KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 60)


The episode starts with all are having chit chat in living room and Abhi preparing for lunch and Pulkit is accompanying him in that and Shitiz and Anirudh are getting familiar with rest of the family members just then Ronnie enters in Kitchen for taking water bottle and he again as usual began to tease Abhi in his style and said
Ronnie : Oho what days have come jiju see you have to become chef now poor jija ji haha (Oho kya din aa gaye hain apke apko to chef ban na pad gya bechare jija ji)
Abhi being irked on his presence : Haan from the day you have come in my life I have to do so let’s see what else I am left to become (Haan aur kya jab se tum meri zindagi me aaye ho tab se dekho tumhari raaj me aur kya kya na banna pade)
Pulkit : Arey mamu why you always use to tease him and it doesn’t matter that who is making food the food must be tasty and I know he makes very well food

Abhi : Leave him Pulkit as how he will know that because he hasn’t tried such things na always the thing he has done is just being the chamcha of your maa..
Abhi and Pulkit laughs on that and shares hi five till then Anirudh and Shitiz were also there
Anirudh : Uncle what are you making smelling good we will also help as in your home to many ladies are today
Pulkit : What do you mean by too many ladies
Shitiz : Yup someone has come in your home one girl is also with them showing so much tantrums and her mother is also there she is calling dii to Aunty and her husband is also they are looking like a simple man is struck between two mad girls (haan koi aaya hai tere ghar par ek ladki hai jo bohot nakhre dikha rahi hai aur uski mummy Aunty ko dii bula rahi hai aur unka husband bhi hai sath me par unhe dekh kar aisa lag raha hai ki ek bechara do paglon ke beech me phas gaya hai)
Abhi : Oye she is his maasi my wife’s sister and that simple man is my brother understand
Pulkit : you both will always remain idiot you are saying this for my maasi maa its ok you have said here otherwise you have said it infront of her na then she must have told you that who is she in her own style (Tum dono bewakoof hi rahoge meri maasi k liye aisa keh rahe ho ye to bach gaye ki humare samne hi bola hai warna maasi maa ke samne bola hota na to wo batati ki kaun hai wo)
Abhi : Yes in Bulbul style
Anirudh : Oh you mean she is that Bulbul maasi who use to trap Uncle after doing her mischievous antics

Abhi in shock widening his eyes : Pulkit beta what image you have made infront of your friends of mine (Pulkit beta tune kya image bana rakhi hai apne doston ke samne meri)
Pulkit holding his head : Arey papa it is nothing like that (dragging both of his friends aside) and you both why you have come here I knew it that you will do such antics that’s why I was saying not to come here but you both what was the need of blurting out such things what do you want that they should throw me out of the house
Shitiz in joking manner : Hey Anirudh it will be great na if uncle and aunty throw him out of the house after all then he will be among one of us who always being scolded by their parents
Anirudh : You know before coming here also I got scolded

Pulkit : you both will never change
Abhi was making dough till and he noticed that Ronnie was still there and looking at him so Abhi asked
Abhi : What do you want now look Ronnie I am already frustrated and I don’t know what I will do if you will not leave from here
Ronnie : Look I am looking that whether you are making food properly or not what if you mixed anything in food then what will happen
Here Abhi was irked with Ronnie and Pulkit was irked with his friends who were came without informing and both were struggling to control them but neither Ronnie was stopping from teasing nor Shitiz and Anirudh so at the same time a cucumber was kept on table Pulkit grabbed it and warned and at the same time a bottle guard was kept near Abhi he took chapatti roller and pointed at Ronnie

Pulkit : I am saying if you said one more thing I will break your head with this
Abhi : Ronnie I am saying that it is too much leave otherwise I will break your head with this
Ronnie : Jije are you mad it will hurt more do one thing keep this take that bottle guard
Abhi : haan that’s right it will hurt more (he keeps the chapatti roller and picked that bottle guard then he came back in sense and said he made me fool again ) Ronnie I will not leave you
Shitiz : Bhai cucumber have you lost it hahaha
Anirudh: bhai it wont leave effect and if you want to do so first catch us because we are not going to stop

The trio began to run teasing both father and son and irked Pulkit and Abhi throws their weapons which were bottle guard and cucumber targeting them but unfortunately today was their bad luck because that cucumber and bottle guard got hit on someone else head and it was none other than Pragya who was coming to take some water as Ronnie took much time so she was coming and as the bottle guard and cucumber hit her head she falled down and shouted aah and Abhi and Pulkit looked at each other that what the hell this happened then Pragya shouted holding her head
Pragya : aah why you both father and son are playing with vegetables and if you are playing why you targeted me (tum baap bete ye sabziyon se kyu khel rahe ho aur khel rahe ho to mujhe kyu maar rahe ho)
Abhi rushed to her and lifts her and making her sit on chair:Arey Pragya it is nothing like that actually we were targeting on them this Ronnie was teasing me yr already I was irritated (caring her head at that point where she got hitten as it was turned into blue)
Pulkit : seriously maa we didn’t thrown it intentionally on you believe me papa tell her na
Abhi caring her head immediately with ice cube : arey I am telling na but first you go and bring first aid see this is turning blue
Pulkit rushed to room to bring first aid and Ronnie who was stood over there said
Ronnie : Dii see today he hitted you that’s why I was telling you not to live with him (being teasing)

Abhi in anger tone : Enough Ronnie what the hell always being in funny mood can’t you see she is in pain (looking at Pragya ) is it much paining don’t worry I will not Pulkit where are you damn it bring it fast
He was shouting and listening his voice everyone was gathered there and looking at him no one said anything because everyone knew about that he was much tensed about Pragya was hurt and it was from that day when Pragya survived from that horrible period of Pregnancy in which he almost lost her but luckily she was with him from that day Abhi was this much concerned for her that even if she is hurt by a stone so he gets panic and it was well known by Pragya she was asking him to calm down but he shuts her mouth in scolding voice

Pragya : Arey its ok I will treat it on my own no need to be panic Abhishek relax
Abhi : shut up wasn’t you able to make some sound before entering we must have stopped na see this how much blue it is turning into dadi you make her understand she will definitely not listen to me
By that time Pulkit was also there and he gave the first aid box to Abhi and he took tincture and applied it on that part of her forehead which was hurt and Pragya started making faces and Abhi again scolded that see she was saying that its ok now see how much it is paining Pragya was looking at him smilingly and that time to lighten his mood Anirudh and Shitiz were about to speak but Pulkit stopped them

Pulkit : don’t say anything this time otherwise he will blurt out in anger let’s leave from here come
He takes Anirudh and Shitiz along with Abhigya and Prabhas with him and rest of the family members also left them alone then Abhi sat near Pragya and said
Abhi : Always because of me you get hurt see now this

Pragya: Relax it is not paining at all as you treated with your hands na that’s why but tell me one thing that why you were playing with those vegetables haah
Abhi : Arey I was irked with you so called brother so I thought that he will scare if I scare of throwing that on his head but inreturn he challenged that Jiju first catch me then throw so I was in anger and targeted his head but at that time you came in between
Pragya : Oh lets leave him naa you know he always use to prank with you that’s it whats the need of getting serious in it and by the way why your beloved son was playing with those cucumbers
Abhi narrates her all the incident which Pulkit shared with him about them both
Pragya blurts out in laughter : that’s why he was this much irked from morning itself
Abhi looking at her laughing face smiles a little : yes
Pragya laughing hard : I have to agree Abhishek that he is not your son but still he resembles you after all he is living with you that’s why

Abhi cuts her off : Oye Pragya who said he is not my son he is ok and don’t you dare say it again otherwise I won’t talk to you
Pragya : Ok baba sorry it just blurted out I didn’t meant it seriously
Abhi : then its ok
Abhi tells more about what Pulkit has told him and Pragya was laughing harder on that her son has got two monkey like creatures
PRagya : But its good to have such friends you know they will never let our son get sad
Abhi : agreed my lord hey wait a minute I have made something special for you
Pragya : really !! what
Abhi brings the plate and a dish bowl : Your special madam
Pragya : seriously !! when you made it I mean Pulkit was with you all the time then when you got time for it

Abhi winks at her : This is rock star style madam just taste it and tell me how is it
It was Maggie which Pragya likes when it is made from her husband’s hand she tastes it and said
Pragya : Mmm you know if you make it for me I can eat it four to five times a day
Abhi was looking at her while eating and she was eating then screen shifts to Pulkit and there Anirudh and Shitiz was asking that why he said them to don’t say anything
Pulkit narrates them that incident and then they both understood that why Abhi was this much concerned

The time was of evening and everyone in MM was having there chit chats Bulbul was busy with Aliya Koyal with Subuhi and Abhigya Prabhas was with the boys as today the number of boys in MM was increased almost there was almost a cricket team with Abhi Purab Vijay was also returned Pulkit Prabhas Chhotu Anirudh Shitiz Rahul they all were nine and were in living room Pragya was resting in her room as Abhi didn’t allowed her to come out with her swollen head which was due to their carelessness and it was the time of watching TV for chhotu so he goes and on the TV and started watching he was watching Power Rangers so as he tuned the channel Abhigya said
Abhigya : Subuhi see this Red Ranger is so cute naa..
Subuhi : yes didi his hair style is so damn cool
Koyal : No no didi red ranger of Power Ranger SPD is soo cool
Abhigya : But he is smart and even this Power Ranger samurai is better than SPD whats that taking that flip flop mobile and saying S P D hah so silly
Subuhi : see gold ranger is also so smart in this Koyal

Prabhas : Oye girls wait a minute don’t say anything about this as you don’t know about them you know the best power ranger is always green or black ranger and the most beautiful rangers are yellow and pink
Rahul : Arey these are the new one when I was a kid there was only one that was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and that was damn good no one has its comparison
Pulkit: you are saying right bhaiyaa and that pink ranger was the cutest one
Shitiz : yes bhai I am also totally agreed over that I have watched it a lot
Anirudh : I have also no comparison of that and I loved that character of Bulk in that
Shitiz :hahaha Yes that fatty always use to eat everyone’s lunch and then use to say that I hadn’t ate anything
Pulkit : seriously
They started their convo and hearing that Chhotu got irritated so he changed the channel and tuned to next cartoon channel and there also happened the same it was the Doremon which was broadcasting on it
Prabhas : Arey this doremon see Abhu Nobita is just like you
Pulkit and they both shares a high five Abhigya gets irked
Abhigya : then you are the Kenichi of Ninja Hottori understand

Subuhi : yes didi and Pulkit bhaiya is just like Hattori who always use to help Kenichi
Pulkit : Then who are you Subu let me tell you are Michiko who has no fixed choice sometimes goes with Kenichi sometime with Amara hahah
Koyal : don’t say like that bhaiya about didi as you trio are looking like these two friends of you are Jiyan and Sunio and Rahul Bhaiya as Negisuki hahahah
Rahul : Koyal you also resembles someone you know whom Dorami
Four of the boys laughs hard and shares high five now chhotu was again irked so he changed the channel and suddenly by mistake sports channel got tuned and then Abhi said
Abhi : do you know that FIFA world cup messi played awesome dude
Vijay : I don’t know about that but yes I saw cricket match I saw that last IPL well played delhi
Purab : yes Delhi won also
Pulkit : Arey chachu did you watched that Badminton match by Jwala Gutta and Saina nehwal they won that doubles you know
Anirudh : yes see how well she is doing na
Shitiz : arey I use to watch the discuss throwing match or athletics I saw yesterday the Unsane Bolts what the speed he has

Anirudh : not more that Dhoni’s stumping you know Airtel 4G is even slow before it
All laughs and again chhotu irked changes channel and this time he was changing slowly so it was the channel colours which was tuned and that time Nagin was telecasting over it and Bulbul said
Bulbul : Arey Aliya have you watched this Nagin
Aliya : yes sometimes why what happened did the fifth culprit caught
Bulbul : Yes it is Yamini you know she killed her husband na
Vijay : Arey you ladies again started with this crap serial gossip
Bulbul : Arey no Vijay I mean see that what they show all are sense less I mean how can a wishing snake transformed into so much glamorous look

Abhi : this you said right Bulbul I am extremely agree with you see this here we are not able to see even a single peacock so easily and they are showing that ichhadhari Peacock mongoose snake I mean if every thing is ichhadhari then we should be careful right what if we are throwing a stone over a dog and it becomes ichhadhari dog seriously nonsense
Vijay : Arey bhai this is nothing one is there what was the name Sasuraal simar ka I mean what the hell they are showing
Anirudh : yes uncle my mummy use to watch it totally senseless
Purab : I also have heard about that
Bullbul : seriously here we spend about years in praying god but they doesn’t even came infront of us and there the main lead has got the travelling package of hell
Abhi : Arey I was wondering which travel agency use to give that tour package to hell we should also contact that company

Purab : seriously bhai patali devi and all what kind of cheap joke is it
Aliya : One is there which is dragging since years Bubul what was it name sounds like sathi
Bulbul : sathiya
Aliya : yes right Sathiya don’t know what they want to show I mean see the main lead of the show have become the mother of married daughters but she doesn’t looks like that she looks like that she is daughter of her daughter
Purab : yes I agree with you Aliya at first my beloved wife also started watching it but stopped as it was totally senseless i was irritated with that Kokila bhai without any reason Gopi wao Gopi wao
Abhi laughs : hahah wahu not bahu
Vijay : yea wahu senseless women bhahi speaks full and pure hindi sometimes a person gets in delimma that what she is saying
All laughs hard then Bulbul says
Bulbul : Arey one more is there Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Abhi : how can we know why you are asking from us (hume kya pata humse kyu pooch rahi ho)
Pulkit : arey papa this is name of serial
Abhi : seriously !!
Shitiz : yes uncle
Abhi : when channel team and CVS are still confused in themselves that what does this relation called then how can we tell when they are themselves unable to find (arey jab channel wale khud nahi pata laga paye ki ye rishta kya kehlata hai to hum kaise batayen)
Prabhas : Papa one more is there on Zee TV that is Jamai raja
Purab : Arey yr that is less of a story more of a comedy the only thing in that is good it is its male lead’s humour and his nok jhok with his mother in law and the worst in that is he still unable to make his mother in law accept him her son-in-law about three to four years are spend and still the story is there

Abhi : hahahah seriously arey he should learn from me see I made my mother in law accept me in just three days after when your beloved dii left me
Purab : arey she accepted me without any efforts
Vijay : hahhaha seriously these serials are senseless yr..
Rahul : Of course they are now see one more serial is there Vishkanya
Pulkit : totally crap bhaiya

Abhigya : the girl is poisonous in that serial I mean how can this is possible
Prabhas : see your self you are also the same Abhu
Abhigya : what did you said
Abhi : arey hold on yr you both ready to fight everytime
Shitiz : the most irritating serial is KUMKUM BHAGYA
Bulbul : seriously
Aliya : totally agreed
Abhi : Why is It so ??
Aliya : I will tell you bhai this is crap because in this serial ladies use to stay pregnant for 12 to 13 months some time completing 24 months also
All the men blurt out in laughter along with kids
Abhi controlling himself : Aliya are they sure that they are women or Human being hahah pregnancy till 2 years god my wife was only for nine months in each case
Vijay : mine also yr
Purab : mine too and I think every women gets pregnant for only nine months
Bulbul : But they use to keep them pregnant till 2 years
Abhi : then the baby must become much older that when he will come out start conspiring directly
Shitiz : by the way uncle why you don’t know about any serial Aunty didn’t use to watch them ???
Abhi : No she don’t watch them
Anirudh : Then ??

Pulkit : Arey she use to watch TV only with us whatever we watch she use to watch it like with these shaitans we use to watch cartoons I and with papa we use to watch movie so like that
Shitiz : ohh that’s the thing anyways we can continue with that pregnancy track
All laughs hard over that Pregnancy track and Chhotu who was fuming in anger goes to Pragya’s room and enters Pragya was reading book there Chhotu shuts the door forcefully
Pragya : what happened chhotu why your face is so red
Chhotu being emotional about to cry : they are not letting me to watch TV whatever channel I tune they start arguing over that they have changed the full living room into a battle field where they are just arguing over different tv shows
Pragya makes him sit in her lap : AAhah and that was started by your bhaiyya and didi right
Chhotu : Yes
Pragya : I knew it you don’t worry what you want to watch we will sit here and mummy will also watch with you ok
Chhotu : I want to watch SHINCHAN and BEN 10 please tune in to Hungama TV first Shichan is about to start then I will watch BEN10

Pragya running her fingers in his hairs : ok my sweetu lets watch
They both mother and son were watching cartoons and while watching chhotu slept in her lap she was also slept and the TV was on just then Abhi comes in and looks that his wife and son who were looking too cute at that time were slept so he puts off the TV and with that Pragya woke up with a sudden jerk
Pragya : so the argument over
Abhi : hmm how I your pain now
Pragya : better
Abhi : why he slept this time ??
Pragya : you people disturbed him didn’t let him watch TV in hall so he came here crying and then while watching TV with him I also slept
Abhi : oho by the way what he was watching

PRagya : what else shinchan and Ben 10
Abhi : ohh so I missed it today
Pragya smiles : yes now tell me the weather you people have dinner or not because it is already 8 in clock
Abhi :yeah I made it Anirudh and Shitiz went to their home and Bulbul and Purab along with Koyal are taking rest Vijay gone on date with Aliya
Pragya : date ??
Abhi : arey returned after long time naa so both husband wife went out for spending time with each other
PRagya : oh so this means I slept this much
Abhi : its ok na see your this has improvement so that’s ok now whats the plan want to come for a walk or want to watch movie

Pragya :ummm what about movie
Abhi : Great I was thinking the same because I was also feeling tired so which movie
Pragya : horror today as I am in no mood in watching romantic or Romcom movie or any action movie
Abhi : horror !! ok then which one
Pragya : what about 1920
Abhi : ok
Abhi goes and plays the movie 1920 a horror movie and sat near Pragya and she kept her head on his shoulder although Abhi was scared while watching the movie he was holding her hand tightly and after sometime he also slept then Pragya put off the TV and lies beside them and screen freezes over the out view of MM

Precap : Abhi challenges Pragya that till now he can make many girls flat over him and make her jelous Pragya says challenge accepted

Ok guys today not sorry for anything but yes i have made fun of many serials today and if hurt anyone of you with making fun of your fav serial so please pardon me i have used it as what i use to watch in segments only forgive me if i have made joke of any of your fav serial i just wrote it for fun nothing to be serious yr and yes Reshma Somiya Reji ab dekho Somiya tere side aa gayi hai sriti so i think ek gang ban gaya hai ye is ff se that extremely good
so for further upcoming twist stay tuned 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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