KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 7)

The episodes starts with Pragya is shocked to hear that and turns around to see the person she sees him and glass fell from her hand and she sees it is a guard and she asks
Pragya : What are you saying and who told you all this rubbish.????? (hesitatingly)
Guard : Mam this sir told me to say you so……
Pragya : Who told u to do so ??????
A voice come from out side that your work is done you may go now and someone enters the room and locks it from inside.

Pragya : O hello Mr. who are you and why are you locking the door………….??? (afraid voice)
The person turns around and as Pragya sees him tears roll down from her eyes and she says you……….. she is in shock and hard to believe that he is standing infront of her.
Her Abhi is standing in front of her Abhi also happy to see her and tears roll down from his eyes also and they starts moving towards each other slowly and the song plays in background Kaun mera
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage (Who are You? What is Your relation to me)
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage (Why are You tieing a string from Your heart to mine?)
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage (Why am I helpless in front of You)
Kaun mera, mera kya tu lag (Who are You? What is Your relation to me)
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage (Why are You tieing a string from Your heart to mine?)

Pragya rushes to him and touches his face and looking him as she is on cloud 9 seeing her Abhi her love her life and Abhi also looking her they both are crying and then Abhi hugs Pragya tightly and they cries as they had met after a long time and due to this happiness their tears are not stopping
Dhoond hi loge mujhe tum har jagah ab to (You will find me anywhere I am, now)
Mujhko khabar hai (I know it)
Ho gaya hun tera jab se Main hawa mein hoo (Since I have become Yours, I am flying in the air)
Tera asar hai (It is Your effect)
Tere paas hoon, ehsaas mein, main yaad mein teri (I am near You, in feeling, I am in Your thoughts )
Tera thikana ban gaya ab saans mein meri (Your location has become my breath)

Abhi breaks hug and take Pragya’s face into his palms and sees her and says
Abhi : where was you fuggiiiii you know where haven’t I search you (maine tumhe kaha kaha nahi dhoondha ) and finally you are here with me…………..
Pragya : pls say that again
Abhi : fuggiiii
Pragya : pls say it again and again pls my ears were desperate to hear this pls don’t stop pls….. where were from a long time and why you came too late u know how I spend this long time without you where were you (crying hardly)
Abhi : Sorry I came so late but believe me when you was not with me it was like my life is not with me I was a dead alive person without you (tumhare bina mai ek zinda lash ki tarah jeer aha tha ) You are my life my love my everything see today I found you I again got a reason for living I found you yes…… and now I will not let you go anywhere… I will not let you separate from me for even a minute also oh fuggiiiii I cant explain pls understand your self what I am feeling right now…..pls ….

Pragya : I can understand as I am feeling the same right now…………… and they both hugs again…..
Suddenly the power cuts and there is full darkness in the room pragya says light is gone wait I will lit the candle in emotional voice . Abhi holds her back towards him and he is not ready to break the hug and says
Abhi : No pls no don’t go pls let me feel your presence let me feel your feelings pls don’t go pls pragya I don’t want to loose you again pls stay with me here and today all are in my favour this light also see that’s why it left us alone as everyone knows that two lovers are reuniting ……. Let my soul feel your soul…………… Pls
He says pls say fuggiiiiiiiii pls your abhi is so alone pls……. the time passes and the light comes and they both breaks the hug and sees one anothers face emotionally they wipes each others tears and Abhi says..
Abhi : From now onwards I will never leave you and will not let u leave me also we will all be together forever always ………
Pragya nods yes smiling emotionally and says

Pragya : Suniye you don’t wanna meet your champs ??????????
Abhi : Ofcourse I wanna meet them lets go today I have met my whole family my world is completed and my life is completed there was no reason for living without you and champs…..
They leaves while all the way to home Pragya had kept head on Abhi’s shoulder and Abhihas hold Pragya’s hand and Pragya is thinking how will he react on Pulkit and Subuhi being calling her ma……
They reached home and listening cars sound Prabhas and Abhigya comes out and says Ma where was you it’s very much late dada is slept with hunger he came and just gone to sleep and why are you so late they didn’t noticed that Abhi is standing near sofa……
Pragya kneels down and asks Prabhas and Abhigya : If you see your papa has come today what will you react……………..
Abhigya : hahaha ma why are you joking he will not come as he doesn’t know that we are alive or dead…
Prabas : hey dumbo shut up again talking like this again will hurt ma . Ma don’t listen to her she is totally cracked …………. If he well come today we are eagerly waiting for him and I will ask him why he left us does he not remember us………….??
Pragya : So go and ask to him he there right there standing near the sofa…..
Abhigya and Prabhas in chorus : really………..???

Pragya nods yes and takes them to sofa where abhi was sitting and they goes to him …
( Make u clear one thing here that After entering in home Pragya direct went to see Abhigya and Prabhas and Subuhi and they were actually not slept so they started the convo and Abhi was seated outside the room in hall on sofa.).
Abhi asks in gestures that those small little champs they are and Pragya smilingly nods yes and Abhi kneels down and spread his both arms and Abhigya and Prabhas goes to him and hugs him and they all are crying happily as Abhigya and Prabhas are crying hard and asking him why you left us papa why ??? Abhi answers in emotional voice now papa will never leave you beta sorry we will live together from now onwards we all will live together he looks to Pragya and Pragya looks to them and thinks god after a long time my family has completed now don’t separate us… and again songs plays in bg.
Chhod kar na tu kahin bhi door ab jaana (Don’t leave me and go anywhere now)
Tujhko kasam hai (You have to promise me this)
Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu (Be with me whoever You are)
Jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai (Even if it is truth or lies, or just my imagination)
Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to (You have made a move to make me yours already)
Baiyan pakad kar aaj chal (Take my hand and let’s go)
Main du bata sabko (I want to show everyone)
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage (Who are You? What is Your relation to me)
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage (Why are You tieing a string from Your heart to mine?)
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage (Why am I helpless in front of You)
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage (Who are You? What is Your relation to me)
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage (Why are You tieing a string from Your heart to mine?)
Bg music plays in all the scene
. And just then Subuhi enters and says in

Subuhi : sleeping voice ma are u there…..????
Pragya : yes beta ma is here and she picks her in her arms and makes her sleep again and abhi picks Abhigya and Prabhas both in his arms .
Pragya : arey…….. what are you doing let them down otherwise your arms will pain …. They are not small children now …….. Abhigya Prabhas get down
Abhi : they will not pain because I am holding my children …..
Pragya smiles : Ok baba you won I loose happy now both of you get down and go wash your hands I will serve food after making her sleep on bed …..
Abhi takes Subuhi from her hands : Go as today I will also eat food made by your hand after a long time go I will make this princess sleep.
Pragya smiles and leaves and Abhi takes Subuhi to bed and sees her innocent beauty and cares her hair which are troubling her while sleeping and Subuhi starts murmuring in dream
Subuhi : Ma see papa has come and asking you for tea pls make a good tea for him otherwise I will be angry from you……
Abhi smiles on her silly dream and murmurs don’t worry beta she will bring a good tea for me….
He gets up and sees Pragya’s photo with four children and he notices Pulkit’s photo and thinks so he was talking about my fuggiiii itself and this is fuggiii’s world of four how she has made her world full of happiness with these children and now I will also support her and live with her as she is living with these four………

Pragya : go Abhigya call papa as food is ready……. Ofo stop watching your nailpaint girl go and call him.
Abhigya goes and calls : Papa ma is calling food is ready come fast otherwise you will bear her anger…
Abhi thinks how frequently these two champs use to speak and is shocked..
On dining table they all are having dinner and abhi says
Abhi : I missed this food soo much.. yr and now I will not
Abhigya and Prabhas again starts their arguments with one another….
Prabhas : Ma you know that dumbo hasn’t completed her homework ……..
Pragya : why Abhigya ???? Is he saying right…
Abhigya : Ma whom you are believing this idiot doesn’t have any reason to talk so he is thinking to make fun of me idiot…
Prabhas : Oh really dumbo …. Is that true how funny actually ma she was applying nail paint on her nails and she spends atleast one hour on it then she was combing her hair and doing such things all time spend……. Seema aunty have taught her very well how to maintain yourself and that’s why she does not completed her homework….(he winks on her )

Abbhigya : don’t listen to him ma… he just jelous of my beauty… and if you think that I haven’t completed my homework you can check my copy I have completed it already…..idiot
Prabhas : woah ….. what you said beauty…. Hahahahah you think you are beautiful dumbo don’t resemble yourself as that typical tv serial heroin today you proved you are a dumbo…. Hahahaha
Pragya shouts :Shut up you both every time…………..!!! can’t you both stay normal and yes I will ofcourse check your homework but at the time just shut up and eat your food silently….
Abhi was fully concentrated on his food when they both interrupts him Papa you are fully concentrated on your food pls say something to ma see how she has scolded us for no reason…
Abhi : Hey champs do you think I am mad you wanna me to die her anger is intolerable…..
Pragya is standing at Abhi’s backside and listening all this and Prabhas and Abigya gestures him that she is standing back to him ;but he doesn’t noticed them and keeps on speaking ………….. Pragya interrupts anything else Mr. Abhishek…. Abhi shows the expression of ooops…….
And both the children are laughing and he makes an excuse to her that
Abhi : what happened ???? I was just telling them they should not trouble their mother .
Pragya smiles : don’t include in their argument other wise you will loose your mind …….. Anhigya Prabhas where is Pulkit
They answers he is sleeping and she says ok then let me wake him and ask to have food ….
Abhi reminds that Pulkit is having an injury and he was tensed for pragya’s reaction so he stops her and says don’t so as it not good to awake a sleeping child and she agrees…..
Abhigya and Prabhas have slept and Abhi and Pragya are in Pragya’s room Abhi is looking here and there Pragya notices it and asks…..
Pragya : What are you looking like that ….???

Abhi : I am looking that an owner a queen of such a big mansion how she is living happily in this house of three rooms
Pragya : hmmmm any house is not small or big people and relations make it big now go to sleep otherwise tomorrow morning I will be late for work and you will be late for your school…….
Abhi comes and hugs her from back and says oh really do you think I am going to work tomorrow I will spend my whole time tomorrow with our children but this time is for their mother only Pragya says ohooo that much romantic where did learned that ………
Abhi replies as wife become beautiful so husband has to learn such things…. Naa and holds her from back from waist
Pragya holds his hands and tries to see back : hmmmm so is that the reason for buttering or anything else……….(in smiling voice)
Abhi : Yes that is not the reason the reason is that I haven’t looked my fuggiiii from a long time so just wanna spend time with her …..
They both laughs… and allah wariyan palys in bg…………….

Precap :- Pulkit faints and revelation of secret ……

Guys thanks for giving your precious time for commenting 😉 so here is the reunion of ABHIGYA i dont know whether you will like it or not but yes i have tried to make it good so guys pls keep commenting as there is lots of fun ahead lots of musical drama lots of musical scenes and yes i know some of you do not understand hindi so…… for those I have written it in English also and i have not got any feedback whether you liked the idea or not i am writing the full song to make the scene possible for imagination so………
Pls keep commenting guys what else i can say less comments really reduces the confidence so keep commenting and keep suggesting………. till then
Stay tuned for further fun……
😉 😀

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