest
Radha: that’s good I will call college and tell I wont be judge as my daughter is participating
Nani: so lets start preparations
In priya’s house
Priya is crying
Shanti: hey why are crying start u r preparations do u know Ishitha is preparing well
Priya: aunty I am remembering my mom(she is in America) if would have been she would have done something to make me win
She cries
Shanti: u don’t cry I am there to make everying fine don’t worry I will make u win
Priya: really!!

Shanti: yes
Priya: aunty I will to beauty parlour and come ok bye aunty
She goes
Shanti: is she was really crying?

In ishitha’s house
Radha: Ishitha wear this dress then u will only win(it was some kashmiri dress)
She wears and comes

Radha: too good
Nani: she is looking like 1970 film heroine
Ishitha:I am feeling the same
Nani: u wear this dress(the dress was above knee and sleeve less)
She wears and comes
Nani: awesome dress
Shanti was seeing this through binoculars from her window to ishithas room
Shanti: oh my god pretty dress
They hear her voice
Nani: who was this
They go near window and see shanti seeing them
Shanti: sorry nani ji
She runs

Next day
Ishitha: thank u for this crown
Priya comes and snatch it
Priya: this is just mine

Ishitha cries
Nani enters
Nani: what happened did u see any bad dream?
Ishitha: I saw Priya snatching the crown
Radha: oh c’mon it was just a dream
Ishitha: but told may all u r dreams be fulfilled
Nani: be ready we have to go college
They go to college
Radha: lets go to make up room
Just then nani sees shanti talking to principal

Principal: ok judges I am leaving u reach as soon as u can
Shanti: ok
Nani : u go I will come
Radha: ok come
They leave
Nani goes to shanti
Nani: what are u dng here
Shanti to other judges u go

Shanti: nani ji I became the judge now Priya will won
Nani: why didn’t u tell me
Shanti: if I tell then u will gifts to me to give marks to Ishitha but I will more marks to priya
Nani: tere akale ke marks kya hogo
Shanti: out of 3 one is me and other one is my friend how I will tell like that she give marks and alone raman cannot make Ishitha win
Nani: u cheater
Shanti: ok nani ji I will leave
Nani: shanti is too cheap

Precap: Announcement is made that it is Ishithas chance.
Radha: ok go Ishitha
Nani: all the best
Ishitha :ok Nani
Raman comes to makeup room
Raman: come fast
Announcement is made that Ishitha come fast otherwise Vidya will be declared as miss teen 2016
Ishitha stops
Nani: go why u stopped
Why Ishitha stopped?

Guess it……..
Hope u like it

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