KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 5)

The Episode starts with Abhi desperately looking here and there and saying
Abhi : yes now I know you are here somewhere and I will definitely find you Then No one can separate us now I will not let you go far with me but please atleast gesture me where are you Pragya I will definitely find you.
Scene shifts to Pragya where Abhigya is asking for something
Abhigya : Ma there is one ice-cream man can we have one ice-cream plsss……..
Prabhas : Oh dumbo not we only you ok Not include us all in your stupid demands as I and dada are not interested in having Ice-cream because we have a juice so you go…….
Abhigya : Ok ma that idiot will not eat so I am alone can I have one Plsss ma pls just once ma pls…….

Pragya : First of all shut up your silly fights cant you stay normal at once in day always behaving mischivious. Abhigya you need an ice-cream na so go and take it but come fast as it is turning evening and we have to go home also as I have one contract today Ok.
Abhigya : Ok ma………… Love u thank u soooo much
Prabhas murmurs : See dada the buttering starts ( lo makkhan lagana shuru) that’s why I say her dumbo …………..
Abhigya : Shut up idiot .
Subuhi : Didi I am also coming as I also want Ice-cream.
They leaves Abhigya takes Ice-cream and gives it to Subuhi and says go to ma and I am also coming taking mine. Subuhi starts leaving and Abhi comes there and strucks with her he looks her and says….
Abhi : Oh sorry beta I didn’t saw you and your Ice-cream fell down I am so sorry beta I will bring another for you wait….. which flavour do you like????????? Chocolate????
Abhigya comes there and says
Abhigya : Its Ok uncle not to worry I will get her one more Subuhi take this I have one extra as the ice-cream didn’t have change so he gave me one extra.
Subuhi : Thank u didi ……. And yes don’t feel sorry sir as yu didn’t done it intentionaly…. didi…. He is our new music teacher ….

Abhigya : Oh that’s great sir……… as I met you here ………….. but we have to go as ma is waiting for us and we have to go so ……
Abhi : ok then we will meet in class tomorrow
Abhigya and Subuhi leaves and just then Pulkit shouts from some distance Abhigya…….. Subuhi………… come fast.. They runs towards him and says coming dada.
AS Pulikt shouts Abhigya ….. Abhi turns back and sees her again and thinks of her daughter and thinks today is my life’s most happiest day today I felt that Pragya is here somewhere itself and today I saw a girl who exactly looks alike my little princess my doll my Abhigya may be it is possible that it is my daughter..
But just then Abhigya strikes with another woman and Says sorry to her smilingly and Abhi thinks so she is her daughter and I was over thinking ………………..

anyways but my feelings are not false my heart says fuggi you are here it means you are here and I will definitely find you.
Pragya is in home and preparing for dinner and says today I am going to Mrs. Khurana’s house as their is a party and they have called me to perform there they all says okk ma we understood.
(Guys it will create confusion about Pragya’s work so I am clearing it that Pragya is working double for managing expenses of her children She works as a sales executive in a store and she also performs stage performances in theaters and parties.)
Pragya goes to Mr and Mrs. Sidharth Khurana’s party where she is invited for perform for guest but Mrs. Roshni Khurana is very frank with Pragya she treats her as a sister and Pragya also likes this nature of hers Pragya reaches there and feels something is fishy between Roshni and Siddarth.
Pragya : Roshni is everything right between Siddharth and you????
Roshni : yes Pragya ji everything is alright (in emotional voice)
Pragya : If everything is alright then why you are sad on your anniversary look Roshni you can share with me if you have any problem you will feel better.

Roshni : Siddahrth is angry with me as I have not listened to him and gone to NGO for work without informing him I know he is not angry with my work but he is angry today with my carelessness and he hasn’t talked to me since morning…..
Pragya : Oh…… That’s the problem ……Then there is no problem
Roshni : what but how….???
Pragya : you just have to tell him that how much you love him….
Roshni ; And you will help me right…(smilingly)
Pragya winks…..
Roshni :But there is one problem ???
Pragya : What problem
Roshni : Sidharth’s friend is coming from Mumbai and he will be with him as hw is meeting him after very long time.

Pragya : No dear he will be with you just wait and watch.
Roshni says lets see and leaves Siddhrth says to her rudely Where was you as I have told you that he is coming today we are here for welcoming him and you are having fun here and there she looks on with sad face and the friend enters and yes its Abhi He greets Roshni and Siddharth and Siddhrth hugs him and says hey… after a very long time ……. Abhi says yes afteer almost 10 years they starts talking about their memories of friendship and just then the program conductor announces the performance and says that presence of couple is necessary as today she will sing and they will dance Sidharth declines but on forcing by people in party he agrees and Abhi sits to the table as he is not interested in watching any performance and says to himself.
God why I am feeling always that she is near me she is somewhere near me but I am not able to see her but I can feel she is here. Near that park also I felt that and here the feeling is becoming strong and I am confirmed now that she is somewhere here only ( wo mere pas yahi kahi hai) in hall pragya starts singing…

Kuchh pal to theher jaao na (Wait for sometime)…
Ya fir lalut kar aao na …. (or come back to me)
Yu kehte nahi alvida ( don’t say good bye like this)
Mud jaao idhar aao na ….(pls turn and come back to me)
Tumhe dhoondhe me aankhe tumhe khoje meri baanhein (My eyes and arms are searching for you)
Kaise jiya jaye tum bin ( How will I live without you)
Tum bin jiya jaye kaise…………(without how will Ilive)
Abhi listens the voice and says the same voice same melodious voice she is here it self…
Yes here she is ….. He rushes inside the hall where Pragya is singing but not able to see her as there is very much crowd there He stays back and says I will see her when this performance will end.

Pragya keeps on singing……………..
Kitne the wade kiye ( how many promises you made)
Ek pal me tod diye ( all you have broken in a moment)
Jootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai ( I know you are not a lair )
Bas thoda rootha sa hai ( you are just angry with me)
Tu roothe mai manau ( you become angry and I will console you)
Par tumbin kahai jau…………. ( but where I will go withot you)
And during all the song Roshni and Siddharth looks each other and Siddarth forgives Roshni as he understands that she is feeling Guilty and Abhi is thinking about pragya all time that how she use to fidht with him how she was always with him in his difficulties and all …………
While singing Pragya thinks of that moment when Abhi and Pragya were separated and just then she gets a call and leaves the hall the crowd has cleared and Abhi sees no one is there on the piano he goes to Sidharth. And asks
Abhi : Where is the girl who was singing ????????

Sidharth : Oh She left just now But why are you asking is there any problem ???????
Abhi : no not at all I just thought that she was singing so well and I thought to sign her for my Rahul’s birthday party…. K do you have any contact of her ?????? (he makes an excuse)
Sidharth : Oh that’s ok yes actually she is not a girl she is a lady mother of four she sings awesome and working like this for manage her expenses and this is what just I know about her and I have never tried to take her address just talks to her on phone and she always agrees .
Abhi : Can you give me her phone number ?
Sidharth : Yes here it is Her name is Pragya.
Abhi thanks him and thinks to himself that is this a same Pragya for whom I am searching from 8 years or my thinking is wrong Sidharth told me that she has four children but mine Pragya have only two may be those are children of those people who helped her to survive I should clear this matter out yes Abhi go for it as your feeling can’t be false if I have felt that she is here then she is here …… Abhi go for it …….

Everyone is on their work and pulkit in classroom is studying his subjects and some boys begin to tease him that you don’t have father your mother is not having any husband but still fills sindoor in her forehead and wears mangalsutra. They continues teasing him…..
Pulkit says shut up to them but they start beating Pulkit and then Abhi enters in the classroom and sees that fight and tells them to stop but they don’t and say
Abhi to Pulkit :go to medical room and take first aid because you have to answer principal why you fought with them…???????????
Pulkit is shoked hearing him and looks on him …………………..

Precap :- Pragya is performing a stage show and Abhi identifies her and feels happy to see her

Guyssrry for late updating of ff. I know I have made you wait for a long time wait for pragya and Abhi’s reunion but now your wait is going to over so………….. hold your breath oh sorry dont hold it because it will trouble you so…. guys start the countdown and increase your exitement as Pragya and Abhi are going to reunite in next episode and there reunion is going to be full of emotions and lots of feeling of love the evergreen Abhigya love but there are some twists also after their reunion so you ready for it ??????????? If you are excited so keep commenting as it is the good booster for me and i will also feel happy and silent readers pls comment yr …. pls guys pls give your feedback yr it helps in imroving thoughts and yes Somiya dear pls keep writing and uploading fast your ffs as reading them is great craziness for me.. 😀 🙂
Till then stay tuned…

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