KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 48)


thank you everyone who is reading it everyday reading your all comments make me feel good and yes in every episode i think because of those comments to give this update upto your expectations and i hope i am doing so thanks alot agin 😀

The episode starts with Subuhi goes to see back side of the couch which was near the window of hall as the voice was coming from and then she calls out
Subuhi : ma papa he is here see playing with water…
All rushed there and looks as he was none other than our CHHOTU who was there playing with water and looking at them laughs
Abhi : But how he came here as he can’t walk na

Dadi : how will I know as I slept for a moment and when my eyes open I saw that he was not there..
Abhi and dadi were talking about that just then Pragya said.
Pragya : shhh and look how he came here
All looks at him as he was crawling at that time… and then reaching some far he again sat and started laughing then Abhi rushed to him and took him in his arms..
Abhi looking at him : so this holi is the best holi because I came to know that this naughty boy can go where he want to go by crawling and we have to take care of him more now hmm Chhotu
Chhotu giggled and clapped then he cried and became stubborn to get down he was trying hard that Abhi leave him so that he can play with that water which was on floor there and Abhi was facing difficulty to handle him because Chhotu was trying his best to get down from Abhi’s arm and started crying..
Abhi : Now what happened to him why he is behaving like this

Pragya : He was playing with water and now he wants to continue so he is behaving like this
Abhi : But how this water came here ??
Pragya : You people were playing holi these children came in fully drenched in water here that’s why this water came and now he wants to play with it give him to me and you people go and change your clothes….
Pragya takes him Chhotu was still trying hard to get relieved from their hands he was waving his hands over Pragya he was becoming very stubborn to play there but no one was agree as he will became ill doing so
Pragya looking at chhotu : enough I said how much you will trouble me ( little bit scolding manner) you want to play with water no we will not play with water we will go and play with toys in our room then Didi and Bhaiya ( wiping his tears) will come and play with my Chhotu hmm
Hearing her chhotu stopped crying but made an innocent face his face was looking red as tears were on his face and he was sad because no one was letting him play with water Pragya took her to room and made him sit on the floor as making him sit on the bed is not safe as he can crawl now he will fall down from bed if she will make him sit on bed and as she made him sit Abhi shouts from bathroom as he forgot his towel on the bed….

Abhi : Fuggy are you here look I forgot towel out please give it to me
Pragya : yes wait I will give it to you
She looks for towel so it was not there so she goes to take it from wardrobe and as she left Chhotu also follows her crawling and as Abhi was waiting for towel so Abhi kept the door open and chhotu who was following Pragya goes in and there Abhi was in his waist and shorts he was going to take bath he noticed that chhotu was in so he lifts him in his arms
Abhi : Oye what are you doing here if maa will look na she will beat us like this ( slapping him gently )
Chhotu clapped hard and bends towards bath tub as it was filled with water
Abhi : so you want to bath hmm play with water
Chhotu laughs

Abhi : arey stop laughing like this otherwise your maa will hear it na then she will scold me not you because you are too small and I will be responsible for it..
Chhotu smiles and hides his face in his shoulder and then he heard sound Pragya was calling from outside
Pragya : Listen take this towel as I have to go out chhotu is alone in room
Abhi looks at chhotu and winks Chhotu also smiles Abhi holds him from one hand and takes out his other hand and takes the towel Pragya leaves and goes to room and looks that chhotu wasn’t there and then she heard giggling sound and she keeping her hand on her waist goes to bathroom as Abhi forgot to locked the door in hurry so it was opened and Pragya enters in and looks that Abhi was sat on stool there and Chhotu was in tub where water was relevant to him he was splashing it Abhi was splashing it on him and he was splashing it by his feet Pragya looks at them Abhi was saying to him as he didn’t noticed that Pragya was in
Abhi : oh so my junior will make papa wet hmm like this ( splashing water on him) now you take this
Chhotu was full enjoying
Pragya : very good father son having much fun right
Abhi heard that voice and made oops expression and Chhotu giggled
Abhi turning around : don’t you have shame two men are bathing and you came in without knocking the door bad manners

Pragya : wo ho ho bad manners will you tell me why you are making him bath this time what if he caught cold
Abhi : Don’t try to change the topic how you came in…
Pragya folding her hands : Abhishek….
Abhi turning his head down : actually he came in crawling and he was happy with looking at water so I thought to give him little bit happiness as like this I will also play holi with him
Pragya : hmm so you must have told me this in direct words what was the need of doing this drama
Abhi : I was not doing drama I was serious
Pragya : really ?? then I should tell this to dadi
Abhi : Eh fuggy now you are blackmailing me..
Pragya : So what
She makes him move aside and takes chhotu in her arms he again starts crying
Pragya : enough now stop crying first playing with water then he will became ill shhhh
She takes chhotu out and Abhi murmurs always being strict huh..and hits his leg on tub but get hurts himself and shouts ahh
Pragya : Now what have you done

Abhi : Nothing just the mug fallen..
Then Abhi murmurs beta Abhi if she came to know na that you hit this tub in anger and your leg is injured than you definitely listen her long lectures as years are passed but that Professor Pragya is still alive in her even becoming more strong now a days here Pragya makes chhotu lie on bed in towel and sponges him and covers him with towel then lifts him in her arms and says
Pragya rubbing her nose him gently : This Mr. is becoming more naughty now a days hmm so now he loves to play with water a lot
Chhotu smiles and hides his face in Pragya’s shoulder as he was feeling lazy now he played a lot today and Pragya knows that he will sleep now so she starts wander here and there Patting his back gently and he slept Pragya cares his head and murmurs my sweet chhotu and kisses his forehead then Abhi came out shivering and said
Abhi : Hey fuggy where are my clothes please give it to me
Pragya : Shhhh don’t shout he is just slept clothes are there over the couch…
Abhi whispering : Ok I will take them finally he slept after a long day..
Pragya : hmm as he played a lot na first he was playing with dadi then crawled and played with water and again played with you so he got tired and slept now you go and wear clothes otherwise you will catch cold

Abhi smiles at her and leaves
Chhotu was of 10 months now and he was impossible to handle as he started living little bit irked he always use to stay with Pragya now or for less time with Abhi because his new teeth were troubling him so he was irked over that one day he was crying a lot he was not ready to leave Pragya and she was unable to do any work so the day spent with him then after sometime Abhi came then only Chhotu left Pragya’s lap Abhi took him and prgya left but returned soon taking honey in her hands and gave it to Abhi
Abhi : what is this why you brought honey
Pragya : Take this into your finger and apply this on his jaws as his jaws are paining so it will give him relive but don’t apply much as it will harm him otherwise
Abhi : Ok ok now you go as Prabhas and Subuhi were calling you then you have to go to dadi also she have some work from you
Pragya : hmm I am going..
Looking Pragya leaving Chhotu started crying but Abhi controlled him and made him sit on his lap then he took that honey and start applying in little minute amount but all of a sudden he shouted and Pragya came there asking what happened..
Abhi : nothing I was applying honey he closed his mouth and started liking my finger but
Pragya : but .. what but ??

Abhi : he bite my finger
Pragya : really !!
She goes and sits near chhotu and opens his mouth and observes that his first teeth was out.. and smiles
Abhi : My finger got hurt and you are smiling
Pragya : He was not feeling well from some days
Abhi : right
Pragya : He was irked he was biting everyone’s finger from past three four days
Abhi : yes
Pragya : his tooth came out see his first tooth
Abhi widening his eyes : really show me
He looks at that teeth and says
Abhi : so that’s why I felt pain today while he bite my finger
Pragya : yup now stop this honey and try to make him sleep because he haven’t slept since morning
Abhi : Ok mam but you go and solve others problem first otherwise they will not let you take rest before solving their problem

Pragya smiles and leaves and Abhi makes Chhotu rest his head on his shoulder and started patting his back gently so that he can sleep but as he was not sleeping so Abhi started singing politely like humming and he was humming the song bolna and as a result he slept it was the first time when Abhi got bitten by his own child as when the case was with Abhigya and Prabhas he didn’t got that much time to spent so he didn’t looked all these things at that time Pragya used to record their every moment but he was not satisfy but now he was feeling some other happiness as he was experiencing all the first happenings of his children in his junior now so he was very happy.
Like this the time was spending rapidly everyone was enjoying as they were having Chhotu with them as this child was extremely cute and his naughty antics were also the reason one day Abhi along with all the children was in the room of Pulkit as Pulkit’s exam was near so he rarely use to waste his time because he was really wanted that exam to get clear so he was giving his best so Abhi was with there in the room with the trio and Chhotu they were playing with him hide and seek he use to hide at some places like sometimes under the bed or back side of bed or behind the couch so they were pretending to find him as he was getting happy with this he they all find him and chhotu laughed hard Abhi lifts him up and he was blabbering sound that was PAP PAP PAP PAP putting his hand in his mouth he was continuously saying that and Abhi got happy and called for Pragya
Pragya : Now what happened ??
Abhi (in extreme joy) : he called me papa see…
Pragya : really !!

Abhi : look he is saying
Pragya notices that chhotu was making that PAP PAP PAP sound from his mouth which was sounding as he was saying papa
Pragya : hmm so first word is papa great
She also became happy as for the first time he said papa as it was clear that he was trying to say so she knew that he was making that sound that means his first word will be papa they all got extremely happy and shared a family hug then the trio also said
Abhiigya : Oye chhotu say didi…
Prabhas : No forgot this dumbo first say bhaiya bh.. i.. ya… say it..
Subuhi : hey chhotu say didi .. na
Abhigya : how can he forget me as I am also his sister
Abhi staring at both of them..: Abhigya Prabhas ..again
They both does their head down and said sorry papa
Pragya laughs and says very good you people be busy with him I am going as dadi is calling me
Leaving the room she looks back and thinks I know this is your first time and I can imagine your happiness as I have experienced this all and I was happy as you but you was not there at that time so this all is for your first time so I can feel that how much happy you are oh god never snatch this happiness from my family and she left after looking at them they all were trying to make Chhotu speak
Days passed and now few days were left for Chhotu’s first birthday all were thinking that how this time spent so fast now they are going to celebrate his first birthday Pragya and Abhi were also happy as Chhotu use to call out two words now one is maa and one is papa one day Chhotu was with dadi in the hall and all were there Aliya vijay Aryan Prabhas Subuhi and ABhigya all were there expect Abhi and Pragya all were looking that how chhotu was playing and then suddenly Pragya came shouting and Abhi was following her it looks like he was insisting something from her as he was saying something and Pragya was again and again saying NO
Abhi : But Pragya this is the golden chance
Pragya : I said no means no I will not
Dadi interrupts : What happened why you both are arguing like this will anyone tell me
Abhi : dadi see she has got an opportunity to restart her career and she is not getting agree over that

Dadi : career agree what you are trying to say
Abhi : Dadi one proposal was came today and the producer wants to launch Pragya as a singer he is trying this from very long time but due to some of the circumstances we delayed and now he wants that as everything is ok so I have sent her voice recording one song to him and it became a big hit now so he gave this offer to launch her officially
Pragya : You sent my voice recording without my permission how could you I am not doing and it is final
Abhi : nothing I just recorded those lullaby which you use to sing for these kids and gave it to him and he uploaded it on internet and it is a big hit now
Dadi : so what’s the problem Pragya beta this is good opportunity you should accept this offer
Pragya : No dadi if it was about starting as a singer so I will but the offer is for doing a concert and I can’t do that and look Chhotu is also not that much elder na that he will stay with you people he will definitely need me
Abhi : I am saying na I will take care of him you go and how much far it is the venue is in Nagpur it is so near pragya try to understand..
Pragya : I said no then its final..
Abhi gets irked : so you will not agree ok then if you will not so I will not eat food until you will not say yes I will go on hunger strike..
Abhigya : I will also support papa as we have done dinner but I will support him and not eat from tomorrow
Prabhas : mee too
Subuhi : always with you papa
Dadi : he is right you should accept it and this time I am also with him
Aliya Vijay and Aryan also took Abhi’s side and chhotu was left so he also goes to Abhi crawling speedly

Pragya : Oh so this chhotu is also with you and you will try this trick over me
Abhi : of course you didn’t remember what have you done with me when I was not agree upon doing that concert so you warned me that you will make me sleep in outhouse and stood your army now this is my army you will not agree then we will not eat anything….
Pragya : fine as I know when you will become hungry you will eat yourself something but from these tantrums of your I am not going to agree…
She left and all looks on because this time she didn’t thought about any one and Abhi was the one who was extremely sad over this he asks children to go and sleep as they were having school next day and he himself with a sad face stood over there and dadi kept her hand on his shoulder and Aliya said
Aliya : Bhai why you are insisting her when she doesn’t want to do so
Dadi : Aliya is right if she doesn’t want to do so then leave it na beta
Abhi : Dadi I really want her to do so not for her but for my self dadi
Vijay : for your self ??
Abhi : Yes in these years I have lost my fuggi somewhere this Pragya which is here she is mother of my children she is my wife but she is not my fuggi dadi she is lost in household works she is lost in children and in this that cherish somehow childish Pragya is lost in her I just want that if she will go there she will stay away with this for some-time she will be able to get relieve from responsibilities that’s it dadi and it is quite possible that if she will do so then for even sometime she will be back in her old days
Dadi : I think you are right Abhi she is getting buried inside these household responsibilities all day being looking at children taking care of everyone she has forgot to live for herself I will talk to her

Aliya : bhai is right dadi she gets herself busy in taking care of everyone weather its our case or children’s she always use to live for others
Dadi : You don’t take tension I will talk to her now and you go and take rest ok beta
Abhi nods and dadi leaves as Pragya was left in the direction of garden so she was there sitting there on the swing Dadi goes and sits there
Pragya : dadi you !! broke your hunger strike.. haan
Dadi : beta I have one question what wrong Abhi is saying I think he is right
Pragya : I agree dadi but it is not possible as who will look children they need me every time what about you who will take care of you and Chhotu how can I leave him like this he is too small
Dadi : I agree beta but this is the reason fulfilling all these responsibilities you have forgot yourself look at yourself you are responsible bahu mother daughter wife everything but what about yourself do you think you are that Pragya who was herself like a small kid no beta that’s why I am saying that you need a change you should look this concert as a holiday of yours and don’t think about us Aliya is there na she will look after us when she was at home she was also the same right and see now that Aliya is back but without greed so that’s why I am saying that you should accept that and it is of two days na..
Pragya : But dadi what if people accepted me then I will became busy in this work and I will not get time to spend with my children and my family and look after all Pulkit’s result is also about to come na I know he will leave us in just two or three days as the letter of acceptance come that’s why I am saying dadi that I don’t want to go..

Dadi : beta your opinion is also right but what about Abhi first time he has demanded something from you which is only for you who is saying to you to do this professional work of yours everytime do it once in a month or a year but at least you should try it na
Pragya hears her and then at last when dadi insist she agrees the Dadi leaves and after sometime she also and then she remembers that Abhi didn’t ate food as he was sad so she took a plate with her arranging food on it and goes to room there she looks that Abhi was in balcony sleeping in sitting position on chair and Chhotu was slept so she goes to Abhi and was about to keep her hand then ABhi said..
Abhi : No need of that tell me if you are agree otherwise let me stay like this… and yes you know how I know that you are standing at my back
Pragya : yup I know because of these anklets anyways you can break your hunger strike now as I am agree over that offer..
Abhi opening his eyes and gets up in excitement : Really !! you you will do so
Pragya nods and then Pragya says but..
Abhi : But what but fuggi
Pragya : I am scared as it is concert and I have never done any concert normal singing is ok but this concert..
Abhi hugs her tightly and said
Abhi : No need of scaring as I am with you I will make you prepare and we will come for your concert also no need of scare Fuggy as you agreed this is much for me now see when you will again get famous as Razia na then I will be the one who will feel out of this world….
Pragya : Abhishek I have decided something… now if I am going to restart this left career so I will start it as your Pragya not razia

Hearing this Abhi becomes extremely happy and kisses her forehead and again hugs her tightly and said now then I will say openly to everyone that my wife my love is with me in every terms weather it is about work or profession in every terms she is best Pragya feels shy and puts down her head with a smile and then they both have food together and smiles
Next morning all were busy in making Pragya preparing stuffs which Pragya have to take with her Abhi has given her all the instructions to her and she was ready with those instructions and she was little bit relaxed as there was two days holidays which was Saturday and Sunday and her concert is on Sunday and today is Saturday so she was assure that all will come to meet her on Sunday for sure she was leaving there as Producers have called her before concert to make her prepare with some sequences in which she has to perform she leaves saying Bye to everyone children were happy as they were first time going to see their mother as in different role she kisses their forehead and says bye to everyone she takes Chhotu in her arms who was in Abhi’s lap and hugs her tight and Chhotu in reply keeps his hand on her face and smiled Abhi took Chhotu back from her hands and said take care and be safe and hugs her Bolna plays in background Vijay was going to drop her her heart was not ready and agree to leave her family like that but she have to do so as dadi has requested her and then she left and Abhi thinks in that you are sad this time Pragya but when you will get my surprise tomorrow you will be on cloud nine they all nods bye to her and gets back inside the home Abhi puts chhotu down and sits on Couch then chhotu came crawling and holds Abhi’s legs Abhi was smiling at him as he knows that Chhotu use to do so every day but that time something unusual happened and a wide smile came on their all faces all were happy and the unusual thing which was happened was CHHOTU WAS HOLDING ABHIS LEGS AND WITH ALL HIS EFFORTS HE STANDS UP HOLDING HIS KNEES AND YES NOW CHHOTU CAN STAND AND HE WAS WALKING WITH THE SUPPORT OF ABHI’S LEGS FIRST HE HOLDED ONE OF HIS KNEES AND THEN TOOK FIRST STEP AND THEN KEEPING HAND ON ANOTHER KNEE HE TOOK HIS SECOND STEP all were happy over that then Abhi took him in his arms and missed Pragya as this time she was not here to look her child’s first step and something strucks into Abhi’s mind and he called someone and said him to make some arrangements and after ending the call he said Now you are going to have your life’s best moments Fuggy.. and screen freezes on his smiling face and one side Pragya’s sad face

Precap : No precap

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Credit to: Surbhi

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