Finally they day has arrivied when the only daughter of goenka house (keerti) has got happily married to the love of her life Mr. Naksh Singhaniya and now its time of her Bidai. They have completed their saat pheres with true feeling of love in their heart. Naksh has accepted keerti has his better half and its same with keerti. Now it was the time when these guys got up after fulfilling all the rituals and were about to leave from mandap when they saw that naksh’s shoes are missing and keerti’s sandals are missing. Looking at this situation the direct shuck of Keesh went on luv-kush and ananya yash. They stared them but luv-kush ananya and yash reacted so innocently that they have not stolen the shoes. Then keesh stared at kaira but they also proved innocent. Then suddenly sounds of cough came up and the sounds were of the dadi goenka and baaisa. And they both looked at each other.
Dadi goenka: Bhenji aap?? Is umar mei aapko yeh sab shobha nhi deta.
Baisa: accha ji mahare ko Buddha kehte hue thare ko sharam nhi aati. Thaari bhi umar humari umar ke barabar hi hai.
Listening their kiddish fight everyone started laughing.
Naksh: Bua dadi chaliye aap kirti ji ke sandal waapis kardijiye unhe problem hogi.
Keeerti: Han dadi plss aap bhi naksh ke joote waapis kardijiye. Yeh acchi baat nhi hai.
Kartik: oye hoye just look at the newly married couple. Keerti abhi bidaii baaki hai tum toh abhi se apne pati dev ki ho gyi
Manish on hearing that keertis bidai moment have come closer made him so emotional that tears rolling down his eyes and He left from there.
Whereas the fun of joota churai continued.
Luv-kush (annoyed): Dadi this is not fair u cheated with us. It was our right to steal jiju’s joote.
Ananya-yash: yes bua dadi this not fair. These things are done by children of the house nor elders.
Bua dadi and dadi goenka: Sab chupp!!! Hmm so nakssh and keerti if you want your footwears back then you have to promise us one thing.
Keesh:(together) what??????
Dadi Goenka and Bua dadi: promise us that you both will be always at each others side and stay happy in your lives and keep both families happy by giving us a grandchild soon. They inked.
Keerti got shy and looked towards naksh.

Naksh: Dadi plss give our footears back now.
Naira: dekho dekho kitna sharma rahe hai dono.
Everyone started laughing and dadi goenka and bua dadi returned back their footwears.
Dadi goenka: keerti come with us beta. Spend some last moments in your babul’s aangan.
Keerti felt heavy hearted and hugged dadi. Keerti: Dadi but where is papa?
Dadi: Suwarna here is manish?
Suwarna: I don’t know maaji. Minute or two before he was here with us only but I don’t know here he has gone.
Akhilesh: keerti bhaisahab will come u don’t worry common come with us.
Kartik to naira: yeh Mr. Goenka kabhi nhi sudhar skte. Yeh unki beti ki life ka kitna bada din hai but I m sure oh zaroor apne business ke kisi kaam mei busy honge. Mai dhoond ke aata hun unhe.
Whereas manish was there in the washroom

His eyes were all red due to constant crying. Manish: I have never felt so helpless before. My heart is sinking down. How will I send my keerti away from my eyes. Will she be able to adjust with them. Will those people accept her. Oh god!!!! Why all these thoughts are coming in my mind. He looks in the mirror. Earlier also just because of the sake of my business, reputation and me she suffered a lot. She suffered just because of me. My one wrong decision made her suffer so much. Mai apne aap se aankhein bhi nhi mila paa rha. No No not this time god. Plsss. I m sure that naksh will keep her happy always but still yeh dil hai ki maan nhi rha. Meri bacchi mujhe door chali jaayegi. He held his chest and sat on his knees on the the ground hlding the floor. Tears were rolling down. Manish was not able to stable his feelings.
Kartik: naira idk where the hell that man has gone. Keerti has become so worried. This is disgusting now. Unhe dhoondte dhoondte mujhe bahut zor se pressure aagya. I am going to washroom.
He was shocked seeing manish in this state-broken down, fallen on his knees holding his chest, his eyes were filled of tears.
Kartik: Mr. Goenkaa!!!!!
Manish didn’t looked up. Kartik ran to him and held him. Uthiye mr. Goenka!!!! Manish was not able to get up.
Kartik: r u fine?? No u r not looking fine let me call the doctor. Mnaish held his hand.
No kartik. I m fine.
Kartik: then what happened?? Why r u in this state

Manish: nothing just got a bit emotional of thinking about keerti. My princess is about to go. She is my strength. I m feeling as if all my senses have lost. My organs have stopped working.
Kartik:(in his mind) how disgusting I m. how could I have thought like that for mr. goenka already he had sacrificed so much for me and still.
Kartik to manish: he goes and hold him. Plss get up mr. Goenka. If someone saw u like this they will think that u r such a weak-heart person.
Manish: I don’t know kartik how I have completed the kanyadan ritual it feels as I will suffer heart failiure the next moment.
Kartik: plss don’t say all this negative thimgs mr. goenka common hold my hand and get up.
Manish held his hand and kartik made him get up. Manish stood with the support of kartik.
Kartik hugged manish tightly. Tears rolled down kartik’s eyes.
Kartik: mr. goenka just look at yourself u have turned so weak and pale. If keerti will see u in such a condition will she be able to leave us happily. No na!!. if u will lose ur strength then from whom I will take strength. Its not only ur daughter who is going she is my sister too.

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