KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 52)


Sorry guys for the late update and yup thank you all readers silent readers commenters thank you so much this is episode no 52 and without your support it was not possible to reach here so thank you for that and yes i want to say one thing Nivedhita that dear i will surely start another ff after ending it but i am not sure that you people will like it or not anyways now lets go to the story

Episode starts with Abhi and all the family members after having breakfast are leaving for their respective work
Aliya : Bhabhi I have kept the list of things which are getting less in our home and yes I have also kept the list of household products which is to be brought by today please will you see it alone as I will not be able to come today in half day as I have to go to Aryan’s school as some function is there they have invited parents Vijay won’t be able to go so i have to go there…
Pragya : Oho hold on hold on Aliya I understood all the things madam I will handle it I will go with dadi you go and do your work then attend that function.
Aliya hugging Pragya in hurry : Thank you so much Bhabhi ok now I am leaving bye..

Pragya : bye…
Then Abhi and children came..
Abhigya : ma today I will go to Sunayna’s home (Abhigya’s friend ) as we have to complete our combine project
Prabhas : Maa after school I will go to the library as I have to return some books and have to bring some new one also
Pragya : Abhigya don’t need to go after school come home first then change clothes and then go to Sunayna’s home understand as no need to go to someone’s home directly and Prabhas you don’t take much time in library ok come back without getting much late..
Abhigya and Prabhas in chorus : But ma..
Pragya : No argument now leave as you both are getting late now
Abhigya gets irked and leaves then Prabhas also leaves then Subuhi comes with Chhotu..
Subuhi : maa you have kept my all books na
Pragya : yup now you also go soon as you all will get late today otherwise leave now where is papa ?

Abhi : Here I am all are ready ?? so shall we leave
Pragya : of course you have to leave now go fast
All the children leaves and Abhi as his daily routine comes back and hugs Pragya and Chhotu covering them with his one hand and kisses her forehead then says take care and leaves Pragya nods bye to all Then chhotu says
Chhotu : Mummy all are going school when will I go I also want to go to school
Pragya : Oho so you want to go to school but why now so soon ??
Chhotu : Didi has told me that in school all have lots of friends and teachers make them learn new new things then if I will go to school then teacher will teach me na that how to read how to write then I will also read lots of books like bhaiyya and you
Pragya smiling on his answers : aaha so you want to go school for that so soon very good but beta they will not take your admission as you are too young for school na but don’t worry mummy is here na mummy will teach you how to read but first you should learn to write the alphabets which I have given you yesterday to write have you written that
Chhotu : Yes I have completed full and you know I have done it without anyone’s help I just wrote like you teach me see you said na to write A like this ( making in gestures with fingers) so I wrote it with pencil

Pragya : Hmm I will see it come let’s check how you have written then I will give you good in your notebook just like a teacher gives
Chhotu : really then come I will show you
He drags Pragya to his room and she says Arey baba slowly slowly otherwise I will fall
Chhotu : see ma this is that notebook and this is pencil come check it
Pragya checks his work and was amazed that a boy who is just of four has written very perfectly all in home were always surprised by chhotu because he was very good in remembering everything he learns things very fast he is always interested in learning new things and that’s the reason he wants to join school so soon then Pragya finds that one letter was written little bit wrong there was very slight mistake in that and she got a chance to state him wrong because she knows that if she will tell him that all are perfect then he will get overconfident and this will not result good so he should learn things without having confident she marked that mistake with circle
Pragya : Hmm chhotu …

Chhotu : Mummy you find mistake I have made mistake na tell me where it is I will rectify..
Pragya : you have to learn a lot beta there is no need of learning things in this much hurry anyways yes you have made mistake here now rectify it then u can go to dadi for playing ok..
Chhotu : ok give me I will rectify it and promise I will try my best to write correctly because then only you will teach me how to read and then I will read all those story books and
Pragya : Ok ok baba first complete it then we will talk hmmm
Chhotu gets busy in writing Pragya was looking at him then her phone rings and she picks up it was call from Abhigya and Prabhas’s school Principal
Principal : Mrs. Mehra we want to meet you just now can you come here ?
Pragya : Of course sir but what’s the matter is anything serious ?
Principal : we can’t tell you on phone Mrs Mehra
Pragya : Ok sir I am coming just in half an hour
Principal : Ok we are waiting

Pragya in hurry goes to dadi saying chhotu that she have some work she has to go and to stay with dadi chhotu agrees and she goes to dadi
Pragya : dadi I have to go to Abhigya and Prabhas’s school so can you please take care of chhotu I am leaving him with you
Dadi : ok I will beta but why they have called you
Pragya : don’t know dadi hope everything is alright there I will tell you all after returning
Dadi : Ok beta you go I will take care of him
Pragya thanks dadi and leaves for school and in hurry after sometime she reached to school and there she went to Principal’s cabin as she enters she saw that Abhigya was there already and Prabhas was standing outside the room she saw him and went inside
Principal : Welcome Mrs Mehra please have a seat
Pragya : What happen sir you called me in so hurry ( looking at Abhigya )
Principal : Actually Mrs Mehra we have called to inform you that we are suspending your daughter Miss Abhigya for a week from our school.

Pragya gets shocked : But why what’s the reason you are suspending her and not for one or two day for a week how can you do so it will be a big loss in her studies then
Principal : We know that it is loss for her but Mrs. Mehra we have to do so because she has done such a big mistake and beside apologising she was saying that the victim should have to apologise to her it is not done Mrs. Mehra we cant tolerate this type of behaviour in our school and it is not first time it is almost third time so now we have decided to punish her as we have called you by giving her warning letter but she didn’t informed you I think so this time we personally called you
Pragya : victim ??
Principal : Yes she has broken nose of one boy Anand of her class just because he said that her voice is not good she is only proud of her voice because her father is a rock star and her mother is a great singer on this thing she punched that boy this much hard on his face that he has got fracture in his nose so that’s why we have to suspend her as a punishment I hope you can understand..
Pragya was shocked and somewhat angry also as what her daughter has did but she controlled herself at that moment and said

Pragya : If that is the reason sir so you have done right I am totally in your favour it’s your duty to punish the child if he or she is doing anything wrong and this is the case of injury which is occurred by my own daughter so she have to bear this punishment
Pricipal praises Pragya’s thought and Abhigya looks at her angrily they both reached home Prabhas and Subuhi were also with them as soon as they reached home Abhigya throws the bag on couch and started shouting..
Abhigya : Maa.. maa..
Pragya ignores
Abhigya stopped her way : maa I am talking to you now you are satisfied right because you got again praised for your thoughts again you did this maa I can’t understand when you will start taking our side you use to scold us even if it is mistake of anyone else that’s not fare today also you did same

Listening Abhigya voice as she was shouting Dadi and chhotu also came out dadi asked about the matter Prabhas told her the whole incident
Pragya turns towards Abhigya with anger : first of all don’t even try to shout at me because I am not younger than you I am your mother and you should learn how to behave with elders you have no right to shout on me understood and next thing that what wrong I had did you punched him like that he got fracture in his nose how could you Abhigya..?? how many times I have to make you understand that control your anger but no every time you use to ignore it

Abhigya shouts hard: Mistake was not mine damn it. It was his mistake why he was saying that I don’t have good voice and just a girl filled with proud because of you both that’s why I hit him
Pragya : great when you will find that someone is not praising you then you will punch him right you today you have done this tomorrow if someone will say that your parents are this and that then you will kill him right this is not the way Abhigya to handle these things how many times I have made you understand that you should ignore this type of things
Pragya was scolding Abhigya and in a mean while Abhi was also back in home he looked that Abhigya was shouting Pragya was scolding her so he asked dadi about the matter and then she narrated him what happened and Abhi went to them Abhigya was saying

Abhigya ( shouting tone ) : you know maa I think I know what is your problem your problem is that you can see only my mistake weather it is my or not you always need a reason to show yourself decent and to scold me but let me tell you one thing I am not that much younger now that I will not understand these things
Pragya was looking at her that what her daughter is saying about her but she controlled her emotions because if this time she will show that she is hurt by her daughter’s words then she will definitely become more dominant in this behaviour of her. Her anger will become superior and every time she will do so with her so she remained silent but showed anger in her eyes but Abhi couldn’t control himself hearing that his daughter was not ready to accept her mistake beside she was blaming her mother

Abhi : Abhigya what are you saying at least think before you say if you have done a mistake then you should accept it I am trying to make you understand that this much anger is not good but you didn’t understood all our efforts are getting failed right and is this the way you will talk to your mother what’s wrong in that if someone said that you are daughter of famous family beta you are so people are saying so
Abhigya : oh now you was only left to scold me come scold me because everyone here have right to scold me whether it is mistake of Prabhas Subu or this chhotu no one will scold them who will be scolded for all mistakes only me and why should I not get angry over that I know I am daughter of a famous family but this voice is my own
Pragya (fuming in anger shouts) : Abhigya now you are crossing your limits first you disrespected me then you are disrespecting him also and what’s this voice thing everyone here have voice even good voice but no one have this much proud over this and you I am warning you last time that mind your tone other wise

Abhigya : otherwise what maa I know what you will do you will scold me right no no I think you can slap me hard also but you know ma I don’t know why but whenever this Prabhas use to tease me no one scold him neither you nor papa and when this Subuhi or chhotu made mistakes you never use to scold them but if by mistake I did something then It is sure that I will be scolded by you or papa for sure I think this is all because you never loved me right am I right ??
Abhi with shocked expression getting angry over her thaugths : Abhu what’s wrong with you what the hell you are saying even have you thought once that what are you saying beta how can you say that we both don’t love you how that thought came in your mind this is all crap beta never think like that we have never made a difference between you all
Abhigya : stop pretending papa please if you have done so then you use to scold Prabhas for teasing me then you should have scold Subuhi for her mistakes but you never did so who was scolded every time it was me only and today also the same thing happened mistake was of Anand and you people are scolding me

Dadi interrupts : What’s wrong with you beta this is not the way you will talk with your parents
Abhigya : dadi don’t inter fare in our matter please
Abhi now lost his patience as Abhigya has crossed her all limits now she disrespected dadi now so in anger he shouted aloud : Abhigya …..
He was about to slap her but he stopped because he made promised Pragya years ago that he will not lose his temper so easily and if it happened then atleast he will not raise his hand over anyone but as he shouted aloud Chhotu got scared and hide behind dadi and Prabhas and Subuhi were standing there doing their heads down
Abhi in anger : If you said one more word then I will surely not leave you understand this much hate for your own family how this happened I couldn’t understood when we have done all the things equally for you all then you have such misunderstanding
Abhi was speaking but the Pragya stopped him and said
Pragya : All of this mess is because of me right
Abhigya looks at her with tears in her eyes but those tears was not of apology those tears were in her eyes because today Abhi was about to raise hand on her and she didn’t expected that her beloved father will do so ever
Pragya : so now no need to talk with me Abhigya as when I will not talk to you I will not inter fare in your matter and then I think your all problem will be solved because today all elders here are disrespected by you only because of me so from now onwards no need to talk with me understood neither I will speak

Saying this Pragya leaves as she was extremely sad but she doesn’t want to show her sadness in front of her daughter who was going on a wrong path so she left from there showing anger on her face and all looks on but Abhi was the only one who understood that Pragya was feeling broken down now and he understood why she did so. So he also didn’t stopped her from doing so as it is necessary for Abhigya now to teach a lesson as if she will not understand now then she will never understand that what is right and what is wrong so he fully supported Pragya this time.
This was dinner time Pragya haven’t ate even a bite of food since morning as in morning she didn’t got the time to eat breakfast as Principal called her in hurry then after coming home the incident happened was the reason she didn’t ate the lunch also and this time dinner also she was serving dinner to everyone Abhigya was also there she served her with the same feeling same affection same love with which she use to serve her every day she was now serving to dadi and about to leave but dadi said

Dadi : Beta you haven’t ate anything since morning please have food now with us come
Pragya : No dadi I am not hungry as I have eaten much today ( indicating Abhigya’s behaviour today) and now if I will eat food again then it will be over eating for me
Subuhi Prabhas and Chhotu were looking over her face then the trio concentrates on their food as Abhi said to them Abhi was looking at her as he can see that pain in her eyes on her face now but he was silent as he wants to support her in her decision after serving to them Pragya lefts for her room and Abhigya was looking at her in hope that now she will speak to her now she will say that its ok beta but mark one thing that you will never do this again as she use to do after her every mistake but this time it doesn’t happened Pragya wasn’t speaking to any of the kid so everyone was sad because of that as everyone knows that if she love everyone equally then while scolding she scold everyone so that no one should feel that one person is special and today it was again happening she didn’t spoke to anyone after sometime Abhi heads towards his room taking plate for pragya as she haven’t ate anything he was out of the door when Pragya was crying silently in dark room remembering Abhigya’s words those words were still echoing in her ears she doesn’t wants to share this with anyone so when she saw the shadow that someone is coming inside the room so she without wasting a second covered herself in blanket and pretended to sleep then Abhi came in and sees that the room was full dark so he puts on the light and sees that pragya was sleeping covering herself in the blanket Abhi goes and kept the Plate on side table which was near the bed and sits near Pragya and started caring her hairs and said
Abhi : Pragya I know you are not sleeping now please get up and eat something as you haven’t ate something since morning
Pragya didn’t responded
Abhi turns her towards himself : Pragya I know you are not sleeping don’t pretend to sleep I know you are hurt please don’t do this see you know I can’t see you in this state please either blurt out you pain or get up and eat this food please
Pragya opens her eyes : You know everything about me right now I don’t have the right to cry silently and hide my pain also
Abhi : No you don’t have that right as when I am here with you to share your every pain then why will you bear all the pain alone I know you are hurt today by Abhu’s words I am also amazed that how her thoughts became like this

Pragya gets up and without saying a word just keeps her head on his chest and started crying bitterly but silently and said while sobbing
Pragya : I said you I will not accept that profession see because of that what happened today I don’t know how to react I think I have made a mistake something was left to teach them while bringing her up today I am feeling that I am lost today I won in every means but I feel that I am defeated as a mother what to say that what my destiny is showing to me today she has said this tomorrow Prabhas then Subuhi and then chhotu everyone will blame me how will I bear that how ??
Tears rolled down from Abhi’s eyes he covers her with his arms rubbing her back to console her : Enough Pragya nothing will happen like that we are there na we will make them understand we will make her understand Pragya nothing will happen like this
Pragya : I can just hope now because if this happen then I will surely die because I can’t bear that my children are misunderstanding me and blaming me for their situations today she is just angry because she thinks that because we both are famous we want to keep our image that’s why I use to do so
Abhi controlling his tears : don’t say you will die because what will I do if you will die Pragya and you don’t think like that she will surely come to you for apologise you see but atleast now eat something please for my sake
Pragya crying bitterly : No am no more hungry now Abhishek as my all wishes are died today itself please don’t force me

Abhi : Ok I will not but at least you can sleep na come sleep don’t think about that anymore just come and sleep
He makes her lie and starts caring her head and keeps his head over her forehead she closes her eyes and tears were still shedding from her eyes and so from Abhi’s eyes after sometime with Pragya slept Abhi was still awake as he was continuously thinking about how this much negative thoughts came in Abhigya’s mind just then a sound of opening a door occurs then Abhi comes back into his senses it was chhotu who was came to sleep as till now he use to sleep with Abhi and Pragya he came inside and goes to Abhi and without saying a word just widens his arms Abhi understood what he is saying so he got up covering Pragya in blanket and took chhotu in his arms and as he lifts him chhotu kept his head on Abhi’s shoulder and wraps his small hands around his neck Abhi understood that he was sad as whenever he becomes sad he use to do so from his toddling age and this is the only thing which clearly indicates that he is sad so Abhi took him to balcony and sat on the chair Chhotu is still in that position..
Abhi (calmly ) : Chhotu why are you so silent beta what happened..
Chhotu in a sad monotone : Papa didi don’t love us naa that’s why she shouted on mummy like this if we will not trouble her so she will not do like this with mummy na
Abhi : No beta who said didi doesn’t loved you she love you a lot beta and she will not do this again and if she did na then I promise I will surely punish her
Chhotu looks at him with crying expression : But mummy is hurt see she didn’t talked to anyone not even me

Abhi hiding chhotu’s face in his shoulder : Don’t cry beta she will talk to you tomorrow as she was not feeling we today na that’s why she didn’t spoke to anyone now close your eyes and sleep ok in morning we will talk about this
Abhi after making chhotu sleep he make him lie on bed properly near Pragya and sat there looking at her face which was clearly showing that today she has cried a lot and thinks that what you have done Abhigya my child I know it happened only in your anger but see you have hurt your mother whom you love this much and today you made her cry this much don’t worry Pragya before the situation get worst I will made her understand and the screen freezes over Pragya and Abhi’s sad faces.

Precap : Prabhas cries remebering Pulkit and a boy is shown playing football with his friends

Credit to: Surbhi

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