KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 6)

The episode starts with Abhi saying to Pulkit to go to medical room and take first aid because you have to answer principal why you fought with them..???????
Pulkit is shocked hearing him and thinks : Damn what a teacher he is no punishment direct decision now I have to go to principal office what will ma think when she will see my injured face she will definitely get tensed yrr…………….. shit how will I face her.
Pulkit and Abhi are in principal’s office with those boys and principal asks
Principal : So why did this matter gone to such an extent that you fought like this and beaten this boy what was the matter ?????????
Students : Nothing sir he came and started bad mouthing to us and so we were in just anger and so happened…. Nothing else we are right na Pulkit
They winks on him and Abhi noticed that and says
Abhi : Really was that a matter so why didn’t he beaten you in reply why was all of you was on one boy?????? Tell answer this if he was bad mouthing

Principal: Yes Mr Abhishek is right now Pulkit you tell me what was happened ???
Pulkit narrates all incident and principal suspends the boys for one week and all leaves. Out side Principals room Abhi notices that Pulkit is still tensed and asks to him
Abhi : What happened beta why are u still looking tensed as the boys have been punished by the principal??
Pulkit : Sir they have got the punishment but can you feel now what am I feeling after all they badmouthed about my ma ………. Sir u know she is not my real mother but her love towards me is more than a real mother she pampers me like her child she loves me cares me and when I got injured an she also scolds me like a real mother sir I cant tell you she is really a good mother and when some tries to badmouth her I feel like a son who cant even keep respect of his mother I feel very help less sir..

Abhi: So how do you know that you are not her real son ?? did she told you or she has adopted you??
Pulkit : I can just say that I don’t know whether I am adopted or the matter is anything else but when I was just 10 years old I was gone in coma she told me once and when I gained consciousness I was with her in hospital she was sitting beside my bed and I was murmuring the word ma……… when I opened my eyes I saw her sitting and said ma to her just this much I know sir what else was happened how I reached in hospital how I gone to coma I didn’t remember anything but yes I say her ma because when a new born baby first opens his eyes the first face those watch are of mothers face and after gaining consciousness from coma after one year it was just like I was reborn and the first face I saw was hers so ……… firstly I was hesitated to call her ma because I was not able to adjust with family then she scolded me one day for some of my mistake and the first word which came out from my mouth was ma sorry….. she herd that and asked what did you say and becomes happy then she hugged me I felt comfortable in her hug as it was my mother’s so from that moment I accepted her as my mother and now if some one badmouth her really I get hurt to much ……..
Abhi : Really I am impressed what a great lady she is I mean how maturely she is handling all these circumstances and what about your father ..
Pulkit : I don’t know anything about him because even she hasn’t met him since long time they were separated.

Abhi : Oh sorry.
Pulkit : Its ok sir but now the matter is how will I face her she will definitely get tensed by seeing my injured face god what to do???????
Abhi : Hey I have an idea…………………….
Pulkit : what idea sir ???
Abhi :- You come with me to my home today till morning your swollen face will get relive then you go to your home isn’t good.
Pulkit :- Sorry to say sir but the idea wasn’t good because ma will be not at home today as she have to go to nearby city she is having a show today there where she will sing I don’t know much about that but yes it is some kind of function there where she will sing for the artists on which they will dance.
Abhi :- Ok so you can do one thing till your ma leaves you say to her that you are at my home for some work and will come home late so when she will leave you go to home and do your responsibility of taking care of your siblings howzzzz that.
Pulkit :- Actually this is possible by this she will not see my injured swollen face and will concentrate on her work waooo…. sir you are a genious. Done sir I am coming with u.
Pulkit informs Pragya as Abhi has said to him and goes to his house and Pragya leaves for her show and says to Mrs Seema her neighbour for taking care of Abhigya Prabhas and Subuhi.
Pulkit and Abhi enters Abhi’s house and Pulkit says waoo sir you have done a great maintenance of your house…………………….. (surprisingly)
Abhi : hmmm beta would you like to have some tea or coffee…..
Pulkit ; No sir its ok ……………………….
Abhi goes in kitchen and brings the milk for Pulkit and says ok then have milk it will help in relief you from pain..
Pulkit : Sir now you are behaving same to same like ma ……. (smilingly)
Just then he sees a photo kept on table of full family of Abhi.
Pulkit : Sir whose photo is this ???????
Abhi : Its my family who is no more…….
Pulkit : Oh sorry … sir can I say u something …
Abhi: yes sure tell me……
Pulkit : Sir that lady standing next to you is looking extremely beautiful…… can I see that photo.
Abhi (emotionally smiling) : Yes she was beautiful she is my wife who is lost somewhere anyways you can see it take it……
Pulkit : Sorry sir if I have hurt you but sir this lady is look alike ma but the difference is that she has not such short and curly hairs her hairs are very much long and good enough and they are straight and she never wears suit………..
(Pulkit doesn’t know how pragya looks in her old look he has just seen her in a sari and a long braid and specs.)
While Pulkit was describing her Abhi was looking surprisingly and thinks it is quite possible that it will be Pragya ……….. I have to enquire about that….. and he decides to call on that no. which he has taken from Sidharth but the no. was switched off.
Pulkit leaves for home and Pragya calls him and says beta I will not come home today I am going directly to the function. Just then Abhi gets a call and it is of principal he says
Principal : Mr Abhishek you have to come with me to attend a function in Rajaji Theater (imaginary name)

Abhi thinks that it is possible that it is the same place where Pulkit’s mother is performing…. So I should go but what if she is not the one for whom I am searching no Abhishek prem Mehra don’t feel like that if u have loved her from the core of your heart she will definitely the same my heart says she is the one. I should go and he says yes to principal. They leaves and principal stops the car infront of the store named Shehzadi Emporium (Same store where Pragya works) They enter the store because Principle wants to take some dresses for the organiser and he goes there Abhi sees a beautiful suit which is looking very good he asks the price and just then Pragya leaves in tensed face about she is late and her phone rings she is searching the phone and strikes with Abhi and his phone fell down he bents to pick up she apologises and leaves as the car was standing outside She didn’t noticed that it was Abhi when she was leaving Abhi saw her and runs back to car but the car left and he thinks I found her god I found her my life will be back to me now I have found her she is here now I have to do something to reach her …..
No more days left fuggi you and me will again together ….. yes…………….

. and he jumps with happiness he buys that suit and thinks I will give to her when she will back to me ……….
Pragya reached the theatre and The organiser says Pragya todays theme is you have to sing such song as a girl is expressing her love to her lover through feelings so are u prepared Pragya nods yes and leaves……………
Abhi and the principal leaves for the function there the principle is seated in front and Abhi goes to sit in back of the auditorium as he was not interested in that function because he has saw Pragya today..
The function starts and pragya comes infront of stage she is singing the song

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (These strings of desire)
Teri Ungliyon Se Ja Uljhe (Have gone and tangled in Your fingers)
Koi Toh Toh Na Laage (I can’t find a solution)
Kis Tarah Girha Ye Suljhe (How to untangle this knot (problematic situation))
Hai Rom Rom Ik Taara… (Every cell of mine is like a star)
Jo Baadalon Mein Se Guzre… (Which is passing through the Skies)

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (These strings of desire)

Tu Hoga Zara Paagal, Tune Mujhko Hai Chuna (You must be a little crazy as You have chosen me)
Kaise Tune Ankahaa, Tune Ankahaa Sab Suna (How did You hear the words I never spoke)

Tu Din Sa Hai, Main Raat (You are like the day, and I’m like the night)
Aana Dono Mill Jaayein Shaamon Ki Tarah… (So let’s meet/unite like an evening)

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (These strings of desire)……

Ke Teri Jhooti Baatein Main Saari Maan Loon (I believe all Your false talks)
Aankhon Se Tere Sach Sabhi, Sab Kuch Abhi Jaan Loon (I want to know every truth from Your eyes right now)

Tezz Hain Dhara, Behte Se Hum Awaara (This current(in the river) is strong, we are flowing in it carelessly)
Aa Tham Ke Saansein Le Yahaan… (Let’s take a moment and take a deep breath together)

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (These strings of desire)
Teri Ungliyon Se Ja Uljhe (Have gone and tangled in Your fingers)
Koi Toh Toh Na Laage (I can’t find a solution)
Kis Tarah Girha Ye Suljhe (To untangle this situation)

Abhi looks and identifies her and gets happy while during all the song he imagines the moment when he was proposing pragya and decides to take her with him today itself he is very desperate for that and suddenly the program ends and pragya leaves for her green room Abhi also follows but a guard stops him and says do you have a permit to go inside Abhi nods no and guard says so sir you cant go inside as it is ladies green room Abhi says pls let me go otherwise I will loose her again The guard continuously says no and says sir its my duty I cant help you and tells that one way u can use he tells something in Abhi’s ears and Abhi leaves in green room Pragya is drinking water and holding a glass is standing facing towards the wall and someone opens the door and
Pragya : Who’s there ???

Person says Mam you sung very well I need your autograph your voice is very much melodious Pragya has not turned towards the person and says look Mr I am not a star just a normal person who was hired for singing (politely said) The person says so what I know you are not a normal person you are ex-rockstar Mr Abhishek Mehra’s wife am I right You are Mrs Pragya Mehra ………………….
Prgya is shocked to hear that and turns around to see the person she sees him and glass fell from her hand and tears rolls down from her eyes. The screen freezes with that expression.

Precap :- No Precap

Guysss u will after reading this u will surely curse me because i am making you wait for reunion of ABHIGYA but believe me I just want to increase your excitement nothing else and if you say i have dragged then i had already told you that it will be after episode 5 in previous episode i said that ABHIGYA are going to reunite so start the countdown so…….. the 3 gone and 2 is this now guess when will be the reunion yes exactly you are thinking right it is ………………… keep guessing and yes guess who came to Pragya that after hearing Mrs Mehra she was shocked ….
And thanks Somiya, Srithi, Durga, Reshma, Vaishali, hani, Sana, Sharmi, Inshi, Manu,Naveena, Irina, Naseema,Kirthy, Shruthi, Aishwarya, Rasha, Sheetha for your comments i know most of you guys stop commenting after episode 1 i think u didnt like the story further but thanks and yes Naveena,, Tisha, and mainly my frndiieee Dear Somiya pls keep writing yr it boosts me alot you are my inspirations… And atlast guys plss…… keep commenting as it helps alot in improving the story silent readers pls cmnt yr there is no loss in commenting except data …….. hehe so next episode with full of emotions and yes it is quite possible that i will upload it today in night itself till then.
Stay Tuned
😀 😉 🙂

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