KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 55)

OMG i mean not for much comments but for that much feeling full comments seriously you guys made my day and i was like i have aahh i cant elaborate it neither i can express my happiness nor i can describe it 😀 😉 🙂 Its about 9:30 pm i am uploading my episode dont know when telly updates will upload it
Ok now i think most of you people are waiting for Abhi and PUlkit union but i want to say one thing you have to wait for it as i have decided to make it special little bit funny and full of emotions so till then enjoy PUlkit with his friends and you know the rest and yup Reshma its good that you know hindi now i can do my bak bak full on with you 😀
Ok now coming to the story

Episode 55
Episodes starts with Abhi is sleeping and Pragya is lying she is not able to sleep as she is having thoughts of her children as how they will here and if they would have eaten food or not whether they have slept or not she was trying hard to call but all the time phone was unreachable so she was in thoughts and was unable to sleep then the scene shifts to MM here all are slept but someone was there who was still awake and it was Abhigya she was thinking about Pragya tears were shedding from her eyes remembering that day when she behaved badly with her and was thinking that where did she went without informing anyone…
Abhigya to herself : Where did ma gone she didn’t told to anyone it is almost two days spent she haven’t returned and papa also don’t know that where did ma gone did she left us alone No no this can’t happen as she can become angry with us she can ignore us but she will not leave us like this but if this is not possible then where did she went as dadi also don’t know Papa also don’t know Prabhas also don’t know even bua also don’t know where she went then it is quite possible that she no no Abhu you are thinking over everything is ok it is possible that she got and emergency in her contracts so she went there
And thinking about all that she slept and then it was about 10:00 am in the morning Prabhas and Subuhi left for school as Abhigya was suspended so she was sleeping no one gone to wake her up and by that time Abhi and Pragya were also back and after coming Abhi directly after having breakfast went for some work in the office Aliya went to her boutique and dadi left for gurdwara and as Pragya was tired as she didn’t slept last night so she went to room to take rest and she slept on couch itself then Abhigya woke up with a sudden jerk she was sweating it seems she has seen any bad dream she hurriedly left the bed went in wash room and splashed water on her face then said to herself it was just a bad dream Abhigya just a bad dream nothing else maa is alright then she got fresh and left the room when she went down Chhotu was going to Abhi’s room so Abhigya asked
Abhigya : Hey chhotu where are you going you know na that papa and maa are not at home then why are you going to their room ?
Chhotu : No didi they are back in morning itself and I am going to mummy she went in room before some time.
Abhigya : Maa is back !!!
Chhotu : Yes didi and see mummy and papa brought this toy car for me this works like this see vroommm vroommmm
Abhigya : great then you should test it in hall see whether it works properly or not
Chhotu: Yes I think you are right I am going to check it now.
Chhotu leaves and then Abhigya rushed to Pragya’s room and while going she thinks that I will say sorry to her now itself without any delay whatever she will do I will accept if she slapped me then also because I have done a mistake and should get punishment also Papa forgiven me hope maa will also forgive me and thinking all this she goes in her room and starts looking for her then she noticed that Pragya was sleeping on couch so she jerks her to wake her but as Pragya was in deep sleep she didn’t got affected and Abhigya started thinking negatively she thought that Pragya is not waking up she screamed out maa and started crying badly as those thoughts were roaming in her mind and with that voice Pragya woke up with a sudden jerk and as she woke up she saw that Abhigya was crying sitting near her and Pragya kept her hand on her head as Abhigya was crying very hard as she was already scared with her dream and then saw Pragya sleeping like that so she was extremely scared and when she saw Pragya was awake and caring her head and then without wasting a second she got up and hugged her tightly
Abhigya crying : Maa sorry ma I am very sorry please forgive me but talk to me and don’t leave me alone from next time please maa please….
She was crying and that much crying that Pragya didn’t expected that she will cry like this then looking at her that she realised that she is really feeling guilty she hugged her back and start caring her back gently
Pragya calmly with love : enough its ok now I am not angry with you as my Abhu is feeling very much guilty and now she will not behave like this not think like this hmm promise me now you will not repeat this again hmm
Abhigya crying hard : No no maa never I won’t think like this ever but you don’t leave me if I do mistake so without any doubt beat me scold me but don’t leave me please maa..
Pragya hugging her : who said you I will leave you all no bachha I will not, now stop crying like this maa is with you na then why are you crying like this don’t cry bachha why are you crying like this beta what’s the matter that you are crying like a small kid don’t do so
Abhigya crying and sobbing : maa I saw a dream in which you left us alone forever everyone was wearing white dress everyone was crying and there was your photo there on which a garland was there and Papa was seated like a lifeless body near Purab chachu maa I was very scared when I woke you but didn’t responded then I was totally scared..
Pragya laughs and hugs her back tightly : Oho so my daughter is scared over that !!! no worry bachha I will not go so easily and you know now I will live long as old people say that if you have seen someone dead in dream then that person will live her or his long life so I will be with my Abhu for ever and not even Abhu with Prabhas Subuhi and with chhotu also…
Abhigya was still crying
Abhigya sobbing in mild voice : But where you went you didn’t told anyone even Papa said that he don’t know where are you. You know I thought because of me you left us all
Pragya being shocked : areyy how is this possible everyone knows where I was gone and even your papa also as I was with him we went to Bulbul maasi’s home
Abhigya sobbing : But I called there and maasi ma told me that you are not there everyone played prank with me maa..(again cried hard)
Pragya hugs her and start rubbing her back as Abhigya was crying from almost one hour continuously and her face was full red now and she was sobbing hard her eyes were swelled out and Pragya was trying to console her as she understood that Abhi and all made this prank on her.
Pragya : enough bachha how much you will cry see your face is red now don’t cry please stop crying ok come you don’t want to leave me na then get up we will sit on bed ok not down like this come
She makes her stand and with her sits on bed Abhigya keeps her head on Pragya’s lap and lies on bed and Pragya starts caring her head as It was clearly seen from her face that how much she was scared after sometime Abhigya was silent the silence was as like they are alone in some place where there is even not a single tree is present Pragya caring her head
Pragya calmly : Abhu bachha wake up now see its lunch time beta I have to prepare lunch na everyone will be back and you my dear also have to eat something naa now get up like good girl…
Pragya tries to wake up but Abhigya was holding her saree tightly so that she was unable so she understood that she is not ready to leave her
Pragya : Abhu bachha look papa along with Prabhas and Subuhi played prank on you na hmm..
Abhigya nods yes and then Pragya said
Pragya : Ok let them come back then I will see them all they all made my daughter so much cry na I will punish all of them you see
Abhigya in a mild voice : Not them bua also
PRagya : Yes of course bua also and I will punish bulbul maasi and chachu also ok now get up
Abhigya nods ok and then she turns around and Pragya wipes her face and says
Pragya : see how you have made your face by this much crying full red now wake up and wash your face then come down today I will make you eat your favourite dish ok come
Abhigya : maa I will stay with you only you stay here I am coming
Pragya : Abhigya you come down I will prepare for lunch till then ok
Abhigya nods ok and Pragya leaves then after sometime Abhi along with Prabhas and Subuhi also returned and Aliya was also back in half day as today Rahul was coming back and they all wanted to welcome him Prabhas and Subuhi left for changing their uniforms and then return and then Abhigya also came and as she sees them all she hurriedly rushed to kitchen where Pragya was and when she was going Abhi saw her and called her but she didn’t heard and hurriedly enters the kitchen then Abhi thought what happen to her and here in kitchen
Abhigya : maa they all are back
Pragya : I know beta as today Rahul is coming back na that’s why all are returned home early
Abhigya : You will not scold them for doing this ??
Pragya : Of course I will but in front of dadi as she has gone to gurdwara now and when she will return we will punish them all in front of dadi you go and sit on the table I am bringing food go
Abhigya : No I will also serve with you today as many days passed I haven’t kept a single plate on the table also
Pragya : Oh this much change very good ok then go and arrange plates there
Abhigya leaves and as she left and starts arranging the plates Prabhas saw her and said to Abhi
Prabhas : Papa are you looking what is going on..
Abhi : Of course I think now that old
Subuhi : littlebit naughty Abhu didi is back
Chhotu : Don’t get this much happy as I heard now that Maa is going to Punish you all as you made Abhu didi made cry so much today she was crying hard you know this much big tears (gesturing from his small fingers ) were falling from her eyes
Abhi shocked : Oye what are you saying we gonna punished by your maa..
Chhotu : Exactly not even from maa but from dadi also… I will get escape as I am small you people think of yourself as she has planned to punish you all with dadi and Aliya bua you also gone today
Saying this he leaves with his car
Abhi :Damn he gave us a shock of 440 volts
Prabhas : and of 4400 horse power
Subuhi : we are going to finish now papa do something your plan is going to backfire on us
Aliya : and with you people I will also bear punishment god save me today
Abhi : Oh first shut your mouth you all as when you will shut your mouth then only I will be able to think something naa
Aliya ; bhai think think
Prabhas : think papa think
Subuhi : papa think think just think
Abhi : Arey yr it’s an idea which I have to thought not an turtle who is in a race you are hooting go turtle go (Arey yrr idea hai turtle ki race nahi jo tum log cheer kar rahe ho sochne to do)
Prabhas : Your mind is brother of turtle only (Apka dimag turtle ka bhai hai bada bhai )
Abhi irked : what did you said
Prabhas left and then Abhi asked to Aliya
Abhi : What did he just said
Aliya : bhai leave him just think the way to escape
Abhi : yes you are right
Abhi was thinking but just then Dadi enters and Chhotu goes shouting dadi and holding her finger he brings her to the dining table Abhi and Aliya looks at dadi with scared expression
Aliya : Bhai have you thought something because I am looking a 6 feet grave infront of me
Abhi : No but at least don’t scare me like this and according to your height you need a grave of approximately 8 feets..
Aliya : What did you said
Abhi : Oho stop it don’t fight now lets see whats going to be happen
Aliya : So get ready bhai as my gut feeling is saying that today all the kids here are going to be punished by their parents your kids from Bhabhi and we will be from dadi
Abhi :Exactly no way to escape now and don’t know about yours but I am definitely going to be punished double one from dadi and one from mother of my children oh god save me
Just then Pragya enters with Abhigya and Abhi looking her understood that he is going to bear double punishment one from dadi and one from his wife
Abhi :Arey Pragya where is food we all are waiting for it
Prabhas : yes maa
Subuhi : where is it
Pragya keeps hands on her waist : I will tell you where is your food first you all stand up from here
And go and stand there (indicating towards the living area)
All leaves and stand in the living area in a line the scenario was looking like a teacher is punishing to several back benchers they all were standing doing their heads down and joining their hands as all knows that what is going to be happen
Dadi : What happen Pragya why you have made them stand like that
Pragya staring at them : Dadi you know what your grandson has done he was the only one who said to me that Bulbul wants to meet me and she can’t come here and so I agreed to go but what he told here that he don’t know where I went and your granddaughter and these two Prabhas and Subuhi also accompanied him and as a result Abhigya was this much scared that she started bad dreaming Dadi ask them what kind of prank is this
Dadi : Abhi what is she saying
Abhi in kiddish manner : Dadi you only said na to make her realise her mistake in Lady Mogambo style so I did that
Dadi holds her head and sits down on the couch : God your children have grown up Abhi but you are still there with your dumb mind never wants to understand that what the person in front of you is trying to say arey I said that because I thought that you understood that I am saying to point out her every mistake and make sure that whenever she do so you make her realize that but what you thought such an idiot you are god when will he use his mind
Aliya murmurs : Never..
Abhi stares at her Aliya gestures what Abhi angrily stares at her and Aliya ignores their antics were looking same as when one is being scolded the another one makes fun of him
Dadi : And Aliya you !! you also did the same you accompanied him in his doings you also didn’t used your mind that what impression did that child get on her mind of this prank
Pragya interrupts : Effect was there Dadi she was crying like a kid today this much she have cried that while sobbing she was unable to speak up a word this much she was scared.
Abhi : But fuggyy..
Dadi : Don’t talk there talk to me tell me if something would happen to her then what you will do Abhi you will punish yourself for that because if something happened to her in fear then you might have cursed yourself for this prank yet understood always being in your fun is not good sometimes it becomes dangerous also
Abhi keeping his head down was listening and Prabhas and Subuhi looking at them were passing a wicked smile then Pragya came near them and holding Prabhas’s hand tightly
Pragya : You .. you have grown so much older right that even you didn’t thought that I will be angry upon you in your fathers company you have lost fear of being punished na am I saying right
Prabhas in scared voice :Wo Maa I said to him that you will become angry but he said that I will see her..
Abhi’s eyes got widen as already Dadi was scolding him and now his son took his name in front of angry Pragya and now he knows that he is gone today he thought beta Abhi this was a super strike now he took your name till now you was facing a storm now get ready because you are going to face a flood you are definitely gone today now first the punishment was double now triple so get ready then Pragya leaves Prabhas and goes to Subuhi
Pragya : Subu you also did the same right now I will tell you that how pranks result get ready to bear punishment…
Just then chhotu interrupts and said
Chhotu : Yes mummy punish them see how much they have made Abhu didi cry you must punish them and papa he must be punished more you know he was trying to trap me in his plan but I somehow escaped Abhigya didi you don’t fear I am with you always ( folding his hands near his chest)
Abhi’s eyes got widen hearing that
Abhi : see this boy he is making false statements he was also with us trust me Pragya
Prabhas : Yes he was the one who controlled all the situations
Subuhi : Yes he was the one who hide all the landlines and now he is becoming smart chhotu I won’t leave you
Pragya : Oho so this was the reason that all time when I called at home the phone was unreachable
Abhi patted his head and then looked at Subuhi with a false smile saying well done for making grave of your father as all were disclosing their happenings and now chances of getting punishment was increasing and Subuhi with a opps expression said sorry to Abhi and Abhi thinks today they have made a full proof plan to make me die from my dadi and my wife’s hand Abhi tomorrow your photo will be there for sure
Abhigya : Don’t believe him maa he only said that you left us because of me he was the one maa
Pragya : Oho so chhote ustaad you are also included now you will also have to bear punishment come stand over here with them come
Chhotu : Mummy whom you are believing don’t believe them they want to separate us they are making a wall between us they are creating rift between a mother and a son don’t get into their trap mummy..
Pragya : Mummy k bachhe come here punishment is same for everyone and you are saying that you haven’t done anything as like you are so much clear as like water go there now (Mummy k bachhe tujhe abhi batati hun aise keh raha hai jaise inse jyada shareef koi hai hi nahi chalo udhar jakar khade ho jaldi ek se ek hai sab)
Chhotu goes and stands near Abhi : Papa see because of you today I got trapped now I have to bear punishment
Abhi again lost in thoughts god what rival you have from me you are giving shock over shock first this Prabhas then Subu and the left over completed by this chhotu (bhagwan apko mjse kya dushmani hai jo mere raste lagate ja rahe ho aur wo b in nalayako k zariye )
Pragya : Now dadi you decide their punishment as they won’t take me seriously I know well
Dadi : better leave them beta warning them last time
Pragya : No dadi If they did it again then ??
Abhi : Arey we will not do it seriously god promise arey kiddos you also say na
All the trio in chorus : yes maa forgive us this time we will not do it from next time for sure
Aliya : please bhabi
Dadi : Ok now go and have lunch and if you did it again then see how I will teach you a lesson
All takes a relaxing breath and Abhi looks at Pragya she was still in anger
Abhi to himself : Pheww escaped today by dadi but beta look at your fuggy she will not leave you definitely get ready for her punishment
They all were about to leave but then Pragya stopped them and all looked in shock to her then she said
Pragya : What you people are thinking dadi has forgiven you all forgiveness is not from my side understand
Aliya in shock :Bhabhi
Pragya : Exactly !! you all will get punishment Prabhas your punishment is you will complete five chapters of Mental Maths books
Prabhas making faces : Mental Maths (as he doesn’t like solving Mental Maths so it was a great punishment for him like hanged till death ) maa cant you give some other punishment because mental maths
Pragya staring at him : No you have to do this is your punishment understand and show it to me by tomorrow afternoon as I know today you will not do that as Rahul is coming tonight but don’t dare you think that you will escape because you know I will remember and till you will not show it to me I won’t let you go to play understand
Prabhas makes faces and says ok then Pragya turns to Subuhi and Chhotu
Pragya : Subu your punishment is you will help Chhotu in learning the numbers and make sure that he don’t forget and Chhotu your punishment is you will write four pages of your notebook with alphabets ok
Chhotu with widening his eyes : Four you mean One two three four ( Counting with his fingers ) this is too much but I will do it maa because sky will never lean down and I will never stop ( Apka matlab one two three four itne sare pages koi baat nahi mai karoonga kyuki aasmaa kabhi jhukta nahi aur mai kabhi rukta nahi )
Pragya : Ok I will see Mr. po panda ( Cartoon character from movie Kungfu Panda) Now Aliya ji…
Aliya with scared expression : Yes Bhabhi
Pragya : All household work on Sunday no relaxing
Aliya : But bhabhi
Pragya : No ifs and no buts you accompanied them so you have to bear punishment also
Aliya looks with a weird face says ok and gives an angry look to Abhi with a glare then Pragya goes to Abhi and Abhi thinks now ready for the bomb which is going to fall on you
Pragya : Your plan you are master mind so I think it will be better for you that you will make food for all of us in upcoming week
Abhi giving a fake smile : woah sure I am glad you gave me this punishment as this is better then sleeping alone in outhouse
Pragya : Ok then have your lunch and make your mind set according to your punishment
Pragya leaves and Abhi stamps on floor then looks up and says Trapped now you will be chef for one week damn very good family you have got all escaped and the senior one trapped great Then Pragya shouts from there that stop Abhi says yea I know what you will say don’t complete it I am coming Pragya says good They all have lunch then at evening Abhi was just about to leave for airport to pick up Rahul but he got shocked when he reached at the door as Rahul was there he was stood there and looking that Rahul was at home Abhigya and Subuhi rushed to him and hugged him tightly
Abhigya : Bhaiya you took so much time in returning why is it anyways you know we have very much bak bak to share with you
Rahul : ok chhutkis but let me meet others also
Subuhi : Yes yes bhaiya permission granted
Rahul laughs and goes near Abhi and hugs him tightly Abhi asked
Abhi : How are you ??
Rahul : Fine chachu
Then he goes to Pragya and touches her feet Pragya blesses him
Rahul : How are you chachi ??
Pragya : how am I looking ??
Rahul : Hot as always
Pragya slaps his shoulder : Badmash you have become so much naughty and see yourself you have become so much slim and trim didn’t you got food there in Kota that’s why I said not to leave now see your self
Rahul : Chachi chachi its ok now I am here na see I will be fit and fine again and yes I am like this as I didn’t got tasty food of your hand na
Pragya : Now I won’t let you go anywhere you will stay with us only
Rahul : of course chachi I will not go anywhere now
Then he goes to Aliya and hugs her
Rahul : Yeah bua looking damn cooll…
Aliya : woah great your chachi is looking hot and I am cool (making pouty face)
Rahul : Of course bua as chachi is hot that’s why chachu have a chachi fear
Abhi : what did you said
Rahul : Nothing just blabbered
All laughs then he goes to Dadi and takes her blessing and then he goes to Prabhas
Rahul : Hey how are you and when your eyes came in contact of these specs chashmish
Prabhas : Bhaiyya I am fine and please don’t call me chashmish na
Abhi : he got in contact with these specs from the day when he started reading that much physics that he started applying in real life also
All laughs and then Rahul sees chhotu and takes him in his arms
Rahul : Hey chhotu you grown up right when I left you was just blabbering now see your self
Chhotu : But bhaiya I can speak now see
Rahul : Yeah but that time you wasn’t
Chhotu getting rid from his lap rushed to Abhi and said
Chhotu : Papa is he saying right
Pragya : Of course now you people sit here I will bring coffee to you all and snacks also
They were having their chit chat when Pragya along with Aliya brought snacks and coffee for them then suddenly Rahul asked
Rahul : Chachi where is my duffer he is not here
Pragya feels sad but controlling herself : No he haven’t returned yet
She with a heavy heart left to kitchen and Abhi understood that he also follows her taking excuse from them and goes into kitchen there he saw that tears were rolling down from Pragya’s eyes he goes forward and keeps his hand on her shoulder she come into senses and wipes her tears immediately
Pragya : You here do you need something (trying to ignore him)
Abhi holds her hand : You are hiding from me as you know I am also feeling the same even more than you I am feeling that you know it very well still you are doing this
Pragya turning towards him : he haven’t wrote any letter its being one year neither he have called how can I feel better and it’s have been four years completed but we don’t know that how he looks neither we have seen him nor we have talked him from past one year I don’t even know that is he really well or not I don’t know how much he have changed in four years we don’t know when will he come back as four years have passed and he haven’t returned once he went from here
Abhi hugging her : I know I also agree with you don’t know why he is doing so with us
The screen shifts to Delhi here Pulkit was in the shooting area doing practice just then Shitiz and Anirudh joins him and after ending their practice they said to him
Anirudh : Bhai pulkit we have decided something
Pulkit loading his gun and pointing towards the target : What you have decided ??
Shitz : we have decided that as we three are from Mumbai so we can meet there also so we will come at your home after meeting our family
Pulkit widening his eyes : And why you decided so
Anirudh passing a naughty smile : bhai you said that your siblings are naughty right so we will come to increase the fun as your siblings will get two more brothers then fun will be golmaal fun unlimited
Shitiz winking at Anirudh : Of course and we have to meet uncle and aunty also na then we will tell them that uncle when you are calling us in his marriage
Anirudh : No why we will wait for invitation it our brothers marriage we will go directly you don’t worry Pulkit bhai we will come
Pulkit : may I know whom I am going to marry
Anirudh : Don’t be shy yrr we know that girl in women’s team of army which is just behind that cantonment and in girls hostel whose room window is just in front of our room window
Shitiz : arey that same girl whom people use to call lady dabangg I know there is something in between you both
Pulkit keeping his rifle down : Have you both completed your crap there is nothing like that and how can you conclude our marriage as even I haven’t talked to her and didn’t know her name also and even I haven’t seen her after that day I just saw her once and you are saying like this
Anirudh : It means bhai you really want to know about her just order bhai we will see we will take out her whole bio-data when we will go out from here (passing a wicked smile)
Pulkit : Just shut up you both it is nothing like that and yes you both won’t come to my home ok as you both will definitely make maa think about my marriage and papa he will start teasing me no you can’t come till you clear your misunderstanding that we have something in between us understood idiots I think if someone have friends like you then there is no need of enemy you people are totally mad ( Tum logon k jaise dost ho na to dushmano ki zaroorat hi nahi hai )
Anirudh : Ignore and resist how much you can bhai but we know there is something something
Pulkit : Nothing
Shitiz : something something (teasing manner)
Pulkit with a glare : Nothing I said naa…
Anirudh and Shitiz were still teasing him then and he said
Pulkit : You know because of your these antics only you both are declared most naughty and mischievous cadets
Shitiz : try how much you can but we know there is something something
Pulkit looks at them with nodding his head in that they will never change and he leaves from there thinking about that day and a flashback is shown that Pulkit was preparing for his exams for next level and just for a little break he went near window and there he saw that window of girls room which was infront of his room was open today as it remains close all the day but today it was open and a girl was there standing lost in thoughts he looked at her and with a bad luck just that time Anirudh and Shitiz came there and girl went from there and window was again closed from that day they both use to tease him with that flashback ends and then Shitiz and Anirudh passing a wicked smile in chorus says
Anirudh and Shitiz : Something something
Pulkit shouts : Nothing
They both again shouts in chorus and shared a hi five : Bhai something something
Pulkit gives them a glare angry look and leaves then they both again shares a hi five and screen freezes one side Abhi and Pragya’s sad faces are shown and one side Pulkit going to dorm room with a sweet smile

Precap : Rahul and chhotu make a prank on Abhi and Aliya along with Subuhi ABhigya and Prabhas
Ok so please leave the comments if you liked the episode and yup dont forget to write the best part 😉 and for Pulkit and Abhi union stay tuned

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