KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 51)


Sorry for the late update and yes making one thing clear to you all that i said we are heading towards the end i didnt said that i am ending it now it is obvious that every story has an end so this story will also end one day as nothing is life long everything has its end 😉 and yes even our data pack has also end even if it is unlimited then also it has days limit lolzz 😛 now i am not wasting your time come lets go to the story 😀

The episode starts with Abhi leaving for home and there Pragya is with all the kids as all of them are sad today their beloved brother is not with them
Pragya : Abhigya Prabhas go and play beta because after sometime it will be your study time
Prabhas : No mood of playing maa as without dada their will be no fun in playing also
Abhigya : Exactly maa without dada there is no fun in playing..
Subuhi : maa when will dada come back
Pragya : he will come back soon beta he is gone for some time naa why you all are behaving like this cheer up my kids as he will be back after few months
Prabhas : ma why are you telling lie to us we know he will not return in few months as he will return after years.

Pragya : what matters years are also made by summing up months right
Abhigya : maa please we are in no mood of playing (calmly in sad monotone)
Pragya leaves from there and looks that it was Abhi who was sat on the couch in the living room closing his eyes Pragya came there and runs her finger In his hairs
Abhi : Who is this ?? ( as he didn’t noticed this was pragya)
Pragya : So you are missing him that much that didn’t recognised me right
Abhi : nothing like that
Pragya : hmm anyways you returned so soon

Abhi : yup as all the formalities were completed so I returned…
Pragya : he left properly na did you faced any problem nothing right
Abhi : No no problem he was very happy after reaching there
Pragya : Abhishek you know one thing
Abhi : what ??
Pragya : you don’t know how to lie
Abhi : and why are you saying so..

Pragya : because your eyes are telling that you have cried a lot and I am damn sure he must have cried a lot that’s why you was crying..
Abhi : so you caught me it is very difficult to hide pain from you, yes you are right he was crying but everything was fine later on but I have told you na I don’t know what bond I share with him but yes when he gets in pain I become restless that’s it anyways where are the kids it seems too silent in home today no shouting no fighting no crying and all what happened
Pragya : all are sad and even not ready to play I am convincing them from hours but they are not ready over anything just saying that nothing is good without dada call him back or send us with him I have tried everything but they are not agreeing over it to do any other work they are just seated in their room with sad faces and because of that this chhotu is also not playing he supports his brothers and sisters fully in every means
Abhi : ok not to worry come I will talk to them..
Pragya : of course as you are the only hope left out now..
Abhi smiles and they both leaves with chhotu they entered in the room where kids were sitting sadly.. Abhi looks them for few seconds and then he enters shouting…
Abhi : Hey my small force why this much silence is there it is looking like a haunted house and I am totally scared of it common have some fun
Prabhas : Please papa don’t even try that trick we are seriously in no mood ( in sad monotone)
Abhigya : we want to play only with dada and without him all is fade even no fun in playing prank also

Subuhi : Papa why you went to drop him there you must have stopped him na
Abhi was answerless they both were trying hard to cheer the kids but all efforts were failed so Abhi called out Pragya and said to her something then went to his music room and there he started playing some tones Pragya was also with him chhotu was also there except Abhigya Prabhas and Subuhi he started playing tone and Pragya accompanied him on piano Abhi was taking chhotu in his hands and making him swing in his hands and was humming some tones hearing that trio also came there and looked them then Abhi goes to them and says
Abhi : Ok now listen up we gonna tell you story
Trio in chorus with confusing expression : story ??
Pragya : Yup story of four guys that is two sisters and two brothers
Abhi smiles at Pragya : yes and there name was Taa, Raa, Maa and Paa. Taa was the younger one ( indicating chhotu) Raa was the elder one from the younger one it means the third one ( indicating Subuhi)
Pragya : maa and paa were the twins as like you both (indicating Abhigya and Prabhas)
Trio in chorus : Really ???
Pragya : Yup
Trio : Then we want to hear that story

Abhi : for sure come and sit over here we will recite that story
They both started
Abhi sitting with Subuhi and Chhotu and made them both sit near him
Ta Jo Gire To (If Ta falls)
Ra De Sahara (Ra gives support)

Pragya making Abhigya and Prabhas sit near her :

Ma Pal Mein Samjhe (Ma understands in a moment)
Pa Ka Ishaara (what Pa is saying in gestures)

Abhi and Pragya giving all the brothers and sisters hand in hand in chorus :

Yeh Ta, Yeh Ra, Yeh Ma, Yeh Pa (This is Ta, this is Ra, this is Ma, this is Pa)
Agar Mil Jaaye To (If they all meet)
To Yeh Sangam (Then this is music)
To Yeh Sargam (Then this is music)
Sunaai De Sabko (Let everyone listen)

Ta Ra Rum Pum Ta Ra Rum Pum
Ta Ra Rum Pum Ta Ra Rum Pum

Abhi going near Prabhas make him understand that nothing will change their brother will come back after some time so just enjoy don’t be sad and yes see how your younger brother laughs when you people laugh
Abhi to chhotu and Subuhi indicating towards Prabhas and Abhigya :

Ta To Har Pal Yeh Hi Dekhe (Every moment Ta always sees)
trying to say that Chhotu always finds them for playing
Ra Kidhar Hai Kahan Hai (Where Ra is)

Ma Bhi Jaaye Bas Udhar Hi (Ma even goes there)
Pa Jidhar Hai Jahaan Hai (Wherever Pa is)
Saying that Abhigya always goes there automatically where Prabhas goes

Pragya to kids :
Yeh Ta, Yeh Ra, Yeh Ma, Yeh Pa (This is Ta, this is Ra, this is Ma, this is Pa)
Agar Mil Jaaye To (If they all meet)
Kahein Milke Yeh Sab Dil Se (If they all say together from the heart)
Ke Ab To Jo Bhi Ho (That whatever happens)

Ta Ra Rum Pum Ta Ra Rum Pum
Ta Ra Rum Pum Ta Ra Rum Pum

All the kids enjoyed the story session and now Abhi and Pragya were relaxed as their kids started smiling after a long sadness they all were playing and Abhi resting his hand on Pragya looks at their smiling kids and both were also smiling as now all was normal
Aliya : I think bhai we should leave them now they will play like this
Abhi and Pragya nods and they leaves

Four years are spent Pulkit left the home nothing is changed with time in MM but the things which are changed are its members as now our twins are in there teen age our Abhi’s princess is heading towards the teenage as she is also 12 now and one person is left who is beloved of everyone and he is none other than chhotu now lets peak in what is going on in this MM how these members are changed…. So let’s start with Mr Mehra the head of the house as today he has to attend one meeting regarding his company and as usual our Rockstar Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra is late and after taking the bath he is unable to find his clothes as usual without help of Mrs. Mehra he is unable to find anything so he hasn’t changed much
Abhi : Pragya…… Pragya………… where are you

Pragya : Here baba I am in kitchen making coffee for you
And this is Mrs. Mehra oops our beloved fuggy I mean Pragya Mehra there is little bit change in her now our fuggy only use to wear sarees with full blouse and her hairs are no more open now they use to stay tied fully in the form of bun and not even a flick come out to trouble her face. So as Our rockstar was unable to find out his clothes in his room so he was coming to Pragya to ask about clothes and as he was coming out he got striken with a girl and that was our Subuhi let’s see what change does she have

Abhi : You didn’t took bath yet you are still brushing don’t you getting late ????
Subuhi : Papa I have bathed and got ready also
Abhi : then why are you brushing now if you have bathed and if you are brushing then why are you brushing your teeth outside the room you must do so in bathroom na
Subuhi : Offo papa again I have to make you understand everything ok now tell me how many what is your count when you go to bath ( jab aap nahane jate ho to kitne log jate ho)
Abhi : what a silly question of course I go alone while taking bath and I am the one only
Subuhi : exactly and how many teeth are there in our mouth
Abhi : teeth !! they are 32 in count but what’s the relation between count of teeth and bathing yr..
Subuhi : offo first listen to me when one person is taking bath so it will get less time and as the teeth are 32 then who will take more time in bathing of course teeth na that’s why I am still brushing
Abhi getting irked : you didn’t got someone else in this morning to irritate
Subuhi : Excuse me you stopped me I didn’t now go and wear clothes otherwise if you caught cold then we have to keep you in oven to make you normal
Saying this Subuhi left and Abhi murmured god what a daughter she has turned out see she will keep her father in oven god save me Pragya where are you
So this was miss Subuhi Mehra the dearest daughter of our rockstar who is less father and more a friend of her sweetest daughter now let’s see with whom he is going to encounter next
Abhi was going towards kitchen then again he encountered his elder daughter yes your guess is right it was Abhigya

Abhigya : papa what are you doing is this a fancy dress competition you are roaming in home wearing this towel and waist how many times we have to tell you don’t do so
Abhi : Oye nani amma don’t be over smart ok just see yourself first still not ready for the school doesn’t getting late and how dare you scolded me like that arey this is fashion and rockstar fashion never gets old
Abhigya : ya ya right a rock star fashion and that this towel and waist right Papa I cant understand when you will leave overacting you are saying about the rock star fashion so let me tell you rock star fashion gets fade but pop star fashion never gets fade understand and this is pop star fashion only now please give side I have to find my bracelets don’t know where ma kept them
This was Miss Abhigya Prem Mehra who is totally in mood of becoming a famous pop star her only aim is to become famous pop star she always use to live in that attire like pop stars live and Mr. Mehra supports her but little bit argument takes place not serious but yes causal kiddy argument when a rockstar meets pop star so this was Abhigya now after leaving from there he finally went to his beloved wife Praga
Abhi : here you are can you tell me what’s going on here
Pragya : what happened you started in morning itself if you will shout like this every morning then I am damn sure that you will be in mental asylum some day
Abhi in irked manner : So can you tell me where am I now this home is not less than any mental asylum now
Pragya : what did you said..

Abhi : Nothing can you tell me where are my clothes I am getting late yr… you said they are kept as usual where you use to keep them but they are not there
Pragya : If you were not getting the clothes so you must have took out one other pair your own self right but you will not do so..
Abhi : Ok ok now will you please tell me where are my clothes
Pragya : On dining table as the ironman just now came to give them and I got a call so I kept them there go and wear them
Abhi irked : woah you kept them on dining table now where will you serve breakfast in washing Machine
Pragya irked : No I will serve your breakfast in wash basin
Abhi irked and while leaving shouts : All are BirBal’s aunt here in answering gosh
Pragya : what did you said…
Abhi : nothing….
This was Mrs and Mr Mehra now as their children are grown up so they should be stopped their nok jhok but no this cute nok jhok of them is little bit increased
Abhi went on dining table found his clothes and took them in room and after getting ready came down but now all were shouting again
Abhi : Pragya….
Abhigya : ma….
Subuhi : maa where are you come soon
Pragya : what happened now you people are shouting like this
Abhigya : My bracelets… where are they I kept them on table but they are not there tell me where are they
Subuhi : Ma my rubber bands
Abhi : My watch where is it..
Pragya : these things must be on their places naa
Abhi : exactly
Abhigya : but they are not..
Just then someone comes and starts saying it was none other than Prabhas lets see how much he is changed
Prabhas : I think we have to calculate centripetal force of every object then we have to find out that how much force we have applied on them last night and then we have to calculate the acceleration and..

This was Mr Prabhas Mehra who is very much interested in Physics he has become very much fond of using physics in real life because his inspiration is none other that Newton and Einstein
Abhi holding his head : now this was left listen his theory on Physics god I have great then greatest piece In my home ( lo ab yehi baki tha ab in shab ki physics suno bhagwaan ek se ek namoone hai mere ghar me)
Abhigya : Oye stop your bakwas and tell us if you know anything about our stuffs
Prabhas : dumbo don’t say my words bakwaas as I am also searching the answer that where is my circle master ( guys it is an protractor of 360 degrees )
Pragya : does everyone ended their fight now should I say something now will you people tell me where have you kept your stuffs last night
Abhi : on your dressing table
Abhigya : on side table near my bed
Prabhas : on study table
Subuhi : on my bed..
Pragya : hmm so I think I know where are they
Abhi : damn how I forgot him now I know where are they I will take it with myself
Abhigya : mee too
Prabhas : I will
Subuhi : me too
They all four leaves and goes to Pulkit’s room and looks there he was with Aryan and all there belongings were with him

What are you thinking whom I am saying about yes your guess is right it is none other than our chhotu and want to know how he is now so come and see your self
Abhi : chhotu wahts this beta you brought my watch with you give back papa is getting late
Abhi was about to take but chhotu hides it
Chhotu : no you cant take this like this if you want you have to purchase it
Abhigya : now whats this chhotu you are my sweet brother na give back these bracelets to didi back like a good boy
Chhotu : Don’t manipulate me didi I will not come in your magic i have said already that if you want you have to purchase that’s it…
Prabhas : how much we have to pay…
Chhotu : see Bhaiya is intelligent bhaiya you have to pay 2 lakhs for each stuff…
Subuhi : Oye chhotu even you know how much zero come in 2 lakhs…. Just imaginary amount blabbering everything on your own
Chhotu : don’t take me lightly did I will complaint about you from mummy if you people will trouble me if you can pay then take and if you not then go from here and Aryan bhaiya you also please I am not giving these things back
Aryan : Mama he will not give us back our things like this now we have to call her
Abhi : of course beta
Arayan goes to call Pragya she comes and Abhi was arguing with chhotu till now
Abhi : look chhotu it’s not done if you will not give our things back then I will not love I will love didi and bhaiyya not you ( hugging ABhigya Prabhas and Subuhi)
Chhotu looks Pragya and runs to her : I don’t care you love them and maa will only love me then
Abhi irked : I will take your maa also with me then who will love you
Chhotu : dadi will love me
PRagya : arey yr now what’s this going on chhotu give their belonging to them beta why are you troubling them all are getting late right..
Chhotu : I have said that mummy that give me money and take your things but they want everything free..
Pragya : hmm so how much money they have to pay
Chhotu : just 2 lakh mummy
Abhigya : see he again
Pragya showing her hand to her indicating her let me talk : hmm so 2 lakh right I will give you that
She torns a piece of paper and writes 2 lakhs on it and gives it to chhotu
Pragya : is it enough for my chhotu
Chhotu showing that paper to Abhi : see papa she paid me for you all now you can take your stuffs and leave because if my mind changed then I will not give them back
Abhi holds his head and smiles as this simple thing he couldn’t understand that he was playing with them…..
Chhotu goes and holds finger of Pragya : now come on mummy we will go to shopping with this money
Pragya laughs on him and says ok come and they left then Abhi also smiles over his antics and screen freezes there

Precap : No precap

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Credit to: Surbhi

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