KB – True love never ends (Part 5)

part 5
(Panditji asks both Pragya and Abhi to standup for Pehras. Abhi and Pragya stands up and were about to take pehras suddenly the light went off).
Abhi: What happened to the light??
Purab: Idk. I will go and check.
( Purab was about to go and check but a girl shouted ” Be where u are. Dont try to move).
Purab: Eyyy, who are u. And why are u stopping me.
Girl: Have some patience. You will get to know soon.
(Purab recognized the girls voice).
Purab: Can u plzzz repeat what u said. ( asked Purab with a tensed voice).
( No one answered but the light went on).
( The girl shouted “surprise”)
( Eveyone was shocked to see the girl).
Abhi and Pragya: Bulbul
Bulbul: Yes, its me. Why are u guys sooo sad. You didnt wanted me to be here. Ok, I can go back.
( Pragya holds Bulbuls hand and hugs her tight)
Pragya: Where were u?? U know, I am angry with You. Why did u try to commit sucide that day. I was sooo scared, I thaught I will never be able to see u again.
Bulbul: Sorry di. Plzzz Forgive me.
(Bulbul goes to all one by one and ask for forgivness and hug them at the end she goes to Purab).
(Purab doesnt even look at her and leaves the hall)
Abhi: Eyyy Purab
Bulbul: Purab, listen to me.
(Abhi goes after Purab)

Abhi: How can u leave like dis! How can u leave without attending ur best friends marriage?
Purab: Abhi, plzzz forgive me, but I have to go know. (With tears in his eyes)
Abhi: U should be happy 2day and u r crying our Bulbul is back.
Purab: I dont want to talk her. She doesnt thought off me before jumping off the cliff. She doesnt care for me. Uss ne ek bar bhi mer bar nahi socha. I will never talk to her.
Abhi: Shut Up Purab. Are u saying all this just because u know shes alive. Jab tuje nahi pata tha tab toh tu gussa nahi tha.
( Bulbul comes there, Purab was about to leave but Bulbul hugs him from behind).
Bulbul: Purab, plzzz dont do dis to me. I cant live without You. I love u more than anything in dis world.
Purab: Abhi, plzz tell her to let me go.
Bulbul: Why are u asking Jiju. U don´t need to go anywhere I can go far away from u all. I don´t know Why i survived that day.
Purab: Shut Up. Dont u try to say that again.
Bulbul: Sorry ( Holds her ears)
Purab: Aisa kam hi kyun karti ho jiss ke bad ears pakarne parein. Bulbul Promise me that u will never leave me again.
Bulbul: I promise, I love u
( They both hug, Purab kisses Bulbul on her cheeks)

Abhi: If ur romance is finish Can we go in than??. If my marriage gets postpone I will not forgive u both.
Bulbul: Come jiju, Hurry up.
(Abhi and Rabul go into marriage hall.)
Pragya: (in a worried voice ) What happend, Is everything Okay.
Abhi: No fuggy nothings ok.
Pragya: What happend??
Abhi: fuggy, ur sister is back. Noone can be Ok now.
Pragya: Uffff. Stop ur stupid jokes. I got soo scared.
Bulbul: Yess di, scold him more, tell him to stop teasing me. But dii don´t call my jiju´s jokes stupid because we love his jokes and his songs. They are the best. He is the best. U know what we can die for his songs and his jokes.
All Abhi fangirls: And he is too hot, Handsome…..
Pragya: OKKK OKK. Stop now i know.
Abhi: Pragya, Let them say what they want to say. U can´t hear anything good about me from girls.
Bulbul: Jiju, I think di is jelous.
Pragya: I am not jelous and why would I be jelous. I don´t care.
Bulbul: U sure, di??
Pragya: Yes, 100% sure.
Bulbul: Jiju, di is not jelous, even if ur fangirls kiss u or hug u or if u spend time wid dem. U should take them for dinner. M I right Girls.
Pragya: Bulbul, I said I m not jelous but it doesn´t mean that they are allowed to do all this nonsense wid my abouttobe Husband.
Abhi: Yess, Pragya is absolutely right. I am only hers. Noone can ever take ur place fuggy. (smiles) Stop teasing my aboutobe wife.
Daadi: Beta, Are u going to marry today?? I am tired of calling her my about to be bahu soo plzzz marry her now soo i can take my Bahu to her home.
Abhi: Dadi, I am also bored of calling her my aboutobewife.

( They both go to mandap and take pehras and do all other rituals, Abhigya takes everyones blessing)
( They were about to go down but Abhi stopped)
Purab: What happend Why did u stop and why are u soo confused??
Abhi: Bro, I can´t find my shoes.
Bulbul: Jiju, U won´t be able to find dem. Cozzz, Bulbul da great have them.
Abhi: Ohhhhh, How can I forget diisss. Purab u were supposed to take care of my shoes.
Purab: Sorry Bro, I just forgot.
Abhi: It´s Okay… Soo Bulbul, U r intelligent nd didn´t forgot soo u should get what u want.
( Abhi takes out money from his pocket and gave them to Pragya).
Bulbul: Jiju, I didn´t even tell u what I want.
Abhi: Yeah but ever groom gives money, I have watched it several times in movies.
Bulbul: But jiju, I don´t want anthing else than u always take care of my Di. Jiju, I can´t bear tears in my Di´s eyes. I love her alot. Promise me u will always make her smile whenever she is upset. U have to comeup wid jokes to make her smile.
Abhi: I Promise Bulbul, I will always Take care of her and make her smile but I don´t think I need to comeup wid jokes since ur Di thinks my jokes are silly.
( Pragya has both tears and a smile on her face).
Bulbul: Look Jijuu, She is crying.
Abhi: She isn´t crying because of me she´s crying because of me.
Bulbul: Meee?? Jiju I am the only one who can make Di smile.
Abhi: That´s wrong bcz Only I can Bring smile on her face.
Bulbul: NOOOOO!
Pragya: Shhhhh, Stop fighting. U both make me smile and I love u both.
Abhi: Fuggy, Why are crying?? U know naaa I hate tears
Pragya: These tears are of hapiness. U dont hate them right??
(They all smile)

(Pragya Hugs Bulbul and her Maaa and other relatives and sits in the car).
(Purab drives the car and Bulbul sits wid him on front seat and Abhigya sits in backseat)
Abhi: Fuggyyy, Last time u cried alot on ur Bidaai, and dis time u were smiling.
Pragya: Soo u want me to crryy.
Abhi: No, Fuggy I didn´t meant that.
Pragya: I was just joking. I didn´t cry because it´s not my first time. I have lived wid u and other family members before and I Know u and others love me alot. I feel like going back home after longg time and I am happy. My hapiness is wid u soo Why would Icry. Why would I cry when I have such a caring and loving husband like you.
Abhi: I love u Fuggy.
( They both smile)
( They reach Mehra Mansion. All family members welcome Abhigya. Daadi does their AArti. They both took Daadi´s blessings and went inside).
Daadi: You both should go to ur room and take some rest.
Bulbul: Why Noww??
Daadi: Beta Look Pragya is soo tired. Uppar se itni heavy jewellary
Bulbul: Yes, Di u should og and take some rest.
(Abhi and Pragya were about to go to There room but Purab stopped them).
Purab: Bro, Where are you going.
Abhi: Going to my room. Pragya is tired soo..
Bulbul: You don´t worry about Di, I will take her to room.
Siddharth and Raghav (Abhi´s Friends)
Siddharth: We wont let u goo soo easily. We want Party yaar.
Abhi: Yaar not Today.
Raghav: What do u mean by not today. We want Party.
Abhi: Try to understand.
Raghav: We don´t want to hear everything.
Siddharth: and we promised all our friends who are really angry with you that u will be coming and give us party.
Abhi: Tell them Sorry. I am really sorry but not today. I want to be with Fuggy.
( Abhi holds Pragya´s hand and take her to their room and locks the door).

Precap: Someone Takes a black cloth on Abhi´s eyes and mouth and takes him in the car.

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