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That day I was fully shattered but I got the support of my him as per his wish which was Papa please never ever shed tears reminding me and don’t let do so maa also its your Pulkit’s request these words by him was my support and I supported them also from getting out from that shock which we faced It was good that Dadi sent Chhotu out with Purab as looking his elder brother in that state was not good for a kid so Purab with Chhotu went that day somewhere else and after we completed all the rituals they were back we hide that his dada was not more to play with him for some time but when he was big enough to understand the things we told him that where is his beloved dada now that boy is more naughty then his brothers and sisters I know he is now a tall handsome boy of 24 but he is still a kid from his heart and not him my all army is a kid still now from heart. I kept his promise that I have to keep my family happy and I did so that day my two daughters Abhigya and Subuhi lost their dada but in return got two more brothers who were monkey like creatures for my wife and jokers for my rest of the family we have crossed each and every face of life together and today almost 50 years of our marriage are completed in which 20 years of our son’s rebirth are included. Re-birth?

Yes the rebirth actually I am not saying that Fuggy said that he got re-birth why? I will tell you it was the day of 26 Jan as usual brave people were awarded so does my son they called us both there to receive the price and we received it then next day we were called again as they called us to share our feelings for an interview as we have lost our son so we went all other parents were also there some of them were like us some were just came with their relatives just for knowing what people think about Army after losing their loved ones I was tensed that how will she tell this to the world that how she is feeling and although she was still sad but one incident changed her mind and that was there a mother was scolding her son on his choice of serving for the nation she said that you will die if you will go there and no one will remember you your existence will end after sometime govt. will appreciate you then some news channel will show your story for some days and after that we will have to suffer who will take care of us you are not going to do so don’t know what came in her mind and she wiped her tears with a grace and went to her and slapped her through her words she said that

“if these are your thoughts then I should say that you are very much narrow minded you are not thinking that your son will save the nation your son will be the reason that you will be proud of him that because of him several lives will be saved and several people sleep calmly with a believe that they are safe and it is not necessary that he will die if god has given him life then he will live for sure the women whom she was scolding became angry and shouted on her with glare “who are you to talk about my family matter like this what you will know that how it feels when someone lost their children I know that my sisters son was in army he died in a seize fire I have seen her condition it is worst you rich people what would you know how it feels when anyone lost their children” don’t know but that time she didn’t spoke a word but when it was the time for her to share about her pain as all were there that lady was also there and she started her speech which was really appreciate able I still remember her words from which a clear proud was showering she said

I Am Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra wife of your beloved rock star Abhi aka Abhishek Prem Mehra but today I am not here as his wife today I am here as mother of Captain Pulkit Mehra yes the same Pulkit Mehra who died saving his flag and batch mates sorry I am wrong he is not dead actually according to him he took rebirth he always said to me that maa I will make you proud one day and see he actually did it he made me proud My husband always believe that it is better that parents should be known after their children name and today I am proud that it is done by our son you people know us as Rock star Abhi or Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra a famous singer but do you know how the rest of the people know us they don’t use to say that see he is Pulkit Pragya Mehra’s son they use to say see she is Pulkit’s mother that Pulkit who saved our country’s pride and believe me it made you proud more I met one lady today she was saying that army men parents have to suffer a lot and since we are rich people we will not understand it so i want to answer her that I know how it feels when we lose our love just thoughts are different look at me that if one son’s martyr gives me this much pride then what if my every son joins army yes i have two more sons and I wish they too join army follow their brother and believe me I will be cloud nine then because I think that because of those two sons of mine many mothers have their children safe with them every person of this country is safe because of them I will say with proud that I am their mother we people always use to feel bad over their death but have you ever thought what would be their thought when they feels that they will be no more

I can tell you as my son told me he wrote me he said to me when he was closing his eyes that MAA I am leaving for now but for sure i will return don’t feel cry maa and don’t even cry because i am going to live again it will be not a life being a human but it will be life of my country i know you will cry as i will be not with you from now but you know that lady whom i saved she gave me wishes that i will live more and see i am doing so i have lived for you and now living for myself so its my re-birth just think that and other words i want to say that just pray to god everyday that he gives me birth from your womb he make me your son again so that i will be able to live this life again

these were his words so why should I say that my son is died I will say that my son is alive he is near me he is with me everytime now you people tell me that those people spend their life sacrifice their life for us then what we are doing for them what is our responsibility towards them just to comment over them when they face failure just to praise them when they won any war I don’t think so that it is our responsibility I think if even one person from us will fulfill our responsibility then we will be able to comment on them otherwise not for example if I give you that NIRBHAYA INCIDENT in Delhi over which all over INDIA everyone was angry over those culprit that how badly they treated her I want to ask you were there when she was treated she was able to open her eyes she was able to give at least statement regarding what was happened with her what they did with her where were they when she was lying on road without clothes where were they when she was lying unconscious state on that road when her friend was shouting for help no one stopped to help them but what they were doing making video instead of helping so tell me whether it is our responsibility ?

why always if an accident occurs on road then beside saving the person we use to make video of that why we use to gather there is that a drama going over there no right !! then why we use to do so there are many more such incidents if I will describe it to you then it will take much time so I want to say if you want to comment over them then just do your responsibility which is helping others never feel shy over that’s it“

And these words of her slapped that lady again that lady was looking down her face was clearly describing that she is feeling ashamed of her words that day Fuggy was appreciated a lot for that everyone was praising her thoughts and believe me I was the one who clapped hard and went on the stage and covered her through my arms to make her believe that I am always with her there still to protect her from that day I have never saw that Fuggy who was much tensed for her kids although she was as she is a mother after all but not that much and today as I have seen her every face so I am not feeling to write in this diary I have written almost every feeling in it I know it is not filled much because I have written only those moments in it which I found new in her like when she sacrificed her love for Tanu and didn’t even dropped a tear then when she came back to save me from that wrong decision that tanu is carrying my child and I should marry her that day I came to know that she can do anything for saving her family for saving me if she had to die she will do so then when she got in deep shock looking Pulkit in that state when he was just fainted by that heat stroke when she sacrificed her life for me yea that accident then the second face was when she cried and begged in front of Tanu for leaving Subuhi and when she put her life in danger for me that horrible pregnancy period in which I had almost lost her but she was saved as my love and her faith in me brought her back to me then when she took a step of leaving everyone for making Abhu realize her mistake and she was successful in that as from that day Abhu didn’t did that mistake again this diary has seen every horrible and happy as well as sad face of her and today as 50 years are completed of our marriage

so I am shutting this diary as there is no need of it I have seen almost all faces of her and now which are left I want to live that phase with her because now no work will left as my both the princess are going to be married soon they are just waiting for their brother to return as he will return they trio will marry luckily we have got a good groom for Abhu who can handle her very well as he is so good person and his name reminds me of my sweet bhaiya Raj and Subuhi I have to say the groom we have found for her is same like us as Subuhi totally resembles me and his groom is like Pragya haha right he is chashmish we are thinking about their marriage as our twins are almost of 35 and now they should marry and my Subu is also of 30 so it is good that both the sisters will get marry on one day now the only work is left that is we will spend our whole time together only me and my soul mate Mrs Pragya Mehra true definition of wife mother and daughter so GOOD BYE +

Yes it was Abhi who was narrating his story in the diary (we were reading his diary entry) and as he shut the diary a girl wearing cream color pants which have slight cuts on it and black loose tee she rushed in like a storm and said to him “ Papa papa papa he came he is back my idiot is back come soon” yes you guessed right it was Abhigya not Abhigya actually Pop star Abhu yea she made this name her brand name and Abhi said “oho Abhu its ok na don’t be so hurry otherwise you will fall and tell me first what the hell is this have you worn why your pants are torn on your knees give it to your mother she will sew it”
Abhigya : Papa I have already tell you that it is a fashion and by the way we can discuss about it later first come na my idiot is back after five years oops sorry not idiot my Leftenant general Idiot

Abhi laughs : you will not change come lets go
They both leaves and there meets another girl of course she is Subuhi and Abhi scared looking her in that state and shouted hearing his sound she also shouted and with their voice all came out Aliya who use to wear kurta and jean with a high puf bun and Vijay in his formal wear Rahul in his check shirt and black pants and our Mrs Mehra who was wearing light blue saree there was no change in her look but the thing was changed two members were increased in that family yea Rahul was married now and his wife was the same girl whose photo he used to keep hidingly in his physics book and her name was Radhika and they were parents of 10 years old boy named Pranay now dadi was not with us after marriage of Rahul she also went and now she lives in Punjab she is old enough now and lives with Bulbul and Purab there as we set up our company there also so now Purab is in Punjab with dadi.
Pranay : what happened daduu why you shouted like this
Radhika : yes chachu what happened

Abhi : Ask your sister in law and You junior ask your bua how many times I have said Subu that never come out wearing this face pack you look like ghost almost you scared me
Pranay : Bua you scared Dadu bad manners haah dadi scold her she scared me dadu (holding Abhi’s finger)
Subuhi : what I can do didi said that Bhaiya is back so in excitement I came like this only why should I waste time in removing this face pack
Abhi : you mean to save your time you will go anywhere like this only
Subuhi : Of course
Abhi : look girl…….

Pragya cuts off : arey you both father daughter again started leave it now Subu wash your face and Abhishek you come with me and what is this Abhu I have said that don’t wear these clothes at home still you are wearing them go and change them otherwise I won’t let you meet him
Abhigya : But maa…
Pragya and Abhi in chorus folding their hands : no ifs no buts
Subuhi and Abhigya in chorus : dadagiri
Abhi : Papagiri
Pragya : mama giri
Abhigya and Subuhi left the place stamping their feet and one voice came from back aah didi this will not give effect try to wear horse shoe that will give great effect what say Aryan bhaiya and shares a high five and he was none other than chhotu
Subuhi with a glare: Chhotu don’t dare you say that otherwise I don’t know what I will do with you understood
Chhotu : what you will do kick me like a horse
Subuhi : maa stop him otherwise I will surely kick him like that google.com itself will be unable to find him
Chhotu : and what if yahoo.com found me then
Subuhi : ughh maa stop him otherwise…….

Pragya goes and pulls his ears and he shout
Chhotu : mummy its paining leave please
Pragya : Then why are you teasing her say sorry
Chhotu : sorry to this knife face no way
Abhi : then Pragya why will you leave his ear no way
Chhotu : ok ok I am saying……. sorry didi
Pragya : that’s like my boy

All laugh over that and then enters Koyal and all said oh no she again now listen her price of nail polish and she done this as same as she entered she started telling Bade papa maasi maa see my new nail paint and as she started all left from there and she was blabbering alone then the bell ranged and Pragya opened the door and here comes our Prabhas came in he was wearing his uniform and a hat over his head he joined army for his brothers wish not exactly for that yes as he was totally inspired by his elder brother he always wanted to follow him so he did I remember that day when we asked him why he is taking this decision as he has saw his brother what happened to him Pragya asked that why he is doing so he said that I want to complete dada’s dream as all of a sudden it happened now I will complete his dream I know he completed itself but he died at early age now I will serve for nation on his behalf and that day he went on path shown by you my dear Pulkit see how papa kept his promise “

and as Prabhas was hugging everyone Abhi was looking the impression of Pulkit in him he was able to watch that same smiling face same gestures same attitude and then a tear drop from his eye and one voice echoed in his ears “Oho you again broke promise papa see he is return home go and hug him naa otherwise I will not get happy go soon I always say right you are not papa you are maa see how you are crying like her” Abhi looked around and it was Pulkit who was talking to him actually it was his imagination that he is surrounding him so he smiled over himself and went to meet Prabhas he went forward and hugged him then Prabhas said
Prabhas :- what say Popsii how am I looking
Abhigya interrupt : Just as idiot as you are
Prabhas : and you just like that dumbo as you are

Abhigya : How dare you called me dumbo again
Chhotu : then what he should call you didi tell him he will call that only what say bhaiya
Prabhas : Exactly
Rahul : tell us fast Abhu we have to decide that what we should name you
Subuhi : Why are you all priest that you will keep didi’s name
Koyal : don’t know how to talk with girls huh crazy peoples didi ignore him
The argument rose and then a voice came from back yes it was Anirudh and Shitiz although Pulkit was not with them but yeaa they were still here to complete his absence there thought were that we cant be a single Pulkit so we two are complete Pulkit Anirudh always supported Abhu and Subu and Shitiz to Prabhas Rahul and Chhotu Aryan use to stay away with their argument
Anirudh : who Is teasing my sister

Abhigya goes and hugs him : Ani bhaiyya see na how they are teasing us
Anirudh : don’t worry I am here now I will see
Shitiz : What you will see hah my brothers are here what say Yash
Chhotu : Bhaiya I am always with you so no doubt on that
Rahul : great chhote
They were having their nok jhok Abhi and Pragya were looking at their happy world smilingly with mixed emotions when Anirudh and Shitiz came and took blessings from them
Anirudh : kaka we are here to meet you someone see (kaka means Uncle whom we respect same as father )

Shitiz : yea kaki see whom we have brought (kaki means aunty same as mother)
They both called their wives as Abhi and Pragya have seen them but today they were became father so they brought their kids to meet them Anirudh’s son was of 3 months and Shitiz’s son was of 6 months as they both were not with their wives when their kids born so Abhi and Pragya were unaware of that and looking them they got happy and all shared a family hug and Abhi sensed some presence near him and it was Pulkit’s soul who was really present in that house yet and looking them happy like that he folded his hands smilingly and waved bye with one hand which Abhi looked clearly and then that image vanished off and he understood that now his son left looking his family extremely happy.

The end
shocked right !!!!! yes this is the end i don’t wanted to end this but i felt that ending story at this point is right decision because dragging unncessary is not good what will happen if i will continue that story will take leap then children will get marry then abhi and pragya will die bla bla bla so that will not good for it thats why to save the charm of this story i am ending it here only today i am thanking each and every person who supported me who read this every silent reader every commenter every one i want to thank god that this story reached till episode 63 still i remember that when i started writing KB story of faith season one there were not much readers so i ended it then at last episode i got to know that there are many readers who are reading this so i continued to season2 i am feeling very much sad that i am ending it but other then that i am happy also because although i didnt got that much response but yes i got much appreciation my story made you people cry laugh sad happy every emotions i felt sucess in describing emotions you know i always use to laugh when you people comment surbhi i was laughing aloud i felt that emotions when you said what you did surbhi made us cry i think i am the worst person because i have made you cry more than laugh but you know i just wanted to show the reality nothing else but as it was the story so something were filmy also but its ok some people were saying that i should convert the whole last episode into a dream sequence so dont take me wrong but i want to question them that i have written that it was a tribute to that great indian soldier hanuman thappa so will it be a justice with him if i will convert the whole sequence into dream think yourself and answer me please and last but not the least this ff will be ALWAYS MY BEST MEMORY BECAUSE IT IS MY FIRST FF AND SECOND REASON IS I GOT MANY FRIENDS HERE SOMIYA REJI SHIRITI RESHMA PRADEEP VAISHALI MY DEAR SIS NIVEDHITIA SHRAYA AKASHYA KANAN KUTTY AKA MANU AND MY BEST GANG LOLZ S.R.R.S didnt got it arey yr somiya reji reshma shiriti THE BEST PART OF THIS FF WAS THAT STAR RATING WHICH I WILL MISS ALOT so now its time to say good bye to you it is

Credit to: Surbhi

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