Kehte he opposites attract (Part 11, 12, 13)


Thank you for commenting and correcting, now this is ep11,12,13.. hope u like it and shalu di HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lets start

Recap: Raman took the blame on himself to save Ishitha and Priya is caught

Ishitha goes to her house
Ishitha: dadi dadi do u know what happened today
Nani: khushi me itni paagal ho gayi ki mujhe dadi bula rahi he
Ishitha: sorry nani
Nani: tell me what had happened
Ishitha: u guess
Nani: raman ne tume maaf kar diya
Ishitha:now stop it
She tells the whole story
Nani: I think raman loves u
Ishitha: u don’t think like that
Nani: did u say him thank u
Ishitha: I am not sure
Nani: its ok go and say thank u
Vidya enters
Vidya: Ishitha, raman raman
Ishitha: tell me properly
Vidya: I am coming from priya’s home and I saw
Ishitha: what Priya is looking like ghost, don’t worry she is already ghost
Vidya: I saw that raman and raja are doing makeup to her
Ishitha: what??
Vidya: yes
Ishitha: lets go
They go to Priya house
Ishitha: raman what are u doing
Raman: I don’t find necessary to talk to cheaters
Vidya: raja stop all this
Priya: cant u see they are dng make up to queen
Vidya tries to find some thing
Priya: what r u searching
Vidya: queen
All laugh
Priya: get out of my house
They leave
Nani: what happened
Ishitha: they are trying to make us jealous
Vidya: they are not even talking to us
Ishitha: we have to do something
In priya’s house
Raman: raja did they became jealous
Raja: yes of course
Raman: now she will become jealous and will sorry
They do hifi
In ishithas house
All are thinking what to do
Vidya: humne toh aapne hi pairo par kulhadi mar di
Nani: didn’t u get hurt
Vidya: I am telling an idiom
Nani: I have a idea
Ishitha: tell fast nani
Nani: then listen , follow my steps
Step 1 is be free act as if u don’t know them
Vidya: I cant act
Ishitha: u have to
In canteen
Raja: raman Ishitha Vidya aa rahe hai
Raman: great take u r positions
They come
Raja gives a hand to do hifi but they go other table, he claps
Raja: there are so many mosquitoes
Raman: what happened instead of coming near us they went there and sat
Ishitha-vidya: its working
Raman raja goes near them and secretly listen their talk
Ishitha: Vidya let us go to beach
Vidya: ya I am getting bored here
Ishitha: I will book the tickets
They leave
Raman: what happened to them
Raja: kya pata
Raman: let us follow them

In ishitha’s house
Ishitha: nani aapka formula kaam kar gaya
Vidya: now we raised the topic about beach then why not proceed it
Ishitha: lets go to my room
They go
Nani: what happened raman why u came here
Raman: nani do u know Ishitha and Vidya are going to beach
Nani: yes I know
Raja: tell which beach
Nani tells
Raman: thank u nani
Raja: ye sab unko mat bata na
IN Priya’s house
Priya: oh they are going to beach, then I will als go
They reach goa
Ishitha: wow what a nice place
Vidya: exactly but don’t forget they are following us
Nani: go to u r rooms and get ready
Ishitha: we will do swimming
They enter in their room
Nani: step1 is completed now step2
Ishitha: tell fast
Nani: enjoy without them act as if u are not missing them
Raja: wow raman we will enjoy now
Raman: don’t forget we are following someone
Ishitha Vidya sit on chairs and raman raja are trying to listen them secretly and acting as reading news paper and they made two holes in paper to see them
They are watching them through the hole
Ishitha: Vidya see how they are seeing now enjoy
Vidya: but how
Ishitha: just laugh loudly
Vidya laughs
Raja: raman is she laughing or crying I am getting scared mummy
Raman: or are they doing acting
Ishitha: Vidya they got doubt on us
They see Priya falling down and a waiter carrying her
Priya without seeing
Priya: oh raman u are so strong
Waiter: daily I will lift food then I can lift u
Priya sees ans runs
Ishitha and Vidya laughs
Raman: they aren’t dng acting
Raja: they are enjoying without us
Ishitha: Vidya lets go
Vidya: I became little tired of this
They leave
Ishitha: nani step2 is successful
Vidya: and now step3
Nani: so step 3 is be confident
Ishitha: I understood
Vidya: so lets go
Priya is playing chess
Priya: Ishitha would u like to play chess with me
Ishitha pov: now I will use step3
Ishitha: sure
Priya moves her elephant
Ishitha: wow Priya u r just amazing u played this trick too good now see if u move this I have to move that then u will move this omg checkmate and do u know like this Michael had defeated Bismarck
She tell so fast that she didn’t understand
Vidya: u r so intelligent
Priya: I know I am so intelligent
She leaves
Raman: Ishitha what did u say I didn’t understand anything
Ishitha: Raman I fooled her
Vidya: the Michael and Bismarck are the names from our history book
Raja: wow
Ishitha: who will play with that dumbo
Raman and Ishitha are about to do hifi but they didn’t as they are not talking to each other and raja Vidya does hifi
Ishitha leaves

Nani: what happened this step did not work
Ishitha: it worked
Nani: why so sad then
Vidya: bcoz their ego came between
Ishitha: leave the past tell step4
Nani: praise them
Vidya: it is too easy
Ishitha: but how will I do that
Vidya: leave everything and come
They leave
Vidya goes to raja
Vidya: raja u r my hrithik roashan when u talk u look like salman khan and when u laugh it is like the melodious song is going on
Raja: Vidya I will bring juice
Vidya: fast
Raja: don’t worry I will go like hrithik and come like salman
Vidya: Ishitha my work is done raja is the best
Ishitha: Vidya for u raja is best and for me raman is best
Raman hears
Raman: come lets have food
Ishitha: thnx
They have food
Ishitha comes and hugs nani
Ishitha: this step is awesome
Nani: now the last step act as if u need help from them
Vidya: I don’t want as raja is so kind
Nani: urs is finished but Ishitha needs it
Priya hears it
Priya: oh now I will follow this step before Ishitha
She leaves
Priya: lets play volleyball
Raman throws and Priya falls down(wantedly)
Priya: Raman I need u r help
Raman: I cant help u
Priya: when Ishitha will fall wantedly then u will help
Raman: Ishitha cant do such cheap things
Priya: lets see
Ishitha comes
Ishitha: lets play volleyball
Raman throws and ishitha falls down(wantedly)
Ishitha: I cant do this
She gets up and goes and raman follows her
Ishitha: I am sorry raman
Raman: I know u cant do cheap things and my belief has won
Raman pov : our love has won

Precap: Ishitha shows the bracelet
Ishitha: raman will u take this

Lets see he will take or not
Hope u will like it

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  1. Lisa

    Again three episodes Thnk u Thnk u Thnk u so much….loved it waiting for next one…nd I’m Lisa only means regular commentor…I have logged in my registered account

    1. thank you lisa

  2. it’s awesome…..loved it…I like last part very much…and priya poor girl she is really a dump…

    1. thanks

  3. Kumud

    Nice but short

    1. thank u so much kumud

  4. superb one….

    1. thnx aman

  5. Shalu

    Nice one Winnie……….but I think ur gng in a very fast pace…………but really it was nice…………

    1. thank u shalu di

  6. Hey your story Is too fast .. it’s just like reading something .. can’t imagine any scene .. e.g how does priya listen everything , it should be detailed .. don’t post 3 epis post one with full details that readers can imagine the situation

    1. i am sorry i will try to rectify this

  7. Nice ff Winnie!

    Raman realised that he have the feeling for Ishu but never knew that Priya want to break the friendship between him and Ishu. Raman has now seen the truth colour of Priya. Oh god Raman and Raja did not see Priya and waiter acts but only to watch Ishu and Vidya and was about to doubt but believe that his ladies love are serious laughing. Poor Priya scared of waiter and ran away. Priya have scoop too low to listen to Ishu and nani conversation then try to distract Raman but Raman know that Priya did the drama to make Ishu jealous. Thank god Ishu witness Priya act then changed it. Ishu was falling off but did not want Raman to help her so she get up and leave which Raman feel guilty and run after her. Raman know that he has seen Priya following and them and make him hurt her.

    I hope that Raman will accept Ishu bracelet and will wear it. Ishu then confessed her love for him that make Raman happy and Raman will also confessed his love for her and Raman will plan to proposed Ishu secretly. Priya will be jealous see Raman and Ishu romancy together and Priya irked and fumed. Raja and Vidya share moment together.

    1. thank u so much parichary

  8. Ankitha

    Hi Winnie it’s amazing. Plz continue ur stupendofantabulomarvellous writing.

    1. thnx u thnx u so much

  9. nice update ishita’s nani is so intelligent pls continue soon

    1. thank u jyoti

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