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OK HERE is your episode but i was laughing over that alot after reading your comments that in every ff people are waiting for ABhi and Pragya union but in my case the situation is opposite as here you all are waiting for Pulkit and Abhi union so i want to ask why you people are so much desperate yr… they are going to meet tomorrow for sure it means in next episode because i dont want to keep you people wait over that ok so in this episode only one part is there ok now lets go to the story

The episode starts with Pulkit chasing Shitiz and Anirudh and finally he catches Anirudh by his collor from back
Pulkit gasping : What did you said say it again
Anirudh gasping : I was just saying that you should try to plan something for your parents
Pulkit : Plan??
Shitiz : bhai you are returning after four years so will you directly go and say maa I am back like 90s movies (bhai tu 4 saal baad laut raha hai kya ainwai jakar bolega ki dekho ma maa mai aa gaya like 90s movie)
Anirudh : plan something to surprise them otherwise if you will go like this na Aunty will welcome you with the rolling pin {(belan) use to make chapatis round} as you haven’t informed about yourself from past one year and she will say beta with the speed you have come go back with double of it( agar aise hi jayega na to Aunty tera swagat foolon se to nahi haan lekin belan se zaroor karengi aur kahegi jis speed se aaya hai uski double speed se laut jaa)
Pulkit : Oh my mother is not like that ok she will never do this

Anirudh : bahi mothers are mothers all mothers are same weather it is your or mine and I am saying that she will do this so she will definitely do this
Shitiz : yes you know once when I was studying in class 10th my friend threw a party before our boards and that day I forgot to imform maa bhai believe me when I returned home god swear that day I wasn’t able to sit because my mother treated me with whatever she got in her hand chappal rolling pin whatever she got she thrown that on me believe me and the thing which hurts most among these utensils you know what is it (haan bhai pata hai jab mai 10th me than a tab mere ek dost ne party di board exams se pehle aur mai maa ko batana bhool gya bhai us din jo padi na ab tak yaad hai baithne layak bhi nahi chhora tha itna mara tha mummy ne bhai jo mila hath me wo mara chahe belan ho chappal ho ya kuchh aur par yaar jo cheez unme sabse jyada dard deti hai na pata hao kya hai wo )

Pulkit and Anirudh in chorus : What is that ?
Shitiz : bhai Spatula as it is already flat from front and when it gets on you at the speed of 180km/h bhai all efforts get fail over that (Bhai wo spatula matlab karchi bhai jab padti hai na to admi uthta nahi uth jata hai sari maar kam hai uske aage ek to)
Anirudh : Oye she is your mother or hitler I mean mummy also have treated me when I not informed her but not like that (Oye teri mummy hai ya hitler bhai maine bhi maar khai hai isi baat par. par is tarah nahi )
Pulkit : then how she treated you ??
Anirudh showing his teeth and caring his head from back : hahahah bhai bat was used and that was at the speed of 1000km/h she treated me like a washer man treats dirty clothes she washed me with full concentration (Bhai mat hi pooch to achha hai mujhe jis cheez se peeta gaya wo tha bat wo bhi pada tha 1000 ki speed se bhai yakeen kar us din mummy ne mujhe aise shiddat se dhoya that jaise dhobi kapde dhota hai)

Hearing them Pulkit blurt out in laughter : hahahaha seriously you both deserve that only hahahah Shitiz spatula hahahahahah Anirudh Bat hahahah seriously now I want to meet your mothers and want to say that aunty do it some more because they are still like that naughty.. hahahahahaha
Anirudh irked : bhai you are laughing like that never this happen with you (Bhai tu to aise bol raha hai jaise tere sath aisa kabhi hua hi nahi)
Shitiz : Everyone has faced such situation in their life understand
Pulkit controlling himself : Anirudh and Shitiz yes it is true that I had never faced such situation because I never made a mistake like this I have informed her every time just one time it was happen that I didn’t informed her about something but then also she never treated me like this
Anirudh : then what did she done with you ?
Shitiz : yes we want to know that…

Anirudh holding his head : Shitiz what have you said now again we have to go to the flash back
Shitiz : so what’s the problem in that Pulkit bhai come we will go in your flashback I am coming if this mental is not coming then let him stay here only
Anirudh : I am also with you

Pulkit laughs : Then listen (flashback is shown) I was in the class 11th I was reading my books one day as my friend was absent that day so some boys started badmouthing about maa and I just said that don’t say so they started beating me and they did this to such an extent that my eyes were turned into blue my face was swollen and my body was paining that much that I wasn’t able to walk then papa helped me as he was posted in same school as a music teacher he took me to the principal he make him punish those boys and then our tension was that how will I face maa as I was scared that what will be her reaction after seeing me like this so papa decided that we will go home after maa will leave to work so we did I went to home and directly slept there papa treated my injuries but it wasn’t easy to hide it from her at morning she caught me and then you won’t believe she was scolding me hardly she was crying looking that I was in pain but she was scolding me as well

Flashback ends
Anirudh : yeaa that’s why you are like this only if aunty have beaten you at once na then you will only realise what the fun is in it when your mother beats you but after sometime she cares for you loves you ( haan tabhi tu aisa hai agar aunty ne tujhe ek baar bhi mara hota na to tujhe pata chalta ki maar khan eke baad jo pyar milta hai na uska kuchh alag hi maza hota hai)
Shitiz : yup we can’t understand her (hum unhe nahi samajh sakte)
Pulkit : Exactly every mother have her own way to show concern but the intensions are same
Anirudh : then its ok that Aunty don’t use to beat you ( ye achha hai ki aunty tujhe marti nahi hain )
Shitiz winking at Anirudh : you can tell about that something something to her (tu uske bare me unse directly baat kar sakta hai)
Pulkit staring at them : what did you said say it again ??

Anirudh : Nothing we were just singing that song Shitiz what was that
Shitiz : yea it was you are my dumpling dumpling hello honey bunny you mu pumpkin pumpkin hello honey bunny that idea ringtone remember its very funny na
Pulkit : people should learn from you that how to change the topic
Anirudh : haha bhai but tell me one thing
Pulkit : yes
Anirudh : You said that you are son of a rockstar then how a rockstar can teach in school
Pulkit : Idiot he is rock star but he use to teach students as he loves doing it my mother was professor na before their marriage so to experience that he use to do so
Anirudh winking at Shitiz : Oh so that is it anyways tell me one thing more
Pulkit : yes now what ?

Shitiz : when you are introducing us to uncle we want to meet him
Pulkit looks both of them one by one with a false smile : Never as I know why you have to meet him now stop your nonsense and come today we all have to leave have you forgot it
Anirudh : yup we are coming
The trio leaves to their dorm room
The screen shifts to MM there Pragya was shown little bit tensed upset as well as angry she is folding the clothes and keeping them on their place when suddenly Prabhas and Subuhi came in shouting

Prabhas : maa where are you
Pragya : what happen why are you shouting like that
Subuhi : see na maa what chhotu had did
Pragya controlling her anger : Now what he has done
Prabhas : he has practiced his ABCD in my English notebook which is of school now tell what should I do as he has written on the page which mam has checked now I can’t tear it also
Subuhi : Maa my text book of Computers he has practiced his drawings on that now mam will surely punish me for that
Pragya shouts : Arey then why you people don’t use to keep your books and notebooks on right place always I have to assemble them you spread them here and there I have to take care of them
She was scolding them just then Abhigya entered and said
Abhigya : See maa what chhotu has did he has made his drawing in my science notes now what should I do tell me
Pragya was fuming in much anger : Chhotu Chhotu chhotu all problem is because of him only na today I will tell him where is he

Pragya comes out shouting his name and he comes to her in fear
Chhotu : What happened mummy why you are angry
Pragya holding his hand : Angry today I will tell you what is anger because you are the only one who is creating problem for everyone being naughty always everyone has complaint about you so today I will tell you
Chhotu in fear : I haven’t done anything mummy seriously ( about to cry)
Pragya jerks him : really so you will say this also come today i will end everyone’s problem when you will be closed inside the room alone na then you will come to know that always being naughty what will it result then nobody will complaint about you come
Chhotu was scared fully and starts crying in fear and the trio realised that they have said that to Pragya on wrong time as already she was angry and now we made her very much anger see now chhotu has to bear

Abhigya : Maa leave him na its ok don’t scold him maa please it was our mistake
Subuhi : yes maa didi is right it is our mistake please forgive him see how he is crying badly
Pragya : Just shut up always chhotu chhotu chhotu everyone has complaint about him only today I will not leave him
Prabhas : maa..
Pragya : I says just shut up

Pragya dragged chhotu to a room he was crying very much this much he was crying that he started sobbing then dadi came out listening that much noise and saw that Pragya was dragging chhotu to a black room he was crying and she was fuming in anger she goes to her and holded her hand
Dadi : Pragya have you gone mad going to close a child in this room alone
Pragya : no dadi let me do this because now a days he is becoming more naughty
It was looking like Pragya has lost her calmness she was behaving like mad person who is just eager to punish someone without any mistake she was not listening to dadi also then dadi shouted aloud
Dadi : Enough Pragya leave him see what you have done to him now without saying a word go to your room and don’t come out until your mind gets cool understand

Pragya looks at dadi and leaves chhotu’s hand and by stamping feet she went to her room and Chhotu was crying bitterly now and looking him like that tears were shedding from the eyes of trio
Hours were spent and dadi was trying hard to console chhotu and he was little bit stopped crying but not fully convinced he was still crying but now he was sobbing dadi was trying hard but all attempts were failed just then Abhi entered who was went for some work and as he entered he looked Chhotu near dadi in that condition so he rushed to him and as Chhotu looked at Abhi he widened his arms gesturing that take him in his arms then Abhi also did so and as he took chhotu in his arms he holded his T-shirt tightly and began cry again Abhi was able to feel that clutch which was clearly showing that he is scared of something as he was crying so much that Abhi’s T-shirt got wet with his tears but as he was crying from much time he was sobbing hard and Abhi looked at this and got tensed as he was confused that what happened suddenly that a kid who was playing happily in the morning is now crying like this so he asked to Dadi patting chhotu’s back slightly and Dadi told the incident

Dadi : don’t what happened to her today she did like this with him see how he is crying…
Prabhas : It’s all because of us as already she was upset and tensed and we complaint about him to her then she lost her temper also
Abhi : What ? she was already upset but why and by the way where is she ?
Dadi : She is in room I have said her to don’t show the face till you cool down your anger don’t know how can she do this
Abhi : Abhu Prabhas Subu what he had done only written in your books right and whose mistake was that why you left books so much carelessly haah can’t you take care of them on your own always use to trouble your mother is she having only work of taking care of your books and stuffs when you people will do that on your own your carelessness and see him now and think your self was he the one who should get the punishment for that what you people have done on this silly thing you have made an issue (scolding tone being tensed)
Abhigya : We agree upon that papa

Subuhi : sorry papa
Abhi : Now go to your rooms leave its ok I will take care of him
The leaves and Abhi was continuously patting Chhotu’s back and after sometime he stopped crying but was silent and sad as he was still holding Abhi’s t-shirt tightly and his head was on his shoulder then Abhi slightly asked
Abhi : Yash chhotu bachha what happen
Chhotu nods in nothing keeping his head still in that position
Abhi : Mummy scolded you today did you made any mistake
Chhotu again nods no then Dadi said
Dadi : Don’t know how can she do this
Abhi : Its nothing like that dadi if she had done so I am confirmed that she was already upset and the matter was for sure of him only that’s why she done this and it is not like that she will be sitting alright in her room I know she will also be sad remembering his face that’s why she hasn’t came down till now

Dadi : I know beta that she can’t do this but still I am shocked
Abhi : wait dadi I will talk to her
Dadi nods and Abhi gets up to leave to his room and while going he was saying
Abhi : come we will go now to talk with mummy and we will ask her that why she scolded you like this ok
Chhotu was silent they both went in and Abhi saw Pragya and he was right she was crying sitting near the bed on the floor holding bedsheet and she saw Abhi she got up and hurridly wiped her tears so that Abhi couldn’t see them but it was waste as he perfectly knows that what and why and when Pragya is going to do something so he goes near her
Abhi : what have you done Pragya you made him cry today and why you was going to close him in room
Pragya turning his face aside : so why he is so naughty

Abhi turns her towards him : he is just a kid if will not be naughty then who will now tell me what’s the matter as you wont take such step I know very well without any reason
Pragya : He is kid so why don’t others understand that he is just a kid a small kid who only knows how to play and whatever he do it is not done intentionally he even didn’t know the meaning of that then why can you answer me why others can’t understand that (again tears rolled down from her eyes)
Abhi wiping her tears with his one hand as in other he was lifting chhotu : What happened tell me what is the matter why are you so much upset
Pragya : Since two days Abhishek there is not any single moment when the neighbours come in home and complaint about him I was fed up of all those
Abhi : complaint which type of complaint ??

Pragya : Yesterday Mrs. Khurana was here I thought that she is here to meet me or discuss something but no she came here to complaint about him and that was by his ball the flower pot kept in her garden were broken and she said that it was about fifth time then one more complaint I got that he has plucked flowers from Mrs kharbanda’s garden and it was not less again and again people were coming and the only name which they were taking was Mrs. Mehra Yash broke my window glass he broken fence he beaten my son etc etc., that’s why I was so much upset now tell me did he done it intentionally Abhishek he is a kid I know he didn’t did it intentionally these things just happens I think by the hands of anyone this can happen then why everyone is there to point out my children only why tell it was better when we were in Raigadh people were much understood there how many time our neighbours their have loss their precious things just in playing but they never complaint but these people they cant see any child’s happiness…
Abhi : hmm so this was the problem
He sits on the bed and faced chhotu and make Pragya also sit near him then he asked him
Abhi wiping his tears : beta you broke anyone’s window today with your wall
Chhotu sobbing : I … I … di…didn’t di..did it intentionally it was Varun who thrown sixer and took my name and he always use to do so
Abhi : Pragya Varun is Mrs. Kurana’s son right
Pragya nods yes

Abhi : But why he took your name as he is much older than Yash why he use to take his name in his wrong doings
Pragya : that’s why I am saying they all take his name in their wrong doings why
Abhi hugging chhotu : don’t worry bachha don’t go to play outside from now onwards that bad boys are the reason my son is crying like this haan now stop crying see looking you like this your mummy is also crying
Chhotu looks at Pragya with emotional face and goes in her lap she also hugs him tightly and Chhotu said
Chhotu : I will not play with them from today I will play with you only or didi but now with them
Pragya caring his back : yes baba we will play and we will watch cartoons but we will not play with them hmmm now relax ok today mummy scolded a lot naa now come I will take you outside Papa will also come ask papa will he come with us
Chhotu looks at Abhi and he smiles and said

Abhi : Of course Papa will come we will go for drive then we will go to park we will eat ice-cream there
Just then the trio enters and said we will also come and Abhi said then go and take what ever you want to take with you the trio rushed and ABhi said take him also
Abhi : chhotu go and take whatever you want to play ok and do fast
Chhotu holds Abhigya’s finger and goes
Abhi again looks at Pragya who was sitting lost in thoughts Abhi wrapped her in his arms
Abhi : Arey what happened now where you lost
Pragya nods nothing

Abhi : Look I know what you are thinking you are thinking about him right so listen to me no need to send him out as here are no children of his age so it’s better he will play here only ok and that Varun we will see him and his family later how dare he blamed my child to do so
Pragya : its ok now leave as I am not going to send him there any more
Abhi : then come as our mini force is ready
Pragya smiles and they leaves Prabhas took badminton with him to play with Arayan and Subuhi Abhigya and chhotu were having flying disk and with them ABhi and Pragya were also playing then Rahul and Prabhas joined them and Abhi and Pragya took badminton and ABhi teased her that wearing a saree she will play badminton
Abhi : It is impossible
Pragya : Arey it is possible ok I can
Abhi : are you sure
Pragya : Of course

Abhi : then come

They both took one one racket in their hand and Pragya pinned her saree pallu covering a round on her waist and started playing they both were enjoying even everyone was enjoying and Abhi was smiling continuously because when Pragya was hitting the cock by the badminton racket her bangles were moving up and down and were making a slight sound which was clearly heard by him and he always use to think that his wife who is a rock star’s wife even a famous celebrity also she have much money to spend on her but no she always use to stay like a normal married women even after this much time she use to wear glass bangles beside the golden or any other precious metal’s it is not like that she doesn’t have them she have much of them but she love to wear them that simple saree with simple look not like most people use to carry saree with some special style but her style was simple everything which a common women will wear. she is still away with that shine of rich society and this was the thing Abhi loves most in her. Her simplicity was the only thing for her which makes her beautiful in every outfit whether it is western or indian and he was lost in her then Pragya noticed it and asked what gesturing by her eyebrows Abhi nods nothing and just then chhotu came there and said

Chhotu : Papa ice-cream see there I want that cone ice-cream
Abhi lifts him : why not come we all will have it what say Pragya want to do a race that who will eat fast
Pragya : why not
Abhigya and Prabhas : we too
Rahul : I am also coming
They all went to ice-cream man and have their ice-cream chhotu was happy now and looking him happy Pragya was feeling relaxed and ABhi was relaxed as now everything was normal

Next day morning everyone was at home as it was Sunday but Abhi went to Purab to meet him for some business meetings and he was to return by late night and Aliya was having responsibility of managing all the household work today so she was doing so and Pragya was with kids as they all were playing some kind of indoor games and chhotu was seated in her lap dadi was also there looking at them playing just then the doorbell ranged and Aliya went to open it and as she open it she shouted in excitement as it was none other then Pulkit who was on the door Aliya shouted Pul… but then only he holded her mouth and drags her aside but till then hearing Aliya’s shouting voice Pragya was there and she looked at him and stood in shock there and tears rolled down from her eyes and Pulkit also saw her and became emotional
Pulkit : Oho bua that’s why I was saying that don’t shout see you wasted my surprise see
Pragya rushed towards him and he hugged her emotionally
Pulkit : maaa……

Hearing that tears rolled down from Pragya’s eyes and breaking the hug she cupped his face
Pragya : where was you for this much time and how are you and why didn’t you informed me that you are coming haah you know how much I was desperate to meet you see how much you have made me wait ( kaha tha tu haan itne dino se aur kaisa hai tu batya bhi nahi tune ki tu aane wala hai tujhe pata hai kitna bechain ho rahi thi mai tujhe milne k liye haan aise jata hai kya koi)
Pulkit : maa let me also speak naa..
Pragya again giving him a bone crushing hug : no just wait here and now you are here na then I will not allow to go you see how much weak you have become I have send you healthy and see how you have become
Tears were continuously shedding from her eyes and Pulkit was also emotional and tears were shedding from his eyes also as he was feeling that warmth of protection which every child feels in mothers arms only that he was getting after a long time
Screen freezes over their faces

Precap : Abhi and Pulkit meeting

ok some more emotions are going to be shown tomorrow i mean in next episode ok guys and yes REJI thank you yr for taking my side now SOmiya and Reshma you have one team and i have REJi in my support ok 😀 😉 now both the sides are balanced i want to ask something from Reshma and REJI are you both having Insta account if you have so please mention them in comments box and yup Pavi i was very happy when i read that the mad over pragya abhi became friends yr… and yup thank you to every one for commenting and yes it is 4:22 pm here i am uploading the episode dont know when telly updates people will upload it and yup stay tuned as more fun is waiting ahead think about that when Airudh and Shitiz will come to MM think about Pulkit’s reaction and i am leaving you with that thoughts ok til then bye bye 😉 😀

Credit to: Surbhi

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