KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 50)


Ok guys here is your episode no 50 guys before going to the story i want to confess something and that is as we are moving forward we are heading towards the end of the story and believe me it is not because i dont have ideas but it is because i am fed of this serial i mean about one year is spent and till now a character of a lady which is pregnant is not clear it is been about 10 to 11 months this pregnancy track has been dragged even though i stopped it watching since Pragya left the MM that proposal scene was my last episode of that and i was writing this after knowing the current track which was bubul’s sucide that also i read on IG not watched that episode and still the story is there only and now the condition is if i use to even take these names of Abi and Pragya my Mummy use to scold me because she is also fed up of this dragging you people will not believe but yes i didnt watched any serial in my life i remember my first serial from which i started watching the serial was Hitler didi then i again left to watch TV as i felt that nothing is interesting on it then i started watching only historical serials which i thought are relevant to history the original history and that second serial was Razia Sultaan even that serial was much better than this as dilogues were awesome screen play and everything were perfect and one twist was for mostly one or one and half week then i started watching KKB because i saw that when Pragya was kidnapped and Abhi Pragya nok jhok were there and because of that Kidnappers were also irritated that was my first episode which i saw then i got interest and started watching but then suddenly this happend which havent end yet… 🙁
SO Thats it thats why i am totally fed up with this serial and i am writing this ff as casually as you all love this story i think because you people want i will write and yes i have another story also if you will want if you want to know that i can start that also it will depend upon your wish

The episode starts with Abhi along with Pragya and kids leaving for celebrate Pragya’s happiness as there was no much space in car so Aliya said that
Aliya : Bhai Bhabhi you enjoy I am leaving home you people go I will manage
Pragya resting her arms on Aliya’s shoulder : Oho Aliya baby
Aliya widening her eyes : Baby !!!
Pragya : Yes meri jaan listen what if there is no space in car we will go from a cab in which we all can travel
Abhi : Arey but what about car then ???
Pragya : leave this car can’t you travel in public transport for one day if you can’t so better stay away we girls will go on our own…
Aliya also rests her hand on Pragya’s shoulder : Yes common buddy we will go by our own..
Abhi : Hey you both are you both drunk without getting drunk or really you both have drunk hidingly ( bina piye char gayi hai kya tum dono ko ya wakai chhup k pee li thi)
Pragya leaves Aliya and keeps her hands on her waist : What did you said we are drunk so let me tell you we are not understand what say buddy
Aliya : Exactly come we will go these people will never understand that what the happiness is huh…
Aliya and Pragya starts walking holding each other’s hand Abhi was looking stunned that this much happiness and there the five were murmuring in themselves..
Abhigya : dada maa gone today

Prabhas : You are right Dumbo she is gone I think soon Papa have to consult a psychiatrist
Pulkit : You both are right see she has forgot everything I mean buddy which mother use to say buddy..
Aryan : Arey bhaiya leave yours my mummy has also forgot that I was with her and don’t know where is papa also
Subuhi : see Arayan bhaiyaa Vijay uncle is coming
They all rushed towards him and Aryan hugs him then they started saying without wasting a minute
Pulkit : Uncle do something
Abhigya : exactly
Vijay : but what happen why you people are so much tensed
Prabhas : arey uncle our mothers are not mothers now they have turned into teenager girls and look at papa beside stopping them he is looking them like statue
Vijay : mothers are not mothers became teenagers what you children are saying I can’t understand
Aryan narrates the whole incident and after hearing that Vijay’s eyes were widen that how this happened he goes to Abhi and shook him but Abhi was not responding because he was still in dilemma that what happened to his wife suddenly in which mode she has gone Vijay was continuously calling him but he wasn’t responding
Prabhas : Uncle if you don’t mind I can use my trick
Abhigya : No need of that understood
Pulkit : But then how will he come into his senses
Aryan : Bhaiya are you talking about that trick
Prabhas : Exactly that one but if I will not use it then how will he come into his senses
Pulkit : Exactly he is looking maa like that a boy who is in love with some girl and that girl just talked to him gosh this was to happen now only…
Vijay : areyy you all stop it and about what trick you are talking about will anyone tell me
Prabhas : actually I use to punch on stomach if anyone not listens that’s my trick
Vijay : Oh so that is the trick do you use to hit like that

He Punches Abhi hard and all looks with a shocked expression that he did that then only Abhi came in his senses…
Abhi : Aaooch Vijay are you mad is this the way you will talk to me why did you punched me you know how much hard you have punched me my organs could have come out through my mouth you idiot ( Abey Vijay tu pagal hai kya is tarah marta hai kya koiii pata jis tarah tune mara hai na mere ander k sare purze muh k raste se bahar nikalne wale the)
Vijay : yes I think I should have done something worst with you both of our wives left and you were looking at them continuously beside stopping them ( haan mje ar b bura karna chahiye tha wo dono chali gayi ar tu bajay unhe rokne k dekh raha hai)
Abhi : Oh shit they left we should chase them they have gone this way come soon
They all gets into car and starts searching them both and while sitting driving Vijay was scolding Abhi
Vijay : its all because of your that surprise that you gave suddenly to her
Abhi : Areyyy yr I wanted that fuggy back but who knows that chashmish along with fuggy will come out of character… I was just wanted my fuggy but see got whole Pragya package came out in which Fuggy + chashmish both were included
Vijay : and yes because of that My aalu also left me
Abhi : What did you said you said aalu right
Vijay : No its your hearing problem I said Aliya
Abhi : You said Aalu
Vijay : No
Prabhas : Arey stop it papa just find maa because I am damn sure if she will be happy like this then she will definitely need a psychiatrist
Abhigya : exactly
Abhi looking back : you both shut up don’t know weather you are our children or enemy always use to think negative only
Vijay : Oh bhai look forward while driving already you have lost our wives now want to take our lives also its already all the beds in hospitals are facing over booking and now if you did accident na then we won’t get atleast a bed also to get a treatment ( oye bhai aage dekh k gadi chalayega ek to waisey hi tune unhe bhej diya ab humari jaan b le le tu ek to waisey hi hospital me beds khali nahi milte upar se ye aadmi accident karega bhagwan bistar b naseeb nahi hoga fir to treatment karwane k liye )
Abhi : Vijay bhai don’t get panick I said sorry na then
Just then Subuhi who was looking out of window shouts
Subuhi : Papa stop the car there they are I saw them on the beach papa stop

Abhi immediately stops the car and takes chhotu out they all rushed towards the beach Aliya and Pragya were there sitting on boat which was there on the sea shore They both shout out there names and rushed towards them
Abhi : Pragya what’s this kidding behaviour just I said that we can’t go in a public transport you both came here by walking don’t you even thought about these children what’s the need of this much happiness yr…
Pragya : Don’t scold me like this otherwise I will leave from here also and this time I will take these kids along with me
Abhi : really then I will tie you with that boat then you won’t be able to go anywhere
Pragya : You will tie me
Abhi : yes
Pragya : so you will tie me
Abhi : of course I will
Pragya : so try as I know you can’t do so
Both Aliya and Pragya splashes water on their husbands and runs
Abhi makes chhotu sit with Pulikit and he chases her
Prabhas : dada our parents are gone
Abhigya : I think now we will really need
Aryan : one
Pulkit : Psychiatrist
Subuhi : huhh……
After about 10 minutes Abhi and Pragya was back they were drenched in water and Pragya was laughing hard so does the Abhi then finally they called Children near them and Pragya holds Chhotu in her hands and then they all were playing in water all were enjoying a lot Pragya was at shore as taking chhotu in water was not safe all were enjoying a lot and then after some time they got out of water and were sitting with their families Aliya was with Vijay sitting keeping her head on his shoulder and making Aryan sitting in her lap and Pragya was with Abhi they all were making castle of sand and after sometime they all lied there and chhotu was seated on Abhi’s tummy and all were looking at the sky which was looking as someone has tugged stars on the dark blue velvet cloth which was looking extremely beautiful then after sometime they all left for home as none of them have brought their clothes so all of them took one cab and headed towards the home after traveling for few hours all were at home and since it was late night dadi was slept and Ronnie was at home so he opened the door and without wasting the time they all went to change their clothes after changing the clothes kids were slept and Chhotu was also sleeping calmly as after a big interval of time he got his mother’s lap to sleep then Pragya cares his head and heads towards the balcony Abhi was there

Abhi : So all happiness over
Pragya keeping her head on his shoulder : No as this happiness will not fade so easily
Abhi : Good to see the fuggy back
Pragya : Thank you so much for this much happiness I really feeling little bit changed now
Abhi turns around and wraps her in his arms : I always wanted this change in you because the happiness I have seen on your face today I was really missing it but the worst part is you will be again busy in your same work from tomorrow
Pragya hugs him : if you want then your Pragya can still remain like this forever
Abhi too hugs her : Then it is ok My Pragya should always remain like this…..
Next day morning all were normal except Abhigya and Prabhas they were again fighting over something and this time they were started in morning itself
Abhigya : How dare you idiot I will not leave you
Prabhas : first chase me then we will see
Abhigya : you wait I will tell you
Prabhas : Dumbo you will remain dumbo when I know that you are coming to chase me then why will I wait that’s why I use to say eat something that gives you brain haha
Abhigya : You …… wait I will tell it to papa he will tell you
Prabhas : oye If you will go to papa I will go to ma then see what will happen
Abhigya gets irked and goes to Abhi
Abhigya : Papa ….
Abhi : why are you shouting what happened
Abhigya : see na Prabhas has hidden my scrap book somewhere now he is not giving me back and troubling me also..
Abhi : which type of scrap book may I know
Abhigya : that one in which I use to paste pictures of Taylor swift and Zyan malik and emiinem
Abhi : wait a minute who are they
Abhigya : Oho papa don’t say to me that you don’t know the famous pop singers these are the singers whose songs I use to listen most and I am a huge fan of them but stop questioning this time and say him to give my scrap book back
Abhi : ok ok so where is he we will talk to him just call him
Abhigya goes to Prabhas he was with Pulkit there
Abhigya : papa is calling you come with me
Prabhas : why would I come with you just tell me where is he I will go on my own
Abhigya : ok he is in study come soon
Abhigya leaves then Prabhas gives a scaring look to Pulkit
Prabhas : dada she complained to papa now what to do
Pulkit : Nothing if you haven’t done anything then just go and say sorry
Prbhas goes to Abhi : papa you called me
Abhi : hmm beta you have hidden Abhu’s scrap book somewhere give it back to her na why you use to trouble your sister like this haah
Prabhas : Papa believe me I just patted her head and she was irked then she tried to ignore me and started finding her scrap book but as she was irked on me she didn’t saw that the scrap book was next to her right on the table that’s it papa I just use to do so to play with her because she always use to get busy in her I pad with those pop songs and I want to play with my sister nothing else

Abhi calls him and makes him sit on his lap : so if you want to play with her you can ask directly na
Prabhas : papa she doesn’t responds on that as I have tried this many times
Abhi : hmm so not to worry from now onwards we will take care that she should no listen songs this much that she started ignoring her siblings ok now go and stay silent don’t say even a word I will talk to her
Prabhas nods yes and leaves then Abhi calls Abhigya and makes her understand about what Prabhas said then he again gets busy in his work then after sometime Pragya comes in with a sad face holding a letter in her hand
Abhi : What happen fuggy yesterday you was that much happy and today you are looking extremely sad
Pragya doesn’t even said a word and handovers the letter to Abhi he reads it and his happiness also gets fade for a while
Abhi : hmm so it happened
Pragya nods yes
Abhi : Now we have to say good bye to him he will stay away from us for some time as he has cleared that exams with good marks
Pragya nods yes with a sad face
Abhi stood up and keeps his hand on her shoulder: Pragya he is going for some time yr… and you forgot that we were the only one with whom support he cleared that distance so make your face happy come we will give this news to him then see his happiness will be on cloud nine
Abhi and Pragya leaves and tells about this to Pulkit he gets extremely happy that time and looking at his happiness they both forgot their sadness and got happy with him
Pulkit hugging Pragya and Abhi : I did it papa I did it I cleared it now I will go for training I will papa
Abhi : of course I already knew it that my son will get what he wants
Trio shares a hug and it was night now Abhi after making Abhigya subuhi and Prabhas sleep was in room and Pragya was wandering here and there taking chhotu in her arms she was patting his back to make him fall asleep then Pulkit came in
Abhi : Pulkit what happened you here this time did you need something beta ???
Pulkit nods no
Pragya : then what happened you didn’t slept yet tomorrow you have to go right then you must have slept till now
Pulkit : I was thinking that I am leaving tomorrow don’t know how much time later I will return so may I sleep with you both today maa will you sing lullaby for me today papa will you make me sleep in your lap today..
Abhi and Pragya looks at each other with teary eyes Then Abhi calls Pulkit widening his arms and Pulkit rushed to him and keeps his head on his lap Abhi starts caring his head and Pragya also comes there she makes chhotu lie near Pulkit and starts singing lullaby hearing that Chhotu also slept
Pragya caring both of son’s hairs
Teri main balayein loon (I’ll take the evils coming to you on myself,)
Tujhe main duaayein doon (I’ll give you my blessings,)
Tujh ko main khushiyon ke saaye doon (I’ll give you the shadows of joys..)

Khwaabon ko sajaaye tu(You give me beautiful dreams,)
Aankhon mein basaa hai tu (You live in my eyes, [like apple of my eyes])
Tujhko main doon sab jo chaahe tu (I’ll give you everything you want..)
Pulkit hugs Abhi hards and Abhi also understood that he is happy but somewhere in corner of his heart he was sad that he is going far from them
Saari raat ye pehra karein (They would watch you all night,)
Keh doon chaand taaron ko(I’ll tell the moon and the stars.)
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro (Grow up, Grow up, Grow up my son.)
Chaaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro (Grow up, Grow up, Grow up my son..)
She cares there both of them faces Pulkit was slept till now Pragya was continuing her lori looking at his face and caring his face her eyes were becoming moist
Jaag jaaye na tu, jaagoon raaton main (So you don’t wake up, I keep awake in nights.)
Jhoole jhoola tu mere haathon mein (You swing (and play) in my arms,)
Teri choomoon aankhein main baith sirhaane (I sit close to your headrest and kiss your eyelids..)
her eyes were becoming teary while singing this part as she was imagining when Pulkit was just nine years old how he use to stay and play with her she use to make her sleep waking full night till he doesn’t sleep calmly she was thinking that how fast the time spent that child of nine was going far from her now who didn’t even use to eat without her presence was going to stay without her

Saari raat ye pehra karein (They would watch you all night,)
Keh doon chaand taaron ko(I’ll tell the moon and the stars.)
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro (Grow up, Grow up, Grow up my son.)
Chaaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro (Grow up, Grow up, Grow up my son..)
This time she was unable to stop her tears so she sobbed while singing a lullaby and Abhi controlled her
It was morning today was the day when one of the son of Abhi and Pragya was going far from them and don’t know for how much time but as he was going all were sad as well as happy sad because he was going far from them and none of them don’t know that when he will return and happy because he was the first in that home who was going to do such a great thing in this small age.
Abhi : Pulkit Pragya hurry up we are getting late
Pragya : Coming at least let me pack his favourite snacks na
Abhi : Arey he will get more snacks there Delhi is not the small town or village understand
Pragya : I know that delhi is not a small town or village and he will get everything there but not made by my hands
Dadi : she is extremely right don’t inter fare in that Abhi its none of your business
Abhi : Ok baba sorry but hurry up as we are getting late
Pragya : yup here you go all is done
Abhi : Than god but where is Pulkit call him..
Pulkit : Here I am papa full ready…
Abhi : Okk ok now come we have to go we are already late if we get more late then we will miss our flight for delhi..
Pulkit takes blessings from Dadi she kisses his forehead and says come soon and take care and hugs him tightly then he goes to Aliya she hugs him and says come soon then he goes to Abhigya and hugs her she says dada I will miss you and Pulkit replies I will miss you too and yes don’t trouble ma ok because your anger is the one which troubles her most Abhigya nods yes and then Pulkit goes to Prabhas his eyes were in tears he says dada you will return soon na in crying voice Pulkit replies yes and hugs him tightly then Subuhi also hugs him and the trio gives him their picture frame and says dada whenever you will miss us please see this we will be with you Pulkit with teary eyes smiles and then he goes to Pragya who was stood in the corner with chhotu he goes and says
Pulkit with tears in his eyes : Maa may I have one last hug from you it will fulfil my loneliness for that time which I am going to spend without you
Pragya hugs him hard and all remains in tears looking them like this then Pragya breaks the hug and cups his face
Pragya : I am always with you understand whenever you feel alone then just close your eyes and try to remember me I will be with you understood hmm and yes don’t forget to call me and yes if you didn’t get any source to contact then write letters ok I will wait to listen your voice everyday..
Pulkit nod yes and again hugs her back and says I will miss you miss you a lot Pragya says me too bachha I will also miss you then Pulkit breaks the hug as Abhi was there he kept his hand on his shoulder and said shall we go it is getting late while he was leaving chhotu started crying as he was the one who enjoyed the company of Pulkit a lot but Pulkit nodding bye to everyone left
Screen shifts to Abhi and Pulkit they were in flight and after few hours in Delhi in front of the camp where Pulkit have to go and they both were looking at the board which was at entrance
Abhi : so here we are boy now you have to go
Pulkit : Yes papa now I have to go..
Abhi turns towards Pulkit : So ready to go
Pulkit taking his bags : Hmm (in sad monotone)
Abhi : so come
They both gets in and completed all the formalities which were to be made by Abhi as the Parents were not allowed inside the camp so Abhi left from entrance when he was leaving Pulkit calls out from back Abhi turns back and looks at him with teary eyes Pulkit comes running and bursts out in tears hugging him
Pulkit : Papa I will miss you a lot it will be not possible for me to stay far from you I don’t know why with maa I was successful in consoling my heart but with you I am not able to do so papa I will come with you I will not go papa ( crying hard)
Abhi rubbing his back controlling his tears : Oye don’t say like that as you have prepared a lot for this you have to go and how much distance is there between you and me I will come to you when you will call me understand and don’t say like that just because of me you will not go and complete your training as I will not feel happy I will always feel guilty that because of me my son left this opportunity you go beta and yes I will wait for you ok
Abhi breaks the hug and cups his face : understood what I am saying
Pulkit nods yes
Abhi : Now wipe your tears on yourself as now you are going in that field where there tears are known to be the personality of weak persons and you are not weak my Pulkit is not weak right now from here onwards you will not cry even if you are missing anyone of us then also not because you have to be strong.. mark my words you will not cry ever just promise me
Pulkit wipes his tears and Promised him then Abhi said now go as the gate is going to be closed Pulkit looking at him leaves and as Pulkit leaves gate closed and tears rolled down from Abhi’s eyes and screen freezes on his face..

Precap : Four years leap, Abhigya shouting Abhi fumes in anger and about to slap her


Credit to: Surbhi

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