KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 9)

The episode starts with Abhigya entering the room and shouts
Abhigya : Maa comes soon dada is fainted he suddenly falls on floor come soon ma….
Hearing this Pragya gets shock and glass falls from her hands and breaks……. Pragya and Abhi hearing this rushes to Pulkit and while going a big piece of that glass cuts Pragya’s feet which she doesn’t feel because at that time she was just thinking about Pulkit and murmuring no not again it can’t happen again…. No god pls don’t do this again to him….. they all come there and sees Pulkit is not in his consciousness just murmuring the word maa…. In state of unconsciousness
Pragya :Pulkit what happened beta open your eyes beta pls…(in worried voice ) suniye see na why he is not opening his eyes pls see na…. ( begins to cry)
Abhi : Pulkit beta open your eyes what happened (in worried voice) Abhigya, Prabhas go and bring water … beta go fast you don’t worry Pragya he will be ok…
Abhigya and Prabhas rushes to bring water and give it to Abhi and sprinkels on Pulkit’s face but he does not open his eyes and still murmuring ma…….

Abhi : Don’t worry Pragya he will be ok …… Look I am calling doctor he will be here with in short time….
Pragya Shouts : How can you say don’t worry damnit can’t you see he is not opening his eyes.. (cries badly in concern of Pulkit ) beta open your eyes why are you troubling your ma like this wake up beta …….
Oh god not again don’t do this again to him.. please please…..
Pulkit this time in little bit loud voice says ma …. He is gaining consciousness but not fully he is still in that state…..
Pragya : Yes beta see ma is here I am here with you look at me yes open your eyes.. look at me…. I am here beta ……
Abhi is roaming here and there in home from one corner to another and sees foot prints made by blood and he follows them he notices that they are beginning from the same room where He and Pragya was talking and thinks these foot prints ……… little bit blood is on glass also……. It means He rushes to see Pragya and notice her foot bleeding badly and goes to her but she has fainted while worrying for Pulkit… Abhi shouts Pragya………. And rushes to her he takes her in his arms and makes her lie on the bed….. and cures her leg and tries to wake her up but she is not……. Just then Doctor enters and Abhi takes him to Pulkit first as he hasn’t opened his eyes yet…… Doctor checks him….

Abhi : What happened to him why did he fainted …?
Doctor : Nothing to worry Mr. Mehra he fainted just because of weakness and heatstroke and he has light fever also…
Abhi takes a releaving breath……….and takes doctor to Pragya…. Doctor observes her and says Mr. Mehra will you come out with me ??????
On hearing those words of doctor Abhi gets tensed and says yes sure …… come doctor Abhigya .. Prabhas stay with maa… ok don’t leave her….
Abhi to doctor : What happened doctor is anything serious ????? (in worried tone)
Doctor : Actually Mr. Mehra there is a little reason for worrying ………
Abhi : What doctor …….(in worried tone)

Doctor : Mr Mehra the cut she is having in leg is very big and it might convert into bad wound so my in my opinion she have to rest proper bed rest for atleast a week….. and yes the medicines I am writing they are that much bitter so that elders also behave like children while taking them….. so you have to be very sure she have them and yes one more thing as she can also have little bit fever also so don’t give medicines for that to her because it may give a reaction also.. so better is that when she have fever just keep cold bandage on her head…….
Abhi says ok doctor and doctor leaves and Abhi goes to see her and says to Abhigya and Prabhas beta take care of her I will be back I have to bring medicines for your dada and ma……..
Abhigya and Prabhas in chorus : Papa what has happened to ma why she is not opening her eyes (in crying voice ) ..

Abhi kneels down and wipes their tears and says nothing had happened to her just her health Is not well she was so busy in work so….. now wipe your tears as you are ma… and papas brave children na…. now I am leaving and you take care I will be back in a while Ok.. they nods ok.
He brings the medicines and comes back home and thinks about Pragya’s words saying “ no god not do again with him so no” he thinks there is must be some big reason that’s why she was saying like that I have to ask her about this when she well be fine I will ask her ……. He goes to Pulkit’s room first and sees he is awake … and asks..
Abhi :Arey you got up now how are u feeling beta ???
Pulkit : Fine sir…. Now I am feeling well
Abhi : hey that’s good …
Pulkit : sir I wanna ask you something may i?
Abhi : yes sure ask ???
Pulkit : Sir today in morning when ma was in anger she said father son so I want to just ask..
Abhi smiles : yes I am ….. I am Abhishek Prem Mehra Abhigya and Prabhas’s father….
Pulkit : Oh great now they got there full family……I am happy now..(thinking inside will he accept me as his son )
Abhi is shocked to hear his words : Beta can I ask you something will you do a favour on me…??? (in mild voice)
Pulkit : sir don’t make me feel shame pls ask as you are my elder and can take anything from me without asking also you have full right on that maa…. Has taught me that we should never disrespect our elders and if you will ask me like that and I am permiting you to ask this means I am disrespecting you so sir you can ask whatever you want to ask as you are my elder…
Abhi is impressed by his words : Hmmm Beta you call Pragya ma… na you believe her as she is your real mother……
Pulkit : yes sir with no doubt she is my maa…

Abhi : Will you accept me as your father you call her ma will you call me papa… will you accept me as your papa…..(in emotional voice)
Hearing that Pulkit breaks down into tears and hugs him he is crying badly when he hugs Abhi like that he also gets emotional and asks will you accept me as your papa Pulkit is crying and nods yes he says so say it…… Pulkit start crying hard and says Papa I love you Papa I love you soo much I was afraid that you will not accept me and Subuhi as your children I was so afraid … Papa he is still crying and still in hug with Abhi ..
Abhi. Tries to console him and pats his back and consoles him but Pulkit is that much happy today his all tears are not stopping Abhi breaks the hug and takes Pulkit’s face in his palms…. And says
Abhi : how did you thought that as all children are same dear as you call her ma she is your ma and never think like that you are not our children as you are our children ok otherwise see I will be angry on you now get up as you are crying like this If champs will see you crying like this they will make fun of you and will say look how dada is crying now stop crying and get up like a brave boy…common

Pulkit smiles and says papa where is ma….. Abhi says just as you said to me she got tensed and fainted Pulkit asks what (in shocked and worried expression) and tries to get up but Abhi makes him sit and says she is ok I am going to her I don’t know what problem you mother son have ( pata nahi tum ma bete ko kya problem ) both don’t wanna listen to anyone you just take rest ok don’t get up and leaves……
Abhi comes in room and sees Pragya sleeping he sits near her and cares her hairs and she wakes up and tries to get up Abhi helps her she sits and he asks how are you feeling now how can you became so careless you got such a big injury and you don’t even sensed it how can you do this this much careless Pragya….. he is continuously scolding her but Pragya says..
Pragya : Sorry na (in low voice as she is still feeling weakness) Pulkit where is he how Is he …..
Is he ok is he alright ……..(contionuously)
Abhi : hold on baba hold on he is ok and it was just a heat stroke you made a big issue of that… Should I ask you something ???

Pragya : thank god… yes ask what you wanna ask ???
Abhi : What is the reason that Pulkit was in coma why were you saying not again when he was faint what was happened and how did you find him….
Pragya is shocked hearing that Abhi shooks her she gets back into senses and says I will tell you but pls first send all the children out from the house they will go to play somewhere as the story behind it is terrible it is not good for them to know that pls… Abhi says okk and he sends all children to play outside Subuhi is not at home she use to stay at Mrs. Seemas home as she is very gentle polite and good she use to play there all day…
Abhi: Now all the children are out now tell me
He closes the door Pragya starts the story

Pragya : That night was too horrible for every one the night when we got separated then the truck took us to the survivals camp people there were all like us someone has loosen his full family someone loosen his mother and someone I mean all there were like us we stayed there but the question was how to manage expenses so I decided to work as I doesn’t have any of my important document so it was obvious that no one will hire me as professional so I decided to use my voice I started singing in some occasions and people began to call me at their weddings anniversary birthdays to sing and I started working the life was going on somehow events and little bit money but one day Mr. Virat who was a music teacher in a school listened my voice and suggested my name to the school principal and she agreed to let me sing in the school inauguration so from there onwards people use to call me at there home the difference now was that now wealthy people started calling me and like this I was getting sufficient money so I decided to save extra money and i saved then I decided to leave that camp where people was living with their conservative thinking as I had much money that time so I gone back to Mumbai in hope that I will find you there but watchman told me nobody has returned here since two years so I came back and while traveling I stopped at Raigadh and took this home on rent and found a work also now Abigya and Prabhas were growing so I have to manage there school expenses also so I decided to start some other work also so and coincidently again Mr. Virat helped me by his help I got job in Shehzadi emporium as a sales executive so the life was going on… till that horrible night … That night I was returning to home after work so I decided to go to mr Virat’s home and should thank him for his help so I left and in that home I met Mrs.

Manvi his wife and both the children Pulkit his name was not Pulkit his name was Raghav and Subuhi was new born she wasn’t kept name because it was just three days she was born and so was called gudiya I thank him and was about to leave but suddenly some people attacked on their home it was the landowners servants and goons on inquiring about attack Manvi told me that Mr. Virat was protesting against the ritual of girl below age of 17 being married to the man who is the age of her father and this time he stopped the marriage of that landlord who was like the emperor no police interfares in his matters as he has the power so their goons were attacking to them we all were afraid as I was stuck there that moment I was just thinking if anything happened to me who will take care of my children they will become alone Virat send us to the inside room of his house and said that I will manage them we both ladies went inside but Pulkit was outside the home which was actually good as he was safe but the things turns out to be worst and the goons took out their swords and knifes and he killed Virat ji infront of our eyes they were attacking again and again with swords and unfortunately that happened which should not be Pulkit saw all that incident and was crying I saw him and said to Manvi that I will take him here that no one know who am I she was looking to him and when He fell down and she came to know that he have died so she rushed to him and shouts in shock

but those goons actually they were actually not the human after killing him they tried to take advantage of his widow but Manvi was a true wife and she committed sueside she jumped in that well near the town and Pulkit saw all this incident with his own eyes and tears were stopped rolling from his eyes when all that got ended then I reminded that girl of just three days and went again inside the house which was now full of blood it was every where it was looking like the pool now I just rushed inside and saw that girl inside the room under the bed I took relieved breadth but the question was that who will take care of them I tried atleast for four days to convince all the family members of them to take care of these children but no one come forward so I decided to keep them and love them as my own children I brought them with me and Your both champs accepted them but Pulkit was not out of shock he was not speaking crying nothing so I contacted many doctors every doctor said that he is shock he must have to cry if you want to come out of shock but he didn’t cried and just like today he fainted one day we all tried to wake up him but he didn’t opend his eyes when contacted to doctor he said that he is coma he didn’t bear the shock he was not able and even ready to forget all that incident

so he went in shock and I was just like what is happing he was just a 9 year old child and was in coma it was a difficult time for me but I didn’t got weak that time and decided that he is not able to forget that incident but he will forget that and I started going to hospital regularly and started to taking care of him talking him I done what ever a mother will do with her child and my efforts worked finally after one year Pulkit opend his eyes and was murmuring ma he saw me and thinked that I am her mother he was forgotten all the incidents all the happenings so doctor told me that it is better to never remind him those things again it will be harmful for him also he might get to death also so I decided that no he will not as he is my son now from that time I got a son and a daughter . He doesn’t know anything and even no one knows except me and now you know it . I am requesting you to not to disclose this infront of any one ..

And she began to cry remembering all that abhi also cries hearing all this story and hugs her tight and says I am proud of you pragya proud of you being my wife today I am feeling proud and yes nothing will happen to our children if any problem touches them it will have to cross our lives first no one can harm them….now

Precap :- Subuhi comes crying and tells something to Abhi and Abhi fumes in anger…

Aah guys it I think you will not like todays episode as i have written too much and it is quiet possible that you will get boared reading this as today’s episode is much longer to tolerate but believe me i was just trying to reveal the secret without dragging so i wrote it today it self sorry sorry very much sorry guys if you got boared reading today’s episode i am promising now onwards i will not write that much long episodes otherwise you will loose interest in reading it.. Thank u all for commenting as i am getting day by day comments from new people so I just want to say keep commenting guys as your positive comments boost us..

At last message for Somiya just come back girl come back with a bang …. and silent readers pls do comment yr why are you silent reader do you dont think to share your views about how you felt about the episode many writers quit writing beacause they dont get comments for their ffs just because they have many silent readers but those readrs dont share there views and they thinks nobody is liking their ffs and decides to quit writing do comment yr we are writing for you only… Pls understand yr..

And yes guys again i am apologising for such a long episode but i wont happen again i am promising you.. There are many more surprises further ..
Stay Tuned..
😉 🙂 😀

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