Kehte he opposites attract (Part 14)


Hello every I am so happy for the comments and I will try to go slow and thanks for u r comments. So lets start
Recap:Ishitha follows nanis steps
Ishitha: raman I am sorry
Raman: its ok Ishitha
Ishitha: I don’t want to hurt u
Raman: its ok anyways why u ran from field
Ishitha: because I cant do such things
Raman: I believed that u wont do such things and my belief has won
Raman pov: our love has won
Ishitha: thank u for believing me and I am sorry I behaved rudely with u
Raman: lets forget all that
Ishitha: ok

Raman: I want to tell u something
Ishitha: what?
Raman pov: beta raman aaj ise propose kar le
Raman: Ishitha
Ishitha: yes
Raman: I……
Ishitha: u…..
Vidya enters
Vidya: hi Ishitha hi raman
Raman: sab kuch barbaad kar diya
Raja: what did u say
Raman: kuch nahi mere baap
Ishitha: lets enjoy the beautiful sunset
Raman Ishitha raja and Vidya sees sunset

Next day
Door bell rings
Radha is ishithas mother and shanti is their neighbour and her niece is priya who always begs things from them
Nani: I will see
Nani: lo shanty aa gayi now what u want
Radha: sugar
Shanti: aaj me kuch maang ne nahi aayi hoon aaj me kuch dene aayi hoon
Nani: what u want to give u r problems
Shanti: no I want to give the sweets
Radha and nani become statue and shocked
Shanti: I will keep this this here ok bye
Ishitha comes from her room
Ishitha: what happened mom
Ishitha: hello I am talking to u
They come back to their positions
Ishitha: what happened
Nani: shanty gave us sweets
Ishitha: now I got it why u are shocked
Radha: serious I don’t know why she gave sweets

Ishitha: god knows
Radha: now I got it I became judge for miss teen 2016 contest and Priya is participating
Nani: she is too clever
Radha: Ishitha u participate in this teen contest
Ishitha: never such things will suitable to Priya
Nani: oh c’mon pls participate
Ishitha: that’s why mom became the judge
Nani: u are mistaken she became judge because she was the mis teen of that college
Ishitha: ok bye
Ishitha leaves

A girl enters and do ramp walk
Ishitha comes
Ishitha: what is happening here
Raja: we are doing rehearsals for contest
Raman: girls will do ramp walk and we will judge them
Vidya: u know I am participating
Priya: hey listen Vidya is participating
Vidya: why whats wrong in that like every girl I too have the dream of winning the contest
Priya: its good to dream but dreams will broke any ways I am going to win
Ishitha: don’t have this much pride
Priya: now I will come
She goes and enters
She does ramp
She gives flying kiss and does namaskar and lifts something from air and keeps on her head
Priya: thank u
Priya:for this crown I have done much practice I want to thank……… myself and secondly I thank again myself
All: booooooooooo

Priya: I know u are jealous puri speech bhigad dhi who want to listen be here all go
Everyone leaves
Ishitha: I was not participating but now I will
She leaves.

Precap: Ishitha has won teen contest
Priya comes and snatch it
Priya: this is just mine

Hope u like it

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  1. Lisa

    Hey it was awesomeeee

    1. thank u so much lisa

  2. Ankitha

    It’s amazing Winnie plz continue.

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  3. Kumud


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  4. nice one…eagerly waiting for next one…

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  5. Shalu

    Hey it was nice Winnie……….and the precap is that a dream or real………..cause I am tittle confused………!!!!!……….but Watever I waiting for the next one………

    1. thank u you will get to know that.

  6. Oh god Vidya!! She should wait until Raman confessed to Ishu.

    Priya and her mother are so selfish and want to win the contest. Thanks to Ishu mother and nani who want Ishu to participated the contest. Raman support Ishu and Raja also support Vidya.

    Can’t wait for next ff. Priya fight with Ishu for crown. Raman protect Ishu.

    1. thank u parichary

  7. nice update i used to love shrarat u have added ur own spices in this i m loving this

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