KB – True love never ends (Part 3)

Abhi and Purab both went out of Arora house).
Purab: We did too much work and everything failed.
Abhi: I know and Fuggy is also angry wid me now.
Purab: And why shoulnt she be angry. Who told u to lie??
Abhi: Yaar, I was just joking. I need to talk to her.
( Abhi calls Pragya but she doesnt answer. He than messeges her; Sorry Fuggy, I was just joking Plzz pik up my call).
Pragya reads Abhis message and replies back, I dont have time.
Abhi gets really disoppointed after reading Pragyas message and goes back home.
(At Night in Abhis room)
Daadi: Abhii Abhii
Abhi: Yes daadi, do u need something.
Daadi: No, beta But r u Ok. U didnt have dinner with us. Whats da Problem.
Abhi: Nothing daadi. I am Ok
Daadi: U talked to Pragya??
Abhi: No daadi, I called her many times but she doesnt answer.
Daadi: Beta, call her from my number maybe she answers the call!
Abhi: Ok daadi, Thanks alot, U r da best
( Daadi calls Pragya)

Daadi: Hello Pragya beta, How r u??
Pragya: I am good, How r u daadi??
Daadi: I am fine beta, Why arent u answering Abhis call?? Beta Plzz forgive him now. he is very sad.
Abhi: Hey Fuggy! I…
( Pragya was about to answer but her phones battery dead, Abhi thought Pragya disconnected da call on purpose and got really sad).
( It aws 1.00 am and Abhi couldnt sleep, He thinked about Pragyas rudeness towards him)
(In Pragyas room)
Pragya was also awake thinking whether to call Abhi or not. She than sees Bulbuls pic and starts talking to her photo.
Pragya: Bulbul, I miss u very much. Why did u left us all and I really missed u on my haldi cermony, i wanted u here wid me, Do you know what ur Jiju and Purab came here in sarees actually He does much for me and I got angry on him.

(Pragya was about to call Abhi but hears some noise out of the window. Pragya goes out in the balcony with a stick and starts beating the man wid the stick and says ” How dare u come here to steal”).
(The man turns out to be Abhi)
Abhi: Fugggyyy, Are u beating me just me just because i lied to daadi that u invited me here. I told her na dat I was justt joking.
Pragya: Uuuu, What are u doing here?? App theek toh ho na??
( Abhi hugs Pragya tight)
Abhi: I was´t Ok till now, but I am OK now since I have seen u.
Pragya: I am sorry, U know what I was missing u a lot <3
Abhi: You were missing me thats why u disconnected my call, U know what I couldnt eat or sleep thinking about u r sad wid me.

Pragya: I am soory, My mobiles battery was dead, Come inside, I will tell u the whole thing Its cold here.
( Abhi was about to stand but he had pain in His back so he stopped)
Pragya: What happened??
Abhi: Nothing,I have pain in my back.
Pragya: I am sooo sorry.
Abhi: Dont be sorry Fuggy, its not ur fault. Plzzz ointment laga do.
Pragya: andar chaliye.
( They both went inside Abhi was about to take off his shirt)
Pragya: What are u doing??
Abhi: Fuggy the pain is in my back not in my shirt.
Pragya: Sorry, Plzzz Lay down on the bed!
( Pragya sits beside Abhi and applies ointment on his back).
Pragya: How is the pain now??

Abhi: Amazing!
Pragya: What??
Abhi: I mean its better now.
Pragya: U r doing drama again.
Abhi: Pragya I will not lie to u? Dard hoa par thoda sa.
( Praya was about to leave but Abhi drags her on the bed and kisses her).

Preacap: Abhi and Pragyas marriage. A girl comes and stops the marriage.

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