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Guys here is your next episode and yup i want to make you clear one thing that many of you have misunderstood that a promo of a new ff named i think Destiny v/s Love is written by me so i am telling you that to those who have guessed my name it is not written by me so to clear that confusion i am uploading my new ff promo today itself you will be able to read it today

The episode starts with Abhi sitting on a chair in laying position and Pulkit was seated on the floor resting his head on his father’s leg and his eyes were closed it seems that he is feeling that relaxation they both were talking about the time spent of Pulkit in Delhi and Pulkit was answering him and Abhi was continuously running his fingers in his son’s hair’s
Abhi : So how did you use to spend your time and your secrets with whom you use to share your secrets as I was not there here you use to share them with me or Prabhas there with whom did you got any friend
Pulkit being his eyes closed : Yes I got some friends but didn’t shared secrets with them I used to share them with Mr Raghav
Abhi : Mr Raghav ?
Pulkit : Yes my mentor he use to talk with me every night he said that he feels that I have some values like him and you know he always praised your thoughts and maa also he was the only one who bound my courage always reminding your words you know when you left me it was about two to three days were spent of practice as the practice was very hard everything was new for me and as a result with this much of physical practice I was suffering from fever you know no one was there to check weather I am ok or not (while telling this tears rolled down from his eyes and he was controlling himself) no one was there everyone was bullying me only two were there for me Shitiz and Anirudh you know they even bear punishment for me only because they didn’t went for practice for two days and the rule was if anyone skipped practice without any reason he have to bear punishment he will make food for the full batch their punishment are not so easy papa but they did and whole day they were with me taking care like their own brother and then at night as I didn’t went to talk with Mr Raghav so he came to check and he checked my fever you know he was full night with me only taking my care and that day I cant forget at all papa because firstly that day I was totally hurt that you were not there to take care of me and second reason is that day I got a person who cares for me same as like you …
Abhi (sensed he is shedding in tears) caring his head : Pulkit…
Pulkit wiping his tears to hide it from Abhi : yes…

Abhi : Why are you shedding this much tears all is ok right then what is the need of crying like this its ok na everyone have to sacrifice some happiness to achieve what they want without it is not possible right and see I also have that stage you know I faced much problems sometimes even stay away from family no one was there when I was struggling for my carrier beside dadi then I was a successful person then also because whenever I have to go out of station for concerts dadi cant travel so she wasn’t also there with me then your maa came into my life and from then whenever I am alone she is with me even though she is not then also she is with me so beta think we all are with you you are having full support from us even when ever you will close your eyes na you will see us with you then why are you behaving like this that day also I told you that these tears are only for making you weak you again and again shedding in tears after you have returned why do have this much complaint from us that we sent you far from us (calmly) we just thought about you na then whats the need of these tears you must be happy that you are return
Pulkit : I am happy I was just missing you people a lot so I cant control my feelings and these are not complaint papa these are just the incidents that I am telling you and I am happy that you all are with me as you are my inspiration I know I am having full support from you that’s why I became senior in just four years you know what Raghav sir use to say he said always that Pulkit you are lucky that you are having much supportive family and I think that is because of their support only that you have become captain in just four years people use to spend about 8 to 10 years to complete that
Abhi : Oho now enough of your army talks yr… and tell me about that two what was the name I think it was shiti
Pulkit : Shitiz and Anirudh…
Abhi : Yes they two how are they
Pulkit holding his head : Arey papa don’t ask about them so it is better (arey unke bare me mat hi poochho to achha hai )
Abhi widening his eyes : Why what happen as sometime before you were praising them and now you are saying like this
Pulkit : I was praising them but you know what they use to do they have become stubborn to meet you people I mean you and maa
Abhi smiling : Then what is the problem in that ?
Pulkit : Problem big problem is there as if they meet maa na then I will be gone
Abhi : but what is the problem ??

Pulkit gets up and checks going inside whether Pragya is there or not he looks that she is not in so he closed the door of balcony Abhi was looking him clueless that what he was doing after feeling secure Pulkit again went and sat near Abhi
Abhi : Why you closed the door like this you know your mother will kill me for that she will think definitely I am talking something from you which I am hiding from her
Pulkit : Arey if I will not do this na then I will be dead you know what I am going to tell you that is my problem and for that I am only this much irritated with them both and don’t want them to meet you and maa
Abhi : Ok ok tell me
Pulkit : so listen they want to meet you both as they want that you people fix my marriage with that girl whom I have seen just once
Abhi shockingly : Marriage ? but why and how this thought came into their mind ?
Pulkit : Yes marriage (he narrates the incident) and from that day they are teasing me that we will talk with Aunty and Uncle to fix your marriage now tell me what can I do with those crazy friends
Abhi blurts out in laughter : Pulkit marriage hahahaha seriously now I want to meet them hahahah I mean they are even ready to get full info about your future wife seriously you have got best friends hahahahah
Pulkit irked : See that’s why I was not telling now you are also teasing me
Abhi : My son now you are showing tantrums like a girlfriend hahahah now I definitely want to meet your friends
Pulkit irked : Papa now you are also talking like them I am in problem and you are laughing you are saying to call them its like you are saying go beta dig your own grave that’s not fare
Abhi controlling himself : Oh ok ok I will not say like this but one thing you are saying wrong that your mother will think about your marriage arey she is from them who even didn’t think of their own marriage that was the reason she was turned into professor rather than becoming someone’s wife (theek hai theek hai mai nahi bolunga par tum ek mamle me galat ho ki Pragya tumhari shadi ke bare me sochegi arey wo to unme se hai jo khud ki shadi ke bare me na soche yahi to reason that jo wo professor ban gayi wo bhi senior bajay kisi ki wife banne ke)
Just then one voice came from back and it was Pragya who was just arrived when Abhi was controlling his laughter
Pragya : Aan haan is it like that Abhishek

Abhi showing oops expression whispers TRAPPED and Pulkit nods yes and then Abhi turns back and said
Abhi : Nothing like that fuggy seriously I didn’t said anything
Pragya folding her hands and giving a glare look : So how is that may I know
Abhi : Arey this this Pulkit was saying that he wants to marry so I was telling him that he should not think about that so I was giving him your example that as you thought about your career first he should also think about that only na first
Pragya : Pulkit what is this you are thinking about marriage are you mad I mean look at your age you are just 22 this is not the age of getting marry arey now a days people are not thinking about marriage before 26 or 28 and you are thinking about that now
Abhi : exactly I was also saying the same
Pulkit : Arey maa whome you are believing I hadn’t told him that he is lying papa that’s not fare you are trapping me maa it is not true I swear
Abhi : Pragya I am not saying lie
Pragya : No one will talk about marriage here ok now Pulkit leave from here go and sleep and Abhishek you should also sleep now as you know from today you have to handle
Abhi cuts off : yes yes I know what I have to do according to my punishment I have to become chef for one week from tomorrow
Pragya : good
She turns and Abhi winks at Pulkit and murmurs see I was right and Pulkit leaves saying you trapped me papa you are not less than them even you are more of them he leaves and Abhi smiles and goes inside to bed and Pragya said
Pragya : By the way well trapped Abhishek now a days you have also learnt to change the topic in your favour
Abhi : You are becoming smart day by day haan how you use to do so
Pragya smiles : it’s a secret
Abhi also smiles inreturn and they both slept
It was a fine morning and a special day because today the elder son of Our Mr and Mrs Pragya Mehra was at home after a long time and so today as the turn of making food was of Abhi but Pragya was as usual preparing breakfast for them then after that lunch and dinner was responsibility of Abhi so all were on dining table and Pulkit while eating said
Pulkit : Oho maa how much I missed this food otherwise they use to give banana and milk in morning breakfast and today after a long time I am having Parathas with curd and onion tomato chutney and as usual my favourite lassi oho this is full breakfast for me
Pragya smiles just then our Abhigy and Prabhas again started
Abhigya : Maa I don’t need this chutney curd is ok for me
Prabhas : Ok then I will take it from you if you don’t want to eat
And he grabs the chutney which was in plate from her
Abhigya : did I said that I don’t want I just said that I don’t need it this means that I will eat it later then why you took it give it back to me
Prabhas : Oh hello madam once you said no means no now wait for lunch may be papa will make it for you again
Abhigya irked : you…
And she just grabbed his share of curd from his plate
Prabhas : Oye what are you doing give it back to me I didn’t said that I won’t eat it I want to eat it give it back to me
Abhigya smiles : Mr Prabhas Accounting rule says that do not anticipate any profit till you gain any loss so how can you anticipate profit of chutney without having a loss of your curd
Prabhas irked : you…
He just grabs her lassi and she get irked :
Prabhas : Miss Abhu Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has its equal and opposite reaction so you have grabbed my curd it was your action and I grabbed your lassi it was equal and opposite reaction

Hearing this Pulkit who was eating Paratha the piece struck into his neck and he started coughing and Abhi gave him water and Pragya sligltly cared his back and getting back to normal
Pulkit : maa when this happened I mean to say fight in subject physics and accountancy applied in real life
Abhi : Yes this is the change we have to apply physics and accountancy in real life don’t know how much they have researched over it I mean to say that every time either he will say that for finding a lost thing we have to first calculate the force applied over that last time and she use to say whenever she get something what silly rule is that cant remeber
Abhigya : Debit what comes in credit what goes out
Pragya : Abhigya Prabhas we have enough curd lassi everything now shut your subject fight here and concentrate over breakfast and she left
Pulkit : Well done you both are going on a right path (taunting tone)
Just then the doorbell rings and Aliya who was over with her breakfast said I will open the door
Just then she opens the door a person comes in and looking at him Abhi got irritated to extent and said to Pulkit
Abhi : You came tomorrow and at your back he also arrived see don’t know why Pragya brought him with her
Aliya : Arey Ronnie long time haah good to see
Ronnie : mee to ALiya ji where is dii
Aliya : she is inside

Ronnie goes in and with full attitude goes to Abhi
Ronnie : Oho so dii didn’t divorced you yet you are still here don’t know why dii has kept you with her (joking manner)
Abhi giving a fake smile : Oh my dear fake brother in law just like she hasn’t left you as you are still her brother I am also still her husband (replying to his joke)
Ronnie : Oh I am most important person na that’s why and what is your need nothing just taking that boaring guitar and playing music and even that is not music it is noise pollution (teasing Abhi)
Abhi tightend his teeth and smiling fakely : Pulkit tell him to shut his mouth otherwise he will not be able to speak
Pulkit : Oh ho mamu don’t tease him na
Ronnie : hey my boy you are back good to see you
Abhi : Pragya see your beloved brother is here come and meet him
Pragya comes and gets happy seeing him he goes to her and hugs her saying Dii how are you
Pragya : Arey I am fine but what happened you also came back after a long time
Ronnie : Dii till your husband and my beloved jiju is here how can I come
Abhi irked and giving a fake smile : Ronnie when I have stopped you from coming here
Pragya : enough of you both always being fight as tom and jerry Abhishek complete your breakfast always you are being ready to fight
Abhi : Arey when I fought
She left and Abhi said
Abhi : see whenever Ronnie comes here only this happens I am telling you one day I will commit suicide and I will put all the blame on him you see
Pulkit : Calm down naa papa what if Vijay uncle says same for you
Abhi : arey you are also supporting him that’s not fare
Just then again the doorbell rings and this time Abhigya went to open the door as she was done with her breakfast and Aliya said “I think today is guest day see how many times our door bell has ranged” As Abhigya opens the door two boys enter In the MM and pulled her cheeks and said “Oh ho so you are our Pulkit’s sister so sweet Abhigya gets irritated with that
Abhigya : Arey leave me who are you both and whom want to meet
They answers we want to meet your Pulkit bhaiya Abhigya says wait here I am calling him Abhigya goes in anger and said to Pulkit
Abhi : who is on the door Abhu ??
Abhigya : don’t know papa two monkey like characters are there and saying that they are friend of dada
Abhi : oho so why are you angry
Abhigya : Arey papa they pulled my cheeks see how they have done so
Abhi : relax Pulkit you eat I will see
But no need of that because till then they both were entered and looking at them Pulkit who was drinking water burst out and all the water fall on Table and he was coughing because the two persons were none other then Anirudh and Shitiz and with this reaction of Pulkit Abhi understood that they are the same about whom Pulkit was talking last night and as he got up Anirudh and Shitiz rushed and greeted Abhi

Anirudh : Uncle hello I am Anirudh his friend
Shitiz : yo uncle me too
Abhi : great I am happy to meet you Pulkit see your friends are here
Pulkit : what you both are doing here I told you not to come then why you came here
Abhi : Arey how you are saying does someone say like this to your friends ask sorry to them
Pulkit : But..
Abhi : hmmm
Pulkit drags them aside and said to them : I said to not come here then why you came
Airudh : Bhai you know na that what we commit we do it and what we didn’t commit we definitely do it (Bhai tujhe to pata hai na jo hum kehte hain wo hum karte hai aur jo hum nahi kehte wo hum definitely karte hain )
Pulkit : OH you filmy people
Just then Pragya who was coming with Ronnie Anirudh and Shitiz saw her and said
Shitiz : oye Anirudh see Aunty come lets greet her
Pulkit stops them but they making fool of him leaves and goes to Pragya and falls on her legs and with this sudden appearance she scared and jumped off and goes to Abhi then Anirudh and Shitiz get up and says to her namastey Aunty
Pragya gasping : Who the hell these monkeys are here
Abhi : these are our Pulkit’s friends Anirudh and Shitiz
Pragya : My god is the way to enter beta you have to greet like a normal people na
Pulkit : they cant maa as this is their hobby in camp also they use to do such antics sometimes they use to fall in Raghav sir’s legs
Pragya : Oho now two more jokers already I was having three in home including your papa now these two more
All laughs on that and Abhi said what did you said Pragya answers golden words are not repeated and saying this she goes near couch and Abhi follows her and Shitiz and Anirudh says woah you was saying that you bro and sis use to fight like tom and jerry but I am looking that some more are there and screen freezes over their faces…

Precap :- Abhi’s punishment MM turns into the battle field and Chhotu gets irritated over that
Guys i dont know weather you liked todays episode or not as i havent uploaded anything special today but let me tell you one thing that there is much more happenings in next update lets see what is going to be happen tomorrow as now Ronnie is also there lets wait for that and now REJI no need to be sorry yr i am just helping you and yes you are talking very well in hindi 🙂 i have no words to say basically today so i am leaving with the episode ok bye till next episode and to know that what is going to be happen next and yup major twist stay tuned 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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