KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 58)


Ok so here is your episode with Abhi and Pulkit union which you people were waiting since long time and i made you wait for that so my chak chak will continue later at this time lets see what is happening in MM after returning of their beloved son Pulkit so come lets peak in
Before going to the episode let us meet our star cast after the leap
Shabir as Abhi
Shriti as Pragya
Shiving Narang as Pulkit (grown up)
Sheena Bajaj as Abhigya (grown up) you people may know her by the name dolly in tv series best of luck nikki
Murtuza Kutianawala as Prabhas (grown up) you people know him by the name of Rohan is the tv series Best of luck nikki
Gracy goswami as Subuhi (grown up)

Faiq shaikh as Chhotu aka Yash
Additional cast
Shikha singh as Aliya
Abhishek tiwari as Rahul (grown up)
Jannat Zuabir rehmani as Koyal (grown up)
Sunny singh as Rahul (grown up)
Mrunal thakur and Arijit taneja as bulbul and purab
Vishal Vashishth as Anirudh
Ashwini kaul as Shitiz

and you know dadi she is same 😉 😛

Hope you like them now coming to the story

The episode starts with Pragya giving tight hug to Pulkit and saying that I will not let you go anywhere now Pulkit breaks the hug and says
Pulkit : Offo maa why are you becoming filmy you are talking like filmy mothers
Pragya slightly slaps on his shoulder : Oho so now you have learn making jokes also this is what have you learnt till now in delhi ( oho ab tu batein banana bhi seekh gaya hai haan isliye bheja that tujhe)
Pulkit : When you have become filmy then I also have become little bit naughty ( jab aap filmy ho gayi to mai bhi thoda shaitan ho gya )
He winks on her and runs from their and Pragya started chasing her and said
Pragya : Badmaash wait I will tell you how to become naughty wait their
Pulkit while running : Maa first catch me then whatever you want to do you can do
Looking this Aliya was laughing on their both mother and son Pragya was running behind him and they were running round and round the couch then suddenly Pragya stopped and ran from opposite side of sofa by which Pulkit caught and she caught his ears and twisted
Pulkit : AAh maa its paining leave it you won I lost maa please
Pragya : Haan beta don’t try to be over smart with your mother understand as I am your mother
Pulkit : Ok ok maa sorry but leave na first

Pragya leaves his ear and then Pulkit emotionally looked at her hugged her and said
Pulkit hugging her and resting his head on her shoulder : I missed you maa a lot I missed this chasing maa
Pragya caring his hairs : What do you think I haven’t missed you I missed you too bachha.
Aliya : Oho if bhabhi let me also meet him

Pragya laughs : when I have stopped you Aliya
Aliya hugs Pulkit tightly
Aliya : so how are you mister because you didn’t gave me a chance to speak as I entered you closed my mouth
Pulkit : arey bua you know I planned that I will surprise all of you but you shouted this much that see she came down and all my plan got failed
Aliya cupping his face : Oho sorry baba but I was this much happy looking at you that I wasn’t able to control my self

Pulkit : not to worry bua its ok don’t say sorry please and maa where is rest of the family
Pragya : your papa went to meet Purab chachu for some of the business meet he will return at night and Vijay went to Kolkata for some of his office work Aryan is in hostel and the rest of them are up in the room wait I will call them
Pulkit : maa wait don’t call them I will surprise them they are in Dadi’s room right
Pragya smiles and nods yes Pulkit rushed towards dadi’s room Pragya shouts arey carefully then Aliya comes and rests her hands on her shoulder and said
Aliya : it seems happiness is back after long time na bhabhi
Pragya holding her hand in back nods yes and then they also leaves for dadi’s room and the scene shifts to dadi’s room there all were playing and as usual fighting over chance actually they were playing snake and ladder
Prabhas : dumbo you again cheated it was my turn
Abhigya : Are you out of your mind the second chance was mine and I did so
Subuhi : didi is extremely right bahiya she hasn’t cheated
Chhotu : Arey dadi and I have watched Abhu didi has cheated definitely
Rahul : Oye chhotu don’t you dare blame my Abhu and Subu ok
Chhotu : Dadi see na he is scolding me

Dadi : Oye Rahul don’t scold chhotu otherwise I will scold you
Abhigya : dadi that’s not fare you always take his side I will complaint this with papa you see
Dadi : go and do what he will do with me I am his dadi he can’t question me
Prabhas : exactly dadi
They were arguing just then a voice came from outside that I ALSO AGREE WITH DADI so all of them looked to see that who spoke it then all were stunned to see that he was none other then Pulkit all of them rushed to him and hugged him tightly
Abhigya (having tears in her eyes ) : Dada where were you haan you took this much time to return
Subuhi : Dada that’s not fare you know how much we missed you why you returned so much late
Pulkit : arey sorry na please will you now forgive your dada for that you know everytime I thought that how much my Abhu and Subu have grown till now you know I always use to remember you
Abhigya : are you saying true dada then why you didn’t you even called us once
Subuhi : Dada you know how much we missed you no one was there to accompany us in playing pranks on Abhu didi

Pulkit : Arey my sweeties sorry sorry now should I hold my ears for that
Abhigya and Subuhi holds his hand and nods no then Pulkit give them a tight hug and kissed their foreheads one by one then he sees that Prabhas was stood over his place looking at him he was not coming to meet him Pulkit sees it and goes to him and said
Pulkit : hey you are angry on me right
Prabhas : who am I to getting angry on you as you didn’t remember me once also
Pulkit: woah this much anger so what should I do to calm it down ummmm should I do sit stands holding my ears
Prabhas breaks down into tears and hugs him : You are so bad dada you know how much I missed you every time I use to share with my secrets with your pic as you was not there
Pulkit being emotional : I missed you to bhai my sweet little bro
Dadi : arey Pulkit have you forgot me as I am also here
Pulkit : Arey dadi how can I forget you
He goes and hugs her and dadi asks cupping his face
Dadi : How are you
Pulkit : how I am looking dadi
Dadi : Just like my grand son

Pulkit : and so I am
Dadi again hugs him and Aliya and Pragya were looking at them and their chhotu who was looking him for the first time as Pulkit forwarded towards him he rushed to Pragya and she lifted him in her arms and he hided his face in her neck and asked
Chhotu : Mummy who is he why didi and bhaiya is hugging him like that
Pragya : Pulkit dada your elder brother and not even elder from you elder from everyone of your bhaiyya and didi

Chhotu slightly took his head out and looked at him Pulkit was stood near him and asked him to come Chhotu went in his arms and looked at him
Pulkit : how are you haah
Chhotu : fine and you (with little bit hesitation )
Pulkit : you know when I left na you was this much small and see now you have become big boy
Chhotu : are you saying true mummy is he saying right
Pragya : yes he is saying absolutely right
Pulkit : Oho so you need clarification from maa haan by the way maa we all call you maa then why he call you mummy like odd one out
Pragya : ask him he will tell
Pulkit : chhotu tell me why you are odd one out
Chhotu : Aryan bhaiya said that I should be different so he said that I should call mummy instead of maa as it will be unique so I call mummy

They were talking and then Rahul goes and hugs pragya from back and resting his chin on her shoulder said
Rahul : I think chachi someone has forgot me see I am also here you only understand my presence chachi
Pragya caring his face in back : Arey pulkit meet your bhaiya also see how much he is sad right Rahul
Rahul kisses on her cheeks : Right chachi
Pulkit leaves chhotu and went to Rahul and hugs him
Pulkit : Bhaiya why are saying like that how can I forget you
Rahul : thank god my duffer remembered me otherwise I thought that you have forgot me
Pulkit : it is nothing like that bhaiya please don’t call me duffer now at least
Rahul : Oye you will always a duffer for me my cute duffer
Pulkit : maa see na

Pragya : ok ok now stop all this and come now its lunch time
All laughs and Rahul resting his hand on Pulkit’s shoulder leaves all of them follows him and having their lunch then Pulkit asked
Pulkit : maa don’t tell papa that I am back at home as I want to give him surprise please
Aliya : of course we will not
Pragya : Ok baba but at this time have your lunch and go and take rest ok
Pulkit nods yes

Time spent and it was all night today Abhi was late he didn’t came till 10:30pm also all were slept till that time after having their dinner but someone was there who was waiting for Abhi of course it was Pragya and Pulkit then a car honk heard by Pragya she understood that Abhi was there and she went to see him Abhi enters and as Pragya was in front of him he hugged her and usual kissed her forehead
Pragya : how much late you have done where was you
Abhi keeping his car keys : Arey it was traffic jam yrr I got struck in that till 3 hours
Pragya smiles : its ok go and fresh n up yourself I will bring your food
Abhi : of course as I am very much hungry please and yes I know you also haven’t ate that so bring two plates
Pragya smiles : you know me very well I am bringing two plate but where you will have it in room or here

Abhi : Fuggy it is obvious that if I am eating with you so I will eat it in our favourite place
Pragya : ok I understood you will eat in balcony of our room I am bringing it
Abhi smiles and leaves after getting fresh Abhi and Pragya have their dinner and then Pragya took plates with her and smiles at him and went to Pulkit’s room as Abhi didn’t know he was in his room because it was as usual room was looking locked so he didn’t noticed that Pragya went in
Pulkit : Did he came maa ??
Pragya : yes he is back
Pulkit : where is he ??

Pragya : in the room in his favourite place
Pulkit : thank you maa now I will surprise him
Pragya and Pulkit leaves the scene shifts to Abhi’s balcony he was standing there looking at the sky and Pulkit enters the room silently without making a noise but as he moved towards balcony silently Abhi sensed that someone is coming and he sensed that voice of barefoot on white tiles were familiar to him then suddenly a tear rolled down from his eye Pulkit who was unaware of it was moving towards him and was about to hug him from back to scare him first but as Pulkit was about to do so Abhi said
Abhi : Don’t do that Pulkit otherwise I will fall for sure from here
Pulkit was in shock that how he guessed and Abhi turns towards him and said
Abhi : finally you came after making me wait this much haa
Pulkit was looking at him with a stunned expression and Abhi emotionally widened his arms and Pulkit rushed to him and hugged him tightly and blurts out in tears and Tears rolled down from Abhi’s eyes as well

Pulkit : Papa missed you so much why didn’t you came there to meet me tell me
Abhi : I too missed you beta and what you are saying you know that parents are not allowed there still you are saying like this and why didn’t you informed that you are coming I would have made a grand welcome for my child’s return

Pulkit still crying : No you are my papa I would have tell them that let him enter otherwise I will not live here you know how much I missed you but didn’t cried as you told me
Abhi caring his head : Its good my bachha that you didn’t cried but then why are you crying like that now see yourself you are crying like a kid
Pulkit : No I will cry today as I am very angry upon you I said na that I will not go there then why you sent me neither you have sent me nor I have been far from you till 4 years
Abhi : Arey what are saying I just send you to fulfil your dream na and see I told you that time also that don’t say ever like that
Pulkit : sorry
Abhi : its ok
(Guys make you note one thing in this whole convo they didn’t broke their hug)
Abhi breaks the hug and said

Abhi : so not much changed Mr. Pulkit Mehra just little bit change in face and hairs and what is this why this much long hairs I have seen that and heard also that Army people have short hairs then how you are having this much long hairs
Pulkit makes Abhi sit on chair and he sits down and Keeps Abhi’s hands over his head and Abhi started caring his hairs
Pulkit : First of all papa your son is not just Mr. Pulkit Mehra I am captain Pulkit Mehra ok and the second thing is that I haven’t took a haircut since one week as I didn’t got time because there was our last session in which we have to give written exams and not any practical exams so no one noticed it also that’s why my hairs are long and the third thing is I was missing this head massage by you so thought that its better to have long hairs so that you will care them like this na

Abhi patted on Pulkit’s head slightly : Oh Mr. so you have learnt making talk also haah ( oye ab tu batein banana bhi seekh gaya haan)
Just then Abhi felt that someone’s hand were on his head he looked that was Pragya and she said
Pragya : not only making talks he has became naughty also
Abhi : Oho so naughty also Mr. this will not work here ok
Pulkit : Oho papa you will never change that’s why I always use to say that you should be called maa because you always talk like her only and maa why you told him that I am returned I know you told him that’s why he knows that I was the only one who is at his back
Pragya : I haven’t told anything to him

Abhi : Pulkit I am your father and I know you better then you beta you have to learn some tricks still because father is always father your footsteps told me that you are here understand
Pulkit : you still remember them (with a shock)
Abhi : Pragya see this boy he thinks that we will forget his footsteps also
He patted his head slightly and Pulkit said
Pulkit : Oho how many times you will beat me like this
Abhi : till you didn’t use your mind
Pulkit : maa see him what he is saying

Pragya : don’t include me in your fight solve it on your own
Abhi : Pragya I forgot to tell that tomorrow Bulbul and Purab are coming and yes koyal will be also with them
Pragya : that’s great
Pulkit : Koyal is also coming it means again we have to bear tantrums
Abhi : oh Mr less than you ok
Pulkit : maa why are you not saying anything to him see he again started
Pragya : I will not interfare you father son handle it on your own
While this whole scene Pragya was massaging Abhi’s head and Abhi was massaging Pulkit’s head
Screen freezes over their happy faces

Precap : three persons enter in the MM looking two of them Pulkit gets shocked and looking one of them Abhi gets extremely irritated and irked

so how was the episode i cant decide you will decide it and yup please leave the best scene today in comment box

i think i am too bad because what i read in comment is always everyone writes that no words to describe i think i should stop doing this so that you people will get some words for me otherwise i will read the comments like this only lozzz 😀 anyways jokes a part thank you everyone for your support and Yup REJI dont write pure hindi please as i am also unable to understand such words such as utsuk for understand its meaning i have to ask my mother lolzz and yup when you write about your self so the suffix used in that is gi or ki like karungi or bolungi hope you will understand lolz i think i have taken hindi class today dont take my words wrong and please forgive me if you are hurt by that i was just trying to help you who are trying to speak in hindi as it is great 🙂

ok then i am leaving you with the thought that WHO ARE THE THREE PERSONS WHO CAME IN MM I THINK TWO OF THEM YOU PEOPLE WILL GUESS BUT WHO IS THE THIRD ONE AND WHY ABHI GETS IRRITATE LOOKING AT HIM think about it guys and for know who is he stay tuned 🙂 😀 😉 😛

Credit to: Surbhi

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