hy guys i think you all forgot me but I am still here sorry for the delay if ask my sorry it should go for pages so I am continuing the story and I dedicate this chapter to Tina who was my best friend may her soul rest in peace


abhi closes a case telling it a accident which he knows it was a murder by his father’s friend.pragya being journalist finds it was not a accident and reports it to abhi and they both go to company for an clue there abhi comes to know that his father’s friend was not involved in the murder but someone else and he gets a file which the murderer and they both escape from the company while traveling for this case he ends in falling love with pragya.


pragya feels comfortable and slowly opens her eyes and shocked seeing abhi who is lovingly admiring her they both were looking into each other’s eyes and they later came back to their knowledge and pragya got up from his lap

“thank you” pragya uttered adjusting her specs

“it’s okay let us leave” abhi said and got up and gave his hand to pragya

“I have my own legs to stand up” pragya said and abhi smiled seeing ger childishness.

abhi dropped pragya in her home and went to see purab and his dad


“bhai where you went yesterday I want to tell you a important thing it’s my life matter please come fast” purab pulled abhi to his room

“calm down purab your life matter? what’s that” abhi asked settling himself in the couch

“bhai I want to get married” purab shocked abhi and he got up from the couch

“what” abhi asked widening his eyes

“haan bhai I love a girl her name is Bulbul so please help me I want to marry her” purab said

“if you want to get married please marry her why are you asking my permission” abhi said and again couch
“bhai what do people think if I get married before when you get married so first you should marry” purab requested

“purab i am just 29 its too early for marriage” abhi said annoying purab

“you are 29 next month you will be 30 when will marry at 50 bhai please try to understand I need to marry Bulbul so please marry someone” purab joined his hands and begged abhi.

“actually purab I am in love” he said dreaming about pragya who came as flashes infront of his eyes

“you are in love heeeeeeeee” purab shouted and he hugged abhi

“enough purab but I didn’t confess her yet” abhi broke purab’s happiness

“kya you didn’t propose her yet?? I dont know now itself you are going to propose her” purab banged the table near by

“okay give me 2 months time i will propose her” abhi said and left dreaming pragya


the case was reopened the murder which was tagged as a accident was reopened to find the reala murderer a special team was appointed to find the hook and crook of this case the team considered of 4 members THE LEADER OF THE TEAM WAS ABHISHEK MEHRA OTHERS WERE NIKIL,ALIYA AND VIJAY WHO WERE WELL TRAINED. The case was going viral among public another member was also included in this team to help them it was pragya a leading journalist while traveling in this case she started falling for our ACP.The 5 members of this team were working hard to find the real view of this case they are having many hardship to enquire about this case the murderer is very smart than the police.If abhi is keeping one step ahead the murderer is making 10 steps ahead him but abhi knows how to bring him out it was the file which he signed (details of the file will be revealed later) with ankush.

“what you are thinking bhaiya” aliya asked to abhi who was deeply in thoughts sitting in the arm-chair

“kuch nahi aliya tell me is anything important?” he asked

“haan bhaiya ankush’s wife is dead” aliya revealed and abhi stood up from the chair

“what?how?when?where?” he asked

“bhaiya she fell down from their guest house balcony and she seems drunk so she must have mistakenly fell down from her balcony” aliya said

“we can’t do anything for this abhi as it is a accident” Vijay entered his cabin

“okay fine you both go and talk with her son and daughter we can know something and haan don’t go in uniform tell them you both are ankush’s friend” abhi said

“ya abhi is right last time when he asked about ankush they didn’t tell him anything na so it’s better we go both casuals come aliya we will go now” Vijay said and they both left and again abhi went his thoughts


1 week before

Abhi and pragya went to search ankush’s driver so they went to his house abhi was talking to the driver’s wife and they both came outside when they where about to cross the road a car came at a high speed to hit pragya

“pragyaaaa” abhi shouted and pulled her towards him pragya fell down over him they both were continuously looking at each other later abhi helped pragya to stand up.

“nothing happened to you na?” abhi had tears in his eyes and he looked if she has any bruise in her hand

“kuch nahi hua abhishek let us go home” she said.

then abhi got a call from a X number but he attened the phone ” hello Mr. ACP sir i know you are searching me but it’s of no use you can’t even near me soon I will get the file and haan it’s better if you don’t involve your love your life that pragya in this case today she may be escaped because of your presence but if you repeat this I can’t give any guarantee for her life” he hanged up the call this made abhi fear if someone blackmails about his life he wouldn’t have cared but this is about pragya.

So abhi started ignoring her but it’s of no use she never mind it and she came behind him so had a plan so that pragya will hate him and he excuted it using tanu as his girl friend but in reality he hates her to the core.He spoke very badly and insulted pragya talking about her middle class status and he being into a rich class family pragya kept quite for everything abhi said but when tanu started badmouthing about her she gave her a nice slap and didn’t even look and abhi then she never came and saw abhi even once for all these 5 days.

Abhi couldn’t concentrate in his work everywhere she was there abhi always thought about her but he has no other option rather than doing this suddenly he felt her smell which was always attracting him he looked at the door there she was standing.

“Can I come in or I even lost that right” pragya asked and abhi stood up from his chair but he knew to control himself

“why did you come her go and do your work I don’t want to talk with you” abhi pretended to speak angrily

“it’s really an important thing please I need to tell it you I just came to help you ” pragya said with tears seeing this abhi’s heart started to melt but he controlled it and started shouting at her he held her hands tightly

“please stop your drama enough of your helps that day you slapped my tanu and today what help you are going to do just leave from her” abhi said and pragya struggled to free her hand but she couldn’t

“Abhishek leave me its paining please leave me” pragya pleaded but abhi was scolding her soon he realized his hand is becoming wet when he saw his hand full of blood pragya collaped in his hand

“pragya…pragya” he patted her cheeks and her carried her and made her lie down inand sprinkled water over her face she slowly regained conscious abhi kisses all over her face inch by inch pragya was shocked by his act soon abhi came back to his senses and tried to distract and went to take the first aid box and he came and lifted her sleeves and it was like a gun shot soon he dressed up her wound

“how this happend” he enquired

“yesterday I went to Ankush’s guest house and I saw two people pushed ankush’s wife from the balcony so I took a video and they saw me I ran from there when I called you before I speak you said you don’t want to talk with me and they both shot me in my arm somehow I escaped but I lost the proof” she completed and abhi was very angry on she

“what’s your problem if something happened to you what will I do I must be in guilt forever please leave this case and go from her” he said

“I can’t go like anywhere leaving you like you did” pragya said and abhi didn’t want to see her eyes
he turned

“what I left you i don’t know why you are speaking like this who are you to me you are nothing I don’t care about anything for you” abhi said without looking at her eyes and pragya sofly placed her hand in his cheeks and made him to meet her eyes.

“now tell me you don’t care for me now tell me I am nothing to you” she asked caressing his cheeks abhi couldn’t resist more than this he tightly hugged and she too hugged him.

epi ends here

I want TO congrats all my TU writers adhya wow what a story rob the baby was please do write more story like this and soon continue your ff too you are brilliant in writing a emotional scene and you make up story brillantly I want to try a classic romantic subject on abhigya.aditi, your forced marriage was a classic story in TU and your new ff is a new idea and I am eagerly waiting what pragya is hiding from abhi and kudoos for writing such romantic subjects in forced marriage and soon update your innocent love ff and harita, what a story I that its fantabulous and saranya last epi was out the world and i want you to give a century congrats for 50 and roli I am eagerly waiting to know your real name and I am always dreaming about you dream ff such wonderful ff and other new writers kudoos I really like all your stories give long epi and finally if I didn’t comment about this girl i can’t be happy that’s our surubhi arre what a writer you today only I read all the epi’s OF your ff’s I am dieing to see u once and haan if I see you I will tightly hug u. all my friends thank you and sorry to love you all


“let’s get married abhi” pragya said

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