Kehte he opposites attract (Last Part)


Hi guys I know all are angry with me I am sorry now take weapons to kill I am saying sorry actually I had so many project work, I don’t know I will be regular that’s I am thinking to ending this ff what say I think I talked too much
So lets jump into our ff
Ishitha to herself: if I sit here I will become mad because of papa and nanis fight
She goes to college she was entering hall Priya stands infront of her
Priya: billi ne rasta kaat liya
Ishitha: Priya I don’t have time to fight with u
Priya: but I have ample of time
Ishitha: move I have to go in
Priya: I wont move
Ishitha: what kind of behaviour is this
Priya: it is priyas behaviour
Ishitha: u are doing wrong
Priya: that’s why I am doing
Ishitha pushes her and goes
Ishitha: first of all my mood is not nice and this Priya
Raman: hello Ishitha where are u going
Ishitha: hall
Raman: don’t go there I think mahabharat had started
Ishitha: what mahabharat?
Raman: hall me Vidya raja he
Ishitha: then I have to stop that
Raman: come lets go
They go to hall

Vidya: swami tumari charno ki daasi tumari bahon me hai

Raja: Jab me tume aankh band kar ke dekh tha hu toh tum lagti ho chandramukhi
Vidya: swami!!!
Raja: Jab me tume aankh khol ke dekh tha hu toh tum lagti ho surajmukhi
Vidya: swami!!!
Raja: Jab me tume pass aakhe dekhtha hu toh lagti ho jwala mukhi
She catches his hand
Vidya: swami tume kasam he tumari mummy ki tum he hath kabhi nahi chodege agar daddy aa gaye toh unka sir phod doge
Raja: Kasam hai tumari ki me mummy ka hath nahi chodunga agar tumare daddy aa gaye toh unka sir phod dunga
Vidya: swami!!
Raja: priye!!
They hug
Ishitha: whats all this
Raja: we are doing drama
Ishitha: oh I thought…..
Raja: are u mad
Vidya: don’t worry raja har ladke ke naaa me haa hoti hai
Raja: actually I was showing everyone how to do acting
Vidya: how was my acting
Raman: awesome
Raja: how was my acting
Ishitha: very real
Raja takes raman to one side
Raja: are u ready
Raman: yes
Raman: Ishitha lets go to hotel
Ishitha: I am too busy
Raman pulls Ishitha inside a car and drives
Ishitha: raman don’t u understand I am busy I have so much work
Raman stops car The glasses were tinted
He kissed her
He started biting her lower lipshe slowly opened her mouth, he slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth. He placed one hand tightly on her neck and the other one on her cheek. She lightly bit his lip
Raman lifted Ishitha took her to htel room it was decorated
Raman sat on his kness
Raman: I love u Ishitha, would u marry me
Ishitha: me
The answer was enough for him and he lifted her threw her on bed
He leaned on her and they hugged .
Their hands explored each other. He pushed his hands inside her top Raman’s hand searched for her bra strap
Ishitha pushed raman
Ishitha: raman I want to bath
Raman: I will make u bath
Ishitha pushed him and came wrapping towel
Ishitha: raman
Ishitha unwrapped the towel
Raman took to bathroom and after an hour
Ishitha: raman I love you
They went to see the sunset
Raman: Ishitha the sunset is so beautiful
They kissed again

Hows it guys
I hope I will get comments from all my readers on this last epi

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  1. What is this yaar i though u will make dis ff a big one… But seriously this ff was really awesome and yes a really nice ending… Hope u come soon with a new ff… Till then best of luck for ur life

  2. Ankitha

    ???????????????????????????????????????, I am very angry ? on you , I will surely miss this ff. All the best dear . Don’t worry I am always happy for you. But I am literally crying now.

  3. i am very angry dii i loved this ff was witing for this and this bad news came pls atleast write one shots as i love the way u write i will miss u di loved it

  4. Lisa

    Loved it…but it ended…it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. nice ending…………… nut i did mot thought u will end this ff this much short time

  6. really sad you end this ff so suddenly…but today episode wad so romantic….loved it…have a great future….

  7. Romantic episode and good one i hope u will come with a new ff

  8. this is not fair why ended ur ff missing it but epi was marvelous

  9. you are an awesome writer come with new ff fast

  10. this is not fair why ended u r ff so soon but epi was good

  11. u are a great writer awesome epi

  12. epi was marvellous

  13. fantastic advance happy new year

  14. nice ending it was awesome

  15. pls come with a new ff superb ending

  16. u always rock

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