KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 56)


Sorry for the late update guys as i was busy little bit that’s why i wasnt able to upload the episode anyways my chak chak will be continue later now lets go to the story

The episode starts with Abhi sitting in his music room and making some compositions and while doing that he remembers how he use to play instruments with him he always use to accompany him with his drums and use to create a mini band for him and thinking all that he suddenly stops as someone entered in the music room and it was none other than Pragya she comes to him and looks him upset then she asks him

Pragya : What happened to you !! You are in music room and looking upset for the first time why? remembering Pulkit right
Abhi nods no: I was just upset because I have made one tone and I am unable to find suitable lyrics for it
Pragya : Abhishek it is the second reason I know you don’t want to tell then its ok I won’t ask but one thing can I listen that tone or give me notes of that music I want to listen
Abhi holds Pragya’s hand : It’s very difficult to hide something from you
Pragya smiles: Because same situation is with you also I also can’t hide anything from you that’s why you are unable to do so
Abhi smiles at her

Pragya : Now may I see the notes
Abhi : Yup but on one condition
Pragya : Condition !! Which type of condition??
Abhi : you will play it on piano as it is much time spend you haven’t played and sung anything for me as before you use to do so I still remember that when you use to play that tone over piano and for you only I decided to bring piano as your voice with music of it was melodious for me but see I haven’t heard that voice since long time so please play na
Pragya holding his hand: just this!! You want so your wish will be fulfilled today but first give me the notes I will play them

Abhi : sure these are the notes but are you sure you want to play this on piano as I said that I have no lyrics for them so it will be better you play something else we will look it afterwards
Pragya taking the notes : Let me try ok and if I will unable to do so then I will surely play your favourite one ok
Abhi nods with a smile and offers the seat Pragya sits there and looks at notes then she starts playing it and her full concentration went on that suddenly she lost in that sweet music and started singing the lyrics at that time were created by herself at the spot and Abhi also got shocked that the thing which he was trying to do from a couple of days she did it in minutes and then he decided to record that and he started recording there taking a camcorder he was stood near Pragya she was playing he was listening and looking at her being lost in her song Pragya was fully lost in that music she looked at Abhi’s face and with a smiling expression and sung
Thode Badmash Ho Tum (You are a little naughty)
Thode Nadan Ho Tum (You are a little innocent)

Thode Badmash Ho Tum (You are a little naughty)
Thode Nadan Ho Tum (You are a little innocent)
Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai (Yes, but this one thing is true)

Hamari Jaana Ho Tum (That You are my life)

Thode Badmash Ho Tum (You are a little naughty)
Thode Nadan Ho Tum (You are a little innocent)
Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai (Yes, but this one thing is true)
Hamari Jaana Ho Tum (That You are my life)

Through this song all feeling and thoughts of Pragya were expressed and her thoughts were also what she thinks about her love it was clearly expressed by this song of hers Abhi was looking at her with smiling face which was showing some kind of relaxed expression
Meri Saanson Ki Jhankar Ho Tum (You are the rhythm in my breath)
Mera Solah Shringar Ho Tum (You are my adornments)
(Solah Shringaar literally translates to 16 adornments.
It encompasses sixteen basic steps of beautification of a woman from head to toe)
Meri Aankhon Ka Intezar Ho Tum (You are the what my eyes are looking for)
Meri Emaan Meri Shaan Mera Maan Ho Tum (You are my trust, my pride and my honor)
Thoda Beimaaan Ho Tum (You are a little dishonest)

Thode Shaitaan Ho Tum (You are a little devilish)
Thoda Beimaaan Ho Tum (You are a little dishonest)
Thode Shaitaan Ho Tum (You are a little devilish)

Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai (Yes, but this one thing is true)
Humari jaan ho tum (That you are my life)

Thode Ummmm Um U Mm M Ummmm Nadan Ho Tum (A Little Innocent)
Umm Umm Um U M Ummm Umm Haan Haaan Haaan Hmhmm

As the song ended Pragya and Abhi both came back into their senses and Abhi looked at the recording and decided to keep it with himself as it was like a proposal of I love you by pragya which she rarely use to say then Abhi said
Abhi : Superb fuggy I was trying it since two days but was unable to find suitable lyrics for it but you made it in just few minutes how
Pragya : don’t know as the music you made It felt to my core of heart and I lost in that and words were coming on their own

Abhi kneels down holding her both hands: That’s why I say that you are the best Don’t know how you use to do it but seriously you use to surprise me every time and this is best for me that’s why I use to say that you are best for me my life’s precious gift nothing can be better than you see even my music also gets soul after your interference and presence only otherwise it is also just music
Pragya : it’s all because you are the same for me (cupping his face) till you are with me everything is with me the day you will leave me I will leave myself ( jis din aap mujhe chhor denge us din mai khud ko kho doongi kyuki aap hain to hi meri khushiyan hai to hi mai hun )
Abhi keeps his head in her lap and said

Abhi : Same with me also till you are with me our kids are with me I will exist and if you will not then there is no existence of mine and you know that very well ( kuchh aisa hi hai jab tak tum ho mere sath mere bachhe hai mere sath meri family hai mere sath mera wajood hai kyuki tumhi logon se mera wajood hai jis din tum chhor dogi na mai bikhar jaunga aur ye tum achhi tarah jaanti ho ) and you know I did that with Abhigya for her wellbeing only not for hurting my sweet doll
Pragya : I know that’s why I didn’t said anything and I really want to say thank you to you for so
Abhi wakes up and looking at her holding her hands : No needs to thank na fuggy as its our responsibility and by the way if you were not angry then why did you gave punishment for cooking next week to me

Pragya laughs : Because I was missing food made by you specially that Maggie so I thought if I will say it to you to specially made for me then all others will start teasing my sweet hubby so I thought so…
Abhi : Becoming smart Mrs. Mehra ok then if my dear fuggy wants to have food made by my hands then I will surely make it
He stands and kisses her forehead then Pragya also smiles well and then she said
Pragya wakes up : Abhishek ..
Abhi : Hmmm
Pragya : It’s been a long time we haven’t gone for a walk
Abhi smiles and excitedly: shall we go
Pragya being in shock: At night I mean look at the time children are slept and we will go for a walk this time!!!

Abhi : Everyone is slept that’s why I have said to come this time as we can spend a whole night together talking to each other under the sky filled with stars
Pragya smiles and nods ok they both leaves for a walk keeping hand in hand and Pragya keeping head on her husband’s shoulder holding his hand tightly with her both hands and Abhi also holding her hand and walking with her they both were having their talks Abhi was telling something Pragya was laughing and then Pragya was telling something Abhi was laughing and like this they were spending some quality time with each other….
It was morning everyone was looking happy including Abhi and Pragya because after a long time they got some time for themselves as otherwise Pragya use to stay busy with household work Abhi with his music compositions and rarely use to spend some time with each other but yesterday they both not even spent time with each other but after a long time they both went for the romantic walk and it was the favourite thing which Abhi likes most being with his wife walking for a long time feeling her presence and clutched in her hands makes him feel that he is the most happiest person in the world.

They all were on breakfast table and then all the kids arrived and Rahul was also with them today and Pragya served breakfast to them then Aliya also came there she was wearing a full sleeve Kurta with chines collar and with rough bun her flicks were coming out which were troubling her face and she was again and again struggling with them then finally she got success in that she somehow pinned her flicks in her hairs and came to dining table there as everyone wished her good morning and Rahul for teasing her said
Rahul : yeah someone is looking damn hot that today temperature will definitely raise outside ( aaj to koi bahot hot lag raha hai pakka bahar garmi badhne wali hai )
While Rahul said so then only Abhi looked at Aliya as he was first fully concentrated on his breakfast

Aliya : Mr Rahul I am hot by birth do you have any doubt on it
Abhi : Hot hot what hot look at yourself you think that you are looking hot with this nest on your head
Aliya irked : Bhai this is style this is called Rough bun what say girls (Subuhi and Abhigya )
Subuhi : I agree with you bua
Abhigya : Papa this is the style which makes you most adorable
Abhi : This nest on your head will give you adorable look I don’t think so.
Pragya who was coming out for serving the hot parathas patted slightly on his shoulder and said leave it na it’s her choice you have your breakfast saying this she left and then something strucks in Prabhas’s mind so he winked at Abhigya and she understood what he was saying and then she said something in Subuhi’s ears and she said something to Rahul and he said ok then Prabhas said to Abhi

Prabhas : Papa you are saying right don’t know what these girls think of themselves always think that they are looking cool in their get up but they always look like a ghost
Abhi : That’s like my son you are saying extremely right beta
Abhigya : Papa we don’t look like a ghost this helps in increasing our beauty
Subuhi : making us extremely beautiful
Aliya : don’t say anything beta ji what bhai will understand look at him doesn’t even know that how to make a better hairstyle haah what he will know about our styles
Abhi irked : Ooh madam whatever hairstyle I have its better than your nest which you had made on you head just giving a shelter to a bird and her family is left
Aliya irked : what did you said bhai if you said one more time my hairstyle a bird’s nest then see what I will do ?

Abhi : what you will do ? will you tell your birds to attack on me hahaha
Prabhas : No papa I know that what they will do they will go and burry their face in wheat flour then they will put a red lipstick on it and then they both will say that see how we are beautiful hahahah papa seriously
Abhi and Prabhas laughs hard and shares a high five
Aliya : Its enough bhai you can’t make fun of my beauty
Abhi widening his eyes : beauty with this type of getup seriously!!! Aliya scare from god you have to face him after your death you are saying this scary look a beauty it is looking like a ghost which is desperate to suck some one’s blood…(sundar ar is get up k sath Aliya bhagwaan ka khauf kha jaan deni hai tune use are is look k sath tum aise lag rahi ho jaise ek bhootni barson se tadap rahi hai kisi ka khoon peene k liye)
Aliya irked : bhai you are saying me ghost
Abhi : no I am saying your look as a ghost

Aliya : it’s a same thing
Abhi : have a difference
Aliya : how ??
Abhi : look If I am saying that you are looking like a ghost then it will be insult of ghost because even ghost are also scare from you because you are their boss that’s why I am saying that your look is looking like a ghost then it means you are looking less scary (dekho agar mai keh raha hoon ki tum bhootni lag rahi ho to ye unki insult hogi kyuki bhoot tumse khud darte hai tum unki boss lagti ho is mamle me tum unki boss ho matlab tum unse jyada darawni ho samjhi isliye mai keh raha hoon ki tum bhoot jaisi ho iska matlab aj tum kam darawni lag rahi ho )
Aliya : ooh is it like that ( oh achha aisi baat hai)
Abhi : yes paglu

Then aliya came back in senses and remembers what she has just said then she got more irked on Abhi argument between Abhi and Aliya was continuing all the kids were enjoying this as this was their plan only to make them fight like that like kids then Prabhas said to Rahul in his ears
Prabhas : what I was saying bhaiyya see them
Abhigya : Look at them fighting like kids
Subuhi : this is what we were saying bua and papa have started fighting like Abhu didi and Prabhas bhaiya
Rahul : hmm you both are saying extremely right
Then the scene shifts to the upstairs from where Chhotu was coming he was in his night suit and searching for Pragya then he sees Abhi and Aliya’s cat fight and without give importance to it went to kitchen there he looked at Pragya and hugged her from behind Pragya notices that it was chhotu

Pragya : Areyy my chhotu woke ( kissing his cheek)
Chhotu resting his head on her shoulder : no I am still feeling sleepy come na make me sleep
Pragya : Oh this is not the time to sleep now come on wake up go and brush your teeth then we will have a bath and then breakfast see I have made aaloo parathas your favourite
Chhotu : Mummy I will but first tell me why papa and bua are fighting like tom and jerry
Pragya : They are fighting !! come we will see
They goes out and Pragya looks that Abhi and Aliya’s nok jhok was continue and All the kids along with Rahul were enjoying so she understood that this was done by them only she came there and shouted
Pragya : Arey stop it why you both are fighting like this what is the matter and Abhishek you why you are becoming a kid day by day
Aliya : see na bhabhi he is saying that I am boss of ghost
Abhi : what wrong I have said
Pragya : enough of you both you know you are fighting like this and see them they are fully enjoying your fight now enough Aliya you leave as you are already late and Prabhas you have some work I think subuhi are you not getting late for school Abhigya I think I have given you some work have you done that
Abhigya : I was preparing that maa and almost I had practiced half
Prabhas : surely I will show you that after returning from school
Subuhi : Papa is here how we will go alone
Abhi : I am coming na come
They all leaves and Abhigya leaves for practicing the song which Pragya has given her to practice as there was a annual day function in their school in which she has participated and since she was bearing her suspension so there was no scope of practicing in school so Pragya was helping her with that..
Scene shifts to Delhi there Pulkit was with Anirudh and shitiz spending his break time after training a lot
Shitiz : Pulkit bhai what have you thought
Pulkit : about what
Anirudh : about making us meet your parents
Pulkit : and why is it so
Anirudh : because we have to tell them about your love na so that they will think about your marriage
Pulkit : You both have lost your mind I think have you gone mad atleast think before you speaking and if you really want to discuss about this only then I am leaving..
Shitiz : ok ok its fine we will not talk like that but you stop behaving like girlfriend ok
Anirudh : We agree that your face looks like girls as you are cute but it doesn’t mean that you will behave like them also ( mana tera muh ladkiyo jaisa cute hai par iska matlab ye nahi hai ki tu baat bhi unhi ki tarah karega samjha )
Pulkit smiles and a flash back voice over echoed in his mind that I agree that your face is like a sweet charming voice it doesn’t means that you will cry like them also ( the scene was Pulkit was crying over something and Abhi was trying to console him and he said this to him ) remembering that a tear rolled down from his eyes Shitiz and Anirudh notice that
Anirudh : woah again remembered something

Shitiz : I am sure this is uncle
Anirudh : bhai Pulkit tell me one thing have uncle left any thing for us I mean to say that whichever dialogue we deliver for making your mood light you use to go in flash back
Shitiz : exactly that’s why we are saying that make us meet with uncle we will ask him that uncle why you have loved him so much that our friend is became emotional fool
Pulkit laughs at them
Anirudh : finally he came out of flash back
Shitiz : By the way Pulkit I think you should ask your parents about love marriage
Pulkit stares at them and they runs saying this and Pulkit started chasing them…
Screen freezed at Anirudh and Shitiz running and Pulkit chasing them….

Precap : someone enters the home and Aliya looking at him about to shout but he holds her mouth and drags her to the corner

ok first of all sorry to all of you as i was busy thats why i was unable to upload the episode but the another reason was i didnt got good response over last episode anyways i think it is telly update’s mistake as now a days they are deleting comments mostly and i am saying that because i have faced it i have commented about two three time then only one comment is posting but thank you to all those who commented and yes Pavi dear your story is going superb i love the way four brothers of Pragya care for her pamper her i wish i could have experienced that but i cant as i am the elder one in my full family I think it will be most challenging task for Abhi to convince their love i really want to see that and REJI i felt really bad that you ended your ff in just 28 episode as yours was the one of them for which i use to wait but everything has its end i think you will start a new one and i am desperately waiting for it dear and Somu aur Reshma maaf karo re baba bht zyada hi galtiyan karti hun par meri jaan mat lena na kyuki agar tum log meri jaan le loge to mai ye bache kuche episode kaise upload karoongi hai na so thode din k liye baksh do 😉 Kutty i think you can little bit understand hindi so its ok as sometimes when I become very happy i start blabbering in hindi 😀 😛 anyways thank you to everyone

now coming to the episode i dont know weather you liked it or not but hope you will comment and yup about the precap lets see what is going to be happen in mm now as someone has entered and dragged aliya any guesses guys who can the person be please leave your thoughts down in the comment box

Credit to: Surbhi

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