KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 8)

The episode starts with
Pragya and Abhi sitting on bed and talking about the time spent without each other Pragya’s head is kept on Abhi’s shoulder and he has wraped Pargya in his arms and they are talking……
Pragya : If you had listened me that day then you was with us but no you didn’t listened to me that day and…………(tears rolls down from her eyes…)
Abhi : Stop crying fuggiiii now there must be no place for tears in our life now…. And that was my mistake but if I hadn’t saved Rahul that day then our whole family will be finished you know now he is only left in my family in our family………..
Pragya wakes up in shock and looks at him……Tears are rolling down from Abhi’s eyes while remembering that incident Pragya says

Pragya : what do you mean by in our family u mean that night no one…………
Abhi nods his head and sees Pragya she is in shock to hear that and asks
Pragya : No one means Ma ….??? Dadi …
And starts crying hardly saying how can they ……… they were just separated tell me you are lying..
Abhi is also crying remembering them and seeing Pragya’s condition he consoles her and says…
Abhi : Fuggiii that time was bad fuggiiiii pls no more tears as we have bear a lot of pain but not now pls the incident happened was just a time demand what else god doesn’t want them to live more and see our children growing up marrying pls don’t cry now ….
Pragya looks at him and he wipes her tears and they hug tightly and then Pragya breaks the hug and says

Pragya : When you become so mature and I want to ask you something ??
Abhi : The day I lost you from then and smiles and says ask there is no need to say like that just ask it without hesitating……. You have full right as you are my beloved wife….. and smiles at her…
Pragya : Do you don’t have any problem with Pulkit and Subuhi as they are calling me maa…..
And the time you have came you haven’t asked me about them also who are they and from where they came no such questions ??? why….
Abhi : Hmmm (wrapping her again in his arms ) why I would ask such question that will trouble you and if you ask about those children so.. I must say that they are living with you from a long time so it is possible that they are having your values and so they are your children and you have made a happy world with them so I think I should support you and become a part of this happy world with this beautiful lady who is stealing my heart from her eyes which are hidden behind her specs….
Pragya feels shy and smiles…
Abhi : Arey…. It came back waooo I have done it …..
Pragya : what !!! Who came back where is ???????
Abhi : Arey …… hold on the thing which is came back is your shy smile (Pragya smiles) look it is back (and laughs) look Fuggiiii now we are together and we will make our world with these four children most happiest world you look they call you maa… na so look from now they have their papa also….

Pragya is happy and says ok baba go and sleep now as tomorrow i have to go to work and I don’t want to be late they both smiles and leaves for sleep.
Its morning and Pragya is getting ready for work and looks Abhi looking sleeping calmly she goes to him and cares his hair and was about to kiss his forehead but then Abhi takes turn and says in half sleeping state..
Abhi : ok ok go ahead fast as nobody is watching fast do it fast I will not mind and opens his eyes and sees pragya
Pragya is feeling shy and about to leave but Abhi holds her and pulls towards him makes her sit again and keeps his head on her lap and says arey…………….
Just beacause I got awake you are not kissing me that’s not fare …. Yrr…….. Pragya still feels shy and says to him please leave me why are you behaving like a kid
Abhi : Oh god why I awake if I was sleeping then I surely got the kiss (mai jaga hi kyu yr agar mai soya hota to zaroor tum mje kiss kar leti) just one kiss from my beautiful wifeee….. Ok if you feel shy I am going to sleep again then you can kiss me is it ok
Pragya nods OK Abhi pretends to sleep and Pragya leaves from there…. Abhi sees her and shouts hey fuggiiii that’s not fair you are cheating me …. He wakes from bed and holds her from her waist.. and says….

Abhi : Hey fuggiiii you are trying to cheat me… but let me tell you one thing you cannot as I demanded something from you and till you will not complete my demand I will not let you leave….
Pragya : Areyyyy why are u behaving like a kid …. Stop it
Abhi : No until you will not fulfil my demand I will not..
Pragya : ok baba don’t shout I will give it but you close your eyes first….
Abhi : No you will run again…

Pragya says areyy baba you want it or not… Abhi says ok and closes his eyes and Pragya kisses on his cheeks and about to leave… But abhi holds her again and says
Abhi : you have become so clever na… by the way where are you going ?????
Pragya answers to work ….
Abhi : like this….. ????? (surprisingly) (aise jaogi ?????)
Pragya : why am I not looking ok…(in puzzeled expression)
Abhi : No as something is missing without it you are looking incomplete….
Pragya looks in mirror and says what incomplete everything is ok …. Why are you kidding me..??
Abhi looks at her and says I will tell you and he picks up the Kumkum and fills it on her forehead (maang) and takes mangalsutra and makes her wear and turns her around the mirror hugging from back and says now look now you are complete……….

Pragya looks on him….. Abhi says hey fuggiiii your hairs are become so long so that your braid is looking like snake haha she punches him and he says aaauch they both laughs…….. and Pragya says
Pragya : Ok baba go and fresh n up and come have breakfast as I have to leave for work…
Abhi says ok and Pragya leaves and Abhi thinks about Pulkit he thinks now he will be ok I think and his swollen face must be cured till now…….and murmurs Common Abhi a good breakfast after long time……
In Pulkit’s room he is getting ready for school and Pragya enter and sees his face which has no improvement yet and scolds him
Pragya : how did this happen you have fought with someone in school..???
Pulkit : No ma its just a small injury.. why are you behaving like this…
Pragya : Shut up other wise you will have a tight slap from my hand and you have grown much old na now you are hiding all this from me ……… from where did you learned hiding truth from your mother…
Pulkit : Ma….. but
Pragya : just shut up Pulkit let me cure it… come sit here silently
Pulkit sits and she is scolding him hearing all this Abhi in hall asks Abhigya and Prabhas what happened why your mother is on peak of anger in this much morning it self….

They answers Ahhh papa actually na dada have a injury on his face and he has hid this from her so……. Now nobody can save him from her so just sit and have breakfast and don’t think that she will not forgive him she will as this is her concern so better concentrate on your breakfast…
Abhi thinks that how this happened …. Whatever Abhi if he took your name then you gone you must go to see… Abhi goes there and sees Pragya crying and scolding Pulkit and he is feeling dazed looking her this face and thinks she has changed soo much then she was a perfect daughter perfect bahu perfect wife and now she is a perfect mother also……and enter the room
Abhi : Arey pragya either you cry openly or scold him why are you doing both the things together ….
Pragya : You shut up you wont understand how my heart is feeling right now see how much it is injured it must be paining and he …… he doesn’t tell me as it might get cured at that time so pain must got reduce but no he thought that hiding this from me is good and feeling pain is good why because u all think that maa…. Will over react on this as nobody understand the pain of mothers heart…….. Go and do whatever you want to do I will not inter fare from now onwards …. Go do whatever you father son want to do..
Pulkit : father ……(in puzzled expression)..

Abhi gestures him yes…. They both follows Pragya as she is very much angry…
Pulkit hugs from back and says sorryyy ma sorry na pls now if you will behave like this how will my day good because my day starts with your smile you know na…..
Pragya is still angry : both of you go from here fast otherwise I am leaving ……
She serves breakfast to Abhigya and Prabhas (Subuhi is sleeping yet) and Abhi and Pulkit follows her and says
Pulkit : sorry na maaa it wont happen from now onwards ma…. Sorry na
Abhi mimics him ; yes ma sorry na see your little son is saying to forgiving him…..
They both are trying to pacify Pragya and atlast she forgives him and they all leave for their respective work……..
All are back to home and Pragya also is back she is drinking water and talking to Abhi about the day just then Abigya enters saying….
Abhigya : Maa comes soon dada is fainted he suddenly falls on floor come soon ma….
Hearing this Pragya gets shock and glass falls from her hands and breaks……. Pragya and Abhi hearing this rushes to Pulkit and while going a big piece of that glass cuts Pragya’s feet which she doesn’t feel because at that time she was just thinking about Pulkit and murmuring no not again it can’t happen again…. No god pls don’t do this again to him…..

Precap :- revelation of secret…….

AAhhh guys i am getting less comments day by day soo do you not liking this ff ….. if my thinking is false so pls comment yrr…
And yes i think you all liked last episode soo much so i want to ask you all that should i shower love in this ff like that or the love is little bit more now you will answer it ….
Vaishali , Durga and all the commentors i am happy that u all loved it and seriously Vaishali i am writing original brother sister fights so that it can add little bit fun to it.. 😉

And now at last a message important message or you can say that it is request of mine from u all My friend Somiya she has decided to stop writing her fan fiction Abhigya’s Destiny as she feels that no one is liking it due to less comments this all happens due to less comments so its my request to all of my ff’s fan pls help me in convincing my friend pls i am requesting you Abhigy’s destiny’s fans Kb story of faith fans you all pls help me in convincing her because i love her ff soooo much and if end my boost inspiration will end 🙁 i know you all will think that i am writing a ff so why i am saying about her ff so let me tell you that i love her ff yr… she is saying she wont write…. and i am feeling bad……for it because the story in which i have interest i will loose it ………..
At last Somiya for u……………
Sukoon ki bat karte hai
Sukun chheen k mera
Zara samjhao koiiii inhe ….
Ye mera sukoonn le ude hai……
Seriously somiya ye decision lekar tumne mera sukoon cheen liya hai…….. 🙁
Plz continue it yr…..

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