KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 53)


Hey guys Thank you for your precious comments and one thing please i wont be able to update any episode in upcoming week till monday because i have go too much assignments today which i have to submit by monday so my next update will be on next monday as i am veru busy this week hope you will understand sorry for that please but when i will be back i will surely update a long episode as penality 😉 so now lets go to the story

The episode starts with Abhi making Chhotu sleep tries to sleep but he was unable as he was feeling restless he was unable to sleep and today Pragya was not also in that state so that he can share his thoughts with her talk with her and share his problems with her and Pulkit was also not there he was the one after Pragya who understands his problems very well he was missing him badly this time so he decided to Talk with dadi as she was the only one with whom he can share everything so he went to dadi and coincidently she was also awake till now she was reading scriptures ( holy books) Abhi went in
Abhi : dadi…
Dadi looks at him and closes the scriptures which she were reading and kept on the right place then she got up and said
Dadi : Abhi you here what happened ??
Abhi : dadi actually I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I thought to talk with you for some time
Dadi : hmm come sit here
She sits on bed and makes him sit near her but Abhi sits down on his knees and keeps his hands on dadi’s legs Dadi understood by his doings that why he came there so she said
Dadi : so she is sad am I right

Abhi doing his head down : Hmm extremely sad
Dadi : don’t worry she will be fine by tomorrow
Abhi : no she will not dadi as in this term she is totally changed if she has decided to not to speak to anyone then she will surely do so dadi and that is not my problem its ok children should get punishment if they are doing mistake
Dadi caring his head : Then what is your problem beta
Abhi : Dadi my problem is Abhigya don’t know how this much negative thoughts came in her mind as none of us thought that we will face this day dadi today Pragya is totally broken down by this behaviour of Abhigya you won’t believe dadi she is now thinking that today Abhigya has said that tomorrow if Prabhas and subuhi said like that then she will die Dadi I have never seen her broken down like this and can’t see also but don’t know what to do Dadi.. and she is blaming herself for that dadi

Dadi : I can understand beta you know why she is broken down a mother keeps her child in her womb till 9 months she tries to give and not even try she assures that her child gets every happiness in this world she sacrifices herself her life her motives to bringing up her child now you think yourself when a mother is doing this much things then what will she feel when the same child behaves with her in arrogant manner when the same child questions her that what she has done for her or him then what will she feel it is obvious that she will breakdown like this only even Pragya has controlled herself otherwise a women dies at that moment itself in her own eyes when her child questions about what she has done for him or her and we must appreciate Pragya in these terms because she has controlled herself very well and this is the only reason that I always use to say that these kids are the luckiest that she is their mother because listening this much bad words from her mouth she still have courage that she will surely change her daughters thoughts one day I have seen it clearly in her eyes when she said that she will not talk to her so it was clearly visible in her eyes that she will do it for sure.

Abhi : I know that Dadi but the question is how we will do so..
Dadi : Abhi one thing is totally clear today that your daughter resembles you in anger and in attitude also as you were before realising your love for Pragya remember ??
Abhi smiles and feels shy so he keep his head down and dadi continues
Dadi : Remember how your attitude was broken ?? How you became out of your egoistic behaviour ?? How you started looking at the original world remember ??
Abhi widening his eyes : lady Mogambo ???
Dadi : yes just use that way I think now you understood now what you have to do
Abhi : yes Dadi now I know what I have to do thank you so much dadi you are the best
Dadi : Ok ok now go to your room and sleep because it is very late now
Abhi kisses her cheeks and leaves from there thinking now you see Fuggy how our daughter will come back to us and believe me this time she will be totally changed
Scene shifts to Prabhas’s room there he was talking to Pulkit’s photo and was crying
Prabhas : Dada where are you when will you come back dada see today what happened Abhigya talked to maa in very rude manner and now maa is not talking to anyone not even with Chhotu dada I am sure if you were here na that time you must have controlled Abhu’s anger dada please come back please see today papa is also hurt today he was about to slap her dada I am feeling very alone today so I thought I should talk to you because you never use to call us you know we haven’t made prank on anyone from the day you have left us dada when will you come back

Prabhas was crying hard and the screen shifts to Delhi there the main gate of Army BSF camp is shown then the ground is shown where cadets are training for shooting and then to the ground where cadets are jogging with their commander and there a team of few cadets are playing football a boy is shown who is standing keeping his one foot over the football and first his eyes are shown and the referee blows a whistle and the match started the boy is playing and his team mates said pass here all were playing then all of a sudden a silence was there all the opposite team members were ready to stop the goal as the ball was with that boy and he was very best player and this time his eyes with his forehead is shown looking here and there and he goals the ball and all jump with joy and then someone calls out the team and everyone got alert there but the boy was still in his joy then the caller said Captain Mehra Major Raghav has called your full team in his cabin and the boy turns around and he was none other than Pulkit and as he hears Major Raghav he gets alert and said
Pulkit : Oh teri !! Major Raghav what we have done now guys be fast we have to report there in five minutes

All rushed to their dorm rooms and gets ready in hurry then on time they all reports there
Pulkit salutes him : Captain Pulkit Mehra reporting sir…
Major Raghav : Mr. Pulkit do you know why I have called you
Pulkit : No sir but if you have called us then the reason will be big we are sure sir ( in attentive manner just like that how Army persons use to talk with their seniors)
Raghav : Pulkit first of all you all can be normal now as I have to called all your batch casually
Pulkit becomes normal as they all were in attention position the Raghav said
Raghav : Pulkit you know you all are going home in few days
Pulkit : really !!
Raghav : Yes as it is your vacation before you leave for your duty
Pulkit : vacation before duty sir ??

Raghav : yes vacation you all will go on holiday for some days to your home as it is been very long since you have met your family members so it is good opportunity for you
Pulkit : Sir then how we will come to know about our duty
Raghav : you all will get a letter at your home that when and where you all have got your posting
Pulkit : ok sir
Raghav : so go boys and start packing your stuffs as you all are going to meet your family your friends after a long time
All gets happy and leaves from there and in their dorm room and there in joy all start remembering their days with their family then a boy named Anirudh and Shitiz came there as Pulkit was sitting on his bed and looking at the photo in his wallet those boys are friends of Pulkit since he came to delhi.
Shitiz resting his hand on Anirudh’s shoulder : Anirudh I can’t understand this boy look how he always use to lost in his wallet or that frame on his table
Anirudh : yr Pulkit at this age people use to keep photos of their girlfriend in their wallet and you have kept this photo of your mother and father
Pulkit : you will not understand see him he is not my father he is my best friend and you know when I am not with him na he must use to stay in balcony to hide his problems from maa or dadi and look at her she is not my mother she is my everything you know she must have been tensioned this time because it is long time that I haven’t wrote any letter to her because of this day only that I will return to her and that will be a big surprise for her
Anirudh : But my brother there is time as we are leaving after a week so why are you looking at this Photo these are your brother and sisters right
Pulkit : yes they are

Takes Photo in his hand
Pulkit : You know they gave this to me when I was leaving for coming to Delhi and said that dada if you ever feel alone or miss us then see this photo and feel that we all are with you so that’s it when I feel alone I use to talk with them..
Anirudh : so may we know about your brother and sister
Pulkit : Of course why not
Shitiz : but not here come we will go the parade ground in the camp
Pulkit : for sure

The trio leaves and start walking in the parade ground
Shitiz : Now you can tell us how are they as we are eager to know that the sibling who have this much mannered and gentle elder brother are gentle like him or little bit mischievous like us ( he winks at Anirudh )
Pulkit smiles : no they are not like me one is my dearest brother Prabhas you me and I always use to play pranks on Abhu and she gets this much irked that they both starts fighting in their own and me and Bhaiya use to enjoy that fight of their both Prbhas is naughty like you Anirudh he always use to irritate papa and Abhigya most and when maa use to scold him then he always makes excuse that I use to do this as everyone should be happy like this and then maa use to twist his ears and then his melo drama starts that I am your dearest son please don’t do so
Anirudh : haha and with Uncle how he use to trouble him

Pulkit : Arey don’t ask about that he always use to say him Popsii to make him irked and when he gets irked then he use to call him fugga papa he irritates papa the most and at the time of sleep he likes to sleep with ma and if papa says that he is becoming old he must put a habit of sleeping at his own so he starts his drama that maa this man is the hurdle between you and me that’s not fare even if in night he have to talk with papa the trick he use is very ridiculous I think no one one can bear that
Shitiz : what type of Trick is it Pulkit ???
Pulkit : He use to punch hard in stomach if someone not wakes up in his first call even I have bear that trick believe me it hurts a lot then as a result maa stopped his boxing training but effect didn’t ended there he used that trick on papa and now he use to use that trick on papa as papa always hide this mistake of him because he knows that if maa came to know then he will be scolded along with Prabhas
Anirudh : seriously bro your brother is more than us we didn’t did like this with our parents but your brother did
Shitiz : yes but you said Abhigya and Abhu who are they

Pulkit : They are not two persons she is one only my sister Abhigya we all use to call us Abhu papa named her Abhu as he said his name is short so his princess name also be short she is very sweet but little bit short tempered.
Anirudh : so Aunty must use to scold her on this behaviour of hers right as we can guess looking at your behaviour
Pulkit : Actually no because whenever she shows anger I use to say something from which she forgets her anger at that time and whenever I was busy Papa was the one who use to handle her anger he use to make her understand that anger is not good and then maa feels no need to scold but yes sometimes when she neither me nor papa is at home then Ma use to make her understand and sometimes scold her but she is not that much stubborn you know she is very good from heart but as ma always says that her anger is same as papa but I haven’t seen papa angry over anyone ever
Shitiz : so she is like this only then how you people use to play prank on her
Pulkit : Actually we all use to play prank with everyone we use to hide her nail paints her glosses and her beloved guitar and her most important thing which she loves more than anything and that is her scrap book in which don’t know how much pictures of pop stars are there and then when we hide it she use to complaint it to papa and then the fight between Abhigya and Prabhas starts
Anirudh : guitar ??
Pulkit : Yes my silly sister wants to become a famous Pop star
Shitiz : Great

Anirudh : Hmm and who are they ( indicating Rahul and Subuhi )
Pulkit : Oh this is my Rahul bhaiya son of bade papa and this is Subuhi my younger sister she is dearest princess of papa she always use to stay with him she never leaves him even for a minute if papa is on leave she use to play with papa only as papa plays with teddy’s just for her happiness but she always use to complaint about him to dadi and make dadi scold papa just for fun she is very much sweet and Rahul bhaiyya papa his family is no more but maa and papa never let him feel that he has no family when I was coming delhi he was not at home because he left for IIT in Kota you know he always use to call me Duffer..
Shitiz : haha Duffer !! but why ??
Pulkit : Because I always use to become tensed whenever I am unable to understand my course topic then he use to pat on my head and calls me duffer
Anirudh : hahah we should meet him then and tell him that this duffer has become our senior in just four years
Pulkit : For sure I think by this time he must be at home returned after his training and beside them I have two brothers more one is my Aliya Bua’s son Aryan and one is my younger brother Chhotu he was just of 12 months when I left for Delhi
Shitiz : but how is this possible I mean to say you are almost 22 right but your brother is of 4 years by now

Pulkit : Actually they are not my real parents I and Subuhi are not their real children
Anirudh : What !! but how you know this as did they told you and if you both are not their real children then how they both loved you like this I mean to say that I have heard that Step parents never behaves good
Shitiz : Exactly
Pulkit : I don’t know about that but yes the only thing I know is they love us like their own children and you know one day said it by mistake so Papa scolded me a lot that day and ma also he said that if I said It one more time then he will surely beat me.
Shitiz : Really yr you are lucky I mean this much loving parents
Anirudh : Bro you have this much brother and sisters so don’t you feel that you are having a mini armed force in your home

Pulkit : hahaha actually papa always use to call us that only he never call us children or kids always use to say that this mini armed force is there in our home
Anirudh : great yr but you didn’t told us about your parents I mean to say
Pulkit : I understood what you are trying to say well my mother Pragya Mehra she is a loving lady she knows how to keep everyone happy she take care of choice of everyone she makes everyone happy she is the reason that we are having this much happy family she handles everything from her profession to household work and even papa also because he always behave like a kid whenever he is with us
Shitiz : you mean she is working lady
Pulkit : yup she is a singer
Anirudh : you mean to say that famous Pragya is your mother
Anirudh : Pragya Mehra singer and wife of Rock star Abhi she is your mother it means rock star Abhi is your father
Pulkit nods yes
Shitiz : Oye do you think we are fool whatever you will say we will accept it
Anirudh : Exactly we cant believe that you are son of Mr. and Mrs Mehra because we have seen that pic in your wallet the lady who is your mother wears specs and your fathers pic wasn’t clear so we were unable to recognise him

Pulkit : Hmm so you have saw that
He takes out his wallet and shows it to them and they both says that she is it but she is not that Pragya mehra then he took them to dorm room and takes out one family picture of them all which they took when they all went in Pragya’s concert and then he showed that to them and they both get shocked
Anirudh : it means you are really son of a celebrity family but why she have different look in both the pics
Pulkit : This look of her with specs is our mother and Papa’s beloved wife Pragya and this look of hers without specs she wears lenses this is the look for her fans but we love our Specs wali Mummy..
Anirudh : very good yr really you are lucky one because I thought that celebrities never live a normal life their children are the people with worst behaviour but you all prove us wrong today Uncle and Aunty are the best persons we have to believe
Shitiz : Exactly

Pulkit was looking at the photo just then the warden came and informs Pulkit that raghav sir is calling you
Anirudh : haa go your favourite teacher has called you
Pulkit laughs and says yes
And the screen freezes there one side Abhi’s face is shown and one side Pulkit’s smiling face

Precap : Abhigya cries hard finding Pragya didnt came home back from two days.

So here was the episode i dont know weather you like it or not but sorry if you got bore and yup i will miss you guys in this week alot but i will update the long episode for sure as penality till then bye bye allah hafiz satsriya kaal, Vadakkam lolz gani khamma lolzz i think i used most of languages anyways bye bye guys for one week 😉 😀 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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