KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 54)

Hello KBians how are you 😉 returned after almost 7 days right i know that but believe me i missed your all comments Durga Reshma Vaishali Kaif Nivedhita sana shree ABhigya varssha devi shrithi banu and ofcourse My sweet somu ahh forgive me for that if i forgot any one’s name and yup as i promised to you people that i will upload a longer episode so i did it i have uploaded a little bit longer episode and yup as a treat for you people i will upload one more episode tonight itself 😀 ok so now coming back to the story

The episode starts with Pulkit leaving to Mr Raghav’s room he was in the cantonment so Pulkit also went there and asked
Pulkit : Sir did you called me ??
Raghav : hey Pulkit my boy come here come and sit
He takes Pulkit along with him and makes him sit near him
Raghav : so all set !!! Ready to go home..
Pulkit smiles : Sir there is time in that but yes I am excited for that
Raghav : Yes I know because you are going to meet your family after four years that’s why
Pulkit : yes sir I am very excited to meet them I want to see that how my siblings looks after four years and of course maa and papa
Raghav : Boy don’t take me wrong but you are desperate to meet your father first because you was only crying for leaving him that night.
Pulkit (shockingly): Sir you still remember that day !!
Raghav : Of course because many people come here to join army but those parents are rare who send their children with their own choice to army and the way your father left you I remember my days when I was here my father also left me like that only he also said same to me as your father said and that is the only reason I became so fond of you and I think that this is the only reason you attained a position of captain in just four years otherwise people spent lots of years about eight to ten years in training to attain this position and you attained it in just four years by clearing every exam and training so smoothly so I think you got full support right

Pulkit smiles keeping his head down : Yes sir I still remember that day when I got the clarification letter of giving exam that I was permitted to give exams then my mother was not ready to send me but one who supported me at that time was my father he was angry on her because she was not supporting me he even didn’t cared about her thoughts just kept his point of view and said “do whatever you want to do but I will support my child” I remained in tears hearing those words from him because he was ready to fight with everyone for me and then I don’t know what he said to maa she was also agreed after sometime that day I was seated on that study table of mine I remember and she came and said that she have no objection in that then you know sir I was this much happy that I went in hurry to tell this to him and I fell down and I didn’t noticed that my elbow was injured it was bleeding I was just in hurry to tell him and I did so but when he saw that blood on my elbow woah sir I can’t explain how much he scolded me I still remember that day because he was continuously scolding me for being careless and maa was laughing looking his this much concern for me…..
Raghav : Really if he was this much concerned about you that after seeing that blood he got this much panic then how he got ready to send you here I mean to say here you have to bear enough injuries right for becoming physically ready for any attack
Pulkit : Don’t know sir but the thing I know is just that he gave courage to me at every moment he was the one who inspired me every moment when I was becoming weak even when I was not ready to come here he was the one who make me agree he said that I should fulfil my dream he was there sir for me at every moment his words were my only strength in these past four years….
Raghav sipping his coffe : of course I can imagine that as the way you was crying that day then wiped your tears by remembering your fathers word it was clearly visible that he did so
Pulkit : yes sir..
Raghav : Ok Pulkit there is about one week and you people can’t leave without completing your session so from here onwards we will talk this time only but you leave now as it is very late and till you are here you have to stay in discipline ok
Pulkit stood and smiles : yes sir
Raghav : Ok then good night boy
Pulkit : Good night sir
Pulkit leaves for the dorm room and while returning he remember that day when he was getting in leaving Abhi after that emotional good bye

Flashback starts
Pulkit left after saying good bye to Abhi went to his dorm room with teary eyes and went to the bed directly which was allotted to him all the boys were talking and taking introduction of others but he was seated on his bed and was extremely sad then two boys came near him and they were Shitiz and Anirudh they asked for his introduction but he didn’t said any word they noticed that he was so sad so they tried to talk to him continuously and cracks some of the jokes Pulkit felt light hearted and from that day the trio became friends then after having their dinner all went to sleep but that day Pulkit was unable to sleep he was missing his family very much it was mid night and he was unable to sleep so he went out of his dorm room and sat in the parade ground which was at little bit distance from the dorm room he was sitting there where some chairs were and tears were shedding from his eyes just then someone came there and said “what are you doing here at this time don’t you know the rules of this camp you can’t go out from your dorm room in night go from here immediately go and sleep now otherwise you will get punishment Pulkit didn’t said a word then the person felt that the child is sad so he kept his hand on Pulkit’s shoulder calmly he was none other than Mr. Raghav who was there on a round
Raghav : What happen beta you are looking extremely sad..
Pulkit looks at him : Nothing sir
Raghav : hey you are the same boy right who took late entry in the camp when gate was about to close
Pulkit : I didn’t did it intentionally sir I was just saying good bye to my father
Raghav : ok ok but you are missing your family right that’s why you are seated here at this much night
Pulkit becomes emotional at this time and nods yes then Mr Raghav said
Raghav : when you met your father for last time what were his last words before leaving tell me
Pulkit looks at him clueless: he said that there should be no tears in my eyes because the field in which I am going here tears make us weak and I should not cry even if I am missing them and then he said me to wipe my tears on my own
Raghav was impressed by Abhi’s words: so do you think you are doing so
Pulkit : No
Raghav : Exactly if you love your family this much then you should keep their words mark also
Pulkit was looking at him with shocking expression and realised that he was saying right
Raghav : do you know everyone here is away from their family boy your father said right there is no need of such persons here who use to shed tears like you on small things understand and if you got what I said then leave from here now
Pulkit nods yes and was leaving then Raghav called him and Pulkit turned back : Whenever you feel that you are missing someone then you can come and talk to me directly ok
Pulkit nods yes and leaves

Next morning everyone was ready for their first day of training and Pulkit was also excited and now he was feeling well after last night meeting with Mr Raghav they all went out for their first day of training Shitiz and Anirudh were amazed that he was so emotional yesterday and now he is looking like nothing is happened but they were happy as their friend was happy they all went out on their first call and started training then it was the time to meet their mentor and Pulkit was surprised to see he was none other than Mr Raghav he was very strict that time even if someone smiles infront of him while training so he use to give him punishment of taking 20 rounds piking a rifle up doing their hands up of the full ground which was of 400 meters which was really a difficult task for a new one and Pulkit was in thoughts that is that the same person whom he met last night and after a long schedule of training cadets have their dinner at sharp 7:00 clock and all went to sleep and as usual Pulkit went to take a walk as it was his habit to take a walk after having dinner so he went as per his habit out of his dorm room to parade ground and there he again met Raghav he was also there for a walk Pulkit was little bit hesitant to go infront of him after looking his strictness in morning so he was going back but by that time Raghav saw him and called him then asked
Raghav : What happened you again missing your family
Pulkit : No.. yes. I mean no sir
Raghav laughs : First of all relax this time I am not your mentor or teacher or anything this time I am just a normal person who is here to take a walk after having dinner now tell me what are you doing here
Pulkit feels relaxed: I use to take a walk after having my dinner in home also I use to do so in garden
Raghav : Oh that’s great that means we have very much things similar in us It means finally I got someone with whom I can talk now
Pulkit now felt free to talk : why sir you didn’t have anyone to talk here are so many people right all are in the same field right..
Raghav : Beta I am here from almost 20 years but you won’t believe I didn’t found anyone relevant to talk with me as all are here not good at their mentality an army officer is for the protection of others but those people who are here they feel that they are disciplined and the persons who are out from the cantonment are civilians they use to call them civilians as they think that they are very disciplined so they should not use to talk with them as others are in-disciplined and in this environment I didn’t feel myself as I am living between humans
Pulkit : But sir this is wrong right !! when we are here to save the people then why should we discriminate with them we should see them as our brother sisters friends and almost as a family.
Raghav was impressed by his words: Exactly!! That’s why I said that I have got someone with same mentality as mine
Pulkit smiles and from that day Pulkit and Raghav use to talk with each other every day in night after having their dinner
Flashback ends

Pulkit was in his dorm room now he took his family pic and sat on the bed there and said Maa Papa I am coming back to you


The screen shifts to MM
It was Sunday morning 6:00 am all were sleeping by this time even Pragya also and two were there who didn’t slept whole night one was Abhi who was thinking about how to clear Abhigya’s misunderstandings and one was Prabhas who was shattered by her sisters words that she said against him to Pragya both were in their respective rooms then suddenly the Alarm Clock started ringing but before it gets louder Abhi rushed to it and put off the alarm as today he wants that his wife who was crying a lot last night and wasn’t able to sleep because she was upset should take complete rest and then he went to get fresh n up and after doing so he went out from the room leaving the room in dark to let her sleep he was going down when he saw that lights were on in Prabhas’s room so he went inside to check that why is it so as Prabhas was also not there and as he went in he saw that Prabhas was on his study table sitting taking Pulkit’s photo in his hand and resting his head on Chairs back after looking all that Abhi understood that Prabhas didn’t slept whole night he kept his hand on his head and Prabhas came to his senses he asked
Prabhas : Papa you here ??
Abhi : I should ask this question from you what happened my child why didn’t you slept
Prabhas was emotional trying to controlling his tears
Abhi : Prabhas you was crying right
Prabhas : No papa nothing like that
Abhi : So you have grown this much that you will tell lie to me that you wasn’t crying tell me why you were crying what is bothering you beta
Prabhas cries and hugs Abhi
Abhi : Hurt by Abhigya’s words hmm
Prabhas nods yes Abhi was caring his back gently to console him
Abhi : She said that in anger bachha that’s it why you are taking that seriously ??
Prabhas in cried voice : Maa..
Abhi : So you felt bad for maa..
Prabhas again nods yes
Abhi : Hmm you don’t worry about her we will make Abhigya realise that nothing is like that which she is thinking then maa will also be happy right..
Prabhas : papa…
Abhi caring his back: yes………
Prabhas : If dada was here then Abhigya didn’t have done this right !!
Abhi becoming emotional as for a while he remembered Pulkit then becoming normal : Hmm that was possible as he knows how to control her anger very well he knows how to do it but wait a minute you are missing Pulkit at this moment am I right ( cupping his face)
Prabhas : yes as if he was here then she wouldn’t have hurt you all like this
Abhi : We will control her beta but you have to help me and even not you Subuhi and chhotu also have to help me
Prabhas : Papa we will do please tell us what we have to do
Abhi explains his plan to Prabhas and he agrees
Prabhas : Superb plan papa it is awesome but what if maa scolded us in return then
Abhi :Oh I will see that you don’t think about that But for attaining that you have to sleep because you have spent all night in crying come now sleep

Abhi takes him to the bed and Prabhas lies over it then Abhi covers him with blanket and sitting beside him start caring his head and after sometime Prabhas slept then Abhi went down and by this time Subuhi was also awake she was on dining table and Aliya was serving her breakfast Abhi came down
Abhi : Good morning everyone hey Subu good morning bachha
Subuhi : Good morning papa
Alia : how you woke up so early bhai it seems you didn’t slept last night
Abhi : Actually Aliya I need your help and Subu your also
Subuhi : Any time papa
Alia : Bhai is there something serious I mean I will surely help but just to enquire that about what you need our help
Abhi : I will make you understand you remember yesterday’s incident Alia I just need that Abhigya should vanish these type of thoughts from her mind and for that I have thought this
He tells the same plan to Alia and Subuhi and they both also agrees..
Subuhi : But papa without maa..
Abhi : Arey want to see smile on your mothers face of not
Subuhi : Of course I want ok I will help you
Abhi : That’s like my girl
Alia : The plan is superb Bhai but how will you do this
Abhi winks at Subuhi : When will we take Our chatter box help
Alia : You mean to say Bulbul !!
Abhi : Great Alia you are becoming smart day by day !!
Alia :Bhai I was always smart but one thing I want to know that where is Bhabhi today is she all right
Abhi : Actually no she was very upset last night and didn’t slept well so I didn’t disturbed her and let her sleep
Alia : Yes it was visible from her face by the way bhai when you will start working on your plan
Abhi : Tonight


It was evening Pragya was busy in her work and she was still upset wasn’t speaking to any of the child and Abhigya was trying to find something in her room as she didn’t found that so she went to Prabhas’s room there she asked him
Abhigya : Hey idiot did you saw my Maths notebook I am unable to find it check your bag I think by mistake you have kept mine
Prabhas calmly : No Abhu I didn’t saw it even it is not in my bag because I am working in my Maths notebook right now and I have checked it in my bag it was not there and if you want to check you can check I have no objection
Abhigya felt shock as Prabhas didn’t called her dumbo today
Abhigya : Prabhas bhai you are also angry with me right like maa
Prabhas : No I am not (calmly)
Abhigya : no you are telling a lie you are angry otherwise why you didn’t called me Dumbo today
Prabhas closing his books : Its Ok na Abhu I will not call you by that name from now because what’s the need of it if I will tease you like that then you will misunderstand that maa loves me not you as she is not scolding me for teasing you so its ok as I will not call you by this name and you will not talk like this with maa so that she won’t get hurt neither papa also…
Saying this Prabhas left and Abhigya’s expression was like someone has slapped her hard as he said that calmly but Abhigya felt extremely guilty over that as already she was feeling guilty that because of her behaviour Pragya was not talking to anyone of them then Prabhas words were like she got into one dark room where she is being punished for any offence and tears shed from her eyes she wants to say sorry to her mother but she is feeling like how will she go in front of her how will she face her as she has hurt her to the core by saying those words and now everyone’s behaviour was making feeling her guilty again and again.
After sometime Abhigya was in her room practicing some notes on her guitar and Abhi was passing from there as he was going for some work but hearing that voice of guitar he decided to look what she is doing so he peeks in the room and he sees that Abhigya was trying to play some tones again and again but she was unable she was doing some mistake every time so the tone was not playing like that it was differing from the original one so now she was irked and fully irritated over that then Abhi gets in and said standing near the door

Abhi (calmly) : Even this also needs practice you will not be able to play this without practice you can’t play this with your overconfidence that you know everything and everything is your cup of tea
Abhigya was looking at him with teary eyes and Abhi was now sure that his plan of making Abhigya realise value of everything was working but he didn’t showed that and went to her and took guitar from her and looked at the note it was the same song which Pragya sung recently for an album and the song was superhit also Pragya was awarded for that with many awards
Abhi : Hmm so you are trying to play this song well its great I think its notes will be like this
He gives her demo then she plays it and then he again said that still it was imperfect then Abhigya played again and again the situation was same then in frustration and angry manner Abhigya throws her guitar on bed and Abhi stood up and again picks up the guitar

Abhi (calmly): If you want to become something then first learn to respect your belongings you have thrown this guitar in your anger and may I know what was its fault you was unable to play it right then why you thrown it on bed
Abhigya was looking at him abhi continued
Abhi (calmly): Everything needs practice even we (abhi and pragya) too need practice you said that your voice is your own and we have no right to comment over it because we have achieved everything with our voice I became rockstar your mother is a singer but have you ever thought that how much struggle we have done to achieve it yes we both have struggled a lot I have struggled to achieve my dreams your mother struggled a lot to give you people some values so that you can become a good person she never wanted to do this you know but I was the one who insisted her then only she agreed she struggled to make you people a good human being and even she is trying to do so that’s why you are here that’s the only reason you have friends because if you are not a good person then you won’t be able to make friends also and even if a famous person is not a good person then he will not be able to make his image in heart of Public so beta to become best in everything you need to be a good person first and for being perfect in everything you need practice a lot you know even a diamond also become a diamond after going much variations first it have to stay in heat in deep earth then when it comes out it needs to be modified then only it results into a beautiful diamond then we and you are just normal people bachha when diamond does this much to prove itself then think how much we have to do and you think your self now did you done right yesterday was it the right behaviour towards everyone beta you are neither too young that you will not understand that what are you doing and nor too elder that you got right to question your parents even if a child gets old na then also he or she didn’t have right to ask questions to his her parents that what they have done for him or her see me have you ever seen me questioning dadi that why have you did this or why you are doing so no na then how can you question that from us think about that ok and yup never play music in anger because it is to cool down your anger not to burst out your anger
While Abhi was saying all this Abhigya was continuously looking him with teary eyes and then Saying this Abhi was about to leave then Abhigya holds his hand and Abhi turns around
Abhigya holding his hand: Papa….
Abhi turns to her : Yes beta..
Abhigya : Sorry……

Saying this she cried and Abhi wiped her tears and says
Abhi : Its ok but from now take care of that understood
Abhigya nods yes and then Abhi keeps his hand on her head and leaves now Abhigya was thinking that how to say sorry to Pragya so she gathered some courage and decided to go and say sorry to her and make a promise that she will never do this again as she went to Pragya’s room she looks that Pragya was not there so she decided that she will say it today where ever Pragya is so she started finding her everywhere and when she didn’t find her so she asked Prabhas who was busy in his books as usual
Abhigya : Prabhas where is maa
Prabhas : don’t know yr as I haven’t seen her since evening
Abhigya gets little bit sad : Ok what about papa where he went when he will come back
Prabhas : oh papa he went to Pune Purab Chachu’s home and he said he will be back after two days
Abhigya became extremely sad as she thought that she will ask Abhi about Pragya but they both left somewhere don’t know where Pragya went and Abhi went to Purab’s home it means they have to live with Aliya in these two days so something struck into her mind and said Yes Aliya bua can tell me where is maa she went to Aliya she was keeping clothes in her room on their right places
Abhigya : Bua
Aliya : Yes beta tell me what happened did you need something
Abhigya : Bua wo I want to ask that where is maa…
Aliya : don’t know beta she left in evening with her stuff somewhere but didn’t told me anything I think may be bhai know something did you asked him
Abhigya : No bua but I will ask (in sad monotone)
Abhigya left with a sad face and then Aliya smiles and called to Abhi
Aliya : Bahi your work is done
Abhi : Good
Aliya : But Bhai end this drama soon because she is looking extremely sad I think this will result worst also if this will continue for much time then definitely she will break down
Abhi : Don’t worry Aliya this will not happen so soon as I won’t let this happen
Aliya : Better bhai but by the way where did Bhabhi went as we all haven’t seen her while she was leaving..
Abhi : She is here sitting in front of me having some chit chat with Bulbul
Aliya : It means she is with you but how
Abhi narrated everything to Aliya Flash back is shown

Pragya was in room cleaning up the mess made by Abhi and chhotu then Abhi went to her and said that Bulbul wants to meet you and this time she wants that we both along with children should go there as because of tests of Koyal she can’t come here so she is calling us Pragya said then Subuhi also have test na how can we Abhi said that we can leave them with Aliya she will take care of them and we alone will go there as it is long time na we both haven’t spent time together Pragya smiles and says ok Abhi said ok you pack some stuffs and wait for me in the car I will come there in a while flashback ends
Abhi : Then she went out taking our stuffs and I followed her after meeting you people and you don’t worry Prabhas Subuhi and chhotu knows that where is she and they won’t let go their sister into deep guilt understand
Aliya : NO one can understand Bhai what you are upto anyways you don’t think about her as I am on leave so I will take care of here fully you people enjoy and yup there is a news for you Rahul is returning tomorrow just before your call I got his call
Abhi : That’s great it means the Army is going to complete little bit now
Aliya : yes bhai almost after five years he is returning to his home
Abhi (becoming little bit sad): Yes he is returning even he has returned in his holidays two times and this time he is returning completing his study
Aliya : bhai I know you are missing Pulkit badly as he haven’t returned after he went the only thing which we got is his letters but this time six months have been spent we didn’t got a letter also so you are tensed I know but you don’t worry I know when he will return na see he will come first to meet you because he loves you more than anything right
Abhi : Ok baba I understood now keep the phone otherwise someone will get doubt on us as I also haven’t told your bhabhi that we are here because of that reason
Aliya smliles : Ok bhai take care
And Abhi ends the call then looks at pragya she was smiling while having talk with Bulbul then he thinks that some more time Fuggy then you will get a completely changed daughter of yours then he joins them in chit chat and after that they both left to their room for sleeping and Abhi went to change in clothes while Pragya is standing near the window of the room after changing clothes Abhi comes in and resting his hand on her shoulder stands with her
Abhi : In whose thoughts you are lost Mrs Mehra
Pragya comes into senses: haah nothing just I was looking that how dark the night is no moon is visible today it is hidden behind these clouds how much dark this night is looking
Abhi : But the morning will be beautiful
Pragya looks at him

Abhi : I know you are missing them but you only decided that you won’t talk to anybody then why is it so
Pragya resting her head on his shoulder : I said I won’t talk but didn’t said that I will not live with them at least when I was not talking with them then I was able to see them and by the way you know very well that I only did it to punish them
Abhi covering her with his hands : Hmm so do you think this punishment was good
Pragya : I know that this step was very harsh but it is not easy for me also to ignoring them but you saw na how Abhigya behaved her behaviour is getting weird day by day
Abhi : I know but don’t worry when we will return home till then Abhigya will be normal and she will apologise to you just wait for tonight as we will leave in the early morning itself otherwise Chhotu will get angry on me that I took his mummy away from him then I have to pay his fine which is five rupees for his piggy bank which is the most difficult task for me you know for him only I have to keep change in my pocket don’t know why he not use to put notes in his piggy bank
Pragya laughs on that : Because it is piggy bank right and you was the one who gifted that to him on his third birthday from till he is saving money in that
Abhi : Yes yes I know
And Pragya again keeps her head on his shoulder and smiles then Abhi looks at her and says
Abhi : That’s like my fuggy always being smiling..
Abhi wraps her in his arms then thinks Just spend these 12 hours Pragya as tomorrow morning you will meet your fully changed daughter
The screen freezes there one side Abhigya’s sad face is shown and one side Abhi’s confident face

Precap : Abhigya cries hard Rahul’s arrival
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