KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 61)


This was a fine morning in MM but not as usual because every morning there starts with a very familiar alarm clock named fight of our Abhigya and Prabhas but today this voice and tone of alarm was change as today someone else were fighting in their own way and they were none other than our Mr and Mrs Mehra today they were fighting over something and arguing over something and today their all the kids were watching them like the comedy show is going on and the best thing was according to our Mrs Mehra two monkey like creatures oops sorry I should not say like that I should say according to Mrs Mehra two more jokers were included in their family the friends of her beloved son and this was the thing that MM was turning into comedy show every day and today was also the same situation actually the thing was Mr Bhalla now you will ask who is Mr Bhalla arey yr father of our Anirudh yea his name is Anirudh Bhalla so he has invited our Mehra family to party which he was throwing on his 30th anniversary and Mrs Mehra was insisting to our Mr Mehra to go to shopping but he was not agree so as a result Mrs Mehra didn’t helped him in giving him his clothes as the argument was occurred last night but it was still continue let’s see what is happening there now I think we have to look there so come 😉 lets peak in
Abhi shouting :Oye fuggi come on yr please g
ive me my clothes you know na till the day I have married you I am not able to find anything in my room and you are doing this just because I have said that I will not take you to shopping
Pragya throwing his clothes on him : Of course don’t talk to me ok see yourself children grown up then no time for shopping with wife go and do whatever you want to do on your own I will not help you
Abhi : Arey I don’t need this floral print t shirt I need that one on which skull is printed black in colour
Pragya irked : Now you will tell me what I have to give you haah first not agreeing upon me then demanding also do you have shame or not making your wife sad you are still feeling light you have to wear this then wear otherwise find yourself what you want to wear (achha ab aap mujhe batayenge ki apko kya pehnna hai pehle to maan nahi rahe hai mje shopping le chalne ke liye upar se demand kar rahe hai apme kuchh sharam baki hai ya nahi apni biwi ko dukhi karke ap ab bhi shant baithe hai ab apko ye phen na hai to peheniye warna jo pehen na hai khud hi dhoondh lijiye)
Abhi : Arey how this shopping came in between the argument and what the hell is this shame factor arey you can wear that gown na that I have brought for you after all why don’t you use to wear those western dresses which I have brought for you. You haven’t even touched them today you will only wear them and if you will not then I will not go with you

Pragya going down stairs : What are you thinking that I will agree with you !! no I will not I want to buy a new dress and I will only go with you then only
Abhi following her : Pragya stop becoming stubborn like a kid what will happen if you will wore these dresses have you transformed yourself really into aunty I mean these guys just use to call you aunty but I think you have really transformed yourself into aunty
Pragya : what did you said say it again ?
Abhi : golden words are not repeated
Pragya : actually repeated Mr. Mehra because I heard that let me tell you one thing being wearing what you like is not the fact that you are becoming aunty and look at yourself you look more older than me people will start saying you dadaji in that party
Abhi : what did you said dadaji let me tell you madam if I will go there na lots of girls will flat on me till now I have that charm understand and I can challenge you that if you will wear those boaring sarees then even a child won’t get flat over you.
Pragya setting her specs : Is it like that then I should tell you that I can make flat all the boys over me ok
Pulkit : Maa is saying extremely right papa she has that glamour that all the men in party will get flat over her
Prabhas : Exactly she can do so with her this simple look also
Abhi : is it like that then I can challenge that this will not happen
Shitiz : We are with you uncle I am agree with you totally
Anirudh : mee too Uncle we know you will rock today
Abhigya : Papa always with you
Subuhi : Papa get ready as most handsome man I know you are but today modify your self more so that all the ladies and girls will flat over you
Pragya : Well done challenge accepted
Pulkit : yes come maa I will take you to shopping
Prabhas : Our maa will look extremely beautiful even popsii you will become flat on her
Abhi irked : Again you called me that by the way I will see that who will get flat over whom
Pragya : fine we will meet in party now

Aah so finally this happened that challenge took place between our Mr and Mrs Mehra and all the daughters went on their Papa’s side and all the son on their Maa’s side so let’s see what it will result but let me tell you one thing the preparations are onn our two monkey like creatures oops sorry I again said that our two jokers were helping their beloved uncle in choosing the outfit and how three son were making their mother ready I will not disclose that lets wait for the party guys after all it is a challenge so let’s see who is going to win anyways our Rock star was going to attend the party in his way only today he was not wearing any suit or formal wear today as per the challenge he was wearing his casual wear which was his tshirt a black jacket and as usual his folding pants which were the most hated outfit by his beloved son Prabhas and Pulkit and the time came all went to Party but in different cars Abhi went with Abhigya and Subuhi along with Sitiz and Pragya was reached Party at first with Pulkit and Prabhas and our Yash aka chhotu and with Rahul but let me tell you one thing here Pulkit and Abhi went into an argument when Abhi saw Pulkit and now you people will ask that how is this possible how can Pulkit and Abhi fight as they both share a great bonding but they done so and lets see why

Abhi : Oye this looks like my t-shirt and jacket why you wore it you know it is my favourite jacket and lucky t shirt
Pulkit : oh this actually on last minute my dress spoiled as this chhotu spilled juice over that so I asked maa she gave me this and by the way why have you came wearing this beggars attire this torn pant you must have given this to maa at least she have sewed it
Abhi : it is fashion ok and by the way this Fuggy !! how can she give you my lucky things wait where is she I will see her but first you give me my t-shirt and Jacket back
Pulkit widening his eyes : papa what are you saying now you are behaving like a kid that’s not fare
Abhi : no you know how many emotions are attached with this t shirt and jacket I don’t know just give it back to me
Shitiz : arey Pulkit bhai give him na what will happen you will roam in party wearing waist and jean na that’s it believe me that will be new fashion
Pulkit : oye you shut up

Abhi holding his hand : give it to me
Pulkit somehow manages to escape and rushed to Pragya who was with Prabhas and Chhotu Pulkit was looking at Abhi and running forward just then he bumped into Prabhas and fall down
Prabhas : Ah dada why are you becoming LLTT
Pulkit : LLTT ??
Prabhas : Looking London Talking Tokyo I mean to say looking somewhere else and talking somewhere else
Pragya : both of you get up see your self and Pulkit why are running like this
Pulkit : Arey maa papa has gone mad he is saying to give him this t shirt and jacket now
Pragya : What !! he again started with his favourite drama
Pulkit : yes maa do something
Pragya : you don’t worry I will see him now a days he is becoming totally kid wait I will see him

So I think you come to know why Pulkit and Abhi went into argument 😉 yea you are right Abhi again started with his that melodrama of favourite and lucky stuff and all now let’s see what will happen when Pragya will meet him as he don’t know what she has worn but she knows as usual that his husband will be in fav attire as he has challenged so lets see that first meet
Pragya went to Abhi and patted his shoulder as he was looking forward and she was at his back
Pragya patting his back : Abhishek what is this you again started with your lucky and all melo drama
Abhi turns back and he was stunned to see his wife like that as she was wearing that blue saree with full sleeve blouse her hairs were in her old hairstyle today that was curly hairs but they were not short and were clutched in the clip simple curly flicks were coming out from side of ears and wearing that light makeup with red shade her specs were still on her face and wearing those metallic jhumkas with black was the best combo although she was in her simple attire but he was mesmerised by her look but his problem was that as per the challenge he wasn’t able to praise her beauty because if he will do so then he will lose that challenge at that moment itself so he stood like a statue there and Pragya was speaking non stop
Pragya : what is this you again started your drama again I am telling you don’t create a scene here messing with kids over that silly topic
She said and left and Abhi said BEAUTIFUL
Shitiz : Really uncle
Abhi comes to senses and kept hand on Shitiz’s eyes : Oye she is my wife ok don’t look her like that find a new one for your self
Shitiz : Uncle I am just praising her
Abhi : ok ok

So this happened and Abhi started feeling jealous from now it self and every person was praising her beauty even some were giving her hug also which were Prabhas’s friend and Abhi was feeling jealous with those kids also
Abhi looking Pragya shaking hands with someone : See him how can he touch my wife I will surely tell him after the party
Shitiz : Uncle calm down otherwise you will lose the challenge see her how calm she is and you are looking jealous anyone can tell looking at your face and if opposite party came to know then we are lost
Abhi : haah you are right I will stay calm ok calm down Abhi keep reminding challenge calm down calm down just calm down (just then he saw that one of the friend of Pulkit hugged Pragya) arey see how dare he hugged her I will surely kill him after all she is my wife yr
Anirudh : Bhai shitiz he can’t bear that see him he is getting jealous over hand shake also
Shitiz : Arey pagle it is called love over possessive love
They both laugh over that
Then the party was going on so all the kids decided that they will do some thing to make party interesting so Anirudh went on stage and said “Attention ladies and gentlemen this is my beloved parent’s marriage anniversary and it seems that it is feeling boaring so lets have some fun what about dance and all I think we should keep a dance competition and who so ever will win that will be the star of the party” All shouted agreed and Abhi gives a look to Pragya and said
Abhi : What say Mrs Mehra will you dance oh no how I forgot you have worn saree and all this so it will be difficult for you to dance haha
Pragya : Let’s see

Saying this Pragya left and Abhi went to men’s group as they were chatting about something suddenly a music played and everyone looked at the stage and there were Pulkit and Prabhas and one more person was there but as the light was only on both the boys so no one was able to see that but as the light falls on the third one everyone shouted woah and those men who were talking with Abhi said woah Mrs. Mehra is damn cool yr Abhi who was standing facing back towards the stage didn’t saw that so he said Yea I know then Anirudh said Uncle Mrs Mehra on your back see her Abhi turned and as he saw her dancing in that saree with that mesmerising look his jaw dropped and Rahul came from back stood near him and keeping finger on his chin closed his mouth and said MUH TO BAND KAR LO UNCLE and Abhi gulped the words as his wife again surprised him in that rock dance the Rahul also went to join them and the performance starts
Pulkit holding one hand of Pragya :
Tu Hi Hai Pyaar Mera, O Main Hoon Yaar Tera (You’re my love, I’m Your partner)

Prabhas holding her another hand of her :
Laga Le Seene Se Bana Le Dildaar Tera (Embrace me and make me Your beloved)

Rahul kneels down before her :
Haseena Maan Jaa Na, Itne Bhaav Na Kha (O beauty! Get convinced, don’t be so arrogant)

Pulkit turning her towards him and said :
Darti Hai Kisse Bata (Tell me please, whom/what are You afraid of)

Pragya looking at Abhi and dancing with her sons sung
Tujhe Khabar Nahi, Mujhko Darr Nahi (You don’t know me, I have no fear)
O Baby Meri Yahaan Koi Takkar Nahi (O baby! There’s no one here who can match up to my level (of bravery/courage/rebelliousness) in teasing manner looked towards Abhi)
Main Nahin Airi Gairi, Na Kar Hera Pheri (I’m not naïve, don’t do any monkey business)
Mujhko Na Pyaar Jata (Don’t showcase Your love for me)

Trio boys sings for her
Let’s Talk About Love Baby
Karte Hain Sab Baby (Everyone does it baby)
Let’s Talk About Love Baby
Karte Hain Sab (Everyone does it)

While they were dancing more boys joined them in dancing and as a result Abhi’s jelousy went on peak so he went on stage and done his both the son and others aside and accompanied his wife
Abhi to Pragya

Aashiqon Ki Bheed Mein Na Milega Mujhsa Deewana (Even in a crowd full of crazy lovers, You won’t find anyone like me)

Pragya to Abhi with an attitude

Mehenga Pad Jaayega Tujhko Mujhse Ye Dil Ka Lagaana (Attaching Your heart with mine will cost You a lot)

Abhi removing her hairclip
Arre Keh De Pyaar Hai (Tell me that You love me)

Pragya looking at floor in shyness
Haan Ji Izhaar Hai (Yes mister, I have expressed it)

Abhi kneels down with a excited smile feeling like he is in old days where Pragya and Abhi were newly married couple

Nishaane Pe Lag Gaya Teri Aankhon Ne Kiya Jo Vaar Hai (The arrow that You shot from Your eyes has finally struck the target)

Let’s Talk About Love Baby
Karte Hain Sab Baby (Everyone does it baby)
Looking both of them like this Anirudh said to Pulkit
Anirudh : Oye Pulkit let me tell you one thing as your parents have this much love between them hope that something something girl will also love you equally
Pulkit who was fully concentrated on that dance : yes I hope so
Shitiz : yeaa I knew it that there is something something he was just saying nothing to ignore us
Pulkit realising what he said : wait a minute what no no no it is nothing like that you trapped me
Anirudh : you have just accepted now no chance to say nothing
And saying this they ran
So Above performance I think you are cleared that our Pragya won the challenge and Abhi lost that but he was happy with that also anyways the fun doesn’t end there guys now see there all the men are proposing their wives see our Abhi is also there let’s see come as the whole party venue is turned into a dance hall or you can say proposal hall lolz lets see
The song was ho gya hai dil ka ye haal kya karein
MR BHALLA and all in chorus :
Ishq Jaisi Hai Ek Aandhi Ishq Hai Ek Toofan (Love is a gust of wind, love is like a storm)
Ishq Ke Aage Bebas Hai Duniya Mein Har Insaan (In the face of love, every man in this world is helpless)
Ishq Mein Sab Deewane Hain Ishq Mein Sab Hairan (In love everyone is crazy, in love everyone is surprised)
Ishq Mein Sab Kuch Mushkil Hai Ishq Mein Sab Aasaan (In love everything is difficult, in love everything is easy)
Dekho Pyaare, Yeh Nazaare, Yeh Deewane, Yeh Parwane, Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum (Look people, these sights, these crazy lovers, these moths (longing for fire), are lost in such a way in love)

Abhi looking Pragya

Haye, Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahe (Oh My! On meeting You, the state of my heart is indescribable)
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Yeh Kamaal Kya Kahe (What has this miracle happened?)
Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahe (Oh My! On meeting You, the state of my heart is indescribable)
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Yeh Kamaal Kya Kahe(What has this miracle happened?)

Dil To Hai Ek Raahi Jaana Dil Ki Tum Manzil Ho (My heart is like a traveller, my beloved, whose destination You are)
Dil To Hai Ek Kashti Jaana Jiska Tum Saahil Ho (My heart is like a boat, my beloved, whose shore You are)
Dil Na Phir Kuch Maange Jaana Tum Agar Haasil Ho (My heart shall not ask for anything else, my beloved, if You are with me)
Dil To Hai Mera Tanha Jaana Aao Tum Mehfil Ho (My heart is lonely, my beloved, if You come then it will be a celebration)

Ishq Se Hi Saari Khushiyan Ishq Hi Barbaadi (Love brings with it happiness, Love also creates destruction)
Ishq Hai Paabandi Lekin Ishq Hi Azaadi (Love makes You restricted, Love is also freedom)
Ishq Ki Duniya Mein Yaaron Khwabon Ki Abaadi (In the world of love, my friends, there is a population of dreams)
Kho Gaya Woh Jisko Manzil Ishq Ne Dikhladi (The one who is shown the way by love, he is the one who gets lost)
Dekho Pyaare, Yeh Nazaare, Yeh Deewane, Yeh Parwane, Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum (Look people, these sights, these crazy lovers, these moths, are lost in such a way in love)

Haye, Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahe (Oh My! On meeting You, the state of my heart is indescribable)
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Yeh Kamaal Kya Kahe (What has this miracle happened?)

Pragya was enjoying that Pulkit was being teased by his friends and then suddenly music become low and the lights got off and then a focusing light fall on floor it was Abhi who was kneeled down infront of Pragya and sung

Tumko Puja Hai Tumhari Hi Ibaadat Kee Hai (I’ve worshipped You, I’ve prayed for You only)
Humne Jab Kee Hai To Phir Aise Mohabbat Kee Hai (When I’ve fallen in love, this is the manner I have done it)

Jaana Leke Jaan Aaya Hai Tera Yeh Deewana (My beloved, bringing with him his life, this crazy lover of Yours has come)
Jaana Tujhpe Mit Jaayega Tera Yeh Parwana (My beloved, he’s ready to give his life for You, this lover (Moth is compared to a lover))
Jaana Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai Tune Yeh Na Jaana (My beloved, what’s inside my heart, You’ve never come to know)
Jaana Tujhko Yaad Aayega Mera Yeh Afsaana (My beloved, You’ll surely remember this story of mine)

All were enjoying and dancing suddenly Anirudh and Shitiz came with much tensed face and said something in Pulkit’s ears hearing which Pulkit’s happiness also vanished out and he left with them and Pragya observed all this and got confused what happened to him so she decided that she will inquire about it later

The scene shifts to MM all were returned and Anirudh and Shitiz were also with them and as they returned Pulkit rushed to his room along with Anirudh and Shitiz and all were looking at the trio clueless in the room
Pulkit holding his head from one hand and other on his waist : But how is this possible yr I mean to say so early
Anirudh : We are too shocked Pulkit and it is not a joke
Shitz : I was thinking that we haven’t spent even a week here and this happened yr how we will tell them they will never agree
Pulkit : you are extremely right but what can we do yr we have to tell them
Anirudh : But Pulkit our parents will be in great shock as they haven’t gave us time also not even of 24 hours yr…
Shitiz : do you have any other option Anirudh our vacation is cancelled yr we have to leave at morning itself you know before the sun rise that cab will be in front of us and when we will tell them that our call letter has come
Pulkit : Shitiz is extremely right we have to tell them otherwise if we will leave like this then they will be most hurt Anirudh what is the timing when will that cab come to receive us and where we are posted on duty as I haven’t saw that letter yet you have saw so tell me
Anirudh : The timing was 3:30 am morning Pulkit and we are posted to Siachen eastern Karakoram range in Himlayan
Pulkit : Ok it is 10:30 pm we have very less time then go to your home and start packing stuffs and yes don’t forget to tell your parents about that I will see how I will tell them
Shitiz : Ok then we will meet here only at 2:00 am sharp ok
Pulkit nods yes and as Shitiz and Anirudh went and open the door they got shock as Pragya was there she heard everything and Pulkit saw her and went to her
Pulkit : Maa you here I was about to tell you maa but I thought why to vanish your happiness
Pragya controlling her tears : so you are going haah then tell me what you have to pack I will help you
Pulkit looks at her with teary eyes as this time Pragya was agree without any rejection and gives a tight hug : maa you see one day you will be proud of me that I am your son

Pragya cares his face : come otherwise you will be late huh and atleast this leftover time I want to spend with my son don’t know when I will be able to see you next
Pulkit wiping her tears : maa very soon as next month is my birthday and Raksha bandhan also right so I will celebrate this time with you as by that time I will be allowed to take a break from work
Pragya nods yes she helped him in packing it was about 12:45 in the clock so Pragya made him sleep at least for 45 minutes and while that she ironed his uniform and kept the his cap over that making him fully prepared and then went to her room there Abhi was slept on couch waiting for Pragya and when she came he woke up and asked her that where was she and she answered that time has come to say good bye Abhi who was holding her arms his grip got loose and he stepped little bit back and a tear rolled down from his eye and controlling himself he said when he have to leave Pragya answered at 3:30am morning

Abhi : so you were helping him in packing his stuffs by the way where is he going
Pragya nods yes hiding her tears : siachen eastern himalyan range
Abhi : come we will spend time with him
Pragya : ok as it is about one hour left but I said him to sleep for a while
Abhi : then we will see him while sleeping whats the problem in that
Tear rolled down from Pragya’s eyes and she nods yes they both went to see Pulkit in his room but he was not there suddenly some voice came from music room it was 2:00 am in the clock and by that time Anirudh and Shitiz were also there as they decided that they will leave with Pulkit only their parents were not with them as they told them to stay at home otherwise it will be difficult to say good bye also so they were at home Abhi and Pragya went to look there and by that voice all the members of MM gathered there in Music room it was Pulkit with Abhi’s guitar well dressed in uniform it was looking like an officer is there infront of them but he wasn’t wearing the cap as if will do so then he can’t think about any relation and looking him in that look all understood that time has come to say good bye and all became emotional
Pulkit sang
Pulkit to Pragya
O Yun Na Lamha Lamha Meri Yaad Mein (Even though You think about me every moment)
Hoke Tanha Tanha Mere Baad Mein (And feel lonely after I’ve left )
Naina Ashq Na Ho (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes(Just don’t cry))
Maana Kal Se Honge Hum Door (I know that from tomorrow we’ll be far from each other)
Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

Pulkit going towards Abhi and hugged him tight then wiping his tears and gesturing him to smile

Maina Lauta Aane Waale Saal Jo (If I don’t return in the coming year)
Meri Wardi Bole Mera Haal Toh (My (army)uniform will itself speak about my condition
(My army uniform will itself show You all that I have endured))
Naina Ashq Na Ho (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)
Yeh Samajhna Main Hoon Majboor (Please understand that I am compelled by my duty)
Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

Pulkit to Prabhas wiping his tears and hugged him tightly
Beete Hue Lamhon Ke Taare, Ginunga Main… (I’ll count the moments we spent together while counting stars)
Aake Tujhe Khwabon Mein Tere, Milunga Main…( I’ll come and meet You in Your dreams)

Pulkit to Subuhi tapping her nose hugged her

Jab Kabhi Halki Halki Barkha Aaye…( When clouds spread across the sky )
Jab Kabhi Dil Bhi Yunhi Bhar Sa Jaaye… (When Your heart feels that it’s full of grief)
Jab Kabhi Halki Halki Barkha Aaye… (When clouds spread across the sky)
Uss Pal Jhonka Ek Banke Aaunga Main…( In that moment, like a gust of wind, I’ll arrive)

Pulkit going to Pragya as she was sobbing controlling her sadness he takes her hands and kept them in his cheeks and kissed them also then he wiped her tears

Us Pal Zulfein Palkein Daaman Chhu Jaunga Main…( In that moment, I’ll touch Your hair, Your eyelashes and Your dress)

Then he goes to Abhigya and patting her head gestures not to cry and she blurted out in cry and hugged him

O Teri Choodi Nagmein Gaaye Jo Mere (Your bangles will sing songs about me (saying as she use to wear bangles in one hand))
Teri Palkon Pe Ho Saaye Jo Mere (And my shadow be cast on Your eyelashes)
Naina Ashq Na Ho (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

To dadi and Rahul wiping thier tears
Aasoon Karte Humein Kamzor (Your tears make me weak)

To aliya wiping her tears and hugged her so tightly

Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)
He was saying good bye just then Shitiz came in and said that cab has arrived before time and they have to leave so while leaving he goes to Abhi and Pragya and hugged Abhi both father and son were having tears in their eyes but Pulkit wear his cap and now he was on duty so he controlled his tears and broke the hug and holds Abhi’s finger as he use to do when he was a kid and walked

Pulkit to Abhi holding his finger

Tere Liye Saansein Aaye, Teri Liye Jaaye, Jaaye Re… Jaaye Re… (I breathe because of You)
Rabba… Rabba Bairi Se Bichode Jaane Kisne Banaye (O Lord! Why did You make this dreadful separation?)
Haaye Re… Haaye Re… Haaye Re… (Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!)
Doori Tadpaaye… (These distances is torturing me)
Mere Baad Chaahe Aaye Yaad Meri…( Even when You think about me after I’ve gone away)
Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)
Ashq Na Ho… Ho… Ho…( Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

Pulkit now looking towards Abhi and Pragya wiping their both of them tears

O Likhi Khat Mein Maine Tujhe Baat Jo (The letter in which I wrote to You about all my feelings)
Sona Rakh Ke Takiye Tale Raat Ko (Keep it underneath Your pillow when You sleep)
Naina Ashq Na Ho (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)
Ye Judai Bhi Hai Dastoor (This separation is just one more custom of the world (saying this he sat in the cab and nodded bye to everyone with a smile and said not to cry again))
Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

Maina Lauta Aane Waale Saal Jo (If I don’t return in the coming year)
Meri Wardi Bole Mera Haal Toh (My (army)uniform will itself speak about my condition)
Naina Ashq Na Ho (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

Yeh Samajhna Main Hoon Majboor (Please understand that I am compelled by my duty)
Naina Ashq Na Ho… (Just don’t let tears fall from Your eyes)

All were left inside the home the only person who were left there were Abhi and Pragya they looked there till the cab vanished from their eyes

Precap :- Pragya become restless and getting panic looking at her dadi and Abhi got tensed

we cant imagine what those family those parents would have gone through when their son or daughters leave like this in emergency their sadness cant be described but i have tried alot to do so hope i have done this upto that and yes Manhita i will surely help you dear anytime ok i am in no mood of doing chak chak as writing such scene i got emotional especially that song it is much heart touching for me whenever i use to hear that i cried and my mother use to say that if you are not able to control your tears over that then dont listen that song as it for appreciation of these army members how they keeping stones on their heart say good bye to everyone in their family but i am not able to do so guys and i am leaving you with this

Credit to: Surbhi

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