KB story of faith

In morning Pragya goes to meet bulbul but only then Abhi comes there and scolds pragya. and pragya leaves to home Abhi comforts Sarla ji and dadi goes to pragya. Pragya says she wants to live alone for some time and stays in dark room (room without light ) At night Abhi comes and says to pragya that she has no emotions she only loves money so why she trouble the rest of the family members you don’t know what the relations are how they are maintained….(and so on).

This time pragya is on her anger she replies don’t try to teach me about relations you don’t know what I am going through you can’t even think what I feel I don’t care about money neither my life nor anyone from this house because my life has become hell u are talking about relations as you married to me for seek revenge u will tell me about relations you call your family as united u think they love u then I challenge u Mr.Abhishek Mehra that your family love is all because of your money. Abhi says you think like that there is nothing like that. Pragya says then prove it. Abhi says how pragya says pretend that you have loosen all your bets and I came to know about your plan of snatching property and now you have to leave with your family. Abhi says OK . Pragys says if it will happen that your family supports you then I will go from your life Abhi says stick to your words. Pragys says Mr mehra I will solve your one problem right now he says what???? pragya says you don’t want to see my face so I will leave your room from now onwards ……..Abhi looks surprisingly.

Pragys leaves
Now in front of family Abhi do so as pragya said and pragya is watching … Dadi and Dasi agree to support abhi but others does not……
Watching all this pragya nods her head saying hence proved what your family is.

precap:- Pragya is sitting In darkens room and abhi comes in with Ronny. ..

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  1. Good one Surbhi….Please update next part soon 😀

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    Ohh. It’d awesome.

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