KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 47)


The episode starts with Abhi taking Chhotu with him and he goes in room taking him and lies him on the bed then Chhotu starts crying it seems that he don’t want to be on a bed he wants to wander here and there so Abhi takes him again in his arms..
Abhi : Oho so mr junior wants to stay with me right and don’t want to lie on the bed
Chhotu shakes his hands and smiles
Abhi : Chhotu wants to wander but how will you do so you are too small but not to worry papa will make you roam here and there

Chhotu laughs and jumps in excitement as small kids use to do
Abhi : so come we will go somewhere but where we will go mmm ok we will go to balcony and we will see bhaiya and didi playing there right
Abhi smiles and so does the chhotu and he holds his finger tightly so they both goes into balcony and watch from there that all were playing and Chhotu also starts jumping in excitement as it seems that he wants that I should go and play with them but he can’t as he is too small Both father and son were looking at them after some time Chhotu feels lazy and keeps his head on Abhi’s shoulder and Abhi realizes that he wants to sleep so he took him inside and by sitting on bed he keeps chhotu’s head on his chest and rests his-self head on headboard and starts patting Chhotu’s back gently then after sometime Chhotu slept and Abhi also in that position. After sometime Pragya came in and looked them both sleeping like that and smiles for a while but then she goes and takes Chhotu from slightly from Abhi and makes him sleep on bed properly on bed and covers both of them with blanket then again she goes down

Dadi : Pragya you went to call Abhi for dinner where is he ??
Pragya : Dadi he is sleeping with his son so I thought that let him sleep because he is in deep sleep now so
Dadi : It ok but at least wake him to have dinner otherwise he will search the food in midnight
Pragya : its ok dadi but this time waking him is not good..
Then Subuhi and all also came on dining table making themselves fresh
Abhigya : ma what you have made in dinner today give it fast as I am very much hungry
Prabhas : oye dumbo first she will serve me ma me first
Pragya : Hold on I will serve you all one by one ok now stop shouting as Yash is sleeping
Subuhi : Ma where is papa he is not eating today with us.
Pulkit : yes where is he??

Pragya : he is also slept early today..
Subuhi : Ohhh maa I have one request from you
Pragya : yes tell me
Subuhi : Don’t call him yash call him chhotu as he is our chhotu I am right na dadi
Dadi : yes Subu is extremely right don’t call our chhotu Yash
Pragya : Ok baba sorry I will call him Chhotu only ok
All the four in chorus : Yes
It was mid night when Abhi’s woke up as he was hungry and he sees that his chhotu was also awake and was playing with his mother’s face and Pragya was looking at him
Abhi : He doesn’t slept ??

Pragya : I told you not to make him laugh that much otherwise he will not sleep full night and one reason is that he slept with you that time so..
Abhii : Ok ok what’s the time I am hungry yr..
Pragya : I know you are hungry as you didn’t ate dinner na now if you will see him I will bring food for you
Abhi : No its ok you tell me I will take it myself
Pragya : Ok then I have kept your plate ready there near the fridge..
Abhii : ok I will have it wait a minute have you eaten food
Pragya : yup

Abhi says ok and leaves and Pragya sleept as while playing Chhotu also slept Abhi after having dinner comes back to room and looks them both sleeping like that and thinks that I should have been with her that time when Abhigya and Prabhas was just like them and take his diary out and goes in balcony and writes something in it then he hides that diary at that same place where he use to hide it so that no one can read it then he also goes to sleep..
Time passed now Chhotu was about 6 months old and he likes his brothers and sisters company most and his brothers and sisters are also use to play with him for most time in Dadi’s supervision when Pragya is busy in household work and Abhi in his work today all were doing the same Chhotu and all were in dadi’s room and there they were playing with him then Subuhi said
Subuhi : Dadi see his fingers are small till now why is it so how many days he will remain like this

Abhigya : yes when he will grow up and learn walking and running
Prabhas : and when we will be able to play other games with him as he always use to lie on bed and we have to talk with him and he laughs in reply
Dadi : Arey beta he is small angel na this time who is sent by god that’s why he is small and you know when he will be grow up like you then he will surely play with you but this time he is our angel..
Subuhi : he is our angel dadi… really..
Dadi : yes beta.. just like you all were..
Subuhi : I will tell this to ma
Prabhas : Arey dadi you are right but one thing you said wrong as when we were like him we were angel but this dumbo she would must look like a Devil hahah
Abhigya : yes yes I was devil and you were devils brother as we are twins na right dadi..
Prabhas : You are wrong you were devil and I was angel you know why because if god have sent both the devils to ma then she must have get more trouble so he sent me as angel so that I can nullify all your devil effects

Abhigya : You better now stop it otherwise I won’t leave you..
Prabhas : oho dumbo if you want that so first you have to catch me right I won’t let that happen
Abhigya : You wait I will tell you..
And when they were arguing Chhotu was laughing it was looking as he was enjoying his brother and sister’s fight a lot then Abhigya started to chase Prabhas and Dadi and Subuhi were looking on them Dadi said
Dadi : don’t know why they both always use to fight like this
Subuhii : Dadi I am going to tell ma where is she…

Dadi : she is in kitchen I think but be careful while going down stairs..
Subuhi pulling her cheeks : oh my sweet dadi I will take care..
Dadi smiles and Subuhi leaves screen shifts to Pragya she was in kitchen preparing lunch and Subuhi reached there and climbs upon the table where they use to keep utensils after washing Subuhi usually use to sit there when she comes to talk to Pragya when she is in kitchen so she climbs up there and takes one of the apple in the hand which was kept over there
Subuhi : Maa today we all were with dadi..
Pragya : Hmm so what happened then
Subuhi : she was telling that our chhotu is an angel..

Pragya : so whats wrong in that he is small so ofcourse he is…
Subuhi : so why don’t he flies like an angel..
Pragya widen her eyes : What have you done with him have you tried to make him fly…
Subuhi : no maa I was just saying to him to fly but he didn’t do so
Pragya taking a relieving breath : thank god I thought today you people have done something with him by the way beta all small kids are angel and they didn’t fly
Subuhi : then why we call them angels..
Pragya : why papa call you Princess..
Subuhi : because he loves us
Pragya : so that’s the only reason as papa call you princess because he loves you people call angle to babies because they love them understood..
Subuhi : ooo that’s the reason now I understood..

Pragya : hmm now tell me where are Abhigya and Prabhas are they disturbing to Pulkit ???
Subuhi : No ma they are fighting they are not disturbing to dada..
Pragya : Fighting again !! but this time what was the reason that they are fighting
Subuhi : Actually ma Bhaiyya called didi that she was a devil when she was like chhotu and then the fight started
Pragya : there fight will never stop anyways you ate a full apple right now. Now what about lunch (keeping her hand on her waist)
Subuhi looks at apple with widen eyes : wo ma it was kept here so I ate it (in kiddish way) but you don’t worry ma I will eat lunch also otherwise papa will get sad na…
Pragya : hmm I will see now leave from here otherwise you will eat all the fruits because you and your father are expert in that common leave now

The screen shifts to Abhigya and Prabhas who were chasing each other and while running Prabhas bumps into Abhi who was coming out from study room Prabhas bumps into him
Prabhas : Papa save me papa she has become wild cat today see how she is desperate to beat me
Abhi : areh hold on first of all Prabhas is this the way you will call your sister I have said nothing when you call dumbo or idiot to each other but what is this you are calling her wild cat..
Abhigya was laughing on him and teasing him saying now speak
Abhi : And Abhu you how you are teasing him one is getting scolded and you are making fun of that mistake is yours also you both always use to fight with each other just on small small things when you will grow up I can’t understand….

Abhigya and Prabhas puts down there head and listens to him as he was scolding them then they both said sorry to him
Abhi : don’t say sorry to me say sorry to each other and promise that you will not use these bad words for each other idiot dumbo is ok but using words like wild cat devil no this is extremely bad
Abhigya to Prabhas : Sorry bhai
Prabhas to Abhigya : sorry Abhu
Abhi : hmm that’s like my sweetoos
They both hugs him realising their mistake then Abhi asks
Abhi : Now tell me where is your ma…
Prabhas : she is in kitchen and chhotu is with dadi..
Abhi : hmm so go and play with him as he enjoys your company a lot na but first give me a sweet smile

They both passes a smile and then they both leaves and Abhi leaves to kitchen and there he goes and does the same as Subuhi did he stood near Pragya and starts eating fruits kept over there Pragya looks and takes the fruit basket from there and kept it in fridge
Pragya : both father and daughter have same habits always come to kitchen and eat something.
Abhi : so what’s bad in it someone have said that eating in good
Pragya : eating is good but what you people do is over eating
Abhi : but..
Pragya : no ifs no but now leave from here
She pushed Abhi out of the kitchen and he murmurs damn so unromantic huh…
Pragya : Stop ..
Abhi : ya ya I know what you will say don’t say it I know you will say complaining..
And he leaves form there

At the same night after making all the children sleep Abhi was going in his room but suddenly his phone rang and he went to pick up the call and while talking on phone he entered into his room and there he looks that Pragya was sitting down near the bed and looking at Chhotu he was struggling for something Abhi was about to help him but Pragya stopped him and make him sit near her Abhi cuts the call and murmurs
Abhi : Arey why are you sitting like this and see he will fall down why did you stopped me from helping him
Pragya : shhh just look at him sitting here….
Abhi looks on her clueless then he agrees with her and they both were looking at chhotu sitting near bed and after several attempts Chhotu got what he wants and Abhi was looking at him stunned

Abhi : that’s why you was looking at him from far now he can turn by himself but sadly we haven’t recorded it
Pragya : there is no need of record everything as something should remain in your memory without recording understood
Abhi picking up chhotu : hmm so now he can turn himself now right
Pragya : yes and that means more trouble now one member should always with him otherwise he will fall down (looking and Pullking chhotu’s cheeks) right chhotu
Chhotu laughs and putting his hands in his mouth hides his face in Abhi’s shoulder
Pragya : he is naughty right from this age itself..
And they both laugh over him as he was laughing hard
2months later
Now Chhotu was 8 months old he was able to sit also now and he use to bite his fingers as his teeth were about to come and he use to trouble all a lot as he is growing up..
It was day before Holi and all children were excited as it was their first holi with chhotu so at night they went to Abhi to talk about that

Subuhi : Papa it is holi tomorrow
Abhi : hmmm so what you want
Abhigya : some balloons
Prabhas : pichkaris
Subuhi : lots of colours
Abhi : well I have prepared all that you will be able to get your stuffs tomorrow only..
Trio were excited as they were going to play holi tomorrow with their cute little brother
It was holi morning all were ready to play holi but Abhi was still sleeping Abhigya was wearing a white suit Prabhas was wearing white t-shirt as he was not interested in wearing Kurta paijama and all Subuhi was also in same outfit as Abhigya Pulkit was wearing white kurta with jean and Pragya as usual white saree as Abhi was sleeping just then the four enters and looks Abhi sleeping so they start their doings Subuhi took out some colours and make moustaches with that pink colour and Abhigya and Prabhas made some eye makeup with different colours and pulkit was watching them then after doing so they left in garden where the holi party was kept and then after sometime Abhi woke up and gone down there dadi was sitting with Pragya and as Abhi came there they both start laughing..
Abhi : Arey why you people are laughing on me
Dadi : because you are looking beautiful today..

Abhi : what ??
Pragya : Arey look at your face in mirror.. you will understand by your self
Abhi goes back in his room and looks himself in mirror and was scared and Pragya who came followed by him said to him..
Pragya : Now understood why we were laughing
Abhi ; I am damn sure that this is their doings where are they???
Pragya : They all went with Aliya and Vijay.. now you also get ready as we were only waiting for you I know the program is in our backyard but we have to attend it
Abhi : hmmm I will
They all get ready and left for playing holi when they reached there all the children saw them and came shouting happy holi and applied colours at Abhi wishing him happy holi papa then they were about to apply colours on Pragya along with Abhi but suddenly they stopped as Chhotu begins crying he was crying hard holding Pragya tightly and all of them looking him clueless that what happened to him suddenly then Pragya said
Pragya : nothing to worry about he is just scared looking at your faces which are filled with colours so now as he is totally scared I have to leave you people enjoy I will take him with me..
Abhigya : But maa without you holi will be boaring..
Abhi : Exactly .. there will be no fun..
Pragya : not to worry I will watch you people from upstairs with him Pulkit I am giving one responsibility to you that you have to take care papa shouldn’t drink bhang today
Pulkit : ok maa I will not let him go anywhere far and keep full attention that he will not drink bhang

Abhi : hey that’s not fare yr.. I mean it is the only day to enjoy na.
Pragya ; No no everything is fare Pulkit beta you take care ok
Abhi looks on her and Pragya left with chhotu and from upstairs she was looking all the function
Then suddenly some sound came and it was Aliya and Vijay who drunked bhang unintentionally now they were dancing so Abhi looks at upstairs Pragya was looking at him and chhotu was smiling over him so Abhi took a dhol and start beating it and the song played
Vijay and all mens following their loved ones :
Soni, soni akhiyon wali (O beloved with beautiful eyes)
Dil de ja, ya deja galee (Give me your heart, or give me a curse)
Soni, soni akhiyon waali (O beloved with beautiful eyes)
Dil deja, ya deja re humko tu gaali (Give your heart, or give us your curse)

Hum tere deewane hain (We are crazy about you)
Hum aashiq mastane hain (We are intoxicated by your love )
Aliya with other girls :
Jhoot jhooti batiyon wale (Full of lies and false talks)
Bholi soorat, dil ke kaale (Innocent faces but black hearts)

Yeh aashiq lut jane hain (These lovers are going to get plundered)
Dil sab ke tut jane hain (Their hearts are going to be broken )
Then Vijay goes to Aliya and colours her face then Abhi also looked as from upstairs Pragya was also looking at him and chhotu was enjoying a lot they both were looking at each other helpless because of chhotu they were not able to play holi with each other just because their son was scared by looking people’s coloured faces
Vijay to Aliya holding her wrist and colouring her face :

Ja kudiye jo karle (Go girl, do what you can)
Gora badan tera rang diya (I’ve covered your body with color)
Aliya to Vijay challenging him :

Oye mundiya, wada raha (Hey boy, I promise you this)
Suli pe jo na tujhe tang diya (I won’t have rest till I have you crucified)

Vijay :
Main suli pe chad jaava (I shall myself climb the crucifix)
Tu bol abhi mar jaava (And if you just say, I’ll die right now)

Aliya to vijay :
Main tujhse agar dar jaava (If I ever get scared of you)
Dil naam tere kar jaava (On my heart I’ll write your name)

Abhi comes in mid making them both relax :

Yaad rakhna mera kehna (Remember what I have tell you)
Ye dil ek din mil jaane hain (These hearts will surely meet one day)

All in chorus :
Hum tere deewane hain (We are crazy about you)
Hum aashiq mastane hain (We are intoxicated by your love)

Yeh aashiq lut jane hain (These lovers are going to get plundered)
Dil sab ke tut jane hain (Their hearts are going to be broken)

This time Aliya and Vijay were pretending that they are fighting as they were drunk and Abhi imagines his holi with Pragya in earlier days as they were use to react like after getting drunk with bhang as today for Abhi bhang was also tasteless because pragya was not with him
Abhi imagining himself with Pragya :
Kyoon mujhse door khadi hai? (Why are you standing so far away from me?)

Pragya imagined by ABhi :
Badi masti tuje chadi hai (You seem to be full of mischief)

Abhi :
Kyoon mujhse door khadi hai? (Why are you standing so far away from me?)
Dil ke nazdeeq badi hai (You are near to my heart)

Aa lag ja gale tu kisi bahane se(Come and embrace me , make some excuse)

Pragya :
Badi masti tuje chadi hai (You seem to be full of mischief)
Har ladki door khadi hai (So all the girls are keeping their distance )
Main aagayi phir bhi tere bulaane se (But I have still come on your call)

Someone gets strike to him then only he comes to his senses and realizes that he was day dreaming and then he goes and sings
Abhi to ALiya :
Soch kar tha tujhe aana (You had to come after thinking)
Aakar vaapas na jaana (Now don’t go back since you’ve came)

Hum tere deewane hain (We are crazy about you)
Hum aashiq mastane hain (We are intoxicated by your love )

Aliya and all :
Yeh aashiq lut jane hain (These lovers are going to get plundered)
Dil sab ke tut jane hain (Their hearts are going to be broken)

The program was end successfully all came back home and in home chhotu was seated in hall on the floor with dadi he was playing there Abhi thinks the chance is good to play holi with fuggi so he directly leaves to room hiding from dadi and in room he looks that Pragya was coming out from wardrobe after changing the clothes so he goes in and hugging her from back shouted happy holi Pragya got scared from that sudden voice
Pragya : Abhishek whats this you almost scared me and leave me you haven’t bathed yet and you are making me also coloured
Abhi turns her around himself : Arey my holi is incomplete without applying colour on you na so how can I take bath without playing holi with you

Pragya : hmm so what do you want..
Abhi said nothing and applied colour on her face then filled her maang also with colour then Dadi shouts calling Pragya and Pragya said leave me see dadi is calling Abhi said dadi will not leave you ever I think she should think na that you are with me she should leave you now atleast she should get busy with children but no still she remembers Pragya smiles and said stop Abhi says I know I know you want to say stip complaining right they both laughs hard and leaves to see that why dadi is calling they both goes down and asks dadi what happened…
Dadi : arey chhotu was here but don’t know where he went
Abhi getting panic : he went means dadi you know na he can’t walk so how can he go
Pragya : Relax he must be here somewhere might be playing with Abhigya and subuhi lets ask them
Abhi calls them and asks them about chhotu but they replied in No so now all were panicked just then some voice of giggle laugh as someone was splashing water so Subuhi goes to see back side of the couch which was near the window of hall as the voice was coming from and then she calls out
Subuhi : ma papa he is here see playing with water…
All rushed there and looks as he was none other than our CHHOTU who was there playing with water and looking at them laughs
Abhi : But how he came here as he can’t walk na
Dadi : how will I know as I slept for a moment and when my eyes open I saw that he was not there..
Abhi and dadi were talking about that just then Pragya said.
Pragya : shhh and look how he came here

All looks at him as he was crawling at that time… and then reaching some far he again sat and started laughing then Abhi rushed to him and took him in his arms..
Abhi looking at him : so this holi is the best holi because I came to know that this naughty boy can go where he want to go by crawling and we have to take care of him more now hmm Chhotu
Chhotu giggled and clapped and screen freezed on his that happy face

PRECAP : NO precap
Guys i got comperatively less comments in previous episode i think most of you didnt liked it i am sorry for that but i will say that please comment silent readers also as your comment are the only thing which works as a booster for us and yes i dont know weather you like todays episode or not but yes i have tried my best to show that cuteness of child and yup again sorry if you got boared with it and at last but not the least for up coming sequences stay tuned and yes once again HAPPY HOLI to you all
🙂 😉 😀

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