KB – True love never ends (Part 4)

(Someone knocks the door)
Pragya: Oh Shitt, it must me maa, plzz u leave now!!
Abhi: Its Ok Fuggy, I am not going anywhere.
Pragya: Plzzz, why dont u understand. Ok, just og and hide in the washroom.
Abhi: Whattt?? Fuggy dats not happening??
Pragya: Ok than go and hide in the cupboard!
Abhi: Noo, I better go back home.
Pragya: But How? Maa is standing outside.
( Abhi doesnt answer Pragya and went to the terrace).
Pragya: Where are u going?? U r not going dis way!
Abhi: I am, and u dont need to worry about me go and open the door. Its more important for u!
Pragya: Listen, I didnt meant to…
( Pragya runs after Abhi, and holds his hand)
Pragya: Sorry.
( Abhi makes faces and says: Ok, Bye)
Pragya: Why are u so stubborn.

Abhi: I am stubborn, Pragya u r totally ignoring me these days. Everything else is more important than me for u. U dont care about me anymore. U know what i dont want to talk to u.
Pragya: suniyeee.
( Abhi doesnt listen to her and angrily opens the room door. Sarla maa sees Abhi and gets shocked).
Sarla: I knew someone is in the room. What are u doing here Abhi??
( Abhi leaves without saying a single word).
(Sarla gets really worried after seeing Abhis behaviour).
Sarla: Pragya, What happened to Abhi. Did u say anthing to him. Is everything Ok between u guys and what was Abhi…
Pragya: Maaa, Wait. Which question do u want me to answer first?
Sarla: Pragya, Stop joking. Tell me, Why Did Abhi left Angrily??
( Pragya tells Sarla everything).
Sarla: Now?
Pragya: U dont worry. Leave everything on me.
Sarla: Ok, my bacha. Good night!
Pragya: Good night maa, luv u<3
(Pragya goes in her room and calls Abhi, He doesnt answer).
( Pragya messages him)
(Pragya msg: Sorrryyy, Plzz forgive me).
(Abhi reads the message and replies)
Abhi msg: Dont disturb me, I am busy.
Pragya msg: What do u mean by dont disturb me, Where are u??
Abhi msg: I am out with a friend.
Pragya msg: Girl or boy?
Abhi msg: Ofcourse girl.
Pragya msg: W-hattt. Pik up my call.
( Pragya calls Abhi)
Abhi: Why are u calling me again and again?? Are u jelous??
Pragya: I am ur wife and I have the right to call u and Ofcourse I am jelous u Left just because u wanted to meet ur friend ;(
Abhi: Oh Hallo, We are still not married?? And u wanted me to leave from there. U didnt have time for me so I came with someone who cares about me.
Pragya: U really mean that??
Abhi: Yesss, I do.
Pragya: I really care about u and love u more than anyone else and if u dont bealive met han tell me, How to prove it to you? ( With a teary voice)
Abhi: Fuggy, are u crying??
Pragya: No, Im not.

Abhi: Fuggy, plzz dont cry. I was just joking. U dont need to prove anything I know u love me alot and I love u too.
Pragya: Why do u joke like this??
Abhii: I will not do that after today. Just forgive me today.
Pragya: It´s Okay! But who is this friend.
Abhii: Ooo my jelous wife, I am With Purab.
Pragya: Ok, bye. I have to sleep now since i have to get up early tomorrow and u too sleep otherwise u will not wake up early as always.
Abhi: Fuggy, I will wake up before u tomorrow promise. afterall I have to bring u home tommorrow.
Pragya: Lets see who wakes up early.

At Mehra mansion:
Tayji: Abhii, why did u called us all here. (in a tensed voice)
Abhi: Tayji, I just want to tell u all to wake me up early tomorrow and we shouldnt be late.
Daadi: Beta, Just that. U know how much tensed I got.
Abhi: Daadi, plzzz wake me at 7.00 am tomorrow.
Mithali: But Abhii, Time to 12.00am ka hena.
Abhi: Bhabhi, I need some time to get ready.
Mithali: Who needs five hours to get ready??
Abhi: I do, bhabhi. I am Abhi the Rockstar and I am unique.
Daadi: Okk, U will not be able to wake up early tomorrow if u dont sleep now.
Abhi: Ooo Yesss. Good night everyone.
(Abhi goes to sleep)

( Abhi is the first one to wake up)
Abhi: Ohhh, The time is 8:30 and none waked me up!
He goes t ask everyones room who are still sleeping and ask them to wake up and get ready than he calls his fuggy).
Abhii: Hey baby, How ru?? Had a good night?
Pragya: yes. How did u wake up so early. Impressing, rockstar.
Abhi: I am Abhi the rockstar nothing is impossible for me.
Pragya: I see..
Abhi: Fuggy, I think I should stop disturbing u and u should get ready now since we will be there after 3 hours.
Pragya: Ok bye.

(After sometime Abhi reaches Marriage hall with his family and all Aroras welcome them).
(After all rasams they went in).
Abhi: Eyyy Purab, Where is She??

Purab: I dont know bro. And u have some patience. (smiles)
Abhi: hahahaha very funny.
Purab: Its funny.
( Pragya enters, sits on mandap and everyone including Abhi looks at her and smiles).
Abhii: Omg, Fuggy looks beautiful
Purab: Yaa, she does
Abhii: I think I should change her name now.
Purab: Do that Afterwards, go to the mandaP now. Pragya di must be eagerly waiting for u. (Winks at him)
Abhii: (SMILES

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