KB – True love never ends (Part 2)

(Both Abhi and Purab goes to Mitali Bhabi’s room and finds the stuff they need. They both then goes back to Abhis room).
Purab: Bhai, we got the stuff but do u know how to wear it.
Abhi: No
Purab: Thats why I said we should wear kurta instead of these saris.
Abhi: Dont worry, bro. We are in 2016, everything is on Internet.
Purab: Yay right, But we dont have enough time. The haldii cermony is starting after half an hour.
( Abhi rushes towards the drawer and brings his Mac and they both starts searching about how to wear sarees and got many resualts. After getting ready they both started practing how to talk in ladies voice).
Abhi: (in ladies voice) Shall we go??
Purab: Ofcourse, behenji. (Wink)

( After 15 mins they reached Arora house, Before going inside Purab asks Abhi “Are U Sure about this”)
Abhi: Ofcourse, I am. But U stop getting nervous like girls. Come lets og inside.Smile
(Purab was about to go inside but Abhi stopped him)
Abhi: WAITTT! Will u go inside like this.
Purab: Why, What happened??
Abhi: Yarrr cover ur face first!
Pure: OH sorry.
( Than they both went inside Arora house)
Sarla: Namaste!
Abhi and Purab: Namste, Aunty jee.
Sarla: U??
Abhi: Yess We ahhh. (Confused)Purab: Yes, I am Priya and she is my friend Avni, and we are Pragyas college friends.
Sarla: Come, I will take u guys to Pragya.
Abhi: ( wisphers to Purab)Eyyy Purab, Who is Avni.
Purab: I dont know but right know u R Avni.
Abhi: Couldnt u Find any better name.
Purab: Why didnt you tell her the name.
Abhi: I was about to tell but u stoped me!
Purab: Seriously!Angry Now go alone. I am going home.
Abhi: oho, listen, I was just joking. Avni is an awesome name. Lets go.
( Abhi and Purab goes to Pragya and everyone starts talking about why they are covering their face when there are only ladies here).
Abhi: Hello, Fuuu, I mean Pragya. Hello Pragya.
Pragya: hello, app??
Abhi: U dont remember me? I am ur college friend Avni, aur yeh Priya.
Pragya: Hmmm Priya and Avni.
Purab: Pragya di, u look beautiful.
Abhi: (HOLDS pRAGYAS hand) “yes pretty as always”.
Pragya in a scared voice: Thank You, Why have u both covered ur face?? I never had a friend who used to cover her face. Atlest u can show ur face to me.
( Abhi starts singing the song “parde mein rehne do”)
(Both Abhi and Purab had forgot to change their shoes, Mitali bhabi sees Abhi´s shoes and says “So thats the matter, I knew something is fishy).
(Mithali goes near Abhi and removes his veil).
Abhi and Pragya both screams “aaa”
(Mithali than removes Purabs veil)
Daadi: Abhiii, Purabb
Mithali: What are u both doing in ladies function, Who invited u both.
Abhi: (with a smile) My about to be wife invited us here.
Pragya: When did I invite u here. Daadi, He is lying.
Abhi: I am lying, weren’t you missing me.
Pragya: No, and if u r lying that u came here because I invited u here than now I say that u can leave.
Abhi: I was missing u soo badly and u are asking me to leave. I wore dis saree for you.
Pragya: Did i ask u to do that. U dont talk to me. (Angry)
( Pragya goes to her room angrily)
Abhi: Pragya, listen to meee
( Abhi was about to go behind Pragya but Daadi stopped him by holding his ear).
Abhi: Ouchhh, dadi It hurts.
Daadi: Abhiii, I told you not to come here. And Purab I didnt expect dis from you.
Purab: Daadi woh..
Daadi: I dont want to listen to u both now. Go back home I will talk to you both about it when I return home.
Abhi: Ok Daadi, But let me talk to Pragya first, She´s angryi.
Daadi: Nooo, Abhi go back home.
Abhi: Daadi plzzz
Daadi: I dont want to listen any word from u guys now.
( Abhi and Purab both went out of Arora house).

Precap: Pragya is talking wid Bulbul photo at night, she than suddenly she hears some noise out of the window. She thinks its a theif and starts beating that person with a stick.

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